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gOTJTH ALES J)AILY pOST. | APAKTXENTS, SITUATIONS VACANT, OR WANTED. TO BE LET OR SOLD. AND LOST AND FOUND. j One Three Six Insertion. Insertions. Insertions. eo Words 0 9 1 0 1 6 SO Words 1 0 1 6 2 0 40 Worda 1 6 2 3 3 0 60 Words 2 0 3 0 4 a 60 Words 2 6 4 0 I) J TBADE ADVERTISEMENTS. One Three Six Insertion. Insertions. Insertions. eo Words 1 0 1 6 2 0 SO Words 1 6 2 0 3 0 <0 Words 2 < 3 0 4 0 BIRTHS. HABBIAGES. AND DEATHS. One TIlroe Six Insertion. Insertions. Insertions. Words 1 0 2 6 5 0 80 Words 6 4 0 8 0 40 Words Z 6 Õ 6 10 6 SPECIAL ISOTICE.—Applicants sending re- plies to advertisements addressed to initials or fictitious names to this OfSoe are requested not to send original testi- monials with their applioatiouii. but to envøto oopieg only. THOROUCH SICHT-TESTINC. you are oordially invited to call npon -L Mr. ERIO REES, F.R.M.S.. F.S.M.C.. "eto. CLond.), 26, Castle-atreet, Swansea. Con- sultation Free. 'Pfcoin,; Central 520. d.b.-t.o. SPECIALISED VOCAL TRAINING. VOIOES Tested Free of Charge.—Arthur Hey, ilus. Bao. 231, Oxiorii-street, Swansea. 'Phone: Central 716. GOVERNESSES. WANTED, Daily Nursery Governess, for two Children (6 and;) years).-—Apply Williams, Pentrepoetfh House, llorria- ton. 1442nl-ll WANTED, for Neath, temporary, Daily Governess, to Teaoh two Children.— Apply Miss Lewis, High-class Ladies' Agency, 18. Castle-street, Swansea. 468dl-ll NURSEMAIDS WANTED. WANTED, Capable Nursemaid; g'cod references.—Apply Frcndt:g," Heath- field, Swansea. 561dl-13 MOTHERS' HELPS. Wf ANTED, at ance, Experienced Mother's Help, all duties; three in family; 63.1a¡;S £ 50.—Apply, by letter, to 7, Evans- terrace, Llanelly. 6S2dl-16 TTITANTED, Mother's Help. for two Young Children, every afternoon from 2 to 6 o'olock.—Apply Curraghboy," West Cross. I 63d1.1Z DAY CIRLS. CtLEA- EeFpeotable, Young Day Girl Re- I quired, immediately.—Apply, personally, Mrs. Templeman, 9, Picton-terrace, Mount Pleasant. 686dl-l2 RESPECTAELE Woman, or Girl, Wanted, for Daywox~k.—Apply 31, High-street. Swansea. bo^dl-l Wt f ANTED, a Day Girl; good references— Apply Clyne Hotel, Rutla.nd-treet, ¡ Swansea- 708a.1-16 ,:t-r ANTED. a- Clean, Respectable Young: Girl, about 14, for Mornings only.— Apply" C. Daily PosL," Swansea. 675dl-12 CL ™ ———————- COOK-GENERALS. COOK-General Wanted; two in family.— J Apply" 28, Sketty-road, Swansea. 668dl-16 RELIABLE Cook-General Wanted, about Jt 50; no washing; help given; good wage to suitable person.—Apply Mrs. Levy, The Elms,Mount Pleasant. 711<il-12 GENERALS. DOMESTIC Kelp, or Genera1SeTVany.. ? Wanted, cr Young Girl not objeeted to; help given; good outings.—23, Caetleton. j Mivmbles. 693dl-16 "INEXPERIENCED General required, a.?ed 25, J-? or over; good references; three in 1a.mily.-Applv Bavenewood," 10, Oaklands- terrace, Swansea. (145Cn1-1.) GOOD General Servant Pvequired, immedi- ately.—Apply, between 6 and 8 o'cioos any evening, to 11, Bernard-street, Uplands, Swansea. 1472nl-10 GOOD General Servant Wanted; two in family.—Apply Fontainebleau," Wind- eor-terrace. 443d1-10 GENERAL Wanted, for small family; j liberal outings.—Apply 8, Northa.mpton- place. 1465nl-11 GROCER'S Haulier Wanted, used to ?J Horses (not eligible); light work—Hong Kong Stores, Neath. 470dl-ll \\TANTED, for 2, Stockwell Villas, Heath- fleld-road, Mount Pleasant, a Respect- able General Servant.—Apply Mrs. Lyons, 174, High-street. 437dl-j0 WANTED, immediately. Good Genl; no ?' washing; comfortable home for suit- able Girl; good wages.—Apply Mrs. Uren, Mirror Laundry, Port Talbot. 1445nl-12 WANTED, immediately, Good General, or Day Girl; also Woman for Washing- Apply 12, Gwydr-crescent. 56131-12 TXT ANTED, Capable General; good refer- W encea.—Apply "Frondeg," Heathfield, Swansea. 561dl-13 WANTED. Good Strong General; good 1 wages to suitable person. — Apply Three Lamps Hotel. 612dl-ll WANTED, a Good Genera!, ble to Wash ? ?' and do Plain Cooking; m;¡S have eood 1"efereuces.-Write "A. "Daily Post,' Swansea. 432dl-10 YTTT ANTED, General Servant; two in family.—Mrs. T. A. Brader, "Fern- bank," Dillwyn-road, Sketty. 455dl-10 WANTED, a' Respectable Girl. for House- work; good home for a Reliable Girl.— Apply 88, Mansel-street, Swansea. 458dl-10, WANTED, a Young Girl, for Housework; to sleep in.—Apply 46, Jtansel-street, Swansea. 651dl-15 \\JANTED, at. once, a Respectable Girl, for Housework; good wages.—Apply Mrs Forbes, 161, St. Helen's-road. 62M1-11 tUTANTED. General Servant, to sleep home.—Apply 15, Walter-road. 661dl-ll WANTED, Good General Servant; must have good references.—Apply 20, King | Edward-road, Swansea. 659dl-ll Ur ANTED, a (iood Genera1.-Apply Mrs. i » » H. Jones, 8, Windsor-road. Neatih. 471dl-ll ur ANTED, at oaoe, a Good General.— j Apply Mrs. Ganz, 2, Eden-avenue, TTp- lands, Swansea. 497dl-10 \JVf ANTED, Good General Servant, for *? family of three; good references neces- aary-—^PPlr. after 5 p.m., Mrs. Dickie, 16, Richmond-road, Swansea. 477dl-il TVTTY T ANTED. Clean, Respectable Girl.— Appi?' 18, Beechwood-road, Uplands. 715dl-12 W ANTED, a Young Woman, to Help in Housework and Business; sleep home. —Apply at Charles Evans', Stationer and Tobacconist, 72, Brynymor-road, Swansea. 701dl-lp WANTED, immediately, Strong Girl, for Wash-house, in the lAundry; wages lZs. weekly.—Apply Matron, The. General Hospital, Swansea. 1474nl-12 WANTED. Respectable Girl, about 18, for Housework; references.— \pply, even- inge, after Ó o'clock, 11, Gore-terrace, Swan- sea. 670di i/. V\7'ANTED, at anoe, Respectable Girl, aged 14-16 years, as Helper and Companion. —Apply 76, Cromwell-street, Swansea. 687dl-15 GENERALS. T»I^ T ANTED, immediately, Strong, Capable General; good references required.— Apply, first instance, 2, Burman-street. 689dl-16 T\T-ANTED, Girl, or Middle-aged Woman, as General; good home; tieep in pre- ferred.—Apply 68, Mansel-street-, Swansea. 700dl-16 1 ■ .TAILORS, TAILORESSES, DRESS- MAKERS. EtO. MILIjUVERY.—Apprentices Wanted, for Workrooms and. Showrooma. to live out.—Apply Madam Emilie Evans, 29, Oxford- street, Swar.se1433nl-ll WANTED, Appientioe and Improver, for Fancy Department and Millinery .Workroom.—Apply 15, Walter-road. 661dl-ll 'm? ANTED, at once, Apprentices and Im- prover" to the DreBsmakcg.—Apply 8, Willows-place.. 672dl-12 AGENTS AND TRAVELLERS. T IVERPOOL Victoria Legal Friendly —* Society. Established 1843,-Bool;: vacant, Eolid debit, splendid opportunity Tor Expsri- enoed Man (ineligible). Good Commissions, interest in the business made. No Block System. Up-to-date Tables.—Apply District Manager, 4, Cradook-street. Swansea. 1431nl-10 ^RAVELLER Wanted (ineligible); salary and commission.—Bridgwater Wicker Works, Ltd., Bridgwater. 1457nl-10 CLERKS. Etc. W'ANTED, Competent Lady Clerk, whole- Y V sale Grooers; Ledger, Typing.—State age, experience, and references to Venus," Daily Post," Swansea. 7G3dl-16 /^ASKIER.—Wanted, Young Lady, for Desk.—Apply, by letter, Watts Jonea. Draper3, Oxford-street, Swansea. 633dl-lo \KTANTED, Lady Clerk, for Coal Offices, Typing and Shorthand necessary.— Write Box 50,, G.P.O., Swansea. 411dl-10 TITANTED, for Colliery Ornce, Smart, In- telligent Junior Cler?.—?Vriie Junior," Daily Post," Swansea. WANTED, Ledger Clerk O!lligib!e', Wholesale Provision Merchant".— Apply, giving qualifloationg, age, and refer- ences, to Hemisphere," Daily Post," Swansea. 709di-16 ,{Xl ANTED, Female Temporary Clerk, with Office Expsrience preferred.—Apply, stating particulars, and salary required, to Surveyor of Taxes, Lloyds Bank Chambers, Llanelly. 680dl-16 \\T ANTED, General Clerk, with knowledge of Shorthand and Typewriting.—Top- ham, Jones and Railton, Crymlyn Burrows, Swansea. i473nl-12 TINTED, Solicitor's Clerk, Male (inelig- ible), or Female—Write, stating age, experience, and salary required, to Law, Daily Post." Swansea. 696dl-16 OFFICE BOYS, ERRAND BOYS, Etc. TJOY Wanted. 14-15 years of age, inside. Apply, Friday, 10 o'oloclt. Phillips and Co., Tea Specialists, 12, Waiters-road, Swan- sea 1476nl-12 /^•ROCERY TRADE.-Sharp Lad Wanted, '? just left eohool, to Assist Generally; wages to commence 10s. per week.—D. R. Evans (Watson's Stores), Brynymor-road, Swansea. 1463nl-ll TWO Boys, or Girls, Wanted, after school hours, for Newspaper Rounds.—Apply Charle3 Evans, The Newsagent, Brynymor- road, Swansea. 638dl-15 IVANTED, Strong Boy, for Motor Van— Apply, at once, Thornett and Cnivers, Wholesale Grocers, Cambrian Buildings, Swansea. 710dl-12 \\r ANTED, Clean, Strong Boy, able to Cycle.—Apply Bryn Jones, Butcher, Rafcd, 714dl-13 "VTOUTH (Energetic) Wanted, for Office Work (ineligible); Shorthand and Type- writing; previous experience essential; splen- did chance to Learn Motor Business.—Write, in cwn handwriting, stating age, and wages required, to Honest," Daily Post," Swan- sea. 432dl-10 a;¡¡,;ow I ■ MM— APPRENTICES AND ASSISTANTS. ? OLIVER, 255, Oxford-street, Swaneea, has a Vacancy for a Smart Young Lady for the Boot Trade, experienced pre- ferred. 525dl-12 \\TANTED, for Furnishing Business, Sales- f man (ineligible); one accustomed to Hire Trade preferred.—Apply, by letter, to F. ( Jay and Co., 34, High-street, Swansea. 354dl-12 ( at once, two Young Ladies, for f" Grocery Trade.—Apply, with refer- cnce, ard stating salary required, to T. Tuatta-n and Co., Ltd., 31, Clarence-street, Swansea. 1 1469nl-ll MISCELLANEOUS SITUATIONS. A GOOD Horse Driver (ineligible) Wanted, at once.—Apply A. Samuel, 74, Manst-V terraoe. 70nll-12 A Berth for life, with a life of travel, at a, 1:1. good salary awaits a youth from 16 as soon aa he qualifies as a Wireless Operator with us. We have to cope with this dG- mand: more tJhan doubled our accommoda- tion. To youths leading eohool, or medically unfit for the Service, this is a splendid opening. Men of military age, Class A, cannot be accepted unless they eoice for short oouraes to train ioc tho Services.— Wireless College, St. ilau-y-stratt, Cardiff, and Castle-street,, Swansea, 'i'hone 3008. 2.709 /OACHMAN (ineligible) Wanted, able to Drive Pair of Horees and Look After Pony.—Apply, with references, Deri," c/o Daily Post," Swansea. 1458nl-13 TARIVER Wanted, for Motor Lorry; must be Experienced, and ineligible for the Army.—Apply Olten and Knutsen, Pier- street,,Swansea. 699dl-16 /GARDENER (Under) Wanted fineIigiMe); ?'? give reference and experience.-Lang, land Bay Hotel, Mumbles. 1470nl-16 LABOURERS Wanted (ineligible;.—Apply "H.<?nry Billings and Sons, at Messrs, Vivian's Wcrk, Hafod. 716cl 1-36 TITAN Wanted, for Window Cleaning; used  :J. to ladder work; ?. per week, 47? honrs. Apply Wilkins, 3, Spring-terrace, Swaisea. "DORTER.—Reliable Man Wanted (inelig- iMe).—Apply, stating age and experi- ence, to Melba," aily Post," Swansea. 1456n1-10 \7"ANTED, a Good, Strong Youth (illeEg-1 ible), as Driver.—Apply R. P. Culley, Bottlers, Duke-street, Swansea. 1436nl-ll f ANTED, immediately, Experienced f Traction Driver (ineligible), for St. Clears distriot; good wages paid.—Apply Loughor Colliery Co. (1910), Ltd., Ca-eduke Colliery, Loughor. 408dl-10 WANTED, immediately, Crane Driver lin- Y eligible).—Apply, stating wages re- quired, to Messrs. Walters and Johns, Con- tractors, Morriston. 1427nl-i0 "ITT"ANTED, Porter, at once, ineligible for » H.M. Forces.—Apply Godfrey and Co., Ltd., 22, St. Helen'e-road, Swansea. T/? ANTED, a Relief Pianist.—Apply Man- (, agereB8, Royal Theatre, Swansea. 1432nl-10  ANTED, a Boot Repairer, able to ¡ Make New constant; ineligible.— Apply, not later than January 17th. Trim- earan Co-operative Society, Ltd., Kidwelly. 1445nl-12 \\TANTED, at Port Talbot, 4 Caretakers, for Huts accommodating 32 Men per Hut; Man and Wife without children.— Apply Topham, Jones and Railton, Ltd., Cotton-row, Port.Talbot. 1443nl-12 WANTHD, Good Bottlers and Storemen; aJso Driver for iviotor Lorry; ineiig- ible.—Fultori and Co.. Wind-street. 302<!1-10 t RANTED, a Expectable Girl, to Deliver f MJlk and Aæist in Housework; gocd waffes to suitable person. — W. Taylor, Cradock-street, Swansea. 626dl-15 TXT*ANTED, Man (ineligible) and WHe, as Caretakers, for OSoe? at the Dooke; live on premises; unquestionable references required.—Write Box 626, Daily Post," Swansea. 625dl-1j TTyANTED, at Young Women, for f Bottle Washing Department.—Apply Hum's Mineral Water Works, Nelson-ter- raoe. 649dl-ll ANTED, Young Ladies, Tall, Stately, and of Refined Appearance, for the Spring Show, as Mannequins, for Style and Mantle's Mannequin Parade, at Swansea Branch.—Apply, in full confidence, Man- stress, Castle-street, Swansea.. 655d1-15 VVTANTED, a Sharp Girl, to Deliver News- papers, from a to 11 (mornings*.—Apply Mrs. Charles Evans, The Newsagent, Bryny- mor-road, Swansea. 701dl-12 \\f ANTED, Man, or Youth (ineligible), for f Bread Delivery; must be honest; one able to Drive Ford Motor Van preferred; good wages to suitable man.—Apply Gater. Clydach. 671dl-10 "TOUSG Lady Wanted, for Receiving Ofiice -1 in De-la-Eecbe-strcet. — Apply, with references, South Wales Laundry, Francis- street, Swaneea. 1475nl-12 COLLECTORS. CAWVASSERS, EtG. CANVASS Farmers—jjossible earnings £5- .t:.18 week.—Write Lloyd, 56, Warton- road, Stratford, London. 521dl-12 LADY Required, air Collector, for Cannar- thenshirs and Pembrokeshire (live Carmarthen cr Whitland preferred); salary, commission, and expenses.—Write Box 44, Daily Post." Swansea.. 442dl-10 LADY Collector Wanted, as Collector for Coal Merohant, three days a week; references.—Apply, in own handwriting, to "Collector," Daily Post," Swansea. 566dl-33 SITUATIONS W ANTE."), A WIDOW Lady Requires Post, as House- keeper to Gentleman, where Maid is kept; thoroughly reliable; good Carver and Manager.—Write 1.. B. 36, King Edward- road, Brynmill, Swansea. 465dl-ll SITUATJONS WANTED. A LIVE Business Man, 36 years cf age (in- eligible), is desirous of taking any Position of Trust; thorough knowledge of Book-keeping; used to travelling; well- known, of good address, and unempeaoliable references; moderate salary.—Write Box 201, j 'J'tily i'o-t," Swansea. 664dl-;5 A DVERTISER, having given np House, would like to see his Working House- keeper Comfortably Situated elsewhere, the vicinity of Swansea, or Llandilo. A quiet, easy service preferred to large re- muneration. She is about 50 years of age. Her Fidelity and Integrity are worthy of all praise. Enquiries personally, or in • writing.—Apply Maria Davies, Gorwydd," Gowerton. 365dl-ll COMPETENT and Experienced Lady Clerk. witih experienoe in Estate Agent, Archi- tect, and Surveyor's Office, Desires Engage- ment; Shorthand and Typewriting, Book- keeping, Rentals, Tracings, etc. — Apply "Brouyrallt," Alltwen, Pontardawe. 345dl-12 HOUSEKEEPER Seeks Temporary Situa- tion; undertake oooking; experienced economical manager, caterer; business or private; abstainer; disengaged. — Address Usefulness," Stoneleigih," Mumbles. 621dl.11 RELIABLE Woman Wants Daily Work— Waemng. Ironing, or Cleaning.—Write Boi 700, "Daily Post," Swansea. 629dl-ll SITUATION Required, by Steady and Reli- able Man, as Storekeeper, or any Place of Trust; over Military age; can give good references.—Write Steady," Daily Post," Swansea. 678dl-16 W»V J ANTED, by ShaTp Girl (16), Situation, "in Shop or OSioe, willing to Learn.— Write Mabel," Daily Post," Swansea. 43adl,10 WORKING Housekeeper requires Re- engagement, Middle-aged, with or without children.—Apply, by letter, to R. Jones, 32, Windsor-road, Neath. 519dl-10 WANTED, Si tuation, as Stableman, or Haulier; good Hoiseman; aged 50 I years; good reference—Write T. "Daily Post," Swansea. 684dl-16 YOUNG Lady (17). just Completed Com- Mercial Course, Requires Situation as Shorthand-Typist -Apply 8, Woodville-road, Mumbles. 694dl-16 POULTRY. I CHICKS, First Cross from OhampSon Layers, hatching third week in Janu- ary, and every week through season, 83. éd. dozen; Eggs now plentiful, 4s. Sitting- Morris D. John, Sisters Pit. Glaie. 51.12 MISCELLANEOUS WANTS. BILLIARD Table Wanted, 10ft. by 5ft.. or -D nearest, with Accessories.—Apply, stat- ing full particulars and lowest price, to "Table," "Daily Post," Swansea. 484dl-ll PIANO Wanted, for Hotel, about .€12 Cash; alto one about £5 Cash.—W^ rite Hotel," Daily Post," High-street, Swan- æa. dli TTTTANTED. 10 by 5, or nearest, Billiard Table, and Accessories.—Write, stat- ing full particulars and lowest price, to "Table," Daily Post," Swansea. 441dl-10 WANTED, Seoond-hand Typewriter, mast f be in nrat-cl&M condition.—Full parti- culars to Irwyn," Daily Poet," Swansea. 407dl-10 WJANTED, to Purchase, a Piano; must have iron frame; cheap tor Cash.— Write Piano," Daily Post," Swansea. £ 0jdl-r, \V\V TANTED, a 191t1915 Douglas Motor Cycle. VT —Reply, full particulars, to Box 915, Daily Post," Swansea. 563d1-12 WANTED, Good Second-hand Firepnx}: '? Office Safe; also Wooden Portable Garage, suitable for Ford Car.—Send full particulars to Engineer," Daily Post," Swansea. 359dl-12 W AED. a good-sized Crank Axle Cart; must be in good condition, and cheap for Cash.—Lewis Bros., Pontardawe. 1454.11-1.5 \W \TANTED, Old Sleeperb, or Wagon Rides.  —Write Rees, Gelli," ,Middle-road, Swansea. 616dl-10 r. u —'— j MISCELLANEOUS. A STROLOGY.Reliable Life Horoscope, Future Events. Marriage Partner de- j scribed. Changes, Journeys, Legaoiea, Lucky Days. Planet, etc.—Send Birth, Date, Is. P.O., and Stamped Envelope, to Madame Marion, Edinburgh..34?dl-12 (CHARACTER Eeader and Advisory Ex- Veno, M.B.I.M.S., Palm- ist, Gives Advice Daily (Hours: 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.), at 222, Oxford-street, Swansea.. 352dl-12 { LADY, having Cured herself of Superfluous L Hairs, would be pleased to give any other Lady information of same,—Write A. H," "Daily Post." Swansea. 508dl-10 MADAME DRUSILLA, F.B.I.M.S. IDIY- -?- ? loma), Palmist-Clairvoyant, American Mystio Readings. Advice Daily. Hours: n j to 9.—Address: 68, St. Helen's-roud, Swansea (opposite Hospital). 490dl-10 "VTURSE ELSTON (C.M.B.) receives Patients? -L ? Pending and During Accouchment, at 12, Carltoii-terraee, Swansea.. 661dl-ll '"HO Employers of Labour for Uncontrolled J- Establishments.—If you require Un- skilled Labour, Hauliers, Labourers, etc., apply to The Unskilled Labour Agency, who can find them for you.—Write, for terms, to The Unskilled Labour Agency, Victoria Chambers. The Parade, Neath. 1553nl-15 VSTILL some Kind Person Adopt a Strong j » V Baby Boy, 6 weeks old?—Write Boy," Daily Post," Swansea- 5471nl-12 MISCELLANEOUS SALES. FOR SALE, Invalid Chair, suit Gentleman, t or Lady; 'sell cheap—Apply Mrs. Oibbins. 8. Lynn-street, Cwmbwrla. 403dl-9 FOR SALE, Petrol Engines, from £10. suit- J- able for driving Chaffcutier; Corn Mills, Crusher. Chopping Machines, etc.— Jenkins and Co., Ironmongers, 268, Oxford- street, Swansea. 488dl-U I-iOR ALE, Sack Truck. 4ft.. rJn:o?t new, L' 27s. 6d.: Hon' to hold 3 Barrels, and one Pair Skids to nt same; six Tea Canisters, to sait Grocer. What offers?—Bates, Iron- monger, St. Helen'S-road. i428nl-10 ALE, Drepser a.nd Dinner Servioe, Hand 1 Sewing Machine, Washstand, all equal to new, a bargain.—9, Clarence-place, near Mwlel Laundry, Swansea. 639dl-ll 1?OR SALE. Gas Radiator, perfectly new condition, reasonable.—Apply W. R. Smith and Son, Alexandra-road, Swama. 1459nl-ll TrOR SALE. New 5-Ton Steam Wagon, by Clayton and Shuttleworth, with 3-Ton Trailer.—-Particulars from Hughes, C-oneult- i1,g Engineer, 12, Cambrian-place. Swansea, 360(11-12 OOR SAT^E — Motor Cycle Tubes, and two L big Horse? for heavy work, can be seen working; Argyll Motor Van, 12-15 H.P., m good working order; Covered. Wagonettes, Brakes, Carte; also I«,rge • Stock of Jardin- ieres, Orname.nt6, Trinket Sets,- and ahout 200 Bottle: of BeFt l,ait. Extraot (olean and fresh1- All the above to be Bold at a sacri- nee. Hughes, 42, Gurnop-tOttd, YEtalyrera. I' 690dl-16 "l£ ^OR SALE, Antique Oak Bureau, richly I 1 carved, splendid condition.—Apply, any evening, 13, Picton-place, St. Kelen'e-road. I .i.\5d :t-: i|^OR SALE, £250 Bond, in Provident Asso- ciation of London. 13 years old, entitled to participate in Monthly Drawings for Ad- vances Free of Interest; will Sell for amount deposited, about £ 85.—Write "Bond," "Daily Post," Swansea. 647dl-14 FOR SALE. Second-hand Petrol Engine, Chaffoutter, Corn .Mill, oheap.—10, Park- st.reet. Swansea. edj-ll T.OR SALE. Antique Oak Bureau, richly .I' carved, splendid oondition.—Apply, any evening, IS. Picton-place, St. Helen's-road. 335(11-11 "[."0& SALE, a Two-wheel Shopkeeper's 1 Cart, suit Horse 16 hands.—Apply 9. Park-street, Swansea. 486dl-ll FOR SALE, very fine Chippendale Cabinet; no dealers.—Apply 87, St. Helen's-road, Swansea. 702dl-12 17OR SALE, Clipper" Safety Chaffcutter -f (hand or power), in good condition; no further uee. — Write "Clipper," "Daily Post," Swansea. 712dl-16 ROYAL London Insurance Book for Sale; H Deposit and Instalments arranged; best terms; no debit or block system.—Apply Superintendent, 24, Windsor-street, Uplands. 613dl-10 REMINGTON Typewriter for Sale, just  been Over-hauled and Several Parts Renewed, £5 58.-Swansea Business College. Siddall Buildings, A1 exandra-road. 609dl-10 Beautiful Parrots for Sale.—1, DeIhl- -1- street, St. Thomas, Swansea. 697dl-12 TABLECLOTHS.—Lidy offers three Beauti- -L ful, Real Irish, Damask Tablecloths, nearly two yards square; also six Handsome Serviettes; unsoiled; perfect condition; accept 17s. 6d. lot: worth double; approval willingly.—Write Cloths," Daily Post," Swansea. fi^0dl-12 PROPERTY FOR SALE GR TO LET. if. Pugh WiHIaim' Announcements. -FYNONE TERRACE.—Excellent House for Sale, two reception, four bedrooms, kit- ehen, bathroom.—J. Pugh Williams, Auc- tioneer and Valuer, 12, College-street, Swan- sea. 14501.11-12 ^KETTY.—For Sale, Two Well-built Houses in Carnglas-road; long leases and low ground rents. Also several Villas.—J. Pugh Williams, House and Estate Agent, 12, College- street, Swansea. CARMARTHEN ROAD.—House and Shop for Sale at a Moderate Prioe.—J. Pugh Wil- liams, Auctioneer and Valuer, 12, College- street, Swansea. 1450nl-12 BRITON FERRY.—Small Business Premises for Sale, well situated.—J. Pugh Wil- liams, Auctioneer and Valuer, 12, College- street, Swansea. 1460nl-12 ?STALYFERA.—NxceUent Freehold Business J- Premises for Sale; best position in the Valley.—J. Pugh Williams, Auctioneer and Valuer, 12, College-street, Swansea. 1450nl-12 OFFICES, ETC.. TO LET. TO LET. 1. 2, or 3 Offices, also a Suite 01 Offices, Castle Buildings; also two GJioes, Angel Cliambetrs, 8wa.- Apply Chae. Gustavus, Castle Buildings, Swansea. 296dll6 rr"0 LET, Russell Buildings, St. Ma.ry- -? street, suitable for Offices, or Ware- houses.—Apply Jenkins and Co., 268, Oxford- street, Swansea. 487dl-ll To LET, 1, 2, or 3, Offices, in Alexandra- road, Swan);6a.; low rental. — Apply Ruddell, Siddall Buildings, Alexandra-road, Swansea. 609dl-10 To LET, 1, 2 or 3 Offices, also a suit of three Offices, Castle Buildings; also two Offioes. Angel Chambers, Swansea.— Apply Ciias. Gustavus, Castle Buildings, Swansea. 704dl-16 STABLES, Etc., TO LET. COMMODIOUS Stabling and Loft to Det7 reaaoDabIe rental; central.—Apply 16, Castle-street, Swansea. 569dl-13 To LET. Stable and Coach-house, Large Loft over.—Apply A. Lyons, 52, Walter- road, Swansea. 557dl-12 CARACES, Etc., TO LET. A GARAGE to Let, will take two Cars, near .Ubert HaJI; also 2- Wheeled Cart for Sale.—Apply Hillard, House Furnisher, College-street. 405dl-10 AE-AGE to Let, near Hospital; every con- venienoe; 4s. weekly.—Write "Doctor," "Daily Post," High-street, Swansea. 650dl-ll WORKROOMS, Etc., TO LET. I E' XOELLEX'I' StorM ~to Let. large dry L building, two atoreya, witJh hoist, situate at rear of 162 and 163, St. Helen s- avenue; suitable for Workshop, Garage, or Stores; moderate rent.—Apply Purser, Solici- tor, St. Mary-street, Swa/ieoa. 641dl-13 1iO LET, Workshop, Warehouses, and two-,tall Stable, Tower-lane. — Apply Oha. Guatavns, Castle Buildings. 704dl-To WAREHOUSES, Etc., TO LET. TO LET, a. Large Yard and Warehouse, Upper Strand, Swansea. Can be divided to suit tenants. — Apply Chae. Gustavus, Camle Buildings, Swansea. 704dl-16 r HOUSES TO LET. TO LET, Semidetached Villa, Gower-road, ?- Sketty, ('onta¡nmg three recept?a- rooms, five bedrooms, Large Garden, Green- houses and Vinery, with Entranoe Drive. A G3.rage can be built by arrangement.— For further particular, apply CThas. Gustavus, Glan-yr-Afon," Sketty. 104dl-16 mit tt!<! j ——— HOUSES WANTED, TTOUSE Wanted. Ernald-plaoe, or Panty- gwydr-road. by Maroh 25th; would Pur- chase, if reasonable.—Write "Accountant," Daily Post," Swansea. 617dl-B yURNISEED House {small) Wanted; no fancy price given; state particulars and tc.rms. Alio Small Business (Sweets) Wanted.—Write Box 66, "Daily Post," Swan- !!ell. 529dl-12 AXTED, a Six-roomed House, with bath (hot and cold); four in family; 110 young children; St. Helen's district pre- fer red.-Write House," c/o Charles Evans, The Newsagent, Erynymor-rtfad, Swansea. r~ > 534dl-12 YV -A X i EI>, Small House, in V Sketty; rent_ about £ 30.—Send full' particulars to "Field," 12, Cambrian-place, Swansea. 358dl-12 "7"ANTED, to Exchange, 6-Roomed House, a.t St. Thomas, 9s. weekly, for House at Mount Pleasant.—Write "Mount Pleas- ant," "Daily Post," Swansea. 614dl-10 I £] FOR Key of 6-Roomed House, in good locality. Manselton or St. Helen's dis- trict preferred.—Apply, M. L. C. "Daily Post," Swansea. 480dl-ll 10 l. REWARD for Key of House, in Cafcherine-etreet., or vicinity.—Write Vic," Daily PCtit," Swansea. 640dl-i2 -<- HOUSES FOR SALE. FOR SALE only, 39, St. Bryn- mill, Modern and Convenient Residence; excellent sea view.—Apply at house any time. 434dl-U SALE, Leasehold House, in Hall-ter- race (off C'-arniarthen-road;, Swansea; good repair; pleasant situation; convenient to trams.—Apply David M.' Thomas, Estate Agent, Rutland-street, Swansea. 636dl-15 LOR SATÆ, two Houses, in Eversley-road, Sketty, fitted with all modern conveni- ences—Apply Jenkins and Co., 268, Oxford- street. 43&11-11 SALE, Seven Well and Substantially- built Houses (six rooms and Bculleryj, in Manselton-road, Manselton.—Apply J. and F. Weaver,' Builders, Manselton. 669dl-15 SALE, Leafiehold House. No. 23, Western-street, 48 years to rnn free of ground rN3t, Jet at ))s. per week, price £ 260. -Apply 23, Robert-street, Manselton. 693d 1-16 TTOUSE for Sale, m Oakwood-road; 6 ■* 1 rooms, bath (hot and oold), good garden, long lease; three-fourths could re- main on mortgage.-Write M. 8. "Daily Post" Office, Swansea. 669:11-12 "]V/J"ODERN House at Man melton for Sale; b 1;1. rooms. scullery, and bathroom; cheap to immediate purchaser.—Apply "Modern," Daily Post," Swansea. 618dl-10 NEATH ABBEY.—For Sale, Graig Cottage, 16, -L? Hill-road; six rooms, outhouse, good gar' den. Also Land adjoining, suitable for Build- ing Two or Three Cottages; lease, 995 years. Also 15, Hill.road; large garden; lease, 89 years—Write "Abbey," "Daily Post," Swan- sea. 564dl-13 JflCANTED TO PURCHASE-HOUSES. 11URCHASE, or Detached -» House, moderate size. MumMes or Fwshopston, bayp, an advantage.— Write, stating fullest particulars, to De- tac.ied," Daily Post," Swansea. 70&11-12 "I7ir ANTKD, to Purchase, SmaH Modern ? HOUBP. wHh bath, ?to, Brynmill or Uplands preferred, about — Write "T. M., "Daily Post," Swansea. 658dm T\rANTED, to Buy, a House, in Finsbury- torrace.-Whto "Berkeley." "Daily Post." Swansea. 692(11-16 FURNISHED HOUSES TO LET. IrRNIsHED House to Let, in Ernald -1 place, Uplands; gas-cooker, electric light, all modern conveniences. — Apply Bevan. Butcher, Uplands. 622dl-15 FURNISHED HOUSES TO LET. T^URiNlhHED House (small) Wanted] in good locality, by Young Couple; mode- rate terms.—Write, giving particulars, to 1. 0, Daily Post," Swa.nsea. 714dl-16 APARTMENTS TO LET. A PARTMENTS Vacant, well Furnished, suit Lady and Gentlema.n, or Gentle- man; no other boarders; every convenience; very central.—Apply 107, Walters-road, Swan- sea 685dl-16 A LADY, in Sketty, wishes to Share House witih another, as Paying Guest.—Write "Paying," "Daily Post." Swansea. 614dl-13 A REGULAR Officer's Wife, whose husband is on Active Service, would like to hear from an Officer and his Wife, who are stationed in Swansea, to Share her House, or as Paying Guests.—Write, stating full particulars, to Officer's Wife," Daily Post," Swansea. 464dl-ll BRYN-ROAD.—Well-furnished Rooms to ?-? Let; full view of the bay, and every convenience.—Apply "Convenience," "Dajiy Post," Swansea. 474dl-ll COMFORTABLE Apartments, Bernard-street, ? Uplands; sitting-room and one or two bedrooms; bath (h. and c.); attendance; terms moderate.—Apply, in first instance, to Ben Davies, Newsagent, St. Helen's-road, Swansea. 655d1-14) APARTMENTS TO LET. COMFORTABLE Lodgings, in Llanelly, for ? two Respectable Young Ladies; would suit Munition Workers.—Write Lonely," Daily Post," Swansea. 683dl-12 T30NTA^DAWE.—To Let, two Furnished JL Rooms; suit Lady, or Man and Wife (no encumbrance); bath.—Apply 50, Hign- street. 466d 1-11 ROOMS, or Half of House to Let, in good JL\' locality, Unfurnished or Furnished, every convenience. — Write, first, to 4, Osborne-terrace, Bryn-road, Swansea. 526dl-l2 rrWO Furnished, or Unfurnished, Rooms to Let; bathroom. — Apply 113, King Edward-road. 409(IJ- rpo LET, Half of House, consisting of 4 or 5 I rooms, and use of bath, no connection with other half, in best part of Walter-road; terms quite moderate.—Write "Moderate," Daily Post," Swansea. 509dl-ll TO LET, Comfortable Apartments, with -L every convenience.—Apply No. 38, St. George's-terraoe, Swansea. 435dl-10 rp0 LET, Furnished Bed-Sittinc-r00m, suit Married Couple, one minute from Albert Hal1.-Apply Mrs. Burton, 6, Carlton-terraoe. 611dl-10 TO LET, a Comfortable Bed-Sitting-room, -L or Lodgings for Business Gentleman; bath, etc.—Apply, first instance, Ben Davies, Newsagent, 7, St. Helen's-road. 453dl-10 TO LET, Furnished Apartments, suit Mar- ried Couple, no children.—Apply 29, Nicholl-street, Swansea. SlOdl-H rJpL o LET, Comfortable Back Sitting-room and Bedroom; no attendance—Write "Comfort," Daily Post, Swansea. 474dl-ll 'fO LET. two Comfortably Furnished -J- Middle Rooms, use of gas-stove and soullery; suit Couple; reasonable terms. 12, Bronawiok-st reet. 563dl-10 r1 po LET, to Respectable People, one Furn- -L ished Room, in "Western-street —Write Argylfc," Daily Post," Swansea. 620dl-15 TWO Furnished Rooms (Sitting-room and Bedroom) to Let, at 22, Page-street, Swansea.—Apply at above address. 625d!-ll rpWO or Three Unfurnished Rooms to Let, L use of bathroom and scullery; no children—Apply 4, Constitution Hill. 651(11-14 rpo LET. Comfortable Combined Room, ?- suit Youn CouDle. or two Lady Friends. —Apply 12, Grove-place. 652dl-14 TO LET, 3 Large Unfurnished Rooms, with use of kitchen; terms moderate.—Apply 11, Oa-klands-terrace, Swansea. 662dl-14 rpWO Unfurnished Rooms to Let (oven j, grate;, suitable for small family.-1, Evans-terrace, Danygraig-road, Swansea. 673dl-12 r1 pWO or Three Furnished Rooms to Let. or Accommodation for six Munition Workers.—Apply 9, Burman-street, Walter- road, Swansea. 666dl-12 rpo LET, one Furnished or Unfurnished Room —Apply 24, Bathurst-street, Swan- sea. 688dl-12 rpo LET, Sitting-room and Bedroom (Furn- J- ished). would suit Married Couple; bath (hot and cold).—Apply 6, Henrietta-street. 679dl-16 — 13 APARTMENTS WANTED. V/ST"ANTED, by Young Married Couple (no encumbrance), Comfortable Bedroom and Sittingroom; no attendance. — State term s to Dundrennars," Daily Post," Swansea. 664(11- L' WrAiNTED, in St. Helen's district, large Unfurnished Room, as Club-room: size. 20ft. x 15ft. approx.—Apply "X. Y. Z. "Daily Post," Swansea. 691dl-12 u. FURNITURE. BEDSTEAD for Sale. full size. Brass Rail, -D in perfect condition, 20s.—Write stead," Daily Post," Swansea. 478dl-ll Hill's Announcements. Stocktaking Sale.—All of our Large Stock to be Cleared. No reason- able offer refused. 643dl-15 OPECIAL Lines in Bedroom Suites from 6i Guineas. Dining and Drawing-room Suites from 4! Guineas. Bedsteads and Bedding at your own price. 642d1.15 OEVERAL Shop-soiled Sideboards to be ? Cleared below cost. Dressers, FeEdere, Fire Brasses; Rugs, Carpets. White Millpuff Bed Seta from 17s. 6(1. (43dl-1S GOODSn. be Stored Free until required. Now is tb lime to Buy. Don't delay; —Call at once for Bargains ?t Hill s Centra! Buildings, Crower-Street, Swansea. 643di-15 MOTOR-CARS. CYCLES, Etc. FOR SALE, "Yuka.n," 15.9, Touring. Five- seater, with two extra detachable rims, tyres, and accessories, perfect condition.— WTitc Vulcan," Daily Post OB&ce, Swan- gea. 1466nl-15 "ivw L. Roberts' (223, Oxferd-strset) Announcements. FORD Vans from Stock. £130. less £10 Re- -f bate, plus delivery charges. Cash. or Easy Payments. 5Q3di 10    TRUCKS in Stock Immediate G.M iVl.v* delivery OBe-t?nner Chassis. price £335: 2i-3-tonner, £57. Cash, or Easy Payments. 503dl-10 \,f OTOR Cycles in Stook. Immedia? J.. Delivery. B.S.A., Bnuelds, Harloy Davidson. Grand Prix 10 H.P. Morgan Car. SCMI-IO Davies and Elliott (Motor Engineers) Announcements. B A VIES & ELLIOTT, Motor Engineers. L Christina-street Garage, Swansea.— Motor Repairs promptly attended to. Lig'ht Haulage by Motor. 479dl-10 PANHARD 15-20 H.P., Box Van body, chaiu drive, juat been overhauled, any trial and 479dl-10 ENFIELD Combination, 6 H.P., 19154, lamps, horn. speedometer, run 1,500 miles, in new condition, any trial and examination, complete, £72. 479dl-10 JAMES' Combination, 1915. in new condi- tion. not. done 3,000 miles, lamps, horn, and extras, any trial and examination, £72. 479dl-10 1_- MUSICAL. DALE. FORTY & CO., LTD., High-street. Cardiff—New Model Pianos. Second- hand Pianos at Low Prioes for Cash. Easy terms arranged. Second-hand Organs from £2. Second-hand Piano Player, £ 8.—Lists on application to Local Agency, 20, King Edward-road. Swansea. Thompson and SJiackell'i Announcements, PIANOLA Piano Player, Rosewood Case; t 65 Note, cost 50 Guineas, reduced to 15 Guiaeae, will fit any Piano.—Thompson and fhackell, Ltd., 39, Castle-street, Swansea. 504(11-10 VERY Fine Two-Manual Organ, by Mason w and Hamlin, Student's Model, oori- Btructed on Church Organ prinoiple, cost 120 Guineas, will accept £30 Cash. Thompson and Shd.ckell, Ltd., 39, Caetle-street, Swan- sea. 504dl-10 GRAMOPHONE, slightly used, cost £5 5s., will accept £2 10s.; New Gramophones, £3 1011,. £4 10s., £5 108., etc. Now is the time to buy. Prices are rising.—Thompson and Shackell, Ltd., 39, Castle-street, Swansea. 504dl-10 Cwynne Brader's Announcements. OVERSTRUNG Iron Grand, by John Brinsmead; rosewood case. under- damper, tape check action, ivory keys.— Gwynre H. Brader, 17, Hea-thfield-street, Swaiisoa. 1439nl-ll COLLARD & COLLARD Overstrung Iron C Grand, rosewood case, full iron frame underdamper, tape check action, ivory keys. Gwyruie H. Brader, 17, Heathfield-street, Swansea. 1439nl-ll OVERSTRUNG Iron Grand Piano, by ?-? Burling and MaJisneld; handsome wal- nut case, all over iron frame, under- damper, tape check action, very fine tone and quality.—Gwynne H. Brader, 17, Heath- field-street, Swansea. 1439nl-ll S EOOND.HÅ Upright Iron Grand Piano, ? by London maker; walnut case, iron frame, check action; in first-class order; bargain.—Gwynne H. Brader, 17, Heathfield- street, Swansea. 1439nl-ll Godfrey's Announcements. MASON and Hamiin Organ, in new con- ?J- dition, 13 stops, 6 sets of reeds, power- ful tone, pipe top; a, bargain, 33 Guineas Cash, or 12s. 6d. Monthly.—Godfrey and Co., Ltd., 22, St. Helen's-road, Swansea. 351dl-12 DOMINION Organ, 10 stops, 4 sets reeds, very fine tone, solid Walnut Cue, Mirror top; a. bargain, 21 Guineas or 10s. 6d. Monthly.—Godfrey and Co.. Ltd., zz, St. Helen's-road, Swansea. 351dl-12 HARMONIUMS, by Ceearina? BooMy, eta, ?'- all m perfect oondition, from 5 Guineas; real bargains.—Godfrey Mid 00., LA., 22, St. Helen's-road. Swansea. 35!dl-12 MUSICAL. D. J. Sneli's Announcement. f'OP—BEAUTIFUL Iron-frame Piano, by Si'OO Gollard and Collard; also £34 Piano, by Spencer; both bargains. D. J. Snell, 14a, 21 and 22, High-street Arcade, Swansea (near G.W.R.). 64411-15 P O O—SECOND-HAND -Piano kir Allison, London), in beautiful Walnut Case, full iron frame; bargain.-D. J. Snell, 14a, 21 and 22, High-street Arcade (near G.W.R.), Swansea. 644di-15 Tj^STEY Organ, E18 18s. Kaln Organ, £12 10s.; Portable Organ, £ 5.; huge bar- gains.—D. J. Snell, 14a, 21 and 22, High- street Arcade, Swansea (near G.W.R.). 644dt-15 GRAMOPHONES and Records. — Huge Stocks of His Master's Voice" Machines and Records. Almost every Title in Stock. Repairs a Speciality. D. J. Snell, 14a, 21 and 22, High-street Arcade Swansea, (near G. W.R.). 644tll-lb TRADE SPECIALITIES. ANTOINE'S Copying liak. Reduced rates. —Apply "Daily Pcet" .Stationery De- partment, High-street. Swansea C LOWNS. For Sale, Six Automatic Machines, splendid condition, Saxony, cheap.—Write Box 517, U Daily Post," Swan- sea. 53H11-12 E (,'G,q! Eggs!! Eggs!—We have a Plenti- ful Supply Daily of Fresh-laid Eggs.— For Wholesale Prioes: Emanuel Thomas and Son. Universal Providers, Swansea. 628dl-ll ENVELOPE'S, all sizes, < Commercial and Catalogue Shapes, at "Daily iost" Stationery Department, High-street, Swan- sea F URS and Fur Rugs.—Sale Commencing To-morrow. Bargains in reality. Fur Renovations a Speciality.—Jenkins, Fur- riers, 8, Dillwyn-street. 657dl-ll I^ISE Aterellaiits.-P. Molytieux, Ltd., 120, L' H;gh-st.reet., Swansea. The Trade Sup- plied. 406d4-l FUNERAL Coach, Latest Pattern, Glass Box I and extra Seat. equal to new, half-price, Cash or Terms; photo free.-Marston s, 24, Bradford-street, Birmingham. 1397n3-25 JONES BROTHERS. Decorators. 38. Mansel- IT street, Seeks Interior Pamtmg. Paper- hanging, Distempering; Promptness, Thor- rmghness, and Efficiency; 26 37cars St. Helen s- avenue. 463dl-ll PERSONAL..—Mr. Paul Schenker, having joined the Colours. Madam Schenker begs to say business is carried on as usual. Gentlemen's Toupe's, Ladies' Fringes, Trans- formations, Pincurla. Wavelets, ct,2., ,Tra, the premises. Manicure, Massage, Chiropody and Electrolysis by Trained Experts. Hair- dressing and Marcel Waving a Speciality.- Matron Schenker, 6, Goat-street, Swansea. 353dl-12 I REFILLS for Matthews' and other Files cheap.—" Daily Post" Stationery De- j partment, Swansea. ?AFES ?Fi?e-Ret;9tu?g). all sizes, for &ale, 1 bargains; also Mortar Mms. Saw Benches, Engjnes, Boilers, Steam Wagons.— Birt, 47a, Strand, Swansea. 707dl-16 1 QPIRELLA Corsets do not take a perman- ? ent bend at the waist.—Spirella-Corset- iere: M. E. Kettle, 87, Brynymor-road, Swan- sea. 701dl-12 OHOP Books, Account Books, Tradesmen'? Ledgers, Letter Copying Books (large varieties), offered at Pre-war Prices; Reduc- tion for qua.ntitiet. Daily Post" Station- ery Department, High-street, Swansea. SECURE Your Bargain at Hatfield's Sale 1 To-day; Lace Cirrtaiiis, Down Quilts, Coloured Bordered Casements and Oddments at tempting prices. 349dl-12 HELIBERE, Patent Revolving Front, equal k. to new, half-price, Cash or Terms; photo free.—Marston's Hearse Works, Bradford-I street, Birmingham. 1387n3-23 rrWINES, Cords, for Shop and Warehouse Packing.—" Daily Post" Stationery De partment, High-street, Swansea T\r ATEIiP HOOF Horse IlOin Cloths. Cart and Wagon Co vers, Cart and Rear Lamps.—Swansea Saddlery Co., High-street Atcade. TeL: 103y Centra!. 350dl-12 EDUCATION. TERENCE Lessons given, or Correspondence undertaken; terms moderate.—Apply Madamo12lle Tual, 4, Gower-place, Mumbles.  TTIGHBURY Private School Re-opens .?? 1 da?;- 9tb. Prospe-fns on application.-Principal: Mrs. William". 445dl-10 Tuition In Langnages. Book keeping, Shorthand. Typewriting, Arith- metic, etc. Thorough Preparation for Exam- inations and Business.—Oswald Korth, Pro- cessor of Languages, Swansea. 61Sd.b.-t.«x QT. GABRIEL'S SCHOOL, St. Helen's- avenue. Private School Re-commencee I January 10th.—Terms on application to Miss H. R. Huggins, 39, King Edward-road, Swan. sea" 676dl-12 fpECHNICAL TRAINING.-This is a War to end War, after which here will be a renewal of "commercial activity. The Trained Man will be in great <iumand. Are You trained and ready? The I.C.S. Tr!tinmg is up-to-dMe. practical, produces salary- raising results, and is so oomprehensive tka"; it covers practically every trade and pro- fc-gsioll.-Appl,v, for particulars: The Inter- national Correspondence Schools, Ltd., High- street Arcade, Swansea. 448dl-lij THE SWANSEA BUSINESS COLLEGE (Sid- dall Buildings, Alexandra-ioad) owes its present high position to a combination ot many happy circumstances, but above ali to the Jndividu,,tl-n<)t Ilecti ve and mechanical—attention given to its students. Advioe and full particulars may be had at the College any Day t>r Evening-Saturdays, by appointment. Prospectus Free. 449d1-10 HORSES, CARRIAGES, TRAPS. Etc. A SHIRE-BRED Cart Mare. neavy in foal, 15, hands, 7 years, £ 26; Collier-stamp Mare, 14; IiarcIF-, 6 years, in foal to collier horse. £ 30; active light-legged Cart Horse. 8 years. 15-hands. R14. The above warranted sound in wind and limb, and reliable in all gears. Cause of selling, no drivers avail- able.-Haulicr, 25, Beach-street, near Hospi- J' tal, Swansea. 530d1.12 /CLEARANCE SALE.—Strong-boned Cart ? Mare, in foal, 154 h.h., 8 years, E24; prew bay Cob, 14 h.h. 7 years, £ 15; Collier- stamp Mare, 15 h.h.. 7 years, F,25,, good worker shaft or chains; also 2 Collars, Oolt (9 months old). 3 Sets of Harness, 2 Flat. Trollies, Tip-carts, Crank-axle Carts; all to be sold regardless of coRt,ApT)ly Oontraotor, No. 1. Northampton-lane (near Albert Hall). Swansea. 648dl-15 FOR SALE. Brown Ponx,, "Polly," 13 h.h., quiet for Boy or Lady to drive; also Business Trap and Harness to suit; lot, £ 12.— Apply 22, Greenfield-street, Swansea- 502dl.1( F OR SALE. Cart Mare, 15.3 hands, aged, warrant-tsd 111 all harness; New Set of Trap Ha,rness.-F.. J. Owen, Mansel-street. Gowerton. 1453nl-13 F OR. SALE, two Horses: Vanner, 16.1 hands; J- thick-set Bay Horse, 15 hands: bound and good workers; replaced by Motor.— Apply J. H. Rees, Park-street, Llanelly. 674dl-16 "OR SALE, a Jubilee Governess Car; price £ 20.—Apply at the Mermaid Inn, Port j Tennant. 495dill "POR SALE, Brown Horse, 15& hands, 6 I years, work single or double, LZ2; Btown Mare, 15 hands, 7 years, heavy in foal, .€22; Clifton Gig, as new, £ 16; Pony, Governess Car, and Harness, cheap: no fur- ther use; must sell; trial and warranty.— Thomas, 49, Danygraig-terracc, near Ceme- tery, Swansea. 530dl-12 FoR SALE. good Cob, 141 h.h.. Flat Cart and Harness, Lamps, Scales and Vf-'ig-ht-a. £25 the lot, or nearest offer; good Ralli Trap, pricfe t6; also good Platform Soale, Wheels, Springs, and Axles; reason for selling: owner sriving up.—Apply to 53, Pentregethin-road. Cwmbwrla. 665dl-15 LOST AND FOUND. F OUND, a Terrier, at Fforestfaeh. If not claimed within three days will be sold to defray expenses.-4, Star-row, Fforest- fach.. 616dl-10 LOST, a little Black Pom, with a few -Lj white hairs in tail, from 82, Manselton- road, on December 23rd.—Will finder kindly return to above address. 491dl-li IOST, at Uplands, Monday morning, ?ma!) -L? Brown Leather Pur8e. containing 10s. Note, Silver, Pence, and Insurance Stamps- Reward on returning to 3. Skiiity-road, Up- lands. 647dl-ll STOLEN or Strayed from Stable at Mill- -plae-e, Bay Entire 12 h.h. Pony, marked with "K" on back, black points. Person re- turning same to Kinane, Baker. Hafod, will be Rewarded. Detainer will be prosecuted. 657(11-11 QTRAYED from Oedela Farm, Sketty, Bay 1. Cart Mare, about 16 h.b.-Apply W. Smith, 29, Strhnd, Swansea. 663dl-14 —— ■ -11 1 LOST AND FOUND. STRAY-ED, from Caereithin Farm-Ff I 1 ? fach, a Black Filly, with star on for* [ I head, about 9 months old. Finder will bt J Rewarded. 388,11-1 ',X/lLL the Person who took, by mistake » Genb.'& UmbreUa from the Hotel Monica kindly return same, otherwise proceedings will be taker ? 677dl-li MONEY. ————————————————————————————————— i < DO YOU NEED MONEY? DON'T WORRY, D-M. Foner, 9. Carlton-t?rraoe. Swansew M Advances Money to Respectable House; holders. Easiest terms, Strictly private. 6Z501, I D JONES. FmaDC1el. ?akea Cash Aci? D vances from ?5 and upwards to R? spootable Householders, at reasonable rate$ or interest, without delay. Apply personally, or by letter. Distance no object. No fees. Easy Payments arranged to suit convenj, ence of Borrowers. Private and Confidential. G,aaxante,ed.-Apply 3. Grove-piaco, Alexaaf dra-road, Swansea. d. bk T OANS.— £ 19 to ?1.000 on wTi'tsn promi? Ilio to repay at ? mutuaUy agreed interest. No travelling expenses charged, business done or not. On receipt of a letter a Re- A presontativ^ will Call with Cash and discuss t terms. Distance ni object. Do not expose your requirements locally. Commission paid for introductions. F. LA WREXCi. Ltd.. Don Chambers, Wine-street. Bristol. ?7n(? to '?? to Lend on Good Freehold c? t ?W ? ,,asehoid Security.—Apply fI David M. Tholas, Estate Agent, Rutland- t street, Swansea. j SWANSEA MERCANTILE 00., LTD. 18, PARK STREET, SWANSEA, «I MAKE CASH ADVANCES DAILY from j ?0 to al'OOO. No Charges unless Business Done Bilir Discounted. Strictly Private and Confl; iential. For further particulars, apply: H. B. JONES. Managing Director. p- KSO^EY LENT -a |^ i BY P@ST, WtTHOUT SECURITY. 1 H FL^AKILC0U?T^ PTFIVATEFIMARCE M ?'J??' wake "? ?"="'ce. "°m ?a0 -o & Ladirs or Gentkracn. IM-1cha?t., S op- y M kmpcr?, firmrxs? and !o ;d rcs?eniih). pert?M J.. f M "°''of?.'nat?ae.Stric[iy pr:vtte.Nefee!chMMd? M ?'ower,d<MUa"withttb<f6rtB<CM!i?eth<i Eg tMns P2id -for itcr-d. d ? are advised to 1 M g P?B')pjehBUMr,<s. PhM inf8s8auon .up" iJ Jq P:ied ,n¡Us and post fre. '*8"ere^PTi ????? -.?h. < M > ■ lot J SHIPPING. A MER I C LINE. 1 Carrying 1st, 2nd, and 3rtJ Class PaesengeriL LIVERPOOL TO NEW YORK < every Saturday. < Sailing under the American Flag. J Moderate Pricea. Beat Accommodation. Apply to American Line, Liverpool, Loa don, Southampton, or to Local Agents. .— — i ii i CUNARD LINE. REGULAR PASSENGER AND FREIGHT SERVICES. LONDON-NEW YORK. LONDON—CANADA—NEW YORK. BRISTOL-CANADA—NEW YORK. Liverpool—New York. FOR RATES OF PASSAGE. FREIGHT, DATES, OF SAILING. AND PARTICU. LARS AS TO LOADING BERTHS. Apply CUNARD LINE, Liverpool I < London, 51, Bishopsgate, E.C.: spur Street, S.W.; 65, Baldwin Street W: Bristol: 18a, High Street, Car(liff;Go afg or" fro \.irerst-».. T •" "■ a I (r.flNIN8 ? j if t-LECTRlCITV JWV iuj 1 U EN8I!tRBRIS3 K9 i Bj How, P ? Hj to S CIMSMA WORK ^10* pi Study Clvn. EN a,,LzRisa VV IRBI.EJS TSLBOR-Arav iBULjr IIARINE EN<Ji>iK«i)ma VilOXOli EKQINSKaiMl State ago and send id Stamp to cover postage. THE BENNETT COLLEGB (S.D. Dept.), SHEFFIELD. STOCKTAKING. BARGAINS IN FURNITURE. D. J. DAVIES, CORNER SHOP, PARADE, NEATH. THE CHEAPEST SHOP IN TOWN, I Opposite Cattle Market. 1 71 REST FOR ALL. MRS. WINSLOW'S 800THINC CYRUP. FOR CHILDREN TEETHiMQ If your baby is restless and i cannot sleep, give this old., fashioned remedy a trial, && it cures WIND ANO TEETHINQ! DIARRNCEA, You wi)I a.41, have a good night and baby willwake up bright & ha ppy, I