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THOROUGH 8ICHTTE8TINC. YOU are oordially invited to call upon -L Mr. ERIC REE8. F.R.M.8.. F.S.M.C., eto. (Lond.), 26. Castle-etreet, Swansea. Oçn. •altation Free. 'Phonb; Central 520. d.b.-t.c. SPECIALISED VOCAL TRAINING. VOICES Testod Free of Charge.—Arthur Hey. Mus. Bac., 251, G^ora-at-ieei. Swansea. Phone: Central 716. GOVERNESSES. "DEQUIEED, a F rench Governess, a Few -L? Hours Weekly. — Write French," Daily Post," Swansea. 253dl-5 WANTED, Junior Assistant, for Mornings, in Small Private School.—Write, stat- ing age, and salary required, to B. C. A. Daily Pose," Swansea. 395dl-5 MOTHERS' HELPS. \\f ANTED, Mother's Help, for Bedford.— Apply Mrs. Tripp, Bryn Newvdd, Bketty, S.O., Glam. 1418nl-< BARMAIDS, HOTEL SERVANTS, Etc. TTOTEL.—A Thoroughly Experienced Kit- cnen-maid, to Work under a Chef; also Kitchen Porter (ineligible) and General Re- quired immediately. Apply t0 Manageress, Hotel Cameron, Swansea. 36:11-4 WANTED, a Working Barmaid; gocd references required. — Apply White fcwan Hotel, High-street, Swansea. 418dl-9 r — js=? COOKS, KITCHENMAI OS, Els. WANTED, Strong Kitchen-maid.—Apply Centratl Hotel, Swaru>ea..)3.)d_.4 "E^OR SALE, Antique Oak Bureau, riohly J- carved, splendid oonditiol1.-Apply, any evening, 13, Picton-place, St. Helen's road. ,vkxli-8 CCOK-CENERAL8. ?OOE-GENERAL Wanted, near London; ? must be trustworthy and reliable; ex- penses paid.—Apply Sims, 29, Rugby-avenue. Neath. 284dl-6 \\T ANTED, at once, Experienced Cook- t f General; House-Parlourmaid kept.— Apply Mrs. Trevor Matthews, Peverell," Richmond-road. 1409-il-6 \fiT ANTED. immediately, Experienced Cook-General, with good references, for three in family.—Apply, by letter, with full particulars, or evenings, to Mrs. Marshall, Lyndale," Langland-road, Mum- blee. 390dl-9 HOUSE-PAR LOU RM AID8. SUPERIOR Housemaid Wanted, for Red Cross Hospital; Experienced.—Call, or write, at once, to Carters, 40-41. Woroester- place. 276d 1-6 HOUSEKEEPERS. ANTED, immediately, Working. House- keeper, for family of two; no ohiidren; light duties; comfortable home.—Enoloee particulars of experience and referenoes to P. T. "Daily Post," Swansea. 1416nl-7 ORKIN G Housekeeper, alao Gir], f Wanted; no washing; two nights weekly out.—State wage, with references, to Chapman, High-street, Swansea. 376dl-9 DAY CIRLS. GOOD Day Girl Required, immediately.— Mrs. John, 126, Walter-road, Swansea. 252dl-8 11"ANTED, at once a Clean Day Girl or « Woman.—Apply 156, St. Helen's-roaci. Swansea.. 360d1-4 ?? ANTED, a Day Girl; good references.- Apply Cl-ne Hotel, Rutla-nd-etreet, ? Swansea. 321dl-7 \\f -^NTED, Day Girl, or one to sleep in; two. in family.—Apply Mrs. Evans, Newsagent, Brynymor-road, Swansea. 384d1.4 \T ANTED, temporary. Morning Girl.— Apply, with references, Mrs. Bevan, ■ Euokland House, Neath Abbey. 427dl-6 CENERALa. A YOUNG General Servant Wanted; small family.—Apply Mrs. Jonee, 74, Bryn- load, Swansea- 2S8dl-6 TAOMBSTICATED Help, or General 8erv- ant. Required, for two in fajnily.— Apply Mrs. Chas. Evana, Brynymcr-road. DOO STICATED Help. or Gen«rai"8erVant, required, for two in family.-Apply > Mrs. oUarles Evans, Brynymor-road Bwfa,n- l-<0?nl-4 XjXPEBIEN, CED General Required, aged 25- 35; two in family.-Apply 2, Richmond- terraoe, Uplands, Swansea. 294dl-6 Q.OOD General Servant Waited; two in family. Apply "Font?iuebleau" Wnd eor-terrace. 443d1.tU GOOD General Wanted; must be trust- worthy and reliable; references Ie- quired; good wages paid.—Mrs. Harries. 14ü. Walter-road, Swansea. 420dl-B /ENvERAL (Young) Wanted; good home; V* no ohildren — Mrs. Daviee, The Riviera," Langland Bay. 387dl-9 ?_ENERAL Servant Wanted; three in ? family; good outings; reference.—Apply Mrs. Davies, 29, Eaton-fcrescent. 323d 1-4 /^j_ £ NERAL Servant Wanted; no washing M good wagee.-Apply 16, Northajnpton- place- 224dl-o STRONG General Wanted, at Qn: no washing.—Mrs. Jay. Allandale," 3, St. James'-orescent, Swansea. 300cr STRONG Girl, for Housework; good wages live in.—38, St. Helen s-road, Swaneea. 288dl-5 TRUSTWORTHY General Wanted, about 25; small family; good wages; comfort- able place; help given; refereIlDee.-42. Eaton-orescent, Swansea. 414dl-6 "1^"ANTED, Young General Servant; small family; good home and wages to suit- able Girl—Apply ?. Walter-road, Swansea. 211dl-4 T*TANTED, a Respectable Young Girl, for Housework.—Apply Vagg, 121, Walter- load, SWa.Dsea.62dl-8 r WANTED* for Z, Stockwell Villas, Heath- field-road. Mount Pleasant, a Respect- able General Servant.—Apply Mrs. Lyons. 174, High-street. 437dl-io ANTED, a.t once, a Good General.— Apply Swansea Castle Hotel, Oxford- Street, Swansea. 439d1.7 X\TANTED, & Good General, able to Wash and do Plain Cooking; must have good references.—Write A. J. "Daily Post," Swansea. 432-11.10 nr ANTED, a. Good General Servant.— Apply 26a, Waterloo-storeet, Swaneea. 41-5 XXT ANTED, General Servant; two- in family.—Mrs. T. A. Brader, Fern. bank," Dillwyn-road, Sketty. 455dl-10 T^TANTED, a. Good General eervant; good character essential; no children. IApply Mrs. Webbern, 61. King Edward-road, Swansea- 457dl-6 ViVTANTED, a Respectable Girl, for House- work; good home for a Reliable Girl.— Apply 88, Mansel-street, Swansea. 458d1-10 \\TANTED. Clean. Reliable Girl, for Gen- eral Housework.—Apply "19, Kensing- ton-terrace, Swansea. 41Cdl-5 WANTED, Respectable Girl, for Light Housework; good wages for Reliable Girl.—Write M. C' "Daily Post," Swan- ■ea. 275dl- WANTED. Respectable Girl, 16-20, Assist with Milk and Housework; sleep in; references; no others need apply.—W. Taylor, Cradock-street, Swansea. 305dl-7 WANTED, Good Maid, for Housework; country girl preferred—Apply Wright, 27, Walter-road, Swansea. 393d 1-9 "tlTTANTED, a Respectable Young Girl, for Housework, 16 to 18; sleep out.—Apply 16, Walter-road. 386dl-9 WANTED, Good Young General, or Day Girl; small family.—Mrs. Davies, 5, ? Biooklyn-terraoe, Mambles. 334dl-4 '1717'ANTED, Good Girl, country preferred, fond of Children.—Apply 12, Ma-nael- etreet, Swannea. 331d1. V17"ANTED, Good General, able to Cook; two in family; sleep out.—Write Gen- eral," Daily Post," Swansea. 042dl-7 ANTED, for January 15th. a. Nice, Re- spectable Girl, for Housework, and to take ftai>y^ja:ged 12 months, out every after- ztoo&v-. three in >family; tmall house; good wages and outings; a comfortable home to the rigflit Girl.—Write, in first instance, Bernard," Daily Post," Swansea. 413d1-9 WANTED, Good General Servant; sleep in or out.—Apply 23, Finsbury-ter- race, Swaneea.. 1406nl-5 ■fTf/"ANTED, a, Girl, 18 to 20, with good f" referenoes; sleep in preferred.—Apply lli-s. Tmomas, 5, Fa.bian-street, St. Thomas, near Swansea. ( 1424nl-9 WANTED. for one month, a Reliable Woman, able to Wash, Cook, and Ltok After House generally; sleep out.—Apply, 6 p.m.. a,t 32, Oakwood-road, Brynmill. 918dlr5 SERVANTS' REGISTRY OFFICES. A RELIABLE REGISTRY.M.rs. EVa.ni. 146. fehyddings-terraoe, Brynmill, Swan- sea, Requires Cook-Generals, House-Parlour- maids, Generals, Nurses, and other Maids. Rooms to Let. 291dl-8 BRANSBY'S (County! gistry. Mumbles. -L? Te?e?'hone: 183.—Housemaids. House- Parlourmaids, Cooks. Cook-Generals, Gen- erals, Mother's Helps. All kinds Maids. Write now. 310dl-7 riEXEKALS. Cooks, Kitchema.ids. etc., ) ?? Wanted; good homes; good wages.— Apply Carter's, 40-41, Worcester-place, Swan- sea. 276dl-6 AfISS LEWIS. High-olass Servants' Regis- Ia try, Cabtle-street, Swansea, requires Experienced and Inexperienced Servants (all kinds) for Private Establishments. Institu- tions, Schools, Business Houses (all parts). 361dl-9 REGISTRY Office for Servants, 221, Oxford- ..L street, Swansea.—Mrs. Llew. Howell re- quires Good Generals, Cooks, House-Parlour- maids, and Day Girls. 339dl-4 ACENTS AND TRAVELLERS. A COMMERCIAL Traveller required (in- ehgiolei, for Local Wholesale Drapery Warehouse, good prospeots for a. suitable Man.—Write Box 294, Daily Post." Swan- Z93d1-4 T IVERPOOI. Victoria Legal Friendly Society. Established 1843-BQo yaca nt. solid debit, splendid opportunity lor Expriri- enced Man (ineligible). Good Commissions. interest in the business made. No Block System. Up-to-date Tables.—Apply District Manager, 4. Cradook-street, Swansea.  1431nt-10 | rY RAVSLLER Wanted, by Old-established ?- Firm, to Call on Retail graders (inelig- ible); good opening for Smart Man.—Write Tra-veller." "Daily Post." Swansea. 295dl-6 I\rANTBD, Experienced Representative (in- i etisible, salary, commission and rail- way expenses.—Apply Universal Key Registry and Assurance ssociation, Portland-street Swan &ea. 354d1-8 COLLECTORS. CA NV ASSE RS. Etu. LADY Required, as Collector, for Carmar- thenahire and Pembrokeshire (live at Carmarthen cr Whitland preferred); salary, commission, and expenses.—Write Box 444, Daily Post," Swansea. 442dl-10 CLERKS. Eta. LADY Clerk Seeks Post in Offioe, or Place of Trust, thorough Business Person.— Write Box 2357, Daily Post," Swansea. 444dl-6 SWANSEA Office Requires Lady Book- keeper.-?tat? exper?nce. and .salary requned, to "Books," "Daily Post," Swa? eea, 456dl-9 ? ?"A.STED. immediately, an Intelligent W ?outh. as Junior Clerk; one with previous experience in Coal Exporter's Offioe preferred, with knowledge of Shorthand.- Write, stating age, qualifications, and '?aj- required, to Reliable," Daily 'S?sea. 30?? ?\? A,? FED. an AssMtant Book-keeper ?n- eligible)—State age, experience and sa iary required to Box 4. Poet Offioe, Neath. :40Zn1-5 "T AXTED, Lady Shorthand Typist, or Male (ineligible); must be accurate in figures. Apply, giving full particulars of experience, and salary required, to T. F-. "Dailj- Post," Swansea. 231dl-5 "r ATED, an Assistant Clerk (ineligible); Shorthand and Typing considered au- vantage, although not absolutely essential. —Apply Howel Rees, Brynfro, Resolven. 50n1-6 ANTED, I-ady Clerk, for Coal Offioes, Typing ard Shorthand necessary.- WWte Box 50" G.P.O., Swansea. 4lldMO 'yOU?G Lady, or Gentleman CineligiMo) -1- Required, for Typist and Clerical Work, etc.—Apply Bailey, Central Garage, Swaneea. 356d1-7 OFFICE BOYS, ERRAND BOYS, Etc. j ANTED, Boy. for Shipping Office.— i Write, stating age, experience, and salary required, to Box 2, Daily Post" Swansea,. 3svii r STRONG Errand Boy Waited, one Jus? left ?hool preferred. Apply Cafh Hardware Stores, 10, Oxford-street, Swansea. 1417x11-8 T\TANTED, immediately, Smart Lad, fori Warehouse and Delivery:—LovpH-g, Goat-street, 8wam:ea. 428dl?8 ■1j —it | APPRENTICES AND ASSISTANTS, T"\RAPERY.—Experienced Young Lady As- sistant Required; live out.—M. Peacock and Sons, 38 and 39, St. Helen's-road, Swan- APERY.—Young Girl Wanted. for -*— Errands and Help genera.lly.-7, High- street, Swansea. ,;i8dl.4 GROCERY and Provisions.—Wanted, an Experienced Hand, Welsh desirable (in- eligible). Applications, stating age, wages, and experience, with referenoes, to be in by January btih. Committee, Co-operative Society, Burry Port. 234dl-9 GROCERy.-Wanterl. Experienced Hand (ineligible), to take oharge, under Man- ager; good wages to suitable Man.—Apply, stating age, experience, and wages required, enclosing reference. to Box 290, Daily Tost," Swansea. 296dl-4 GIRT; Wanted, about 15, for Stationer's Shop, near Hospital.—Write Box 15, Daily Post." Swansea. 419dl-6 SMART Young Lady required; one with Drapery Experience preferred.—Masters and Co.. Oxford-street, Swansea. 454al-7 MISCELLANEOUS SITUATIONS. A Berth for life, with a life of travel, at i10 gocd ealary awaits a youth from 16 as soon as he qualifies as a Wireless Operator with us. We have to oope with this de- mand more tihan doubled oui4 accojnmoda- fiO n. To youths leaving s ohool, or medically unfit for the Servioe, this is a splendid opening. Men of mlitary age. Class A, cannot be accepted unless they Jne for short courses to train for the Services.— Wireless College, St.. Mary-street, Cardiff, and Castle-street, Swansea. 'Phone 3008. n09 A N Experienced Ford Driver Wanted, for 4'1. Sales Department. Lady, or ineligible; good wages and commission. — Apply, Thursday, 9 to 11 a.m., Phillips ajid Co., 12, WaJters-roao. Swansea. 419nl-4 A STRONG a.nd Reliable Porter Wanted, immediately; ineligible for the Army; wages 30s. a week.—Apply Boots, The Chem- ists, Oxford-street, Swansea. 254d1-5! "TVENTAL Surgec n has Vacancy for Pupil; U also Good Dental Meohanic (ineligible). first instance, "Dentist," Daily Post," Swansea. 327dl-8 jpUEL Worker.—Wanted, at once, Man in — Chaige (ineligible for the Army); must be a good Foreman.—Apply Swansea Frtel Co.. Ltd., King's Dock, Swansea. 1404nl-5 G ROCERY.-Wanted, two Lads, just left T school; also Experienced Lady Assist- ant.-Apply 215, Hi^th -street, Swansea. 460dl-8 GIRL Wanted, for Sewing, able to Work Machine; also Girls for Calender.— South Wales Laundry, Francis-street, Swan- sea- 1425nl-8 XJ AIRDRESSING.—Wanted, a Good Hair- cutter and Shaver; one able to Manage Saloon preferred; good wages given.—Write Don." Daily Post," Swansea. 311dl-4 T ABOURERS Wanted (ineligible).—Apply Henry Billings and Sons, Vivian's fpelter Works, Morriston. 385dl-9 ?TOTOR Driver Wanted, immediately; also ??- Traveller; ineligible.—Apply Emanuel Thomas and Son, Mineral Water Manu- facturers, Alexandra-road. Swansea. 375dl-5 PACKING Girl Wanted, just left school; -L also Day Girl, for Light Housework.— Apply Mrs. D. H. Thompson, 52, Glan- brydan-avenue. Uplands, Swansea. 319d1-8 OEQUIRED, immediately, by Looal Firm, Experienced Driver, for Ford Van, must be able to do Ordinary Repairs (inelig- ible); permanency to suitable applioant.— •'Jive full particulars wages, etc., to Box Daily Post," Swansea.. 342d1-7 rpiN Printer Wanted (ineligible); must be -L first-class Man.—Apply, stating age, experience, and salary required, The Talbot Tin Stamping Co., Port Talbot. 1401nl-5 TIT ANTED, Brioklayers, Masons and Carpenters (ineligible), at the Swan- sea Vale Spelter Works, Llansamlet.—Apply Walters and Johns, Contractors. 14iOn1-5 WAXTED, Navvies and Concretors (in- eligible), at The Copper Pit Colliery Co., Morriston.—Apply Walters and Johns, Contractors. 1400nl-5 "tXr ANTED, a Young Man (ineligible), for Bread Delivery, used to Horses.— Apply J. R. Piokard, Brynymor-road, Swan- eea. MISCELLANEOUS SITUATIONS. TAT Ä, immediately, Yanman, for Delivering Bread, and Stableman, used to Horses (ineligible, or Discharged Soldiers).—Apply W. H. Jefford and Sons, Oxford Bakery, Swansea. 213d1-4 WANTED, 2 Timber Hauliers (ineligible), f f capable of Hauling Heavy Logs.—Saw Mills. Ltd., Llandilo. 1411nl-6 ~VXTANTED, at once, Strong Girls, over 18; I t also Women; for outdoor work; day and night shifts.—Apply South Wales Concrete Brick Co., Ltd., Landore. 1412nl-6 WANTED, Good Bottlers and Storemen; also Driver for iiotor Lorry; inelig- ible.—Fulton and Co., Wind-street. 302d1-7 WANTED, Respectable Girl, as Junior Waitress.—Apply Manageress, Lovell's Cafe. 28, Gas ticket, reet. 317dl-4 WANTED. All-round 81<wghterman (in- eligible); must be used to Horsas and General Man in the trade.—Apply, with full particulars, to Griffiths, 5, High-street, Gors- einon. 372dl-8 j t?T'ANTED. immediately. Experienced 't' Traction Driver (ineligible), for St. Clears district; good wages paid.—Apply Loughor Colliery Co. (1910), Ltd., Caeduke Colliery, Loughor. 408d1-10 WANTED, immediately, Crane Driver (in- eligible).—Apply, stating wages re- quired, to Messrs. Walters and Johns, Con- tractors, Morriston. 1427nl-liJ Y\7"ANTED, Porter, at nce. ineligible for H.M. Forces.— Apply Godfrey and Co., St. Helen's-road. Swansea. 444^1-10 1."7\; ANTED, a Relief Pianist.—Apply Man- ageress, Royal Theatre, Swansea. 1432nl-10 YOUNG Man Wanted (ineligible), for -L Bread Delivery, used to Horses.—Apply R. J. Swansea, 314dl-7 1 SITUATIONS WANTED. A DVERTISEB, having given np House, would like to see his Working House- keeper Comfortably Situated elsewhere, in the vicinity of Swansea, or Llandilo. A quiet, easy service preferred to large re- muneration. She is about-50 years of age. Her Fidelity and Integrity are worthy of all praise. Enquiries personally, or in writing.-Apply Maria Davies, "Gorwydù," Gowerton. 3é5cll-11 COOK (Practical), make Bread, Pastry, ? prepare Dishes forward, etc.. where staff reduced; Daily Work preferred.—Write o/o Rest Registry, Mumbles. 31Sdl-4 EXPERIENCED Lady Shorthand Typist, ?-J quick and accurate at figures, know- ledge of Caeh Accounting, highest refer- ences obtainable, Seeks Remunerative Post. —Write Box Z57, Daily Post," Swansea. 229dl-5 EXPERIENCED Shorthand Typist Seeks Permanent' Position. — Write Permanent," Daily Post," Swansea. 322dl-7 LADY Pianist Seeks Situation in Cinema, Experienced, Swansea or district.^ Apply Pianist," 38, Norfolk-street, Mount Pleasant, Swansea. 367dl-5 SITUATION Wanted, by an Experienced ? Shorthand Typist, with knowledge of Book-keeping; Swansea preferred; willing and obliging-" Tvpist," Daily Post," Swansea. 351dl-7 ANTED, by Sharp Girl (16), Situation, » » in Shop or Office, willing to Learn.— Write "Mabel," "Daily Post," Swansea. 438d1-10 at onoe, by Clean, Respectable Young Woman, two or three Days a Week, Cleaning, or Care of Children.—VV rite t Work." Daily Post," Swansea. 417dl-G "VTOUNG Lady (17), just completed Com- mercial Course, Requires Situation as i Shorthand Typist.—Write Box 197, Daily Post," Swansea. 309dl-4 XTOUNG Lady, 13 years of age, completed j J- a Commercial Course, Requires a Situation as Shorthand Typist.—Write Box ■ 19, Daily P{)f;t," Swausea. 307dl-4 YOUNG Lady, aged 18 years, wishes to find I Employment in Solicitor's or Ship- broker's Oféic. knowledge of Shorthand and IVpewriting.—Apply Maggie Williams, Star Y sti adgynlais. 1423nl-4 r MISCELLANEOUS WANTS. TXT ANTED, to Buy, pome Pictures and '? Rugs, for FroJ) Room; must be in good condition.—Write Pictures, Daily Post," Swansea. WANTED. 10 by 5. or nearest, Billiard  Table, aid AcctMporiea. -Write, stat- ¡ ing full partieulars and lowest price, tfJ: '"Table, Daily Post," Swansea. 441dl-t& TXT ANTED, a small Foot Lathe. 3in. to 6in. » centre; must be cheap.—Write. "loathe," Daily Post,' Swansea. 430dI-6 W?ANTED, Second-hand Coal Pcale; must be in good condition.—Write E. S. i Daily Post," Swansea. 451dl-8 WANTED, Second-hand Typewriter, must t' be in first.daBS condition.—Full parti- oulars to Irwyn," Daily Poet," Swansea. 407d1-1ü MISCELLANEOUS SALES. FOR- SALE, Invalid Chair, suit Gentleman, or Lady; sell cheap.—Apply Mrs. Gibbins, ü, Lynn-street, Cwmbwrla. 403dl-9 iT^OR SALE. Fish and Chip Range; to be I sold cheap.—Apply 1U5, Pentrechwyth- road, St. Thomas, near Swansea, 401dl-5 FOR RALE, Sack Truck, 4ft.. almost new, J- 27s. fed.; Horse, to hold 3 Barrels, and one Pair Skids to fit same; six Tea Canisters, to suit Grocer. What offers?—Bates, Iron- monger, St. Helen's-road. j.428nl-10 TABLECLOTHS.—Lady offers three Beauti- I ful, Real Irish. Damask Tableoloths, nearly two yards square; also six Handsome Serviettes; unsoiled; perfect condition; aooept 17s. 6d. lot: worth double; approval willingly.—Write Cloths," Daily Post," Swansea. 210dl-12 r-TON Steam Wagon for Ba.1e, by Stewart I U Thornycroft, 8 years old. Boiler insured at ZDO-lbs., in thorough gocd order, price £200. r-Ghas. Jeflkins and Son, Bridgend, Glam. 1408nl-5 MISCELLANEOUS. | T?LECTROLYMS. Massage, Chiropody, -? Pedioure, and all Hair Diseases Soientino ally* Treated.—Mr. T. D. Harries, Hair Specialist, 27, St. Helen'g-road, Swansea. 421dl-8 WIDOWED Lady is desirous of oommuni- oating with Homely Couple willing to take charge of a Boy, aged seven; moderate remuneration. — Write "Nancy," "Daily Post." Swansea. 100n1.4 "JITADAME VIRGO (Diploma), Palmist and x Clairvoyant, on all affairs of Life, 238, High-street, over Davies', Chemist (only a few doors from Woolworth's Stores). 397dl-9 MADAME VENO. The Famou8 London .L'  PaJm!st, M.B.I.M.& (Diploma). Con- sultations Daily at 222, Oxford-street, Swan- sea, Glam. Testimonials numerous. Bazaars attended.. 2i6dl-5 TO Employers of Labour for Uncontrolled Establishments.—If you require Un- skilled Labour, Hauliers, Labourers, etc., apply to The Unskilled Labour Agency, who can find them for you.—Write, for terms, to The Unskilled Labour Agency, Victoria Chambers, The Parade. Neath. 1363n1-15 DOCS FOR SALE. FOR SALE, Golden Brindle Great Dane Dog, winner of 2 Firsts, 1 Third, and Special Prizes, at Newport; only twice shown; full pedigree; sell ch88.p.-35, Kiriley- terrace. St. Thomas, Swansea. 378d 1-9 MOTOR-CARS. CYCLES, Eto. — I "DARGAIN.—For Immediate Sale, 5-6 Twin Motor and Side-car; all complete; per- fect running order; been overhauled; first 15 Guineas seoures. — Write "Gift," "Daily Post," Swansea. 223d 1-5 DYNAMO Lighting Singer, 4,000 miles, tip- L top condition, £215; Dynamo Lighting Enfield, 700 miles, new, £215; Renault, 9 H.P., English body, 2,000 miles, £ 200.—Parker, Station-street, Aberdare. 1420nl-7 BALf;, 1916 5-Seater Ford Car, not ridden 1,000 miles, equal to new.—Apply 11. Brynymor-road. Swafnsea. 359dl-7 SALE, 1915 Trumbull Two-seater Car, 13 HiP., 36 M.G., electric lights, and horn, Steward horn, accelerator, 4 speeds, insurance policy, 5 tyres and tubes; a real bargain; £70 Cash; no offers.—Write "J. G 10, College-street, Swansea. 221dl-5 MOTOR Cycle and Side-car, 4; H.P., mag- -?  neto ignition, for Sale, in beet condi- tion, subject to any test.—T. R. William. Draper, Uplands, Swansea. 271dl-5 I ROVER Car, 1914, for Sale; owner driver; j ? capital car; a bargain; inspection.— j Ra.. I?ily Post," Swansea. 357dl-7 J HORSES, CARRIAGES, TRAPS, Etc. FOR SALE, Van Mare. 15.2 hands high, thick-set. warranted; owner joined up. No dealers need apply.-83, St. Helen's- avenue, Swan sea. 440dl-7 FOR SALE, 3 Sets Trap Harness.—Hardy, Crymlyn Burrows. Swansea.. 1430nl-7 FOR SALE, Pony, Governess Car, Set of Hatrness, Flat Cart, smart Set of Brasw- monnted Van Harness, Chaff Maohine, and Mangle.—F. Morgan, Cliffs, Llanelly. 426dl-7 TO Contractors and Others.—For Sale, Cart Mare; also Cart and Harness; will sell together, or separate; inspection in- vited.—Apply 25, Swansea. 2C8dl-5 MUSiCAL. DALE,FORTY & CO., LTD., High-street,' Cardiff.—New Model Pianos. Seoond- hand Pianos at Low Prices for Cash. Easy terms arranged. Seoond-hand Organs from £2. Second-hand Piano Player, £ 8.—Lists 0:1 application to Local Agency. 20, King Edward-road. Swansea. t.o. SALE, Piano (Rosewood), Mangle. Kitchen Dresser. Household Furniturf, good as new, bargains.—Apply 55, Kilvey- terrace, St. Thomas, Swansea. 412dl-9 L'OR SALE, Piano, three months old; to be .r sold a bargain: room wanted.—Apply 34. 81. Helen's-road, Swansea. 379dl-5 PIANO, Second-hand, in walnut case, by Bord (Paris); good tone, iron frame; 15 Guineas Cash; a Bargail1.-21. Trafalgar-ter- race. Swansea. DIANOFOETE. Rosewood Case, Iron Frame, Check Action, gcod London make; genuine bargain for Cash; inspection invited.—Siras, 2, Walters-road. 243dl-5 PIANO for Sale, Walnut Case, new condi- tion, iron frame, triohord, check action, London maker; joining Colours; no deaiers. —Write "Walnut," "Daily Post," Swansea. 410:1 1.1) 6D Per Lesson, Pianoforte and Mandoline.— Lady (Certificated; has few Vaoanc.cs for Pupih; also Violin, per Term, or by Lesson.—Write College," Daily Post," Swansea. 1429nl-4 Godfrey's Announcements. MASON and Hamun Organ. in new con- i" L dition. 13 abops, b Bete ot reeds, power- ful tone, pipe top; a bargain, 33 Guineas Cash, or 12s. 6d. Monthly.—Godfrey Co, Ltd., 22, St. Helen'g-road, Swansea. 265dl-5 DOMINION Organ, id stops, 4 sets reeds, very fine tone, solid Walnut Case, Mirror top; a bargain, 21 Guineas Cash, or 10s. 6d. Monthly.—Godfrey and Co., Ltd.. 22, St. Helen's-road, Swansea. 265dl-5 i .HARMONIUMS, by Ce&a.rina? Booaey, etc., ?-*? all in perfect condition, from 5 Guineas; real bargains.—Godfrey and Co.. Ltd., 22, St. Helen's-road, Swansea. 265dl-5 D. J. Snail's Announcement. —SECOND-HAND Pi!m (by AIIiMn. London), in beautiful Walnut Caec. full iron frame; bargain.—D. J. bnell, 14a" 21 and 22, High-street Arcade (near G.W.R.), Swansea. 337dl-8 f?_ 108.—New Upright Grand Pi?no- ???? forte (by Hilton), full iron frame, Walnut Case, fihe tone, genuine bargain.—D. J. Snell, 14a, 21 and 2t., High-street Aroade, Swansea, (near G. W.R.). 337dl-8 ESTEY Organ, £ 18 18s.; Karn Org.n:, £ 12 10s.; Portable Organ, £ 5.; huge bar- ga.ins.-D. J. Snell, 14a" 21 and 22, High- i street Aroade, Swansea (near G.W.R). 637dl-8 GRAMOPHONES and Records. — Huge Stocks of His Master's Voioe" Machines and Records. Almost every Title in Stock. Repairs a Speciality. — D. J. SneH, 14a. 21 and 22, High-street Aroade Swansea (near G.W.R.). 337dl-8 FURNITURE. Hill's ArmeuncemenU. TTILL'S Stooktakini; Sale.—All of our Large Stook to be Cleared. No reason- able offer refused. 338dl-ó PECIAL Lines m Bedroom Suites from 6i Guineas. Dining and Drawing-room Suites from Guineas. Bedsteads and Bedding at your own price. 338dl-8 OEVERAL Shop-soiled Sideboards to be Cleared below oost. Dressers, Fenders, Fire Brasses, Rugs. Carpets. W'hite Millpuf Bed Set from 17s. éd. 338dl-8 GOOps can be S^oi-ed Free until required. Now is the time to Buy. Don't lay:1 -call at once for-Bargains at Hill's Central Binildings. Gower-street, Swansea. 338d1-8 PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET. MARKET CARDENS WANTED. GARDEN Wanted in Sketty.—Wanted, to Rent, Small Market Garden, in Sketty. -Apply, with terms', 1, Sketty-avenue. 391dl-4 —— ■ TO LET-LICENSED PREMISES. "POR Disposal, Fully Licensed Public House, in Swansea, neighbourhood of Docks; excellent situation; good proof trade.; satis- factory reasons.— Apply David M. Thomas, Estate Agent, Rutland-street, Swansea, I u- n_' 288dl-5 OFFICES, ETC.. TO LET. TO LET, 1, 2, or 3 Offices, also a Suite 01 tlhree Oftloo, Castle Buildings; also two Offices, Angel Chambers, Swansea. Apply Chas. Gustavus, Castle Buildings, Swansea. 296dll6 WAREHOUSES. EtO., TO LET. rpo LET, a Large Yard and Warehouse, Upper Strand, Swansea. Can be divided to suit tenants.—Apply Chas. Gustavus, Castle Buildings, Swansea. 296dl-6 l. ■ L — STABLES, Etc., TO LET. STABLE, Coa?-h-ho?se, and Loft to Let.- ? Apply, between 12.30 and 2.30 p.m., 49, Walter-road, Swansea. 2ö3d1-6 rPO LET, Stable, with Hay Loft, or Garage; low rental. 1, Gore-terrace, Swansea. 436dl-7 CARACES, Etc., TO LET. A GARAGE to Let, will take two Cars, near Albert Hall; also ^-Wheeled Cart for Sale.—Apply Hillard, House Furnisher, College-street. 405dl-10 HOUSES WANTED, MALT, House Wanted, in Swansea (moderate rent), with Garden pre- ferred, convenient to G.W.R. Station.—Wiite Box 26, "Daily Post," Swansea. 422d-3 T?" ANTED, House, by Young Couple, I crallY.,sinatd, or Brynmill area.— Write E. D., Dally Post, Swansea. 344dl-7 \j\f ANTED, a Small House, to Rent, 4, 5 or » 6 rooms. Brj-nmill or St. Helen's dis- trict. — Particulars to Harris, New-road. Sketty. 365dl-8 ANTED, Unfurnished House, sunny aspect, Langland or Newton, about 8 roomn, modern conveniences. — Write Sunny," Daily Post," Swansea. 366dl-8 « ■ WANTED TO PURCHASE—HOU8ES. WANTED, to Purchase, ?ouse. in Sea I" View-terrace, or neighbourhood.— Particulars to Neighbourhood," Daily Post," Swansea. 347dl-7 'T ANTI;), to Purchase, 7 or 8-Roomed House, central situation, Swansea, Beile Vue-etr&et, Page-street, George-street, Henrietta-street, or Russell-street.—Address particulars to Alma," "Daily Post." Swansea. 394dl-9 « 1 HOUSES FOR SALE. SALE, three Houses, best part of Carn bridetreet, Uplands, £200 each, good investment. — Write Investment," Daily Post," Swansea. 249dl-5 FOR SALE only, 39, St. Alban's-road. Bryn- mill, Modern and Convenient Residence; excellent sea view.—Apply at house any time. 434dl-il) I^OR SALE, House, in Carlton-ternace.— I' Apply 123, Walter-road. Swaneea. 447dl-3 HOUSE for Sale, Hazel-road. Uplands, beautiful sea view, hot and cold bath, lease about 90 years, low ground rent,— Write ""Hazel," Daily Post," Swansea. 380dl- NEATH ABBEY.-For Sale, Graig Cottage, 16,  Hill-road; six rooms, outhouse, good gar- den. Also Land adjoining, suitable for Build- ing Two or Three Cottages; lease, 999 years. Also 15. Hill-road; large garden; lease, 89 years.—Write "Abbey," Daily Post," Swan- sea. 285d1-6 SEVERAL Houses for Sale, in Industrial district, -For particulars, write Box 1, Daily Post," Swansea. 1422nl-8 HOUSES TO LET. HOUSE to Let. 1, Town Hill-road, Sketty. ? App'y Mr. C. Maries, 66, Walterroad, Swansea. 289dl-8 HOUSE to Let. adjoining Business Prem- ises, in King Edward-road; excellent accommodation, bathroom, etc., private entrance.—Apply Purser, Solicitor, St. Mary- street. 396d15 TO LET. March 27th. 66, Bryn-road, oppo- site Bowling Green, Swansea.—Apply 64, Bryn-road. 1403nl-4 TO LET, immediately, 6-Roomed House, 28, Nottage-road, Newton, Mumbles.—Apply to Mr. Stevens, 2, Worcester-place, Swansea. 268dl-5 110 LET, Westbourne-grove, Sketty, 6- j Roomed House; scullery, hot and cold bath, garden, back entrance.—Apply Jones, 6, Belgrave-terraoe, Walter-road, Swansea. 248dl-5 rPO LET, Semi-detached Villa. Gower-road, Sketty, oontaining three reception- rooms, five bedrooms, Large Garden, Green- houses and Vinery, with Entrance Drive. A Garage can .be built by arrangement.- For further particulars, apply Chaa. Gustavus, Glan-yr-AfoD," Sketty. 296J1-6 1"0 LET, The Poplars," Sketty, a Well- arranged Semi-detached Villa, contain- ing three reception-rooms, six bedrooms, and all other up-to-date conveniences; a Two- stall Stable and Garage.—Apply Chas. Gus- tavus, Glan-yr-Afon," Sketty. 295d3-fc rpo LET. Arosfa," Bay View. Mumbles, 11 containing two reception-rooms, five bedrooms, with good view and all conveni- ences.—Apply Ohas. Gustavus, Castle Bnild- ings, Swansea. 296d1-6 rpO LET, March 25th, 25, Bryn-road, oppo- I site the Bowling Green.—Apply 64. liryn-road, Swansea. 14d1-7 rpo LET, March 27th, Hillside," Kingston- -L road, Sketty. — Apply Hillside, Sketty. 1415nl-4 TO LET, Corner House, 2, Bryn-road. over- looking ba>\—Apply Moy Evans, "Earls- moor," Bryn-road, Swansea. 340dl-7 HOUSES TO LET OR FOR SALE. I IOR SALE, or to Let, a Good 8-Roomed House, in Crown-street, Morriston; all conveniences.—Apply J. Lewis, Pen Bryn," Garnlhvyd, Landore-place. 207dl-5 -——-———————————— APARTMENTS TO LET. FURNISHED Apartments to Let; one Large Sitting-room and two Bedrooms; rent moderate.—Apply Miss Browett, 37, Bruns wick-street, Swansea. 1414nl-7 LODGINGS, for two Respectable Working -LJ Men.—Apply 9, Richards-place;1"iwan- sea. 142lnl-7 SUPERIOR Furnished Apartments, or Part Villa Residence, to Let (Furnished or Unfurnished); beet locality and surround- ings.—Wriie "Superior," "Daily Post, Swansea. 399-11-5 ?0 LET, Comfortable Furnished Apart- J- ment?. Front or Back Sitting-room, one or two Bedrooms, use of bathroom.—Myrtle House, 53, Mansel-street, Swansea. 277dl-6 rpWO Unfurnished Rooms to Let. — 4, -L Thomas-street, St. Thomas, Swansea. 4l5dl-5 fp^HREE Large Unfurnished Rooms to Let, or Hall House, in goo:! locality; every convenience.—Write "Steel." Daily Post. Swansea. 244dl-5 TWO Furnished or Unfurnished Rooms to L Let; suit married couple; bathroom.— Apply 4, St. llltyd's-crescent, St. Thomas, Swansea, 278dl-6 TWO OR Three Rooms to Let; use of bath- room and scullery.—8, Victoria-street, Uplands. Swansea. 349d7-4 rpO LET, Furnished Ba?k Sitting-room and J- Front Bedroom; bath (hot and cold) a1.tendance.-26, Gwydr crescent, Uplands, Swansea. 353dl-7 Unfurnished Rooms to Let, at 9, I Aliee-etreet, Cwinbwrla, — Apply at above address. 341dl-4 10 LET, Furnished, Front Bed-Sitting- room, or Apartments; use of kitchen, bath. etc.; moderate:»• Central; suit Married (>>upte..— Apply Glenlynn," 162; King Edward-road. 358dl-7 TWO or Three Unfurnished Rooms to Let, use of soullery and gas-stove; or Lodg- ings for two Young Men. -Apply 21, Grafog- street. Port Tennant, Swansea. 373dl-9 rpwO Furnished, or Unfurnished, Rooms to Let: bathroom. — Apply 113, King Edward-road. 4b,:i > rpO LET. Comfortable Apartments, with J- every convenience.—Apply No. 38, St. Georges-terrace, Swansea. 435dt-10 T|^0"LET.: a 'Cornfortablc Bed-Sittirig-room, J for Business Gentleman; bath, etc.-Apply, first instance, Ben Davies. Newsagent, 7. St. Helen's-road. 453d1-10 TO LET, Nicely Furnished Rooms, in -L health, part of Rkett), would suit Lady, or would Look After Invalid Lady.- j Write Box 51, Daily POBL" Swansea. 459rl 1 -7 Y??ANTED. Gentleman, to Share Sitting- f. room and Bedroom, separate Beds; also latge Bed and Front Sitting-rocm.- Write Z. Y. X. Daily I'ost," Swansea. 444d1 APARTMENTS WANTED. YOUNG Man requires Bedroom and Sit- ting-room, use of Piano, with Atiena- aiice; would Share Sitting-rooir with anothe-r; within easy approach of town centre; state terms.—Write W. "Daily Post," Swansea. 216dl-4 WANTED, Furnished Apartments, in l Swansea, for Young Couple, two Children (4 and 6 years) Soldier's Wife pre- ferred.—Write Furnished." Daily Post," Swansea. i30dl-4 TRADE SPECIALITIES. A LL Kinds of Household Furniture, etc.. ,tl.. Bought for Prompt best' prices given. Apply Wilks, Oxford-street and Richardson-street, 4 NTOINE'S Copying ink. Reduced rates. Apply Daily Poet" Stationery De- partment, High-street, Swansea. ENVELOPES, all sizes, Commercial and I L Catalogue Shapes, at "Daily l ost" Stationery Department, High-street, Swan- sea FISH Merchants.-P. Moly-nenx, Ltd., 120, High-street, Swansea. The Trade Sup nlied. 406-14-1 FUNERAL Coach. Latest Pattern, Glass Box and extra Seat, equal to new. half-price, Cash or Terms; photo free. ZA, Bradford-street, Birmingham. 1397n3-23 T?URS.—Economise. Turn your Old Furs -'L into New. Muffs, TiM, and Coata Re- lined, Repaired, and Remodelled to the Latest Style.—Call or write, Mrs. R?sa, 2, Northampton Gardenp, Swansea, 326dl-7 JF. DAVIBS. Ladies' and nt.'s Tailor. J. Grand Selection of Blue Serges, Harria. Scotch, and Irish Tweeds. Send postcard. Teachers of Cutting. Terms on application. -Chapel-atreet, Mumbles. "43dl-7 REFILLS for Matthews' and other Files cheap.—" Daily Post" Stationery De- partment, Swansea, SHOP Beaks, Account Books, Tradesmen'* Ledgers, Letter Copying Books (large varieties), offered at Pre-war Prices1; Reduc- tion for quantities.—" Daily Post Station- ery Department, Swansea. CHELIBERE, Patent Revolving Front, equal to new, half-price, Cash or Terms; photo frep.—Marston's Hearse Works, Bradford- street, Birmingham. 1387n3-23 TWINES. ûorùs, for Shop and Warehouse Paoking.—" Daily Post" Stationery De partment, High-street. Swansea. POULTRY. FOR SALE, about 35 Hens and Pullets, on point of laying, dheap.—Write B. D. C. Daily Post," Swansea. 248dl-J LIGHT Sussex Cockerel and two Buff Orpington Pullets for Sale, 5 months old, 14s.—W. Davies. 22, Brunswick-street, Swansea. 377dl-5 THREE Pnre Rhode Island Reds (May hatched), Pullets (Cooper's); one Pure White Wyandotte Pullet (Barons); 20s. the | lot (1916).-Hanoox, Old School, Rhos, Pont- ardawe. 1426nl-5 EDUCATtOM. FRENCH Lessons, by Experienced French Lady; Private Lessons, <. r Classes.- Madame Graindor, 92, King Edward-road, Swansea. 29cdl-S "TRENCH Lessons given, or Correspondence ?\ undertaken; terms moderate.—Apply Madamoiselle TuaL 4. Gower-place. Mumbles. 404dl-10 FRENCH Thoroughly Taught, Modern Methods, giving Rapid and Practical Results. Commercial, Conversational, and General Courses. — Beatrice M. Jones, 3, George-street, Swansea. 732dl-8 HIGHBURY Private School Re-opens Mon- L T- day, January 8th. Prospectus on application.—Principal; Mrs. Williams. 445dl-10 EDUCATION. PRIVATE Tuition fn Language*, Booi keeping, Shorthand. Typewriting, Arith- metic, eto. Thorough Preparation for Exam- inations and Business.—Oswald Korth, Pro- lessor of Languages, 1, Kensingtom-terrace, Swansea. 613d.b.-t.a RUGBY HOUSE Preparatory Sohooi for Boys and Girls will Re-open on Tuesday Next, January 9th, at 9.30 a.m. Pupils Pre- pared for Local Examinations.—Prospectus on application to tihe Principal: Miss Wotton, Rugby House, Mansel-terraoe. 418dl-6 THOROUGH Tuition in Shorthand and Type- JL writing, at Moderate Terms.—Write "Thorough," "Daily Poc-t" Swanma. 1396nl-9 THE Misses Bonnett, 48, Walters-read.- School Duties will be Resumed on Thursday, January lltli. 1917. 398dl-9 rpECHJSTICAL TRAI-NING.-This is a War to end War, after which there will be [L renew a 1 of commercial activity. The Trained Man will be in great dsmpnd. Are Yooi trained and ready? The T.C.S. Training is up-to-date, practical, produces s.tlary- raising results, and is so comprehensive it covers practically every trade and j re- fe&ion,- Apply, for particulars: The Inter- national Correspondence Schools, Lid., High- street Arcade, Swansea. 448dl-10 THE SWANSEA BUSINESS COLLEGE (Sid- dall Buildings. Alexandra^ road) owes its present high position to a combination ot many happy circumstances, but above all to the Jndividual-not -~llective and meohanjoaJ-attention given to its students. Advice and full particulars may be had at the College any Day or Evening-Saturday; by. appointment. Prospectus Free. 449J1-10 LOST AND FGUND. FOUND, near Tontine-street, Swansea, on Monday, January 1st., .a Lady's darid- bag.—Owner can have same by giving full description to William Morris, Swan-street. Swansea. 345d1-4 FOUND. Wagon Cover, at Uplands.—Apply J. Bennett, Corporation Stables. 452dl-7 LOST, on Fridr.y, between "ind-street. High-street, and Bryn-road, Note-case, containing a number of cl Nijtes.-Firder will be adequately Rewarded upon return- ing same to Nemo," Da-lly Poat Offices Swansea. n LOST, December 27th, between Weaver's and Wind-street, -a, Gentleman's Left- hand Glove, Nappa Kid. Fur-lined. Finder Rewarded.—Apply Jeffreys and Son, Ystlad. gynlais. 140Sd-5 XOST, Overooat, with Pair of Gloves in JL? Pocket, on Deoember 27th, between Killay and Swansea. Reward giyei.-W. Smith, 29. Strand. 225ul-4 LOST, Deoeiiibeir 23 rd, between Orange- L street and Market, Lady's Luminous Strap Watch (Soldier's keep-sake).—Finder Rewarded if returned to 109. Neath-road, Hafod. m'ldl.¡j LOST, on Friday, 29th December, Fox L Terrier Dog; name on collar: 'Bevan, Rockwell, Hoi,to-o.np-der Rewarded on returning to 32. Ffynone-terrace. 29.5dl.5 T OST, on Saturday, in Brynmill district, a Collecting Ledger.-Please return to A. Paton, The Elms," Swansea. 3J8,11-4 LOST, Fox Terrier. 5 weeks old.-Finder L Rewarded on returning to 29, Approaoh- !"Oad. Manselton, Swansea. 304dl-4 LOS'i', between BrynmUl and Y.M.< .A., -L? Leather Case (Silver clasp), containing Waterman Ideal Fountain Pen and Pencil, valued aF Prize.—Finder Rewarded at IT. St. Alban's-road. Brynmill. Swansea. 320,11-4 iI f OST, on December 22nd, Eight £ 1 TreasUi y J-J No'ps between Uoyd Bank and Rketty, urgently needed-Reg ard given if FinueL- will communicate with Tit:aaury, D.1Í-;r Post," Swansea. 459dl-7 LOST, on Friday evening, between L Rhondda-street and Grand T -tr'. Diamond Cluster Tie-pin.El Rtwaid on turning same to box 424, Daiiy Pout, j HWRnsea. ?4d?-3 j Swansea. .?-?.. STRAYED, from Caereithin Farm, Fforest- faoh, a Black Filly, with star on fore- head, about 9 months old. Finder wiii be Rewarded. 388dl-10



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