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HOUSEHOLD FUEL & LIGHTING ORDER 1918 WALES (NORTHERN) DIVISION DOLGELLEY URBAN DISTRICT In persuance of the pow vested in me j by clause 87 of the Hbusahold Fuel & Lighting Order 1918, I hereby determine 5 1. That no delivery of koal, coke or J other solid fuel 'to a private dwelling house shall exceed 1 tOIn the month except with my expiess conJent, 2. That no trollmen, ka? ker or 0 ther retailer of Coal, coke other. solid fuel shall deliver more ?tin lcwt. at a time to any private duelling house, and not on any account more than j three cwts in two C??S? CM?!?.????.?. J The provisions of clause Sj5 of this order i remain in force except as mpdiiied above, and apply to all other descriptions of premises than private dwelling-houses. j The minimum quantities I referred to in clause 51 are not varied by the permission to sell 3 cwts. in two consecutive weeks set out bove. | Month means a calendar month, Month means a calend a r month, I Dec. 4th. I RlCHARjD EDWARDS. Locali Fuel Overseer, Urian District. j 1 s Clause 85 referred to above reads: j "Except as provided ijh clause 93 hereof, and subject to the provisions of this Order, during the months fromlthe 1st November I to the 30th April in any year, coal shall not be delivered to any consumer in any mon Ja in excess of one-ninthlof the full year's allowance wider the requisition or certifi- } cate or one ton where such quantity isless than one ton unless t e registered coal merchant or licenced ? coal dealer has ,j completed all orders urtder requisitions or j certificates accepted t|y him up to this I extent for such month, or unless the deliv- ery of a larger quantity has been required by the Local Fuel Overseer by notice in writing sent to such Registered Coal Mer- I chant or licenced Coil Dealer. Except that when toal is carted loose the minimum quantity shall be the usual load for the districti but not exceeding 30 cwts. J Coal shall not dur ng these months be delivered in executio of any order where the available stock in the possession of the I consumer is in excess of one-ninth of the t full year's allowance rinder the requisition j applicable thereto -or. of one ton where 1 such quantity is less than one ton so long as any orders remain unexecuted where the available stock ii the possession of any other consumer is less than such quantity. J i