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A staunch friend, "A CUT" above the ordinary. your- pocket, is going to be hard hit if you" put off" buying a Suit at | 6FAILml FLR b Woollen prices are soaring 'higher and higher. Future deliveries of cloth will carry some of the advances, aqd the wisdom of purchasing a I suit from present stocks is obvious. r There's a I I 40 Saving in cost of materials reflected in the quality of the) 63/- Suitings we are now offering. PALMER'S Swansea's Smartest Tailor. 12, Castle St. MAO 'SE? ?S* **? -N Mae Meibion Cymru'n galw M. <?? ??y i i/ Get into the fight with i YyMd your money! HELP TO SWELL the Total of the Tanks  The ?M Girdi D or Poor—man or WOfnan—i* tc I RC C I :l 2. iJ j. ? £ Y you that the men of our glorious We6h í Regiments look to provide the Guns and S Shells, the Tanks and Aeroplanes they need for victory. t '"T_ Prove that their laith is well-founded. Go to the Tank and invest every shilling you can m J National War Bonds or War Savings Certlicatff.. Ci Lend your money to strengthen anctcheer those brave lads who have thrown aside the pick and The Royal Welsh the spade and the measuring-tape and gone to Fusiliers. blazon the deathless story of Welsh valour across half the World-from the shores of the Channel to the sacred soil of Bethlehem. TO-MORROW 6 EGYP ? ??????? the Tanks will be a? Soaflr Wal Aberdare s Borderers. and > Mountain" Ash. Next Week's Programme. Monday Merthyr and Merthyr Valt Tuesday • Merthyr .and Troedyrjbiw E WEI Wednesday • • Merthyr and Trehafris If Thursday • • Caerphilly I The Welsh Regiment. Friday Neath and Pentre Saturday Neath and Trehbert Buy  NdhMRdi WdBonds and War Savings Certificates Your mosey will be absolutely secure. Nfwaal and will add to tbe value of Y" War 5ninr- War Bonds and War 5avinp CeftiScfeft are Certificates every year until if you hold lh%Vi- Gerwnment invMtmenb, 6ackd by all the a full five years, you get L I for "e .1516 you wealtb, power and resources of the nation. Your inv-jt You can sell your War Bonds or cash country will pay you 10/- interest yearly for your Certificates (with any interest due) at any every 4.10 yn invest in National War Bonds. time if you need the money. I CONTAINS REAL EGGS. m Half-pint of water, haM-pint of milk—the eggs are in t h e pac k ets. m gi? If You can't obtain from your Grocer, sen d I/- st,  mps for 5 Pac k ets post free. W Per vkt. SUTCLIFFE A BINGHAM LTD., MANCHESTER- (P