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AMUSEMENTS. 1.3C. TO-NIGHT! 8.40. "Phone J Central 92. ALBERT WHELAN, The Australian. Entertainer. HARRY M. VERNON presents "A DOUBLE ESCAPE," Harry M. Vernon), with W. T. ftl. '£;"I[J.r, Frank Henry, Mary Livingstone, and London Company. > Latest News and War Pictures. IDA BARR, Comedienne. CHRlStlNE ROY, The Popular Musical Comedy and Pantomime Farourite. ROYA, The Dancer with a Chair. « ZENORA, The Daring Equilibrist. DE CARS And "TOMATO," Novelty Comedy Animal Act. GRAND THEATRE MONDAY, APRIL 8th, 1918, Six Nights at 7.30, and I MATINEE on SATURDAY at 2.30 p.m. Percy Hutchison & Herbert Jay present GENERAL POST. Next Week.-The George Edwardes Co. in BETTY." THE PICTURE HOUSE. The House of Good Pictures and Music. TO-DAY'S PROGRAMME. Sessue Hayakawa, the Great Japanese Actor, in HASHIMUfiO TOGO A Great Lasky Super Production. A STUDY IN SCARLET, By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I HIS CROOKED CAREER, Triangle Keystone. Thursday Next.-JIMMY DALE. CASTLE CINEMA (Adjoining Leader Office.) Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. PAWS OF THE BEAR, A Wonderful Triangle Production in Five Parts, containing a Happy Combin- ation of Comedy and Strong Tense Drama. Durand of the Bad Lands, A Five Part Fox Western Play, with fteal Humour, Many Thrilling Incidents, Expert Riding, and Beautiful Scenery. Featuring DUST IN FARNUM. Thur. Next.—The Mysterious Mr. Tiller. GARLTGN CINEMA The House with an Orchestra. TO-DAY'S PROGRAMME. A tasky Super Production, OLGA PETROVA, in THE UNDYING FLAME. GIFT OF THE MAGI, m From the O'Henry Stories. SECRET KINGDOM, No. 11 ("The White Witch "). THE GRIP OF LOVE (featuring Louise Lovely). Thurs. Next.-MISSING THE TIDE. EL YSI U M. From 2.30 till 10.30. Thursday, Friday and Saturday. MARY PICKFORD in Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm A Beautiful and Charming Story in Five Parts. SKIDDING HEARTS (Triangle Comedy) A WOMAN AT BAY, A Gripping Drama in Three Parts. Topical Budget. Gaumont's Graphic. Monday Next,CHILDREN OF EVE. EDUCATIONAL. SWANSEA BUSINESS COLLEGE. Alexan. O dra-rcj. Day and Evening Instruction in all Business Subjects Languages, Mathema. tioe. and Machine praying Prospectus Free. New Session Now Commencing. Hundreds of completed Students of the DE BEAR SCHOOL, Castle Buildings, Testify to the Excellence of the Training received. This School excels In the EFFICIENCY of its TUITION. In the EQUIPMENT of its ROOMS. In the EXCELLENCE of its STAFF. In the PROGRESS of its STUDENTS. In the RECORD of its SUCCESSES. Prospectus, List of Testimonials and Successes from The Secretary, The De Bear School, Castle Buildings, Swansea. SWANSEA SCHOOL OF j ART AND CRAFTS, ALEXANDRA ROAD. THIRD TERM COMMENCES MONDAY, 8th APRIL, 1918 SEED POTATOES! SEED POTATOES! AU CQVERNMENT immune POTAToes I GOUT SCOTT, GOLDEN WONDER, s WANTED. LANGfWORTHT. IBISH QUEEN. TEMPLAR. AH Best Scotch and Seed Size. IS* Frioee, etc., apply to ,>' J/'BOWDEN, Church Street, Aberavon. AMUSEMENTS. ■ LL ■ ROYAL ———————————————,— r THURSDAY, FRIDAY, I SATURDAY. j DOMBEY AND. SON Six Reels. Adapted from E CHARLES DICKENS' S I Immortal Novel, | Featuring E Norman MoKinnell,, | Lilian Braithwaite, § Odette Goimbault, | And an All-Star Cast. I LITTLE ANGEL OF j CANYON CREEK, I Vitagraph Drama, Three Reels. 5th Episode— The NEGLECTED WIFL Drama, Two Reels. WINKLE BEATS THE I BALL, I Comedy. I ^wwwam'.fci'uwmii'iiiiuLB iw——a—Baagagaaaro HOUSES AND SHOPS FOR SALE AND TO LET. BECOME your lown Landlord by using JLJ your Bent as Purchase Money.—Write (' Landlord." Leader Office. Swansea. 214A5-22 Mr, J. Pugh Wiiiiams' Announcements. ITPLANDS.—Several Houses tor Sale in j \J Gwydr-crescent, Hawthorn-avenue, Wind9or-terrace ancl Uplands-terrace. -"1 '\TUMBLES AND LANGLAND,-For Sale. ltJ., Four Charming Villas nFOEJkSTFACH AND CWMBWKLA.—Sale X by Public Auction Tuesday 16tli April, at 7 p.m.. of 5 Houses-, Building Plot, and about 8 Acres of Land. HOUSES FOB SALE in various parts of -H Swansea and Suburbs. Mortgages Ar- ranged. I FOE Further Particulars, apply to J. JL Pugh Williams, Auctioneer. Value-, and Estate Agent 12, College-street Swan- sea., C4-15 APARTMENTS & LODGINGS TO LET "ATEATH.—Sitting-room and Two Bedrooms to Let: bath (h. and c.). everi conveni- ence.—Mre. Robinam. Hiboert-road, Neath. C4-15 FURNISHED HOUSE WANTED. T?T'ANTED? Sir-all Furnished House TTd- 'T. lands district? email family .—State full particulars to "G M." Lf<a.der?&o?. _?_ 221A4-13 FOR SALE. c HICKS.-Grand laying Crosses, ready 12th inst., and weekly through season. 12s. doz.—3 £ D. John, Sisters Pit Hatcheries, Glais. 2110 FOR SALE. Smith Premier Tywriterr- FWrite G 14." JAader Omce. 2J8A4-1 I?OR SALE, Babbits. Doea in kindle and 'L a Tinbury Goat; also a slate-colourcd Pomerrunian,-Apply Steer, 8. High-street A rcade. 221A4-10 I^LOWEES! Floweris!! Flowers! Ifundre(Ir, of Boxes arriving daily: we must clear them.-Emanuel Thomas and Son, Import- ers. Swansea. 222A4-10 FOR SALE, 10 h.p. Motor. 220 V.: 3 h.p. Motor. 210 V.: Albion iO-cwt. Motor Lorry: all in first-class condition. Also 44 h.p B,g,A. Motor. Cycle and Side-Car; con- dition as new.—Apply Arnold Bros Cly. dsch-on-Tewe. 213A4-10 OATS. younar, near kidding: good milk- ers: prico 60s., carriage paid.—Mnrohv Kiloullcn Boreernxana-road. Cork. 222A4-16 IONDON Time-.Tabli and Red H1 Gûide JL? -The current *inu? of this popular Publication is on Sale at all Railway Book- stalls and leading Newsagents. Nearly 600 pagei it deals with over 3.000 Railway Sta- tions. At sixpence it is tba best and cheap- est Railway Guide evr published. OFFICER'S K'it for Sale—Writ?, Box _Q_IIC Le, 02'17A4.9 R IIL! The Plant Food of the Century: JH) wo are agents for this marvellous cacrKiser.—Emanuel Thomas and Son. 8?-? ?a. 2 2 24lO SEED POTATOES,-For Sale, 20 tons of O Templars (once growo in England): best main crop immune variety; a 58 per ton. F.O.R.: bags extra. Also Mangolds. 30s. per ton. F.O.R. Worcestershire.—W T. Clark. 19. Beeofawood-road. Swansea 221A4-10 TWO Second-hand Half hoop Diamond Ringie— £ 12 12s. and iC17.-Bullock Bros.. Portland-street. 222A4-15 MISCELLANEOUS. T? OWL-HOUSEWa.nted.?Add rcas-letter F" .Fow?bouse." Leader OMee. 222A4-15 1, ,URNITURE,Be$t Prices given by me l, for Second-hand Furniture and Antioue Furniture of any description. Drop oie a postcard, or call.—Wm James. 8 Fabian- street. St. Thomas. CTC T ADY'SSecond-handBicycleWanted: JU also Gent's; must be a bargain.-Write Hotel," Daily Leader, Swansea. 221A4-10 TÛSHINGaiid Hauling to Let Trees and J. Pitwood at eaoh place—Glamorganshire Cardiganshire. Ra-dnorshire. Gloucester- shire, Somersetshire, and Devonshire.—O. Jenningi and Co.. Ltd.. Penny well-road, Bristol. CTO W ANTED. Second-hand IQe Freezer: four » TI or five gallons.-Apply Johns. Billiard Room. Brynamman. 21aA.4.10 'VANTED to Buy Kitchen DreS$er Kide? t V board, and Ohe&t of Drawers.—Write or call, 9, Clareiice.place. Swansea. 221A4-10 T?ANTED a Baby'e Push-Car: mt be in ? T ? good condition, and reabonable in price.—Rees. Hairdre r. Brynamman. J 222A4-11 WANaTb. Four-wheel Lorry, suitable for t T. Wholesale Fruit Trade: also Sound Horses for Same.—Emanuel Thomas and Son. Alexandra-road. Swansea..222A4-:0 '??7'AJ<TED. Hay. Straw and Oa/t6 in trnd. }' loads. Quote prices delivered to Be- solven. Aberayron, and Bristol.—C. Jennincs and Oo. Ltd*. Pemywell-road Bristol. C4-15 )j("'TOBS HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. RUPTURES.—The most comfortable and effective Appliance. The Best in all 'cspHcts. Send stamped envelope, Forks hire Rupture Appliance Co.. Huddersfield MONEY. DON'T BORROW IN YOUI OWN TOWN, JH' where you and the lender aTe known Don't pay exorbitant interest when you can Borrow at Reasonable Rates Che BriuSb Finance Co. is British in name and in fact. British stands for best in money Matters- that why yon would be wise in getting that Loan EID to -EIO.DM. from as. No Bondsman reciui;,ed, no moneylender's rou- tice cash brought to vour houm-TEr, BRITISH "HHNCE. 00.. ? BRIDGE- STREET. BRISTOL DRANK | SWANK A.IN I AND SENILE! | "LEADER" CLASSIFIED ADVTS. MISCELLANEOUS SITUATIONS VACANT. 4 BERTH for Life is waiting oar Students ?TL as aujckly as we can Qualify them. We have sent out this year 200 stusenta to situations worth per annum as a oom- ■ mcnciug salary. and want 500 more at once. Applv for Terms. South Wales Wireless College. Ltd. Market Buildings. Cardiff: or Castle-street. Swansea.   Men and Youths. CLERK (ineligible) Wanted in Tinpiate Works: must be able to take charge of Pay and Yield Books.—Apply, stating ex- perience and salary required. Kesolveri Tin. plate Co.. Ltd.. Neatcfu 218A4-10 EXPERIENCED Tree Fellers (ineligible) JU and others willing to learn to make no gangs for long iob: also Crane driver tin- eligible).—Apply at C. Jeniimgs and uo., Ltd.. Crigau Wood. Resohen 04-26 N KVVIES Wan ted- ineligible for Arji.v: | i'< lid. per hour.—Apply Coppee Co., Co North's Navigation Collieries. Tondu. Glam. CTO i-V' ANTÊD:-Firšt::Cla-öŸï; pairer,- Apply Dan MorKan. The Cyciin? Centre 218, Oxiord-street Swansea. 222A4-11 Y\T ANTED Groom-Gardener: 2 cows, r T horse. oottage: another gardener and boy kept.—Mrs. Richards. West Cress Honse ? 222A4-15 T?ANTETD.'?ood" Sawyer (ineligible for I W Army): regular job,-Anply Walters and Johns Glantawe-street Joinery Wcks. Morriston. C4-12 Women and Giris. T-' WO InteDi?nt Youns: La?ee Wanted < The Trained as Lady Clerks; thorough grounding in Shorthand Typewriting. Busi- ness Methods: moderate premium.—Apply personally. The Bar-Lock Typewriter Co., Ltd. 5. College-street. 218.4,4-10 ANTED, EspM-ienoed Bodice a?d <? < iy l Hands; good wagee given.-Apply D. 0. Jones and Son. 7. Castle-souare 221A4-10 Tir ANTED immediately. Lady Isook- V V keeper, wicit kac-wledss of shorthand and typewriting, for Merchant's Ofhve.- State age. experience, and salary required. Box H l," Leader Office. 215 Domestic Servants. OUSEMAID or General Servant Wanted. 11 -Apply Miss Garlick. Dumbarton School. Swansea. 218A4-10 'l71"T ANTED. a good General, at once.— "f Apply Mrs Davies. Medical Hall, I'lly- dach. 21SA4-1J- Ii,{T ÃÑTED. immediately, good GeJlel.- V? Apply Thomson, 6. Ar?ylo-avenue. Gorseinon.. 2211A4-20 W ANTED. good General; widow net ob- VV jeced to.-Al)pl-, Mrs Bowen. Denial Surgery. Pontardawe. 21TA4-14 T?T?ANTED, Kood General Servant at ?nce \v for G.W.R. Refresh? eat De?art-jn-ut. I v for G. Neath Station. Sleep in. C4-11 'Xt .Álfl'ED. Experienced Geaer?l at once; Yt: two iu family: no washing or .iron- ing; good wag?s.—Cooke. 21. Grc?er)or- load, Sketty. 221A4-10 Boys, Giris, Apprentices, &c. ,f ILL!N ER Y.- Wärïted: -¡ppn.ric toi lVl Millinery Workrooms: to live qut.- Apply iia4a.m Emilie Evans 29 Osfon. stn:et. Swansea. | 2J?A4? ? s7AKTED"08ice Boy for Coal Expct-t?r's ?? OSice.—Apply, in own Land-.vviiisg to Box No. c/o Daily Leader. 222A4-15 SITUATIONS WANTED, "I FIRST-OLASS Gent's Hairdresser H«- JX quires Suitable Position; would Manage or Rent Saloon.-Virite Box G )5," leader Offi.ce. 2HA4-1Q REPAIES. Electrical and Automobile un- dertaken by Practical Man: moderate ciiarges.—Box _G.1?,er_Office.2:\ I LOST AND FOUND.  OST b8tè'ëll'ictorTõ:add Brycy. 1.4 mor.road Gowerton, a bHver Wristlet Watch.—Finder suitably rewarded cu re- turning same to Gowerton Police Station. C 4<-1 1 L- OST on Saturday, the 6th met.. bet, ij Market and Brynnyfryd, a wallet con- taining Registration Card. Exemption, and Medical Cards.—Finder rewarded on return, ing same to the address entered the."n.- Lewis Davies. 2<lA4r10 TRADE ANNOUNCEMENTS MMANiORD.—Great Clearance Sale will A Continue at Messrs. Ra,rries Bros., HotMa-Furnishers and ironmongers, Dr an- other Fortnight. Furniture of. all kinds. Also Large Quantity of Soiled Goods to te Cleared in view of Extensive Alterations.— Harries Bros., House Furnishers and lron- mongers. Ammanford. 04.15 B- AZAAR GOODS —Toys Fancy Woods. JD te., every kind: advice to begianers: ai^j best spare time agency: 80-page Cata- logue free.—May (164) George-street Birm ingham. CTO CHEAP Line for Dear Times.-Crepe do Chene, Georgettes, and Taf- fetas Silk Blouees at Low Ooet. —Richards. High-class Milliners and Blouse Specialists 40. King Edward-road, Swansea. 2S1A4-10 I MISS Rosanna Jones, Glynn Vivian Homo U. of Rest. Mumbles will be pleased to Receive Orders for Knitting Stockings, Re- caninc Chairs, Mat-m?kinE. znd Basket- work. Tel, No. 55. 222A4-15 1) n ??h HORTICULTURAL Glass; sixes. 10,000 28in x 16in.. Min x 12in.. 18 in. x 12in. and various other sizes, 21 oz., Sev. eral tons Galvanised Sheets in stock, t, to 10 ft. lengths; Pig Troughs 3 to 6 ft.: Gal- vanised Water Car,6 with brass rose*, strong; Platform and Beam Scales: Fireproof Safes. all sizes: 4 in. Pipes and Bends; 2-saeh Gal- vanised Corn Bin with lock: Galvanised Netting in all sizes. Enauiries ;olicited- B. Shepherd. Amiranford. Tel, tio 48. MILLS, ENGLISH AND CO., LTD., Wholesale Ironmongers, Engineers, and Mill Furnishers, Swansea and Llanelly. ks HOVEL,S.-Sq,aare-moutbed Colliers and k3 Navvy in stock. ANJSEAL. for making oemem tloors hard. O durable, and of goo 1 apnearance. dust, less; also for waterproofing vour outside walls, in liquid form. Easy to apply 8s. 9d. per gallon. Sole Agents. HARDNER. for faSn? cement floors. .[1 tanka pointing walls in new -work. It makes the cement like steel, dustless and waterproof: at 9d. per lb.: 14 lbs. to 100 square feet. Sole Agents. E AGLE R&NOFG AND GRATE.S.-Everv. J body knows that a small or large Eaglo Range will save half the coal bill. Sole Agents 1\.¡f' ALIN TILE PANELS AND HHART)?. -HJL with the Eagle Grate is the emaA Dining or Drawing-room set. Call and see it fixed in our showrooms. Sole Agents. L EAD.-Mi'iiistrv of Munitions wants vour ij Lead for bullets Do not keep it. Agents MILLTEX is a black plastic eagy to applv -LTi. It will gave your rusty iron roofs and once applied will redeem them for 20 years. (Chemical proof.) You can cover or repair old felt. glass, or cement roofs ana flats point damp walls. We guarantee that it will make them waterproof. t lb. at 8d. per lb.; 50 to e-50 lb. kegs at fid, ver lb. Sole Agents. pORRUGATED SHEETS, in M gauge Gal- Vy vanised or 24 gauge Painted; 5. 6, 7. and 8 ft in stock WIRE NAILS in stock. GALV ANIZED FENCING WIRE in atock. 0 KS LAVATORIES ""MESISBROOMS"" • Call in and ask our advice. We can recommend the right eanitary. heating, and cooking fitments TWIN INTERIOR can be  seen working Tgole Agents. WIN BATH SYSTPItf.-Every Cottage aro Parmhouse should b ave-ne s,itirg. Hot water to bath on ground floor or UI, stairs and to Mnk and -.»av*:o*y cM ber from range fire or from <ne fin- "tier washing copper and will boil ca-)thes at tie same time. No danger from lrrotniHr ivrner supply To be been working. Pateatees. PRINCESS BARLESS FIRE make# an old grate up to date: f-om 12s. 6d. each. Sole Agentg. YOU can Purchase our Specialities JL through your own Ironmonger or Re- taller. if preferred- MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. A DVERTISER wishee to Purchase a ood II Second-hand Pia?o: wil] pay good cash Hall." Daily Leader. Swan- sea. 221A4-10 DALE, Forty and Co.. Ltd Hiffh-street. 3l> Cardiff -New Atodel Pianos, also Second hand Pianos and Organs at Low Prices for Oash Terms arranged Lists on application to Local- Agerscv 20 King Ed- ward-road Swansea 1; ECOND-FIAND Pianoforte by Collard and I Col'ard; full trichord ivory keys. re- duced to P,33 12s cash Walnut Piano by Rosecstrich. £ 33 12s Walnut Piano by Hine. ;240. Walnut Pia-no by Witton and Witton 142. Walnut Piano by J F Yates. London: iron frame £ 45 Walnut Piano, bv John Woods. £45. Ebonised Piano, fcr Bord. Plrie, f68. Mason and Hamlin Ora-an, gl5 103 cub. Oak Harmonium. 7 stops Zio 10s. Pmali Harrxiciiiam, bv Cesarine, £ 5.— Thompson and ShacselJ. Ltd.. 59. Casfele- Swansea. SALES BY AUCTION. 9, CARMARTHEN ROAD, SWANSEA. Astley Samuel, F.A.I. HAS received instructions from the Owner, who is giving uplsiness, to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, on FRIDAY, 12th APRIL, 1918, the I Contents of the Shop and Household Furniture, Counter, Chairs, Glass Case, Several Mir- rors, Bottles of Oxo, Tins of Cocoa, Win- I dow Fitting, Walt Fitting, Electric Fit- tings, Hot Water Urn, Gas Cylinder and Soda Water Machine, Glass Sweet Jars, Window Blinds, Marble Top Table, Freezers, Singer's Hand and Treadle Machine, Walnut Bedroom Suite, Grama- phone and Records, Kitchen Dresser, Tea and Dinner Ware, Fire Irons, Couch, Tables, Stair Lino and Rods, Mats, Rugs, Clocks, Massive Mahogany Bow-fronted Chest of Drawers, Bedsteads, Mattresses, Enamel Pans, Galvanised Bath, Ash Bin. Blick Typewriter and Case, various other articles. Goods on View Morning of Sale at 11 a.m. Sale to commence at 12 Noon. Terms- Cash. Auctioneer's Offices, King's Chambers, Swansea. PUBLIC NOTICES.  GRAND WHIST DRIVEl Under the auspices of the Swansea Whi3t and Social Committee, in Aid of the r Mayor's Comfort Fund, will be held at the Hotel Metropole, I THURSDAY NEXT,7 APRIL 11th, 1918, Commencing at 7 p.m. Sharp. IMPORTANT FEATURE. Championship Knock-Out Competition. 1st PRIZE, Lady and Gent, valued X2 2s, each. 2nd PRIZE, Lady and Gent, valued S1 Is. each. COLLEGE OF NURSRNG, LTD. A MEETING Will be held ou THURSDAY. APRIL 11th, 1918, at 3 p.m.. at, the GENERAL AND EYE HOSPITAL. SWANSEA (Out-Patients De- partment), when MISS AMY HUGHES. late General Superintendent Q.V.J.I for Great Eritain will npeal: on the Aims and Object of the College of Nursing. Ltd. Members of the Medical and Nursing Pro- fessions and all interested in the Training and Status of Nurses are invited to attend. Chairman, Mr. Roger Beck. Colonel Bruce Vaughan from Cardiff, and Lieut.-Colonel Le Cronier Lancaster. R.A.M.O. (T.) will speak. A Whist Drive and Dance Will be held under the auspices of the SWANSEA WHIST DRIVE & SOCIAL COMMITTEE, at the HOTEL METROPOLE EVERY THURSDAY On the following dates:— APRIL 11th. All Proceed^ for the Mayor's Comfort' Fund and Daily Post" Prisoners of War Fund. NEW BETHEL, GARNANT. Grand Competitive Concert, SATURDAY, APRIL 20th, 1918. CHAMPION SOLO £3 3s and Cup value £ 2 2. OTHER SOLOS. zi U. CHAMPION R.L'CITATIO',T. Ll 10s. See, D. THOMAS. SCAILINGS. CUNARD LINE to CANADA And UNITED STATES. Regular Passenger and Freight Services. Connecting with Canadian Northern Railway System. BRISTOL-CA N A DA EW YORK. LONDON—CANADA-NEW YORK. LIVERPOOL-NEW YORK. For Rates of Passage. Freight, Dates of Sailing. and Particulars ae to Loading Berths Apply, Cunard Line, 51. Bishopsgate. London, ElU; 111 New. street, Lirrafpgham. 65 f-aldwin-street, Bristol; 1 and 2, Millbay-roaa, Plymouth: lla BigbJstreet, Cardiff; or Head Office. Cunard Building Pier Head. Liverpool; or to Local Agents CANADIAN PACIFIC AND ALLAN LINES. BRISTOL. LIVERPOOL, LONDON. AND GLASGOW. To CANADA & U.S.A. Regular Segular Service from VANCOUVER To JAPAN & CHINA. For Sailings, Freights or Paasaixe apply- CANADIAN PACIFIC OCEAN SERVICES, LTD Managers and Agents. 18, St. Augustines Parade. BRISTOL: 14, Cockspur-street, 8, W 1. a.nd 103, lieadenhall- street, E 0.3. LONDON, or Local Agents Everywhere-