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TOO LATE FOR CLASSIFICATION. -Numbey- of John Mot-gas, I Tl. Pehllergacr. Prize Drawing are as follow:— 1st Prize. 1936; 2nd. 843; 3rd. 371: 4th. 772; 5th 2348.; 6th 1330. Prizes to be | claimed within 14 days.—Edwih Aiithoriy, Fclulcrgaer. Sec. AIC8J.i TRA-VI3I Poultry Powdei-. Marvellous Vitalising and egg-produciiig F'()od Adjunct. Splendid with House scraps, mid- dlings etc. 6d carton iasts 20 hens a fort- niKhL Obtain to-day from L?wi? and Evans, the BloderhStores.Giahammao tht,- ?to(ieri? -,tores, (Ilaiiamman /GROCERY and Provisions.—Wanted Youhi? Lady Assistant.—Apply D?vi)? Bros., ?0/, Rhonddu.shect. 45A8-7 IOST, & Soldier'? Silfer Waf Badge. be- I.J tween Ntath aNd Mplyn. Weuld Under please return to Neath Police Station? C8-7 DRAWING for Jolm tlunn Neath, for Oil L? Paintings. Winner, ?r. 'S Hú\ya rd. 25. Maria-street, Neath. CM LEt. the, OyetermoutJi inn. OY5tr. JL mouth-road, Swansea.—For particulars an ply U> L. :i-hd N.W. Estate Office. Daimler IlbuftoPataiii«c-s.treet. Birmingham. i."CB-7 ril-O LET, from »39tli September 19.37. Corner X Shop. Dwciling-Hbuse. and Premises, being No 13. Brunswick-street^ ,Swansea.- Beor and Wilson. £ plicitors, Teifaple-street, Swansea. 47a8-!0 'r(X) LET. Pen-y-Bryn M?rton. Bsshop- JL ston; immediate po&seg?ion.—heot' and Wilson Solicitors. Temple Street Swansea. 47AS-10 TÔRS'<Ù:E' Ford Car good ?s new: Ec?ch Mae net o; 5 new tyres; any "xamina- tion and trial.-D, Phillips. Station-road, Bfynammaii. 47.AG-10 \ArANTEl>. Haulage Contracts for 5 to 6 » J toil Lorries; by Day, Week, Month, or Year.—Apply to Secretary Box "L 19." Leader Office. 47A ^13 IN STOCK, New 2* h.p. Diamond 2-stroke  2-,?troke. 2-spccd Motor Cycle. 37 uineas; also for Sale, 14 h.p. Vulcan Motor Car 5-seat.er; lamps, hood, spare wheel tool?:, etc.; good running order; a. I). Mor- gan. Cycle Agent. Pontarduiais. 47A8-7 FOR SALE, Piano C13- Siittina-rocm Suite, £3.158.; Bedroom Suite. £ 4 15s.; Side- board. £ 6 10s.—Apply 75, Mansel-terrace 47A8-7 (BOLLARD and Collan1 Iron Frame I'.ano. Sccoad-hard, fqual to new, 24 yuinras cash; bargain—20, Kiug Edward's-road j Swansea. 47 A8-4 j  I PUBLIC NOTICE. COUNTY BOROUGH OF SWANSEA. WASTE Of WATER. IllE W ATE ft SUPPLY vnLL BU fill UT OFF in the following ,tis- tricts until further notice for the purpose of Inspection and Testing, between the hours of 7 p.m. and S.30 a.m. from Tuesday Evening, August 7th, 1917. THE WATER SUPPLY WILL NOT BE SHUT OFF ON MONDAY NIGHT, 6th. DISTRICT Nos.: 2, 5, 8, 9, 16, 17, 18. 21, 25, 27, 44. 47, 55, 56, 59. Any further particulars may be ob- tamed from the Waterworks Engineer and Manager, UuiidnaH, Swansea, to whom all leakages and defects should be promptly notified. H. LANG COATIl, Town Clerk. Guildhall, Swansea. Asigust 3rd. 1917. County Borough of Swansea. POLICE, FACTORIES, ETC. (M I SCEL- LANEOUS PROVISIONS) ACT, 1916. REGULATIONS AS TO STREET COLLECTIONS. N OTICE IS HEUbHY GIVEN that Regulations were made by the Watch Committee of the Swansea Town j Council,'being the Police Authority, on the 10th day of July, 1017, and confirmee? by the Secretary of State on the 25tii day of July, 1917. The said Regulation* will come into operation immediately ait. r the piiblit-r- j tion of this aittiounecivont. and topics thereof may be obtained on application to the undersigned. Tow II CJ e;'k. i Gu?idliall, Swansea. Town Clerk. i'• 31st July, 1917. i Swansea Rural Oietnct Cc-uncil. PARISH OF GOV!ERrON.-APPOINT- MENT OF WATERMAN. TO- PLU 1\1 aE S AND OtillHS. iTliE abovo- Council invHe Applicat:;ii:s for the position o! VV'ATEifMA X iof the Parish oi Gowcj ton, from Plumpers or persons accustomed to Plumbing v.orlr and Repairing of Watvr Pjpei», etc. or otherwise qualified to e.-jrry out the duties of VVaterma- | Candidates .must !:o .•.icliglldv' i mili- tary service. 'u r.n-k i wi '-wr witli jH bonus of 10s. j;or uur^i^iiie |K-'i(,d ot' Wui-oro?)f'T? i.^e ih;> 'f'  of | the Council. Applications, slating criciu-e, and with copies of two testimonials, to jiiy no,, 1::17. 4 tl-Ierk to the Council. Council Offices. Alexandra-road, Swa!><•«. MUWI8LES PlicR., THf FIRST ANNUAL C H AiR EiSTEODFODi, Vt ill l>e held u-i SATURDAY, SEPT. • 1st, 1911. Adjudicators.—Musi-: Dr. D. Vaughan Thomas, M.A., i-nd Mr. David Williams, L.T.:S.C. Literature- lie v. H. S. Rogers, A. 's Mc, n (-,Ia tit, M. James ("Megan Glantawe") and Miss Eupheinia i). Rees, R.A.M. (A.G.). Children's choir, •• Over the Fields of Clover." 1st Prize, £ 5 and Cup; 2nd Priaie, £ 2 and Medal (under 10 years of age, and not under 30 in number). Scud for Programmes. I'd. nosf to dbunclllor C. P Bcli, Mambles. HONOUR THE BRAVE. "IVebaeth Eisteddfod Paviliorti! A .11 R3-F-CLP,S SACRED CONCEirr j Will be held j To-Morrew Ever^iig (AUG. Sih, 1917). Eminent Well-khoWti Artistes are r-r.g" ag° etl for the\ Accompaiiisf—Mrd, Arthur M. Jsn-:cs MegStij G!an<aw» To commence at S.j shari: Entire Procecids towards Fr,tilers' and Sailors' Fund. C nO M. E IN C R O W i) S Geo. Smith, lion. Sec. | Preliminary A^rjiiouuccnicru. THE WORLD-RE&OWtoE-D GRGANiST DAVID CLEGG, Esq., | Will give TWO GRAND ORGAN RECITALS r Horeb ChapcS, Momston, On CHRIStMAS DAY.* i tABERNACLE C.M. CHURCH, Psnclawdci. 'A Grand Chair Eisteddfod AVill he held at the above place on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 1;,lh. 1917. Adjudicators—Music. E. T. Davies, Esq., F.R.C.O., Merthyr, and Jacob Gabriel, Esq., G. and.L., Argoed. Literature: Rev. J. F.-Job, AbergWailn. Chief Choral for Mixed or Female Choirs, Yr Haf (Gwilyiii Gwent-), 1-8 and Medal. Pryddest, £ 2 2s. and Chair. Heci- tations, etc., Sl h. Champion Solo, ti lis. 6d. Solos, £ 1 Is. Programmes ready shortiy, price Id., by post 1,10<1., früJn the Secretary, Dl. jen- > kins, JBeiich House, PenclaWdd. GELLiONEN Sheep Dog Trials, Gaillu-Nay and Trotting Râces; NEXT TUESDAY, AUGUS-T 7th. Short Distance from Clydach and Pontardawe. Look out for Extra Event, EGG AND SPOON RACE, confined to Wounded Soldiers from Cwm- ta Vre Auxiliary Hospitals. First Pr:?.C; £ 1; Second Prize, Third Prize, 3s. Prizes given by^ Mrs. Evan Lewis and MrS. D. Ivor Evans. Graigypal, Oluis. Entries taken on Mountain for Gallo- way and Trottiug Races. i { PUBLIC NOTICES. j GROVESEND Second Annual S HOW and SPORTS j Will be held at i PLAS FIELD, GROVESEND, On SATURDAY, AUGUST 11th, 1917., When Three Silver Challenge. Cups t will be given. Full particulars cau be ohtained from, the Secretaries, Mr. Comer Thomas, Gorse^ fawr, afid Mr. J. L. John, Grovesend. Farm. Grovesend. Proceeds in Aid of Soldiers' and Sailorie Fund. J J ABERDULAIS, NEATH. Grand Athletic SPORTS, Saturday, August 11th. 100 Yards Open Handicap. S8. 220 Yards Open Haudicup, JL2 10s. 440 Yards Open Hand icap, li. 1 Mile Cycle Race Open Handicap, £5 Entries Close on August 8th. For Entry Forms apply to E. ilowea or D. Butler (Joint Sees.), Canal Bank, Aberdulais, Neath. < COCKETT PARISH COUNCIL. PRESERVATION OF FRUITS. WIDE-MOUTH VACUUM GLASS: JARS (2!bs.) for the PRBSERVA-, TION OF FRUITS, may be obtained' from Mr. J. T. MARTYN, Honorary Clerk, Eden Vale, Penyrheol, Sketty, a1t. 5s. 6d. per Dozen. 1 t I> K THOMAS, Brake Proprietor (form- p14 crly of Wauoweu-terr?ce) intimate* to nis t'atrons that he has Removed to II-1 stCJl Aberdy hcrthi-strect, llaiad. Brake seat 18. Disenga,ged Saturday, 4th iuflt.- 46 A 6-4; AMMANFORD RECREATION GROUNDS. NEXT MONDAY, SPORTS, TIMBERING, AMBU- LANCE, BABY SHOW, t, And other Great Attractions, including, Lance-Corporal GEORGE WOOD, S.W.B. (the Worlds Champion Jumper). j. Ambulance Competitions at 5 p.m. Baby Competitors-to Assemble in Church, Room, Wind-sUcetJ at 4 p.m. *———————————————-? 1 ■ 11 ■» EBENEZER, DUNVANT. DON'T FORGET THE 2nd Atifilial fciSTEDDFOD 1 IVIJI take place on SA TV R OA Y, .-ifcp feWBitR 29th, 1917, (Under the Presidency of Edward Evans, j Esq,. Killan Collieries. Dunvant). Adjudicators— i MUHic: Me?r?. Ivor Owen (Swansea) and? ? ? D. Ciee (Y?talyfera). ?iteratur< Jotu? W? ?tiiiams. Esq (Crugfryni. Oowetton. Needlework: Miss Mary Davies, Springfield*' Dlinvaht. Fretwork and Art: Mr. David iS Lloyd. The Pines, Killay. S Children's Choir. 4 Guineas < £ a- Gold Medal;s Solos, 10s. 6d.; Champion Solos li Guineas j Children's Party, 10s. and a Medal. 1 Programme by post lid., from the Hon.. Sees.. M-easra D. J. Davies. Uysifan, I-Juni, vant and W. Bcj-non, Penybryn. Dunvant. Pontardawe and pistriet Horse and- Flower Shew Society. THE Horticultural Section SHOW, Will lie held on THURSDAY, AUGUST 16th. f Open and Cottagers' Classes. Allotment and Speciaf Prizes for Allot- frients and Potatoes. Numerous Special Prizes. Proceeds in Aid ot the Cvvmiawe St. John's Auxiliary War HospjtaU. Entries Close Saturday, August 11th. V.T.C. Band will Plav for Dancing ia the Evening from S.15 to 11 p.m. J Entry Forms arther particular?) from tll Secretary, Albert JBratton, Pon- from tue Secr?tarl' Albert Bratton, Pen- ? tarda'Te. I ASTL?Y SAMUEL, F.A.? AUCTIONEER AND VALUER, KtNGS CHAMBERS, WAN$EA. Docks Tel.: 266. J FOR SALE. 'k N Exceptionally Fine House in the bed "• part of Walters-road; especially suit* able for Professional Man. r — :— FIVE Good Oottages in Central Positionj all well let- good condition; let 8s. 6d. eacit; Z;00. FREfHOLD Form. House and Outbuild- ing*; within easy distance o £ Swansaa;, Nacres, I j acres. B RYN-P,OAD.-Fr-eetiold Dwelling-ilotim — splendid condition; best position over looking Bowling Green: sell at rea,-onabi. p i Tjf tJRTON. GOWER.—Good House, with 12 — rooms divided into two houses; Ion: lease; low ground rent. t. ——————— — TO LET. T ARGE. Roomy, and Conveniently-situated House in Walters-road; j-named Lata lJoegsiott. QUEENS-ROAD. SI\ ETTT.—House, con- tainins two reception. five bedrooms, bath, etc.; elcctric light; good view; reut C40.








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