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AMUSEMENTS. ?———————— ? —————————————_ ( @.39. T 6 'JOE C NORMAN, supported by a Po-n-er- Jul Company of ll'ish I hil Company of !i'!sh Players, in their J\ew Irish Musical Plav, AS IRISH AS EVER. Au A!rish Csst. invading NORAH C'GORMAN, Ercffn) U'Rorke, Rarry O'Donovan, John. J. O'Reilly, Andrew MeManus. John Siva:,toii, Eileen McEvoy, Martyn Hagau, Geo. B. Larchet, P. Mor- timer, Will Bavin, Marv Sweenev. Rosie O'Connor, JOE C'QORMAN, Peasants, t Colleens, etc., etc. ———— t ON THE BiOSCOPE, Thj Rcmance cf David Lloyd George." JES3!E 3ROUGHTON and DENNtS CREEDON, in a Musical Entertainment. SAM BARTON, Tuo Grea.t International Tramp Comedian GRAMD THEATREJ MONDAY. FEBRUARY 13th, 1917, .1 Six Nights Only at 7.3U. MATiNEE TC-DAY at 2.30 p.m. i .Tha Very Asiusing Comedy in 3 Acts, from the Playmouse, London, A SEMSE OF HUHIOUR. Preceded bv a One-Act Comedietta, "A MtSUNDERSTANDtNG." Next Week.—Return Visit cf Mr. Arthur Gibbons* Co. in the Farcical Comedy, ¡ "THE ROTTERS." !THEP!BTUREH8!JSE. High Street. TO.DAY'S PROGRAMME- r Cteo Ridgtey and Wattace Reid, in Hector Turnbull's Story, THE SELF!SH WOMAN, By the Famous Players. His Brother's Pat, A Fine Rex Production. l Ambrose's Cup of Woe, r' A Triangle Keystone. tCASTLE CINEMA¡ -(Adjoining Leader" Omce), Swansea.. ¡' Thur., Fri. and Sat., 2.30 to 10.30  A C H L D OF D E S T t N Y A Metro Wondcrplay in Five Parts, fea-I turing trene Fenwick. Showing at 2.30, 5.35, and 8.45. Ambrose's Cup of Woe, A Two Part Triangle-Keystone Comedy, I featuring a Wonderful Child Actor is 0 R ROW S OP LOVE, A Five Part Triangle-Italian Drama, fea-! curing Bessie Barriscate. I Showing at 4.15 and 7.25. Another Huge Programme Monday Next. remTON CfMEMA DE LUXEj Oxford Strset, Swansea. TO-DAY'S PROGRAMME— Sessuc Hayakawa (the Japanese in The Cheat-") in ALIEN SOULS, By the Famous Players. Right Car But Wrang Berth, Starring Dan RusseX in «. L.-H.O Come d y. ;Hiit LAUGH?G MASKj { i No 5: The Intervention ot Tito." Monday Next—MARY PtCKFORD. { ,— ——————————————————————— ] t ? ?' €3' T n <r ?? ?i?s* t i-< Y ? A ? iM.? ? ——— ? CONT!NUOUS PERFORMANCE, < ? 2.30 tit! 10.30. .,SUSIE SNOWFLAKE, Five Act Famous Players Drama. I 1 MARY PAGE, Episodes: "The Menta) Expert." HARD C!DER, ? HARD CiDER, Exclusive Keystone. I TEMlES OF JAVA, ? Interest Film. I PATENTED 8Y HAM, i ? Ham Comedy. GAUMONT'S GRAPHIC. ? M O N E Y i MONEY. ¡ fn05'T BORROW IN YOUR OWN TOWN. rJL? where you and the Lender are known. Keep your Business Private. Don't giva BiUa of Sale. Reputation without Blemish j beats Bounce. Tbo Oid-established British Finance Co.. and It-ecommended ( by the Pros?, ars Ma&in? Advances, without J Miy Sureties. Billj of Sale. or Loan Office rublioity. Ij0,if a. MHUon to Lend at the < Cheapest Ratea iJ the United Kingdom. I, Apply for Prcarectua and Press Opiniona j Free.-THE BRITISH FINANCE CO., 20, ,brid??-s'u'eet. Bristol. TeL: 1675, TT you wiab to keep your aHaira priT?te. 1 do not apply to strangers, for no stranger will ien.j you money without mak. ¡ iug inouiries. How would these terms suit I you SIO rcpav ;EIO 10s -fS() repa.v £52 10s. .E2[) repa.y .&21 C!00 repay .8105 Reputation without blemish is the reason ] Mr. Gash trades under his own name. Apply to < ALBERT E. GASH, J f' 6 U' C 6, Up'ands Crescent, Swansea. f THE IDEAL FUEL FOR THE '1\ HOME. S h This Fue) is not an inferior substitute, s but a 1 3UPEFHOR CONSOHDATED HOUSE I FUEL, which gives a HOT, BRIGHT, CHEERFUL FtRE. c Price 3C/- per Ton d.vcred town teve). Write or Telephone I SWANSEA FUEL CO., L!M)TED, King's Dock, Swansea, o Te)cphonc:447 Centra), a —— ? T.e Best aud ClH'<1pest House in Towc for ¡' P!ANOS AND ORGANS hy the Best En.E-I;s)! Makers. A Largo Stock A) way 3 en View. Also a. Stcc'< of Hcliabie SecouJ-hand Piar-o-CP. 0! IDt;t!]ments taken in 6 E:;change L¡¡,rgB [JJgCClI1:;1. off for Cash. or Three Years' TcI"Ulli, Roto Addrefs- ? TYDAiN W!LL:AMiS, ? 19, Mcnsei-strRet. Swansea. fKea.r A!bert Ran). TO CORRESPONDENTS. LcHers en ed;!mbl;lttS!S <;hcu!d be addresse<! '.o thu Ed;or. and thc?e on! (;úmmrejal In;itr-rs t. th« Manager, [u no b-j:d ¡ t""8 Ci! bus:r.&ss affairs > c, ¡y 'Jj -5, "0-"5 aun.l.r l' be tddjret.&ed to &ny uareou bt nwao, ? SALES BY AUCTtOM. 1L PICTON PLACE, SWANSEA. TO HOUSEHOLDERS AND OTHERS. I\r. DGJi1 Robm-ts, F.A. AS -oils from Mrs. M. ï L. Mark-. who is leaving to SELL By PUBLIC AUCTION at. the. aiMvc p-ddross on THURSDAY, MARCH Sth, the whole of the ,ycll-i1rC'ierycu PiaMiorte, ei.c.. including DINING ROOM SUITE. Upholstered in! REAL MOEOCCO LEATHER, Massive Mahogany Sideboard, Walnut Over- m:'mt!e. Massive Bruss Fender. Fire Irons. MAHOGANY EXTENDING DINING TABLE. Valuable OIL PRINTINGS WATER COLOURS AND ENGRAVINGS ('needing Old Views of Swansea) WOR- CESTER CHINA, Silver ar.d Electro Ten and CoSe? Service. Plat?. C'n U prv. Gh:r-'s. C.irpp?. Curtains. INLAID ROSEWOOD DRAWING ROOM SUITE, CHIFFON- EER. OCCASIONAL CHAIRS \ND TABLES. BRONZES, WORCESTER AND OTHER ORNAMENTS. Brass and lion Bedstead?. Wire Spring MattrpxseR I Mahogt'ny and Pitchpine Wardrobo{'s, and Pitchpinc Dressing Tables and and other Rs"o Old) Furniture Kitchen Rpquisit.?s. including Copper, Brass and Other Pan?, Bra":s I Candlesticks, Mct!m-n Gns Steve, Mang' le, and other 1),efu Rf'fJm:iltes. r\JSO a quantity of OFFICE FURNITURE, in- cluding Pp<!estal Writim. De?k=. Slopes. Pig-e{)nh()lf' Cunhoard. L.g, MILNE R and othTr SAFES. OfUce Chair- Clerks' Dpsk<, Filing Cabinets, and a Quantity of Stationery. G<Mds on View Morning of 8a10 from P a.m. Salf to Commence at 11 o'clopk in the forenoon. Furthe)' Particular.: mav be obtainf.d of the Auc'-ioneer at his onices. 19, Hcath- field-street, Swansea. NO. 10, DEVON TERRACE, MUMBLES. Ms. Arthur S. T. Lucas jLjAS been instructed by Misses E. A. & A. Davids (who arc giving up housekeep- ing) to SELL By PUBLIC AUCTION at the above residence, on TUESDAY, the 27th DAY OF FEBRUARY, 1917, the whole of the Furnishing Appointments, as follows:— DRAWING ROOM.-Walnut Pianoforte by Chappell and Co., London, Music Stool, Massive Teak and Mahogany Bookcase, Quantity of Standard Books, Large Gilt Pier G Im;s, Occasional and other Chairs, Oak Pembroke Table. Burr Walnut Occasional Table, Whatnot, Car- pet and Hearth Rugs, Lino Surrounds. Beautiful Sheratuu lIigh-ca Grand- lathery Clock with Brass Dial, Gilt Cornico Pole, Oil Paintings, Water-Colour Drivings, Engravings, etc. DINING ROOM.—Very Handsome Sheraton Bow-fronted Sideboard, Inlaid Walnut Pier GIa?s, Walnut Overmantel, Ornament?, Aneroid, 2 Massive Easy Chairs and Sofa in Pegamoidc, 5 Waluut Chairs en suite. HALL.—Walnut Glass-back Hall Stand, j Umbrella Stand, Emo, Mats, Stair Lino. Heavy Triangular Brass Rods THE CONTENTS OF THE BED- ROOMS include: Brass and Iron and Oak Full-sized and Single Bedsteads, Wire Mattresses, Wool Overlays, Massive Walnut Chests of Drawers, Antique Mahogany do.. Painted do., Mahogany :md other Washstands find Dressing Tables, Sets of Ware, Toilet Glasses. chairs. Lines, Fenders,. Occasional Fables, Mahogany Suite comprising Wardrohe with plate-gb"g door, Marble- .up W?ch?-,1? ,j,?} Th?chc?o Stanrl Pedestal and Rail, 2 llaiiu Stand, Machines, etc., etc. KITCHEN: Dresser with Cupboards) md Drawers, Tables, Chairs, Large Steel lender. Ware, China, Gla.&s, and Bras:' broods. Clock, and an asûrtme:nt of Dulinary IJtensi! Also the Gas Fittings. Poles. Riugs, Blinds and Rollers througu- )ut the House. OUTSIDE. Corrugated Iron Shed. Trestle Table, Wire Flower Stand, Water L*ask. and Sundries. The Goods will ba on view on the after- icon of Monday prior to the Sale from to 5 o'clock. The Sale to start promptly at 11 o'clock. Forms: Cash at close of Auction. For further particulars apply to Arthur T. Lucas, Auctioneer and Valuer, 6, Rutland-street. Swansea, and at Mumbles. i'eL Central, 230. Established 1885. (No. L619). ALBERT HALL, SWANSEA. I Special Sale of a Manufacturei'R 8tolt-I' of High-class EngHh Carpets, SORDERED SQUARES, in FiBe Blended Ii < Jolours and Latest Designs, suitable for I t [)r: WÎI1;; and Dimng Roomg, md Reception. Hooms, Bedrooms, etc., t ] .vhieh t Mrl Joseph Harris I ¡; FS instructed to SELL by PUBLIC! 2 L AUCTION, at the above Hail, on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 23. 1917. ?ale to commenca at 11.30 o'clock a.m. ? 31'eciselv. AXMINSTER. WILTON PILE, BRL'S- :ELS. TAPESTRY, etc., also MIRZA- ['OlU and other Oriental CarpeTs; St&ir II ] md Landing Carpetj, Corridor and Hcin'th Rugs, Dour Mats, etc. Goods on View Morning of Sale from ) o'clock. Auctioneer's Ofnces: 1, George-street, Swansea. Telephone No. 4C9 Docks. I Cat-alogues may be obtained post free rom the Auctioneer. I DOMUM," PENTREPOETH, I ( MORR1STON. i Messrs. Bowe51 and Evans ARE instructed to offer fcr SALE by ti PUBLIC AUCTION, at the above ddress, on THURSDAY, MARCH 1st, 917, the whole of the HoMsehc!d Furniture, omprising the contenta of- ? 3 RECEPTION ROOMS, 4 BEDROOMS, etc.. etc. For details, see posters. Sale tu commence at 11.30 a.m. l Terms—Cash. s The Goads may be inspected during the Ie Lfternoon prior to Sale from 3 to 5 J 'clock, and on Morning of Sale from 9.30 ¡ t .m. Auction and Estate Omccg, Salubrious I' niambcrs, Swansea. ? ?==.=??- = ?= ? f,,1 r I J. Bai-ron Pascce I (F.S.I., F.A.L), IJAS been instructed to Secure on T-age .1 by a Large Firm, a S SHOP PMMSSES l. Near Tt-MPLE-STREET, CASTLE. SQUARE, aud OXFOED-STHEET. Send full particulars to J. BARRON rASCOE, and .Es'.ato Agent, jj S. CoUcge-etreet, Swansea. T I SALES DYAUCT:ON. DRILL HALL- LLANDILO. Iligkly Important :-nd Extensive Sale of Very Valuable Antique and Modern Household Furniture, Hare Old China, Glass. Pewter. and Pla-ted Goods. Painting' Enjraving.=, CtJrpt, Hugs, Liner, etc. ??; ? !Wr. T. L. Hawses TS favoured with instructions from Mrs. i Williams. 'e- '-fouidltttd Villa, and tho Administratrix of the late Miss K. M. Dayi, to SELL BY AUCTION, at the above place' (v.'here the Goods Lave been remover for convenienc'e of Sale). on WED:ESDA Y, }};BR1JARY 25th, 19'7. a very Excellent Collection or Antiqt5c riici Other I-louschold Appointments, Tha principal lots being: Beautiful Chippendale Sideboard, handsome Lizht- dny <'Trandfnther s Clock in Mahogany Caf; old Oak Gate i,e, Table, ditto Tiddle I Back. Ann. and Small Chairs, ditto Fancy Bureau, Maho-?an- and Old Oak Dining and Occasional Tables, exquisite Ios('-I vood Fahcy Desk, elegant Mahogany Chests of Drawers. Une Old Gilt Over- jr'antpis, Chippendale Hanging' GlaFg, niee I Coircction A very Rare Old China, and War(\ Cut-ss. Pcivter, Brass and Plated I Goods, very Valuable Pictures, Books. Carpefc, Rugs. tC'6"ether -wl:tli a munber of very Useful Pieces of Modern Furniture, all of which are in excellent condition. Sale to commence at 2 o'clock precisety, Terms—Cash. Goods on view Morning of Sale. PRELIMINARY NOTICE. -I MIAFTESBURY HALL, On TUESDAY, MARCH nth, 1917. ASTLEY SAMUEL, F.AJ. "TILL oSer for SALE, VALUABLE Household Furniture, Removed for Convenience of Sale. Sale to commence at 11 a.m. Tcrins-Ca-,I& ? „ ? ? — —— ??? PUBLtCNOTiCES. PREL!M!NARY NOTICE. ¿ THE RIGHT HON. Ai-I up Henderson M.P. (Labour Member of the War Cabinet), will, on Hmv NEXT, MARSH 2 Address a I PUBLIC MELI. ON NATIONAL ?f?tn?jr ?Mw6M AT THE ??T??.??J-T < H?t???L! 'L, SW&NKPA FK H,k.- L S'IANSEA ¡ ,b"JI no&.> At7.30p.rn. The Chair will be taken by HIS WOFiSHIP THE MAYOR (A)d. David Davies). ADH'.TS OF BOT.H SEXES ARE CORDtALLY INVITED. SWANSEA RURAL D!STR!CT COUNCIL. APPOINTMENT OF MEDICAL OFFICER OF HEALTH. rHE above Councit invite Applications for the Position of Medical Oihcer of .Tcalth for the LIangyfetueh Division of hen* area, winch comprises the Parishes j. 3f Cla-4e,ia!il Salary—?120 per annum payable quar. .eriy. ? In view of the possibility of the Swansea ? 3orou'h boundaries being hereafter es- ended, the appointment may bo only ui I t temporary nature. I Applications, stating age. quaiincations tnd experience: uud to be marked Medi- !al Omccr of iiealth," to be in my hands Mt later thao Saturday, the 10th day of j March, 1917. i Dated th)3 22ad day of February, 1917. t! EDWARD HARRIS. 3 Clerk to the Council. r :tura! District Council Omces, i Alexandra-road. Swansea, t TME WAR TO A FnNiSH. ? PATRIOTIC CAMPAIGN ¡ 3rganiccd by the CENTRAL COMMtT. rEE FOR PATR)OT!C ORGANtSA. TIONS AND THE NAVY LEAGUE. OMtdpor & !ndoor Meetings Addressed by Selected Speakers. -ebruary 24th— PLYMOUTH-STREET, SWANSEA. SUNDAY, February 25th- GRAND THEATHE, SWANSEA. everybody V/etcome. Questions tnvited. I Speakers. 'Leaflets, Lantern Slides, otc., LrB at tha disposal—free of charge—of dub secretaries and others wishing to i n'range meetings to discuss any aspect of ? ho European otuation. ARTHUR STUDD, Hon. Sec. ? Mctro-pple Hotel, t —————————————<-———————————. } .? CANAAN CHAPEL, ST. THOMAS Swansea. CHAIR E!$TEDDFOD, I FASTER SATURDAY, APRtL 7th, 1911.! OfRcial Programmes, Hd. per post, from !crctarj, Mr. Evan Smith, 8, Maestcg- treet, St. Thomas, and Mr. D. J. Snell, Ii arcade. I \ianselton Congregaticna! Church E!STEDDFOD, Will be held on SATURDAY, MAY 6th, 1917. For Omcial Programme. apply to J. James, 21. -Afajor-street-, Munselton, and v. D. Freethy, 82. Ci:cil-street. Manselton. ) SUNDAY SERVtCES. 11,ESLEY CHAPEL. TO.fL..( ''¡ (.sunday), FGiJi'uary 25th REV. B. ENS8R WALTERS Will Preach at 11 a.m. and C.30 p.m. Cdldions for Trust Fund. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 26th, Rev. C. HMSOR WALTERS Will deliver a POPULAR LECTURE, Entitled: "THE LONDON N!PPER," A Study of the Humour and Pathos of, Chffd Life in London. Chair to be takpn at 8 p.m., by Mr. S. PALMER. Collection for London Mission. t t Organ Recita! by Mr. R. T. Hughes.i A.R.C.O., at 7.30. THE PAPER PROBLEM. ?' How Readers Can Prevent Waste & Disappointment. For the purpose of economis. ing shipping faculties, the Gov- ernment has ordered reductions in the amount of paper im- ported into the British Isles. The restrictions have been met by the newspaper publishers to such an extent that ha:f-a- million tons of shipping was I avai!ab'e last year for other purposes. This is a matter in which readers of the Cambria Daily Leader" can assist matsriaity. The Government has been obliged to order a further re- stncticn, so that it is not possible to allow agents any- thing but the smaHest margin of papers on sate or return. This has led to disappoint- ment already, as a number of people have been mabie to obtain copies on accent of the agents having sold cut their supplies. Several of these people seem deposed to biame the news. r8-'lffie1PXipftp.Hx..2<J1!!g, p1m i l 116, immediate notice to meet any j, emergency demand. I Such a method must neces- ssri)y lead net cn!y to disap- pointment, but is also the cause of a very serious waste of paper. To avoid the former and pre. J vent the tatter, it is the wise and patriotic duty ot all "Cambria Daity Leader" < readers to piace without deiay a definite order with their news- agent to reserve or deliver a copy cf the "Leader" every evening. EDUCATIONAL. n?JTL ISTRESS Re?uirea Post in &cHboI. Swan- Lt &en or Distric:—Writ< Box 34, Leader 'Sice. SiVa nS,ea. Z32.2- Thoroughly Taught; Modern C Methods, giving Rapid tiud Prfictioa.! "I ?pu:is- Comme'cia, Con\eraationai. and leneral Courfes -Bca.tric9 M. Jones. 3.1 23!A 2-A A COACUING for Fire'reo. Miue t. Kers and Surveyora' Lxao.s. !<esscna )v Post/ synabu treo.—(D L.) Cambria-c llining Echoo). Porth. TUD-I,'NTS SuccessfuilY- Ptepared for Pro :J ficie.ucv in PITMAN'S Shorthand. Loca! IARINE BOARD, and Civil Servico. LE8- SONS given in Arithn-.etic K)ig!ish, Book ceeping etc. Satisfaction ,liar itil,(,ed Mr. [arrM. 56. Oxfortt-atreet. Sw&Tisea.. Day or Svening Ttntion. CTC JITL HE SWANSEA BUSINESS CoIIega (Sid- l dall Building: AlcxMdra-rond) ja L'laininK Yoling Meu Youths, a.nd Girta for Successful BupinpM Careprg. ,Subjects:— (Pitman's or Script). Typewrit. ng. Bookkeeping, Arithmetic. English )fHce Routine, Modern Languages, etc. The uccesg of this CoHcge is ha"co op the guc- ess of its Studenta. Prospecêus and Advice !'ree.-Ernest Victor RxddeU. B.A.. Princi- )a.t. 'Phone- Centra! t2559. SAI LI NGS. WHITE STAR LINE. HVE3POOL—NEW YORK. REGULAR 8A1L1NUS FROM LIVERPOOL AND NEW YOSE. CANADA. WHITE STAR-DOMINI UN LINE. LIVERPOOL—HALIFAX—PORTLAND. Me. REGULAR SAILINGS mOM LIVERPOOL AND PORTLAND, ME. (via. HAHFAX). LIVERPOOL TO AUSTHALtA. Calling at Capetown (South Africa). REGULAR SAILINGS Pine Accommodation oc thnce. twin-screw !tea.mprs. To Austrn-lia, £21 to -C-32: to CKpe- ,own .S15 t5s. to .E24S8. For RATES OF PASSAGE. DATES OF BAILING, etc.. app!y to White Stcr Line. jiverpoo!: Soutba.n)pton: ]. Cockspiir-oti-eet. ).W.. a.nd 33. LEa<)f'n!)al)-8treet. E.G., Lea- ton: or to Loca.! AKeab. LC' ANADIAN NORTHER RAILWAY. 1% Quebec to VanccuTer. T'eaohin? a.l] im- )ortar:t points !n Eastern and WesterB and PaciGc' Qoast. Connections tith Cunard Line eaiHnKS from Livcrpoot. ..ondon. Bristo1. and GiaFROW. Cheapeet ttroueb rates Quoted to all Canadian )dnta. Apply 21, Cha.rius Cross, S.W.: 9. 3ishoDsgate, E.O. Th5 New Sunday Paper, THE NATIONAL MEWS' 'YJJOkt11e Agents for Swansea- I F. MORGAN. 12, Brynmi!) Avenue. SUMDAY SERVICES. Preachers in Swansea First Sunday in Lent.. BAPTIST. Pantygwydr Church.-ll and 6.30 p.m h.-Il and C. o' O p.m, Preacher: Rev. A. Beynon PhiHip?a. Lvpmng Subject: '?The Price of "The Price of bL Mount Pteasant Chape), Swansea.'—11 a.m. and t!)0 p.m. Preacher: Rev. R Ro-tvntrco Ciifrord. Memorial Church, Walter-road.-ll a.m and 6.3') p.m.. Preacher: Ecv F C White. B.A. Sunday School at 2.45' Mount Zion Church.-ll a.m. and 6.30! P.m. Preacher: Rev. E. Worthing. Sunday School & Bible Classes 2.45. St. Hsten's Church, Madoctreet.-l1 a.m and 6.30 p.m. Preacher: Rev. J. W. Ca-st4)n. Sunday School at 2.45. Mount Catvary, Manselton.—Preacher at 11 <ind 6: Mr. John Rces Da vies. CONGREGATIONAL. Manselton English Church, Mansplton-rd -11 a.m. and 6.3!) p.m. Preacher- Rer, J. -N. Eliis Sunday School & Bible Classes at 2.30. St. Heien's-road Church.-ll a.m and! 6.30 p.m Preacher: Rev. Thos. Sinclair Evans (Pastor). Carmarthen-road Church.—11 a.m Rev. 6.30 p.m. Preacher: Rev. J. Phillips (Pastor). Sunday School at 2.30. St. Pauf's Church.-ll a.m. and 6.30 p.m ireacher: Rev. J. Gilbert Rees. bunday School at 2.45 p.m. CALVINISTIC METHODIST. I Rhyddings Park Chape), Rhyddings P&rk- road.—ll a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Preacher- Rev. E. H. Joues (Neath). Atexandra.road Chapet.-li a.m. and 6.30 P.m. Prear.her: Rev. James Owen.' Sunday School at 2.30 p.m. Terrace-road Church.-n a.m. and 630' p.m Preacher: Rev. W. W. bunday School at 2.45 p.m. CHR!STADELPH)AN. Chr:stadetpn)an &le.-ting Room St' Helen'6-road.-6.30 p.m. Subject: ihe Ihrppiold Cord Not Quickly BrokGM," by Mr. T. A. Palmer. PRiMtTtVE METHODIST. Primitive Meihodist Church, Pell-etreet- ? Mornmg at 11:.Mr. A. L. Pember; Lvcning at 6.00: Mr. C. W. Rushby. PRESBYTERIAN. I, St. Andrew's Church, St. j 11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Preacher: Rev.i' JohnChadwiek. I ( THE FORWARD MOVEMENT. I' Contra) Hatt.Urchard-street.-ll am and < C.30 p.m Rev. W. Watkin WiUiams. bundaySchoola.t2.45. < UN)TED METHODIST. Oxford-street Church.-ll a.m. and 6.30 Pm. Preacher: Rev. F. Sparrow.. M_orning Subject, "Life and Joy" t Evening Subject. "Upright." Visitors and IriGnds lieartiiy Welcome. 1 WELSH BAPTiST.. Cape! Gomer.—u a.m. and 6.30 pm r Pre-achcr: Rev. R. S. Rogers, B.A. (Pastor). Sunday School at 2.45, 1 Evening Subject: War Problema (5) i \?ar and the Future." Communion A? lter Lvcinng Service. 3ethesda, Abprtawe.—Ocdtaon 11 a 6.30. L Pregcthwr: Parcit lJ. Price (Uwcin. r; idog). rsgol SuI 2,30. lJ WELSH CONGREGATIONAL. v :g)wys Annibyno! Henricrta.-Ocdtaoa II t M.A., B.D. (Uweinidog). 2.4-5. )r Tabornac!, Trcioris.—Il a 6 o'r gloch. g Pregcthwr: Parch. W. D. Rodericks (Rhiwiawr) Ysgolionam2. 1 WESLEYAN. L 3runswiek.—Preachers: Morning at 11: r Rev. I\ T. Buckingha'u; Evening at f 6.30 p.m.. Rev. 11. C..t-'ioyd. n OTHER SERVtCES. t Ilbert Ha!), Sv.ansea.—Services at 11 a.m. t and (j,:3!) p.m. Preacher: Rev. George Ilnn-ts Ctrcorky), a 2cspe( Hat), Ceorga street.—(D.V.) air: Guspel Meeting will be held at 6.30 t p.m. All are invited, r BROTHERHOODS. c Sketty (Unscctarian) \Vesiey Chape!.— 3 p.m. Speaker. Rev. F. C. \Vhitp, H.A. (Pastor ot Memorial Baptist ? Chapel). Subject. The Real Catho- C licism." Chairman, Mr. T. W. Stock- '] wood (vicc-Presidcnt). So!oMt, Mis$ y Organise Mr. Ervan St. John. Bright. Breezy ringing. Men L Hud \Vomea\Velcom-8d. t Pn,nty_qwydr (Undenominational).—3 p.m. c Speaker, Rev. A. 13.) dent). Chairman, Mr. J. V. Esmond,jc B.Sc. (viM-President). Soloist, Mi-J ¿ C. Jamcg. Accompanist, Miss May Richards, A.T.C.L. Selections by Orchestra Bennctt). s A Hearty Welcome to All Men. Y. M.C.A.—S p.m. Sp<d.:<?r, Mr. A. W. t Pile. Subject, Memories." Soloist, 1 Mr. J. W. Jones. Accompanist. Miss t Lillian Stratton, A.R.C.M. All Men) Welcomed t Manseiton.—At 3. Speaker, Lieut. W. J. ? Williams (Sn'anscc'). Soloist, Mr. Ben Thomae. Chairman, Mr. James] Tidbol. ]{ PC) !-street.—Chairman, Mr. Brotherton. t Speaker. Mr. Rushbv. Soloist, Miss t (r. Or, ell. f WaHJr Road CoMgregaticna! I Chiii-ch. To-morrow (Sunday), February 25th, Preacher: Rev. T. LEWIS, M.A., B.D. (Principal of Brecon College). Strvices: MorDing at 1]; Evening at 6.?6. Tabernacle Engtish Baptist Chapet, Skmner Street, Wannwpn. To-morrow (Sunday), February 25th, HALF-YEARLY SERV!CES. Preachers.—Morjuitg' at 11: Rev. T. S)NCLA)R EVANS (St. Helen's. read Congregational). Afternoon at 2.45: Rev. R. ROGERS, B.A. (Capel Goœêr). EveDing at 6.3i): Rev. R. J. WILLOUGHBY (Pastor). '). t The SALVAT!OM ARMY, Richardson Street. SATURDAY & SUNDAY, Feb. 24 & 25, Visit of Captain GaunUoU. SATURDAY, S p.'n. SUNDAY, 11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. 3 p.m., Lecture on "Satvat:on Army Work in Europe." Chmrn)an. Vr. W..Bond. to AU -'(-. Lightinir-up Time 6.13. SubxJuc Lights vi6:b:e from t!is sea- Hwansea. 5.43, Llazielly 5.45 2-5, Aberaron 5,,), Pembroke 5,h Siilidtio ether Lights— SwaT;apa 7.43, LlancIIy 7.44 2-3. Ammnn- ford7.44.Abera.vo;) 7,43, Neath7.43, Carmarthen 7.45, Pembroke 7,47. High Watsr, 7.48 a.m., 8.13 p.m. Dock. 45tt 4iii. a.m.. 41ft. lOiu. p.m. To-morrow, S.27 a.m.,3.50 p.m.


---:1 ?!M fH!!C?T ftC "IT'i4…