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AMUSEMENTS. mm Messrs. F-& H. Reeves present a Musical, Revusical, Laughette, entitled- RICH EXPLOSIVES In Five Explosions. Guaranteed to Kill with Laughter and Wound Nohodv. Cast includes ROBERT REILLY, HARRY MAXAM, KITTY EMSON, Lulu Copping, Regina Williams, Ernest Ball, John Mc- Mahon, Louis Bland, Russell's Eight Fire- srack&rs, and a Shrapnel of Feminine Beauties. Latest News and War Films. THE MAPLES, Comedy Duo. JEN LATONA, In Light Comedy Songs, self-accompanied on Concertina and Piano. SYMONDS v. RUDDICK, Sep. 30 at 3 p.m. GRAND THEATRE SWANSEA. MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 4th, 1916, Six Nights at 7.30, and MATINEE SATURDAY at 2.30 p.m. C. W. Somerset in the Great Drama, THE SILVER KING. Next Week.—Return Visit of the George Edwardes Co, in eSly" BETTY THE PICTURE HOUSE. High Stfowt. Thursday, Friday and Saturday. A Masterly Photo Version of the Wor, d Famous English Novel by Mrs. Crok, JOHN HALIFAX, GENTLEMAN. A SUBMARINE wl-IRATE. The United States Navy furnished a Sub- marine (a Real One) for this Picture. SYD CHAPLIN becomes the Admiral of the Private Submarine. CASTLE CINEMA (Adjoining I.K-,ader Ofcee). Thurs.. Fri. and Sat., 2.30 to 10.38. MARY PICKFORD in a 1-Part Drama, THE ETERNAL GRIND, A Pickford Classic, Grave and Gay. Pictures of the Zeppelin Disaster. A SUBMARINE PIRATE, A Sensational 4-Part Triangle-Keystone, showing an actual Submarine at work. Science and Comedy combine to make this play unique. Mondav Next— CHAPLIN'S Burlesque on "CARMEN." CARLTON CINEMA DE LUXE, Oxford Street, Swansea. TO-DAY from 11 till 10.30. CONTINUOUS PERFORMANCE. THE BATTLE OF -r i « »- -and re ZEPPELIN DISASTER Tha CARLTON GRAND ORCHESTRA will Play Each Day from 11 till 10.30. E L Y S I U M. High Street, Swansea. Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The BARISCOURT AFFAIR (In Acts). GREED.—GAUMONT GRAPHIC.- LITTLE LADY LAFAYETTE (Comedy). -SEPTEMBER MOURNING (L-Ko Comedy) Thurs. Next-The Children of the GhettQ. Commencement of the Great Circus Serial, Peg o' the Ring. ROYAL THEATREJ Wind Street. Continuous Performance Daily, 2.30-till-li. Thursday, Friday and Saturday. TRAPPED BY LONDON SHARKS, A Great Drama in Five Parte. ZEPPELIN DISASTER shown in PATHE GAZETTE. GREED (Chap. 18), and Eull Programme. Sept. 14, 15 and 16— I THE BATTLE Of THE SOMME. TENDERS WANTED. rpENDERS are invited for DRIVING CROSS MEASURE from Groen to Big Vein. Dimen6ions 10ft. x 8ft., dipping 3in. per yard. Approximate distance, 30 yards. Hand boring. Also another Cross Mem?re from Pumpquart to Triquart Seam, 7tft. x 6ft., rising 18in. per yard. Approximate distance, 190 yards. Power drills. Apply The AMMANFOKD COLLIERY Co., Ltd., Pontybe-rem. TENDERS are invited for DRIVING a DRIFT from the Five Feet Seam to the Six Feet Seam. Distance to be driven, 240 yards more or less, dipping 18. inches to the yard. Width of drift at base, 12 feet; above tram, 10 feet; near roof, 8 feet. n Hei ght above rail, 7 feet. run particulars to be obtained from the Manager, LOUGHOR COLLIERY CO. (1910), LTD., Caeduke Colliery, Loughor. PONTARDAWE UNION. r TO TRADESMEN AND OTHERS. WEE Guardians of the Pontardawe Union JL HEREBY GIVE NOTICE to persons rous of CONTRACTING for the Sup- ply of Meat, Grocery, Tea and Coffee, Clothing, Drapery, Boots, £ oal, Ironmon- gery, etc., to be delivered at the Work- house, Pontardawe, for the Six Months ending 31st March, 1917, to deliver to the Clerk to the Guardians, on the form pro- vided, Sealed Tenders for same, endorsed Tender for before twelve o'clock noon on Saturday, the 23rd day of September, 1916. Samples of such articles as admit there- of to be sent to the Workhouse on Sat?r? day, the 23rd instant, and each eample must be marked with the name of the r person tendering. The Guardians do not bind themselves ¡ to accept the lowest or any Tender, apd l reserve the right to accept any Tender in its entirety or any portion of the Tender. Security may be required for the due performance of the Contract. WYNDHAM LEWIS, Clerk to the Guardians. Dirion Offices, Pontardawe, Glam., 7Lti September, 1916. EDUCATIONAL. THE MUNICIPAL SCHOOL OF ART AND CRAFTS, ALEXANDRA-ROAD, SWANSEA. Director—W. GRANT MURRAY, A.R.C.A. (Lond.). SESSION COMMENCING MONDAY, 11th SEPTEMBER, 1316. The Instruction given in tho School includes— ARCHITECTURE, PAINTING, SCULP- TURE, DESIGN & CRAFT SUBJECTS. COURSES. 1.—Courses for Professions: Architecture,! Sculpture, Painting, and Design. 2.—For the Training of Art Teachers. 3.-Drawing Diploma Courses for School Teachers. 4.—Etching, Aquatint, Mezzotint, etc. 5.—Miniature Painting. 6.- -Architectural Course for Architects" Pupils, etc. 7.—Monumental Sculpture. B.-XVoo(i Carving and Gesso Work. 9.Painting, Decorating, and Sign- writing. 10.—Jewellery, Enamelling, and Decora- tive Metal W«ork. 11.—Embroidery and Art Needlework. 12.-Lace Making. 13.—Sketching from Nature.* 14.—Classes for General Art Education. FEES FOR EVENING CLASSES. Whole Session (3 terms), per Term, 5s. For Day Students' Fees, see School Prospectus. Prospectus, giving full particulars of Classes, Free Admissions, Prizes, Scholar- ships, etc., may be obtained free on ap- plication at the Education Offices, 9, Grove-place, or at the Glynn Vivian Art G.aHer-, Alexandra-road, Swansea. A. W. HALDEN (Secretary). Education Offices, Swansea. 4th September, 1916. BOROUGH OF SWANSEA. INTERMEDIATE AND TECHNICAL EDUCATION. BOYS' SCHOOL. Headmaster—J. Trevor Owen, M.A. The XEXT TERM will commence on THURSDAY, the 14th SEPTEMBER, 1916. The ENTRANCE EXAMINATION will be held at the GRAMMAR SCHOOL on WEDNESDAY, the 13th SEPTEMBER, at 9.0 a.m. The HEADMASTER may be seen by parents at the School on WEDNESDAY, the 13th SEPTEMBER, between 9.0 and 12.0 noon. GIRLS' SC-HOOL. Headmistress—Miss L. M. Benger, M.A. The NEXT TERM will commence on THURSDAY, the 11th SEPTEMBER, 1916. The ENTRANCE EXAMINATION will be held at the GIRLS' SCHOOL, WAL- I TER-KOAD, on WEDNESDAY, the 13th SEPTEMBER, at 9.30 a.m. The HEADMISTRESS may be seen by parents at the School on WEDNESDAY, the 13th SEPTEMBER, between 9.30 and 112 noon. Entrance- Forms and Prospectuses can I be obtained at the Secretary's Office, Grammar School. W. JAMES, Secretary. PUBLIC NOTICES. AMELIA ANN WATTS, Deceased. TJURSUANT to the Statute 22nd and 23rd Victoria, Chapter 35, intituled An Act to further Amend the Law of Property and to relieve Trustees," NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that all CREDITORS and other Persons having any DEBTS, CLAIMS, or DEMANDS against the Estate* of AMELIA ANN  WATTS late of 2, Ken&ingt??-terrace, in th<? County Borough of Swaua, Widow of the Probate Division of HiS Majesty's High Court of Justice, on the 28th day of Janu- ary 1916 by the Executors therein named) are hereby required to send particulars, 111 writing, of their Debts, Claims, or Demands to me the undersigned, as solici- tor to the said Executors on or before the 1st day or October 1916, after which date the said Executors will proceed to distri- bute the assets of the said deceased amongst the persons entitled thereto, hav- ing regard only tQ the Debts, Claims, and Demands of which they sliall thenliav, had notice, And that they will not be liable for the assets, or any part thereof, so distributed to any person or persons of i whose Debt, Claim, or Demand they shall not then have had notice. Dated this 1st day of September, 1916 F. POOLE WOOD, 19, York-street, Swansea, Solicitor for the said Executors. West Wales Association of Brass Bands. The 15th Annual CHAMPIFInÕNTEST I I PONTARDULAIS, I On Saturday, September 16th. OVER 250 IN PRIZES, I Together with the ASSOCIATION CHALLENGE CUPS and j SHIELD. ¡' RECORD ENTRIES! PROMISE OF MOST EXCITING CONTESTS!! < President-Jphn Williams, Esq., J.P, Jud,e A. E. Lawton, Esq., Leicester. r MARCH COMPETITION 3.38 p.m. sharp. S ( Also Great Ambulance Competition, Tug of War, Rustic Sports, etc. PROCEEDS IN AID OF LOCAt HEROES FUND. LATE TRAINS FOR ALL PARTS. 1"ull particulars frQIn DAVID LEWIS, Glaslwyn, and J, RUll ti MORGAN, Swap«ea-ropd, Joint Han. Spes. ORYN, PORT TAL130T. A Grand EISTEDDFOD On SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 1916. AiijudUa-tona.—Musie John Price rsq., Rhyir hey anil Ben Hughes. Esq., Q. and L., Lilrndoro; Rev. Evan Bevies Gwaunoacffurvven. CHIElf! ITEMS. pen to Male. Indies, and Mixed -C-hoim (not under 45 in number) Own with Chair for Con- duotor and Xildal for Seoretarlr. Champion Solo (Own Selection). JE1 1 with Gold Medal (kindly given by A. G. C.Ia.re, q., i mailer, Popt Talbot). Secretaries: Jim Plreace & T. H. Williams Br;vurntre.et. Bryn. Pen Taihot. SALES BY AUCTION. I FIRST ANNUAL SHEEP SALE. GOWERTON AUCTION MART. Highly Important Sale of Breeding Ewes, Slock Wether Lambs and Rams. Messrs. James and James, F.A.I., "WILL hold their FIRST ANNUAL SALE OF STORE STOCK, at the, GOWERTON AUCTION MART (adjoin- ing the Railway Stations), on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 18th, 1916, when they will offer about 800 Sheep, viz.: 500 BREEDING EWES, comprising Shrop- shires, First Cro..gp Shropshires, Kerrvs, Hill and Mountain Sheep; 275 STORE, WETHER & EWE LAMBS; 25 RAMS AND RAM LAMBS. Sale to cpniir^nce promptly at 2 p.m. Credit on Conditions'. Auctioneers' Offices: 7, Goat-street, Swan- sea. Telephone: 172 Docks. CARREG CENNEN HOME FARM, TRAPP, LLANDILO (Distant 2 Miles from Derwydd-road Sta- tion, and it Miles from Llandilo). A Highly Important Unreserved Sale of Pure-Bred Shorthorn Cattle of the BEST MILKING STRAIN, SHIRE, COLLIER, and THOROUGHBRED HORSES, SHEEP, PIGS, POULTRY, IMPLEMENTS, DAIRY UTENSILS and SURPLUS FURNITURE, HAY, CORN, and ROOT CROPS. MESSRS. William and Waiter James, F.A.I., A RE favoured with instructions from LeW18 N. Powell, Esq., J.P., who is giving up his Home Farm, to SELL by AUCTION on the oremises, aa above, on WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13th, 1916, the whole of his Valuable LIVE STOCK, viz.:— 31 CATTLE—Comprising 14 Dairy Cows, 3 In-Calf Heifers, 1 Two-year-old Bull, 6 Bull Calves, 7 Heifer Calves. 10 HORSES-4 Shire Mures, 2 Thorough- bred Colts, 4 Collier Colts and Fillies. 17 SHEEP, including 1 uffolk Y carling ]Rani. 11 PIGS and 3-5 GEESE. A Large Assortment of IMPLEMENTS and DAIRY UTENSILS. 2 Acres of SWEDES, 2 Acres of WHEAT, 5 Acres of OATS and MIXED CORN, and aftout 60 Toutiof HAY. Luncheon at 12 Noon. Sale immediately I after. Terms-Six Months' Credit on Condi- tions. Auctioneers' Offices: Frondeg, Lian- gqdot-k, and 7, Goat-street, Swansea. Note.—Full detailed Catalogues may be I. had from the Auctioneers. UPLANDS. IN THE COUNTY BOROUGH OF SWANSEA. Important Sale of a Very Desirable and Well-Constructed Leasehold Villa Resi- dence. Messrs. Bowen and Evans A RE instructed to offer for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the HOTEL METROPOLE, SWANSEA, on WEDNES- DAY* SEPTEMBER 13th, 1916 (subject to such Conditions of Sale as shall be then and there produced), the following Very Desirable and Convenient Leasehold Dwelling-house, Situate and being known as No. 16, MIRADOR CRESCENT, UPLANDS, SWANSEA. The property is held by way of Lease for a term of 99 years from June 24th, 1894 (less the last day thereof), at an Annual Ground Rent of Jd 6s. 6d. The \f)n« "p.nj; Further particulars and Conditions of Sale may be obtained of the Auctioneers at; their offices, Salubrious Chambers, Swansea; or of Mr. A. J. Puntan, Solici- tor, Fisher-street, Swansea. SWANSEA and SKETTY. Sale of Properties eituato in good Class Localities, well let and affording an excellent opportunity of Securing Pro- fitable Investments. Mr. J. Barron Pascoe F.S.I., F.A.I., .H AS received instructions to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the HOTEL CAMERON, on TUESDAY, the 26th day of SEPTEMBER, 1916, at 3 o'clock p.m. prompt, in Four Lots (subject to Con- ditions of Sale to bo then and there pro- duced), the following Valuable Leasehold Dwelling-houses, Lot 1.—All that Very Desirable Lease-li hold Dwelling-house, Garden and Pre- rniaes, situate and being No. 4, BROOK- < LANDS-TERRACE, SWANSEA, in the; 1 occupation of Mr. W. Coutts, at the 1 rental of £32 per annum. The accoinmo- dation comprises: 3' Reception-rooms, 6 j Bedrooms, Dressing-room, Bathroom, w.c., i Kitchen, Scullery, Good Cellar, 4ptl the i 1 usual Domestic Offices. The property is held under an Underlease from the 23rd March, 1887, for the tiortn of Bq} years, at ] the Annual Ground Rent of £4 6s. 2d. Lot 2.-A11 that Well-built Leasehold Dwelling-house, Shop and Premises, sitii- ite and being No. 6, TRAFALGAR- PLACE, BRYNMILL, SWANSEA, in the )ceupation of Mr. H. Jenkins, at the veekly rent of 12s. 6d, Landlord paying iiates and Taxes. The accommodation ■om prises: Shop, Sitting-room, Kitchen, ( krullery, Bathroom, w.c., 3 Bedrooms. The G iroperty is held under a Lease from the 14th May, 1893, for a term of 99 year? at I I m Annual Rent of ? Sd.. r •M>t J.-All that Colivoniently-situated Leasehold Dwelling-house and Premises, situate and being No. 6, FFYNONE- TREET, SWANSEA, in the occupation of Mr. S. Smith, at the weekly rental of 9s., Tenant paying Rates and Taxes. The accommodation comprises: Parlour, Kit- chen, Scullery, Bathroom, 3 Bedrooms. The property is held under an Underlease from the 25th March, 1858, for a term of 99 years (less three days) at an Annual Ground Rent of Sl 15s. Lot ,to-All that Very Desirable Semi- Detached Long Leasehold Dwelling-house, Garden and Premises, situate and being known as "HOLMEWOOD," GOWEH- ROAD, PEXYHHEOL, SKETTY, in the occupation of Mr. W. Thomas, at the weekly rent of 12s., landlord paying Rates and Taxes. The accommodation conv- prises: Sitting-room, Kitchen, Scullery, Bathroom, w.c., 3 Bedrooms. The house stands bapk off the main road from Swan- sea to Gmver, aT41 has a 14rge Garden ilk rear. Held for a term of 999 years from the 29th tfeptember, 1911, at an Annual Ground Rent of £ 3. Further particulars may be obtained as to Lots 1 and 4 of Me?rs. T. W. James and Co., Solicitors, ?4, Oo4t-str4?t, sea Lot 2, of Mrft. Adler and Ferowqe, Solicitors, 46-47, London Wall, London, E.C.; Lot 3, of Mr. W. A. Davies, Solicitor, Rutland-street, Swansea; and with Ordere to View of Mr. J. Barren Pascoe, 6, Col- lege-street, Swansea. LLANGYFELACH MART and Monthly Pig Market, I on MONDAY NEXT. 1 SUNDAY SERVICES. WESLEY CHURCH, Sketty ANNIVERSARY SERVICES Of the ahnv-e Church will be held TO-MORROW (SUNDAY), SEPT. 10th. Morning Service at 11 o'clock. —Preacher: Rev. HERBERT C. FLOYD, The Newly-appointed Superintendent Min- ister to the Swansea Circuit. Evening Service at 6.30.-Preacher: Rev. A. W. WARDLE. Special Offertories at each Servioe in Aid of the Trust Funds. BETHESDA, Abertawy. CYNHELIR CYFARFODYDD BLYMYQDOL. Yr Eglwys Uchod Y Sul a Nos Lun, Medi 10 a'r 11, Disgwylir i bregethu y Parch, R. B. JONES, YNYSH/R. Yr Oedfaon y Sul am 11, 2.30 a 6.38, a Nos Lun am 7 o'r gloch. CROESAW SIRIOL I BAWB. CALFARIA Treforis. Cyfarfodydd Harcer-Blynyddol Nos Sadwrn, Sul a NosLun, Medi 16, 17, 18 Gwasanaetiir gan Parch. W. S. Jones, lvrynypia, a Parch Hermas Evans, Libanus, Cwmbwrla Oedfaon i ddechreu N<s Sadwrn am 7; Sul am 11, 2 a 5.30; a NosLun am 7 o'r gloch. SALES BY /UCTION. BRYNDERWEN," DERWEN-ROAD, ALLTWEN, POSTARD A WE. Astley Samuel, F.A.I., HAS received instructions from the owners to SELL ly PUBLIC AUC- TION, on THURSDAY, 21st SEPTEM- BER, 1916, Household Furniture AND EFFICTS. Some of the principal ienis being: Drawing-room Sette, Drawing-room Chairs, Mahogany Waslstands, Mahogany Dressing Tables, Blacl and Brass Bed- steads, Mattressss, Chets of Drawers Walnut Sideboard, Conmode, Overman- tels, Mahogany Hall Stand, Mahogany Cheffoniores, Majugany Couch, Leather Top Table, Amerian docker, Oak Pem- broke Table, ialahigany Pembroke Table, Oak Dresser, Walmt Dining Table, Mats, Lamps, Large Nunher of Books, Bedroom "Ware, Fire Curbs and Irons, Umbrella Stand, Brass Pole, Pictures, Kitchen Tables, Kitchen Ohairs, Zinc Baths, Kitchen Utensils, aVln Mower, Garden Tools, Wheelbarrow etc., etc. Goods on View Mrnirg of Sale. Sale to commence a 2 p.m. Terms Cash. Auctioneer's Office, King's Chambers, Swartsea. PUQLIC JOTICE. THE NATIONkL MISSION. TE REV. WILLliM TEMPLE, M.A., Rector of St.James', Piccadilly, will pnch in ST. MA R Y S o t% r% A-4. > ocnT 49, at 7.5 p.m. The Lord Bishoi of St. David's will Attend he Service. W. TALBrr RICE, near of Swansea. SWANSEA RURALOSTAICT COUNCIL GARNGOCH ISOLA ION HOSPITAL. APPOINTMENT IF ASSISTANT NUR, THE above Council invite applications + for the positior of ASSISTANT N URSE at the above lospital, pituate at Fforestfach, near Swansea. The salary will be iEJ5 per annum, with uniform, and rations, and laundry allow- ance. Applications, ststijg age, experience, stc., together with ocpics of three recent testimonials to be forwarded to nje, the undersigned, not laer than Monday, the 5th day of September, 1916. Dated this 7th dar of September, 1916. EDWAID HARRIS, Clerk. District Council Offees, 32, Alexaml ra-road Swansea. EIFTEECI'ODWTR PLEASE NC/TE. THE AhNUAL AMMANFORD CHAIR EISTEDDFOD will beheld SATURDAY, SE°T. 30th, 1916. CHIEF CHORAL. D,,((ii%n Dyn sydd fel GlasweDtyn,' XIO ana Silver Oup, value £2 Hh. Already a large DUmlCr of choirs have signified their intention of competing. G&lLIiREN'S CHOIR, "l Singr Becausp I Love to Sing," 2 31rinea and Silver (JuD. vaii?e X2 10s. F-nll particulars from Secretary. Mr. D. J. Da vi, "Gwyddfa." THRiE CROSSES CHAPEL. A GRAND EISTEDDFOD Will be held at the above place on f SATURDAY, NOV. 4th, 1916. Ohiet Itc-mø-La,dies' Choit: 1st Pnae, £ 3 3s. Zn1 Prize, £ 1 Is. Oh^mpion Solo zel 16.; Solo apd citatíoll. lis. 6d. each frcprammes to be obtained from the ec. retaries: Glyn Thomas, Ael-v-Bryn, Three Crosses, near Dunvant; Aubrey Bowen' l^urei^, Three Crosses. -_u- INDEr™i»WO BOKAeiT8a: ^j$ig • THE TENTH ANNUAL CHURCH PARADE will take place on SUNDAY AFTERNOON, SEPT. HI, 191& Starting at 2.15 p.m. from the G.W.R. Sta- tion for Argyle Chapel, wllen LQC Rev. R. G. JONES (of Liverpool), will deliver an Adress to the Children. The Procession, heildød by the Solvation Army Band, will proceed on the following route :-High-street, Mariner-street. Old and Orchard-streets, Waterloo-street. Orange-street, Nelson-street. Singleton, street, Westerp-street, and Argyle-straet- District Office, 71. Mansel-terrace, Swansea. AMMANFORP RECREATION GROUNDS. Saturday, September 16th, 1916. HORSE & FOOT RAGES, ENTRIES CLOSE SEPT. 9th. Particulars from Secretary. > SUNDAY SERVICES. Preachers in Swansea To-morrow. Twelfth Sunday After Trinity. # BAPTIST. Pantygwydr Church.—11 a.m. and 6.31V p.m. Preacher: Rev. A. Beynon Phillips. Evening Subject: For Fame or Faith?" Mount Zion Church.—11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Preacher: Rev. E. Worthing. Sunday School and Bible Classes 2.45. Tabernacle Chapel.-ll a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Preacher: Rev. R. J. Willoughby. Sunday School and Bible Classes 2.45. Mount Pleasant Chapel, Swansea.—11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Preacher: Rev. Grange Bennett. Memorial Baptist Church, W&lter-road. -11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Preacher: Rev. G. J. Harris, Port Talbot. St. Helen's Chapel, Madoe-ftreet.-Il a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Preacher: Rev. J. W. Causton. Sunday School at 2.45. Mount Calvary, Manselton.-Preaclier at 11 and 6.30: Rev. W. F. Knight. CONGREGATIONAL. Mansetton English Church, Manselton-rd. -11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Preacher: Rev. Ben Davies (Maesteg). Sunday School & Bible Classes at 2.30. Walter-roacj Church.—11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Preacher: Rev. T. Hywel Hughee, M.A., B.D., Bishop Stortford. Carmarthen-road Church.—11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Preacher: Rev. J. Phillips (Pastor). Sunday School at 2.30. Rhyddings Church, Finsbury-terrace.— 11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Preacher: Rev. J. T. Rhys. Sunday School at 3. St. Helen's-road Church.-ll a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Preacher: Rev. Thoo. Sinclair Evans (Pastor). St. Paul's Church.-ll a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Preacher: Rev. J. Gilbert Rees. Sunday School at 2.45. CALVINISTIC METHODIST. Ale*andra-road Chapel.-ii a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Preacher: Mr. Moss, St. Thomas, Swansea. Sunday School at 2.30 p.m. Rhyddings Park Chapel, Rhyddings Park- road.—11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Preacher: Rev. E. P. Hughes (Pastor). Terrace-road Church.—11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Preacher: Rev. B. Evaiia. Suaday School at 2.45 p.m. CHRISTADEUPHIAN. Christadelphian Meeting Room, St. Helen's-road.—6.30 p.m. Subject: The Holy Spirit," by Mr. E. A. Ruesell, Landore. PRIMITIVE METHODIST. Primitive Methodist Church, Pell-street.- Morning at 11, Evening at 6.30. Preacfter: Mr. C. H. Hicks. PRESBYTERIAN. St. Andrew's Church, St. Helen's-rohd.- 11 a.m., Rev. R. Greanshields, M.A., B.D.; 6.30 p.m., Mr. Owen Enoch, M.A. THE FORWARD MOVEMENT. Central Hall, Orch.rdtroot.-ll a.m. and 6.30 p.m., Rev. W. Watkin Williams. Memorial Service to pte. Ernest Tooze. UNITED METHODIST. Oxford-street Church,-Preaebier. Rev. F. Sparrow. 11 a.m., From Antioch to Swansea H; 6.30 p.m., The Nemesis of Neglect." Visitors Heartily Invited. WELSH BAPTIST. Capel Gbmer.—11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Preacher: Mr. G. Gorton Davies, Car- diff College. Sunday School at 2.45. Solo by Master Arthur Evans, Ferndale WELSH CONGREGATIONAL. Wrt!iM!1£VftYäd gascar. Ysgol 2.15. Y Tabernacl, Treforis.-Il a 6 o'r gloc4. Pregethwr: Parch. J. J. Williams (Gweinidog). YsgoRon am 2. WESLEYAN. Wesley Chapel, College-,streat.-Morning at 11: Rev. A. W. Wardle; Evening at 6.30: Rev. H. C. Floyd. Brunswick.-Preacheris: Morning at 11: Rev. R. W. Green; Evening at 6.30: Rev. R. G. James. VTHER SERVICES. Libanus Old Chapel.-The Faith Mission Pilgrims, Mi Chgney and Evans, will hold Services on Sunday Evening at 7.30, and Every Evening at 7.30 dur- ing the week. Hearty Welcome to All. Albert Hall, Swansea.—11 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Preacher: Rev. Oscar Snelling. beats All Free. Gospal Hall, Gieorg"treet.-(D.V.) &I Gospel Meeting will- be held .t 6.30 p.m. All are Invited. BROTHERHOOD MEETINGS. Y..M.C.A.-3.p.m., Brotherhood. Speaker; Mr. B. J. Edwards. Vocalist, Mr. W. J. Williams. Accompanist: Miss Lilian Stratum, A.R.C.M. All Men Welcome. ¡ Pantygwydr.—At 3 p.m. Speaker: Mr. Herbert Morgan (Sketty). Chairman, Mr. T. D. A Hearty Invitation to All Men. Strangers Heartily Invited. Sketty (Wesley Chapel).—At 3 p.m. Speaker: Rev. Herbert Floyd. Sub- ject: The Daily Round." Chairman Mr. Wm. Heath- F?ell-street.—3 to 4. Chairman, Mr. E. Owen, B.A. Speaker: Mr. C. H. Hicks (Gorseinon) Wanselton.-At 3. Speaker: Rev. W. F. Knight. Soloist, Mr. D. J. Rosser, j Llansamlet. j Nesley.-Sppaker: Mr. W. G. Griffiths. Chairman, Mr. J. Thomas. ( Sun lrisqs 6.27, Sun Sets 7.28. 1 Lighting-up Time, 7.58. ] tSubiluQ Rights visible from the sea gt 7.61. t Subdue other Lights at 9.28. High Water To-day, 4.20 a.m., 4.:i1 p.m. £ King's Dûck-ft. 3in. a.m., 35ft. 7in. p.m. c To-morrow, 5,28 a.m., 5.499 p.m.




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