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TOLD IN POLICE COURTS, SWANSEA. Friday.—Before Messrs. (Jwilym Morgan. Dr. Nekton Jones, Ald. J. Devonald. and Councillor David Griffiths. FOREIGN SAILORS COME ASHORE. tiling HabiIlffin (1-9), seaman, Carl Johansen (30). hroman; Ralp Christian- Ken (26"). seaman, Norwegians Liandres K uiz (). a Spaniard, and Evangelos Granakalais, a Greek, were charged that, being alici-j!c,. tbev landed without the per- mission of the Aliens' Officer, on August 15th. AH the defendants were mem bers of tire crew of the Vera, now in the King's Dock. The charges against the three Xor- wegians were taken finst. It appeared that when Captain Sigmund Hansen told t Ire men of the regulations they said, It's all humbug." Mr. H. L. Shaw, Aliens Officer for Swan-sea, said he warned defendants not to come ashore. The Chairman informed them that" It is not all humbug; it M the law." The defendants were fitted 40s. each, and a guineii interpreter'- fee, io be divided amount the defendants. Mr. King prosecuted on behalf of the police. I It is interesting to note that this is the I first local prosecution under a new order, •which came into force on August Tih. Mr. King, in the other two casw, ap- v plied for an adjournment until Saturday, j and this was granted. i A HAWKER IN TROUBLE. John Morgan (41), hawker, of Pont,. pridd. was charged that. being a British (subject lodging at: 1 10, High.t4-reef: (a lodgiiig-house), furnished to the keeper a falee figned statement af; to his name and permanent address, contrary io Section 20 A.B. Aliens' F!^gis4.ration Order. nifi. Detective WilLinitt Pranci* «s|v>k<' in wresting defendant, who gave hie name as turner, of Chester Anker] the reason for tlje, faiw eerti- •ato. defendant said he had got into hrrmble at the lodging-honee and ilxmsrht -ci-adf, the consequences. Hip, wife and "arp'lv were residing at Pontypridd. Fined 4-1). or one month. DISORDERLY IN COURT. Frank Tillev was summoned IF Mar- garet Stanbury for assault, on August 12. omplainant ? ai 1 defendant blacked her eye. Till* denied the accusation, and "Jd that he onlv spoke to complainant about neglecting her children. Defendant was NJ dioordrly in eAud that he was removed. ATIERAVON. Thursday. CRUELTY TO A HORSE. Dan Morgan pleaded guilty to working a horee in an Tin-ift state. Itifefj^tof Litidset. K.S.P.C.A sup- -,he evidence given by I\C. Fitz- patrick. TJw owner of the horse said he was taken ill in the stable and was unablo to superintend the.departure of the brakes. The B?neh took a lenient view of the case and fined defendant 5s. KNOCK OUT BROW. Thomas Breeze and Thos. Thomas W-pre i charged with fighting oil the highway. P.O. Williams ui-d that Thomas struck 13,eey.e,a knock-out blow. Breeze was fined 10s. and Thomas 15s. ASSAULT ON A CONSTABLE, Wm. L. Saunders, Bryn, was charged with bffltig drunk and disorderly and with assaulting the police. T.C. Vernon said defendant was dis- orderly, and when he endeavoured to èH- rest nim became violent and assaulted witness. Deft ndant was fined 20-. for bk-in- drank and 4t)>. for assaulting the police. CANDLES AND COPPER. Sidney Sidney Combes, a dry dock labourer. 4, Sandfiekls-road, A beravou, was charged with having stolen six candles -uid some copper, the property of the Grav- ing Dock Company. Inspector Bees gave, evidence of having found the articles on defendant's premises. Accused admitted that the candles be- longed to the Dry Dock. He denied that the copper wa* the property of the Dry Dock. Mr. George Edgar identified the copper. Coo:nbe.- said he got the copper from a tug-boat called The Bouncer." The Bench found the defenda-iit guilty of the theft of both the candles and the copper, and fined him £ 2. LLANELLY. Thursday-—Before Mr Thomas ,Tones. ALLEGED OFFENCE AGAINST YOUNG WOMEN. ?v youn? lads were ?ih?rg?d with an T?'iv,- yriing ?lads ?i-pr(, cbar,fd xF!.tii 3n tween L La nelly and Burryport on the pre- cious night. The defendants were Arvon Jones, 29, Catheriti*»-stre(4.; Wm. Bennett. HI. Koby-street: Sam Cohen. 19, Albert- strcet; Brinley Thorpe, 8. P ofiter v-street; and Dd. John Daniels. 6. Pottery-street. -Nli-. -Nfa,-tin N. Richai-ds, ior t.h(, pro,,e- cution, stated that the defendants were charged with indecently assaulting two • oung women who were employed at Burrvport. The alleged assault took place in a train whioh left I da nelly at 1.1(1 p-iii. The complainants, who came from Swan- sea. were going to work and so were the defendants, who enteml the compartment occupied by the girls at Llanellv. P.S. John William? iPemhrpy} stated that the voting ladie-s, Tnlda Morgan and! K'jtie Clarke, picked out the dedendaitai nt the works guardroom a,,i the one,, who j ;vss.au!ted them in tlle train. W, lion charged each ot the lads made a statement, Cohen statin# that the taller of the girls made use* ot an improper remark when ihey entered the train. We did not say anthing," he added, hut; 4af CIONV-11. nest saw Bennett: carfeh liold of the smaller girl around the waist and neck- I stooped down and caught hold of her }<w but aho jumped up and pulled the e.ord and commenced crying." Daniels told the oiffcer that he was the hist to enter the carriage, and when he turned to sit down the taller girl had her legs stretched out, so he sat on her knees. I took hold of her coat so that I would not fall off." Hf went on: 1 sat there for a (ouple of minutes and I saw (he boys jtoopmg on the floor, but I did not notice wILat they were doing. The n-e-xt thing t heard was that the train was going to ftop- Tiie officer added that he arrestee! Ih l¡¡¡j-<; a.ad took them to Burryport Police Station. oil the application of Mr. Richards, prisoners were remanded till Monday, bail being ailowed. HAVERFORDWEST. Before Hip (Mr. R. Sinnett) and fiSher n.agisl ra.1* MVAGE ASSAULT ON A WOMAN. Bdith Roberts. Fountain-row. summoned John Eden, Barn-street, for assault. Complainant. said that on August 12th Eden asked her why she called him All offensive name. She denied the accusa- tion. He then said he would do for her, and ran into the passage and krux-ked her down- Then he tc? up a ?'" ?'? and thn>te('J to rip hO' HI? and aftrl'wards I threw six large stones at her throne the !?dro<mi window. H? ?"? ? ?e d<x>r Ixt?r 3ad wanted her 1)0? to come out and ii?ht. He ?so threatened her with a razor D<??tv Chief ConBi?ule James s?id (1<1 f?ndant had :tked lum to plead ?ui]ty on hie behalf ?o pushing ?''?' Roberts do-<m b?cau? )tp co?M not get peace with her. Defendant was committexl for 28 ¡ i rd la>?ur. I




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