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¡ TRY Beechams Pills r That you will be satisfied with the J trial goes without saying. Thou, j > sands of people, after trying this t famous medicine, are so satisfied £ with the results? that they continue ) the treatment with immense ad, S vantage to their general health. It f is reasonably certain that what ✓ Beecham?s Pills do for othus tbey ) r will do for you—if you only give j r them a fair trial. You are strongly V advised to take them whenever ycu J L feel "out of sorts", and particularly r if you suspect a disordered stomach r or a sluggish liver to be the cause of J > your indisposition. Beecham's Pilis L have a splendid reputation for treating r with success most of the ailments J f connected with the digestive system. J p A short trial of this excellent world, v renowned preparation will speedily k r convince you of the health-giving J ° properties of Beecham's Pills. J > 'm/ C Prepared only by « f Thomas Beecham, St Helens, Lane. r Sold eyerywhere in boxes J, N Ly Dom 0R '> I FOR I; 1 TEA '.)" MAKING 1- |! Our No I Very jf Higher Best: J Price, 1 I though the Tea-Duty is advanced 4D. I I" Compare MAYPOLE Quality and Price with any others. i f. iii U H" iJ n '¿'- The ONE Food NOT ADVANCED in price. || B ONE QUALITY ONLY: ?? D(DU BLE a THE VERY BEST: gj^ gjl ? «afl*awHwarerifBararaawwBgtggges^sHPMai H WEIGHT, | a meaning rn2t ■! ID The ONLY PERFECT !S  for j-Lb, S,ilslitute for Butter and GUARANTEED all BRITISH-MADE from NUTS and MILK. I Af n n1r' nft L. TO THE LARGEST RETAILERS. 1 Over 870 BRANCHES now open. 1^ .1 "'4 :Y,1iWMI,('F:V¡T '4: ct" -o.aflO3;k,I! 1'1 "LEADER CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS SIGHT TEST I NG AND SPEC TACLfcS. yuu are cordially lus j ed to call upon MR. ERIC BEES, F.R.M.S.. F.S.M.C., etc. (Iiond.), 26, Gas lie-si ix-et, Swanaea. Con- eultfttion free. 'Phone Gentral 520. LOST AND FOUND. T OST, on Thursday, between lieader" j Office and Dillwyn-street, Parcel of La,iie-a 1ewellry, oonteiMa known.Finder regarded on returning to Grateful," ( Leader Office. S-TC an Airedale Dog1, answers to the. name of Jack"; collar on neck, no name. Finder will be rewarded; detainer p r U,,e d. -S. Morgan, "Springfield," Mynyddbach, Landore. 167A10-2 T OST, on Sunday evening, near Train Tei- minus, Britonfcrry, Gold Pendant, ini-' tMis J,L.Finder rewarded on returning "ame to Britonferry Police Station. IGSAlO-l t -.=- "n_ fciCTCrT CAn$. CYCLC3 &c. rr-rf SALE F OR SALE, 1 Sun Villiars 1915 ModeTiiotoT Cycle, ZJ b.p. Albion, 2-speed gear, free engine, at £ 20.—Luther Daviee, Commercial Buildings, Glanammau. 170A10-6 18-22 "U P' Napier Landaulette, 4-cylin- der magneto ignition, 5-seater; excellent condition; bargain immediate pur- chaser; elcilallgc, horses.—b, Morgan-street-, ilafod, Sw ansea. lo9A10-l Ivor L. Roberts' (Oxford-street) Announcements. MOTOE CYCLES—Sole Agent for 13*S'A" -?- E:)&?d. Douglas, A.J.S., Calthorpe, llumber, M organ, Eunabouts, etc. Book early to avoid delay in delivery. Deferred tei'uis arranged. Send your inquiries. C YCLES.-Sole Ag,,ilt for the B.S.A., Roymi Eiifl-Id, Kobin Hood, Humber, etc. Prices from CS 19s. 6d. to £ 13 13s. Eaey pay- menta arranged. Send for lists. 'L-ïÓRD'S Actually inStock:Wlreor'Phone to secure Five-seater, Two-6eater, and Delivery Van. Terma arranged. NEW Motor Oycic?. actually in Stock.—6 -? A. J. S. Combination, £ 97; 2? Baby Triumph, £ 42; 2J 2-speed Sparkbrook, JE37 166.; 4 h.p. 3-opeed Triumph, LGO; Two-stroke Lewis, L28 16s. -J Q1 B.S.A. 3-speed, with Ooach.bnÜt 1914 Sidecar, complete; cost ?Mw) £ 80; accept £55. 1 Q1 A. WATER-COOLED Williamson Out- lvl'x gt, all accessories, £80. 01 H.P. :d P. an(¡-MÙlcüach-buiit *2 Sidecar, complel, £ 106. 0 H.P. Quadrant, Magneto Ignition; accept Û £ 12; good order. 1 ■— EDUCATIONAL. COMMERCIAL CAREERS. The Lady Typist's or Secretary's Complete Equipment embraces: J Shorthand. Typewriting. Book-keeping. Arithmetic. Correspondence. French (optional). Complete Practical Training for Permanent well-paid poeitdone given at SWANSEA COMMERCIAL SCHOOL, (THE DE BEAR SCHOOLS, LTD.), CASTLE BUILDINGS. Principal: Miss M. Ha.y, F.Inc.S.T. FRENCH thoroughly taught. Modern methods. Rapid end practical Tesulte. Commercial, conversational iØ.ud general courses. Beatrice M. Jones, 3, George-st., ^TUDENTS Trained to speeds of over 100 Ü Words a Minute in PITUAN'S Short- hand. Candidates Successfully Prepared for Civil Servicc and Local Marine Board Examinations. Leesone given in Arithmetic, Book-keeping, Navigation, English. Satis- faction guarante.ed,-MR. J. HARRIS, 56, OXFORD-STREET, SWANSEA. Day and Evening Classes for aJi Subjects. MISCELLANEOUS WANTS. WANTED, good make Lightweight, 2- etroke, 2^speed Motor Cycle; must be good condition and cheap; cash.—Brook- landa, C-arnant, Carm. 170A10-6 PA R T N E P S H I P. TO Chemists.—Dental Surgeon wishes to j ?- co-operate with Chemist for good-claas j Dentistry -Box R.15, Leader Office Swansea 17102 j MISCELLANEOUS SITUATIONS VACANT. WOMEN AND GIRLS. \Xr*TED experienced Sorter and Packer. Apply Manageress, Model Steam Laundry, Clarence-terrace, 170A-10-6 "URSKRY Governess.—Wanted, Young Lady. d.aliy, to tak-j coorge of Girl five years oid.-Il-rite Uplands," Daily Leader, Swansea. J67A1.0-2 '??7A.\TED, respectable Gi?l (18 or over) to IV assist in iiouc? and Shop (Grocery); references required; good wages.-Wri,e "Grocery." Leader Oiiice. 166A10-1 Domestic Servants. ) WANTED, Housekcepttr, about 35, without I encumbrance; sober; children, 8, 11, 12 respectively; state wages; references.—E. ¡ Jones, 8, West End Llanelly. C1D-1 "t/V'ANTED Capable Cook-General, Three in family. Apply between 6 to 7 to Mrs. James, Vayuol," Uplands. 17CA-10-6 Cook-Gener-al; good references; 4 another maid kept.—Mrs. Leyehon, Bath Villa, Morriston. 169A10-5 /OOI) General Servant required; another Gmaid kept.—Apply Mrs. W. A. Rees, Clydach Balizery, iiear Swansea. 169A10-5 \7 ANTED, good General; able to wash and do plain cooking; three in family. —Apply Troed-y-Bryn, Hendy, Pontar- ■ dulais. 166AI0-1 MEN. ? MOTOR-CAR Drivers required for Over- land Cars in connection with Munition Works; must be careful drivers, and abie to do running repairs; wages, 40s. weekly.— Apply Box R 14, Leader Office. C10-1 "l*'ANTED, Assistant Colliers and Under- ground Labourers; ?cFular -wort — Apply Manager, Cwmllynfeli Colliery, GNvvs Station, Swansea Valley. 170A10-6 BAKERS' and Confcctioners.-All-ronrd BSecond Hand required; night work; Union wages.—Apply Rees, Clydach Bakeryt near Swansea. 169A10-5 T)AINTERS.—Wanted, Smart Improver; opportunity to learn sign writing and graining. Also Brush Hand.—Apply Phil- lips, Decorator, Glanamm>an. 169A10-1 C10MPETENT Shorthand Typist and Gen- eral Clerk wanted in leading Insur- ance Office, Swans&a; must he ineligible for Army.—Apply, in own "handwriting, stating experience and salary required, Policy," Leader Ofiice. 169A10-5 WANTED a Coach Painter, Improver or laboui-er. Apply R. E. Jones, (Garage) DiUwyn-6treet. C-9-30 AV, ANTED, Zinc Smelters used to Old Zinc; big wages for men accustomed to the work.—E. Austin and Sons, Atlas Wharf, Hackney Wick, London. AC10-4 A-NTED, A'P OiN'E, as ENGINE-ROOM w ARTIFICERS for the ROYAL NAVY, Fitters and Turnere, or Fitters only; men engaged on Government worl, need not apply.—Apply Admiralty Recruiting Office, 138, High-street, Swansea.; or 121, Victoria- street, Bristol. 163A10-22 WANTED, Doublera, Furnacemen, Behinders, Burdlere.-Apply Old Lodge Tinplate Works, Llanelly, C-TC MEN AND OMEN. £2 WEEiLY. Envelope and Circular Z2AddressQrs required (work home;; eend stamped envelope; own writing.— Advertising Co., Great James-street. London. ANTED immediately, Violinist and 'Cellist, for evenings only from 7.— Apply Manager, Uplands Cinema, Swaneea. 17CA10-6 A WIDOWER (no children) wants middle- Aago MaL and Wife as Caretakers; two rooms unfurnished in house.—Apply, with references, to Mr. A. Howells, Box 4, Post Office. Neath. C10-S FREEFOÜNTAIN PENS &; OIGAREES to Agents for the ROYAL ART Series Private Christmas Cards. Makes a splendid present for your Soldier or Sailor Friend. Get our magnificent FREE Sample Book at once. Full list of REGIMENTAL BADGES in GOLD OP COLOUR sent to each Agert. Low prices INCREASED COMMISSION. I Samples Pest Free.—Dept. 33, The Art Pub- lishing Co.. Avenham Works, Preston. A10,4 rIBST-CLASS "Shorthand and Typist re- Fquired, Male or FemaJe.—Apply Graving Dock, Port Talbot. AC10-S ERRAf?D BOYS AND f:r=r. I t?yANTED. smart Boy for Works Oin(?e. Au?? Worke." LeatUu- OLU?;e. C!U-i?? ERRAND BOYS AND APPRENTICES. (Continued). J-JRAPERY.—Richard Lewis, High-street, Swansea, has a Vacancy for a Sharp Youth as Apprentice. 168A10 4 WANTED, Ofiice Boy for Solicitor's Office. -,ipl)iy "Legal," Leader Office, Swan- sea. 163A10-4 SMART BOYD Wanted for quick gales of the Leader and also "H srald of Wales and Mid-Glamorgan Herald good money can be easily earned by omart and deter- mined boys.—Apply to the following offices and agents: John Morgan, Woodfield-street, Morri6ton; Edwin Hemming. 39, Queen- etreet, Neath; Charlie Evans, 72, Brynymor- road, Swansea; Ceaton. Mumblee. SITUATIONS WANTED. SEWING Maid desires Work at Ladies' Houses or at home; plain sewing, mend- ing, and dressmaking done; also quilting done.—Address "Sewing," Leader Office, Swansea. 168AIOA A DDlTIONAL Weekly Rente, Insurance r Premiums, or any other Collections Wanted by an Elderly Lady.—Apply Rente," Leader Office, Swansea. C10-9 TRADE 8F ECAI i- IT EI S. yaciiiiie Man, 11, Lowe" Waterloo-street.—Sewing Machines of all makes cheap for cash; Oil, Needles, Shuttles, Parts. Cheapest place for all Repairs Agent for Bradbury. 170A-10-6 More Quarters Lost: Try Bebington's 3s. 6d. Double-bell Alarms; Wrist Watches, from 5s.; Luminous Dial6, from 7s. 6d.; Eigiii-day Luminous Dial Wrist Watches in bilver Cases, 30s.; Repairs a Speciality.- Be biDgton. Siddali Buildings, Alexandra-load, Swansea. 168.1..10,4 ._u_ -u -u_- _u_ MADAME JONES, M.B.H.S., tlfe most suc- 1\J. cessful of present-day Herbalists.—Cure for Indigestion, Eczema, Catarrh, Nervous Debility, Bleeding- Piles, Bad Legs, and Kidney Complairits.-89, High-street, Swan. 6e-a. 167A10-2 OA FES (Fire-resisting), all sizes, for Salë. from 55s. Enquiries solicited for Steam Wagons, Petrol Motor Lorries, Portable Engines, Saw Benches, Mortar Mills, btone- breakers, etc, Birt, 4/a, Strand, Swansea. IVf ADA ME Edith Dalma. the celebrated .1: Weloh Palmist, Phrenologist, Clair- voyant, etc. Advice given on marriage, changes .peculation, baths, and diets. In attendance daily from 11 a.m. till 9.30 p.m. Note Address:—19, Park-street-, off Union- street, Swansea. 167A10-2 M- AM LEWIS, B.M.H.S., the experienced .1 Herbalist -iiid Healer, Cures every description of Complaints, speedy, per- manent, when others bot-street, Aberavon. 1&7A10-2 X> MOLYKEUX, Ltd., Fish Merchants, 120, P. nigh-Ktreet, Swansea; cheapest houfM in town for Fish of all varieties; Wholesale and Retail. Trial Solicited. TO ARTIFICIAL Limbs, Eyes, Crutches, De- formity Boots, Steel-less Easifit" Trusses, Fiat Foot; Supports, etc. Lady At- tendants. Belts, Belt-Corsets, Trusses, Seamlesa Elastio Stockings. etc.-Allen Pearce, 23, Charles-street, Cardiff. Tel. 282. TO /? /t WPAGE BOOK about Herbs and how to um them; free; send at once.-RIM- NELL, The Herbalist. 144, Richmond-road, Cardiff Established 1879. PIANOFORTE TUNING. P JANOFO RTE TUNING, 3e. 6d.; reeom. mendationa from Dr. Turpin, Gladstone. an 1 Broadwood and Sons. Pianos from Becbstein, Hopkinson, Collard. Brinsmead. etc.; Sale or Hire.—Charles Eadon. 53. Brnnswick-Ptreet. Swansea. TO I HORSES, CARRIAGES, &c., FOR SALh. Ar,NE-Izi.-Qig, Cab, Van, Tradesmen's C L and Cart Harness, hand-sewn on the premises; Horso Collar Makers, Harness Contractors.—Swansea Saddlery Co., Manu- facturers, High-etreBt Arcade, Swansea. 'I C" "AKR1 AGE I^IMPS.—Cart, Van, DrayTfrtd Waggon Lamps, fitted with patent safety sockets, from 4s. 6d. each; inspect g-BOck— Swansea Saddlery Co., High-street jtw^fcde, Swaneea. 168A-10-4. ELLIS'S HERBAL PILLS. Made from prescription of celebrated Nuise for Antenna. Bloodlessness, etc. Send etamp for free sample and particulars; also testi- monials. Prices ls. 3d. and 4s. 6dl, post paid, under cover Advice Free. MRS. ELLIS, 12, VALLANCE-ROAD iiOVE. SUSSEX. u CLARK'S COLLEGE. d Now under the absolute control of Mr. W. J. Williams, B.A. 11 RESULTS TELL. ? There are now in Swansea and district, hundreds of old students of this College, in comfortable positions. ASK THEIR OPINION. i There is now a preat demand for proficient girls. If it is ?< | humanly possible, your girl will be made proficient at I PAGEFiELD HOUSE, ?!???????b?tMBFH!&!FMLSnM!E3 ?' a!HM!Q?B<?J!??.?E!F M.? Street °S § _)?.m-: l??.k?l?._ HOUSES AND SHOPS FOR SALE AND TO LET. TOJ ET, commodious Shop and Houee, No. 385, High-street, Swansea; immediate possession; low rent to respectable tenant. Apply Thomas Giasbrook, Solicitor, 276, Ox- ford-street, Swansea. 169A10-6 rpo LET, Semi-Detached Villa, Residences, J- "Dunluce" and "Woodneld." Queen's- road, Sketty; excellent view of bay; well ap. pointed; low rentals.—Apply 1, Sketty-road, Swansea. 169A 10-6 ?6 LET, House, 11, Mirador-cresce'it, i-p- T lands; 8 rooms and bathroom; rent £iG per annum and rates; immediate possesion. —Apply 12, Monterey-street, Maneelton, Swansea. 169A10-5 NEATH.-HO, Windsor-road, to Let, Shop -L" and Dwelling-house; at a low rent to a good tenant.—Apply 213, Eaton-crescent, Swansea. 169A10-5 QKETTY .-Leasehold House in GrifBth- s terrace for Sale at reasonable price; contains kitcnen, scullery, etc., 2 sitting- rooms, 4 bedrooms, bath-room (h. and c.); vei-y gqod repair; electric light; large gar- don; lease about 490 years to run; ground rent, Jc;2 14s. per annum.—Apply to Messrs. J. Blewitt Jenkins and Sons, Estate Agents, Surveyor?, etc., 4, College-Street, Swansea. clq-s rrO LET, Superior Family Residence in exce'lent position, just off main road, at Uplands; ample accommodation; rent, £ 60; immediate possession.—Apply to Messrs J. Blewitt Jenkins and Sons, Estate Agents* Surveyors, Valuers, etc., 4, College-street, Swansea. C10-5 T3ISHOPSTON.—To Let, Long Ash; 3 recep- tion rooms, 5 bedrooms, kitchen, stab- ling, garage; large well-stocked gardens and meadow.—Apply Long Ash. 169A10-5 npO LET, 15, Heathfield. Swansea..—Apply Griffiths, 7, Chaddesley-terrace, Swan- sea 168A10-4 rrto LET, furnished, Six-roomed Cottage at Mumbles; central and moderate.—Box R 10. Leader Office. 166A10-4 TTOUSE to Let, Carl ton-terrace; excellent condition.—Apply by letter to Box Ii.7, Leader Office. P7A10-2 j |^XCELLENT House end Shop to Let, i05, Nostlend-terrace, Pentrechwyth, neir Swansea; moderato rent.—Apply Jersey Stores. Bonymaen. 166A10-2 TFING EDWAIt D -RO A D.—To Let, Large Double-bedded or Single Front Bed- room and Sitting-room; suitable for mal ried couple or two f i-jen(its.-AI)ply F.M., I Leader Office. 1S6A10-1 XVT A T KIN -ST E E ETFo r Sale, at a reason- able price, Two Houses in this street; leo«e 36 years unexpired; total ground rent £2 5s.; now let 5s. 6d. and 6s. per woek.- Apply K. Xevisou Grieve, Auctioneer ana Valuer, 284, Oxford-street, Swansea.. LODGINGS & APARTMENTS TO LET. BEDROOM arid Sitting-room Free to suit- able Couple in return for little house- hold duties.—Apply D.D. Leader Office, Neath. C10-6 /"COMFORTABLE Rooms to Let; suit two gentlemen; nice part of Neath; every convenience.—" B," Leader Office, Neath. C10-4 rpO LET, Three Rooms, suitable for J- elderly or young. married couple; no children.—Apply Hooper, 1, Lower Lime- street, Gorseinon. 163A10-5 APAWMENTS AND LODGINGS WANTED. n RANTED, Large Sitting-room (upstairs) .I I'l and Bedroom; facing sea; bath-room and good cooking essential.—State terms, which must be moderate, to R 6," Leader Office, Swansea. 166AIC-1 HOUSES WANTED. "jl^rORRISTON.—Wanted a House, with visual coiiveniericc -Write "E 12." Leader Office, Swansea. 169A10-1 BUSINESS PREMISES TO LET. PREMiSiaS in Bath-lane (formerly the old Tunnel Hotel), to Let.—Apply to the Borough Estate Agent, 3, Prospect-place, j Swansea. 168AJ 0-5 BIA- CKS-NtlTH Shop, on the Strand, to Let. — —Apoly to the Borough Estate Agent. 3. Prospect-place. Swansea. 168A10-5 IViUS]^ALINSTRUf>1£ NTS FOR SALE. PIANOFORTE, Iron Frame, check action rosewood case, for sale; also six guinea, gramophone, quite new and Pathephone, Sims, 2, Walter.road. 170A-10-2 PIANOS—Wonderful Bargains Now on Offer.—Several Piano.3 by well-known British makers, in practically new condi- tion, returned by hirers gone to the front; room wanted. and price consequently low and tempting. List free by return on ap- plication.— Thompson and Shackell, Limited, 39, Castle-street, Swansea; 60, Stepney-street, Llanelly, etc., etc. ALE, FORTY, and CO., LTD., High-street, Cardiff.-New Model Pianos. Second- hand Pianos at low prices for cash; easy terina arranged. Second-hand Organs from £ 2. Second-hand Piano Player, EB.Li,3ta on application to Local Agency: 20, iiii;g j Edward's-road, Swansea. Godfrey and Co.'s Announcements. GENUINE Bargain. ?roud Pianola GPiano; lateat model; fitwd with all the latest expression devices, including the cele- brated metrostyle, which enables anyone to interpret the great masters' works ac- curately without having any knowledge of music. This instrument is in new condition; only used for demonstrating; original price 86gns.; reduced to 60gns. cash, or 30s. monthly.—Godfrey and Co., Ltd., St. Helen's. road, Swansea. BARGAINS in Harmoniums, all in perfect condition, by the following well-known makers: Ceearina, Smith, Hillier, Chris- tophe, etc., from 2gn.s ca3h, or 5s. monthly. —Godfrey and Co., Ltd., 22, St. Helen's-road, Swansea. B ARGAIN.-Upright Iron Grand; rhop. -D soiled; in practically new condition; all latest improvements; original price 45gn».; reduced to 25gns. cash or 12s. 6d. monthly.-Godfrey and Co., Ltd., 22, St. Helen's Road, Swansea. 168A-10-4 Thompson and Shackell's Announcements. BRINSMEAD PIANOS.-Sole Agents for South Wales: Thompson and Shac>till, Ltd., 39, Castle-street, Swansea.. etc., EtC. The possession of a, "Brinsmead" is a iertr- failing source of happiness. QECOND-HAND Pianos from SS upwards. ? -Thompson and Shaokell, Ltd., i9, Castle-street, Swansea, etc., etc., LLY6 at present a Splendid Stock of Second-h tnd Inatrumsnta for selection. Catalogues fsee. ESTEY ORGAN n and ShackeP, Ltd., 39, Castle-street, Swan sea., (tp., hold the Sole Agency for these unrivalled I instruments. Prices, from £ 12 (cash). IM'in- trated Catalogue free cn application. B ROADWOOD Player Piants, Sixrpltz Player Pianos, Auteol ts.-Sole j. ten't. Thompson and Shackell, Ltd., 29, Castle- street, Swansea, etc., etc Largest cash dis- count, or easy terms arranged. FOR..SALE AND EXCHANGE. (S REENHOtJSE for Sale, 25ft. by 1-.ft., and J" H-eating Apparatus; £ 15— Apply Thoe. Evaii £ Liverpool Houee. Yoiaxnudw. CIS-2 PERSONAL. PE I JARMAiv.—jf William (?), who marrkd EII;A Caswell, foxmerly of Ilor',isleail, I Somerset., and who subsequently 1iy,ed all Swansea, and is believed to have carried on business as an organ builder, will commu- nicate with Francis E. 0. Habgood, Solici. tor, Bristol, he will hear of something t4 his advantage. NOTTCES. U, the Tin Box and Clothps left at 12a" — Strand, are not claimed within three days they will be sold to defray expenses. 169A10-1 MISCELLANEOUS ?M (SC E L LAhiJOUS. ?" UTCRI-NS-t?,fC F?B.O.A.. etc. (br LJ- Exams., Lond.).-Expert Sight-testing for Spectacles. Advice Free.-9, Portland- ,street., Swaneea(,opposite Market). 170A-10 3 DRAW IN GS.. WINNING Numbers of the Drawing in aid of David Griffiths, Lonles, Lian- eamlet: 115 826 2nd 342; 3rd 404; William Jones, secretary. T\RAWING of Tools of late J. F. R0ps.-744. lJ 2484. 1722, 2814, 384, 1872, 2322, 408, 509, j 2578, 1014, 2384, 575, 2295. 2607, 2085, 399, 515, 2536, 348, 2642. 2597, 842, 654, 639, 2616, 2346, 118:). 2j94, 781, 501, 556, 879, 555, 528, 154, 559, 1905, 2354, 540. 169A10-1 PUBLICATIONS. T ON DON Time-Table and Red Rail-Guide. The current issue of this popular Pub* lication is on sale at all Railway Book. a ll and leading Newsagents. Nearly 600 pages. it deals with over 3,000 railway stations..AI twopence, it is the best and cheapest Eaib way Guide ever published. TO   MONEY. CASH. Ad ve.nced to reepectahle House* holders. Striotly private. Eaey terms- Apply personally or by letter.—M. Foner, 9. Carlton-terrace. Swansea. b4.Al0.\) TTALF-A-MILLION TO LEND to all classes at Oue Hour's Notice, in sums of L5 to C5,000, privately and simply on own promise to repay. No inquiries. Call or write W confidence. SIANLEY DOWDING, LIMITED, 1, QUEEN-SQUARE. BRISTOL. STANLEY DOWDING. Manager* SAME ADDRESS OVER A QUARTER OF A CENTURY. LOANS. LOANS. LOANS. A WELL-KNOWN ENGLISH FIRM, approved and recommended by the Press, and noted for honourable and straight-forward businect) methods, .ue making aJvanoes a?iollowa:— £ 10 Repay ?H ?10 Repay 1(?. Month'v. .CM Repay ?? I £20 Repay ?1 Monthly. £ 50 Repay ?55 £50 Repay £ 2 Monthly. ii?50 Rc-?,ay E?l!5'O 5 I CIOJ Repay k4 Mouthly. £ 1,000 Repay £ 1.100. No Bills of Sale, Sureties, or Damaging Inquiries. Absolute privacy Guaranteed. Write, Call, oc 'Phone for Prospectus and Press Opinions Free. THE BRITISH FINANCE CO., 20. BHiDGE-STEEET. BBJSTOL. Tel. Iff75. Swansea Mercantile Co., Ltd. 18, PARK STREET, SWANSEA, MAKE IUA-U ADVANCES DAILY froza £10 to £ 1,000. No Charge Unless Business Done. Bills Discounted. Strictly Private and Gonfi- dential. For further part.-alars apply- H. B. JONES, Managing Director. £10 to glotooo TO LEND by the Oldest West of England TFirm, F. LAWRENCE. LTD., on Written Promise to Repay, Life Policies, Furniture. Farm Stock, or other Security. Principal Remains, or can be Repaid by Easy Ins il- mente. Promptness and Privacy. A Gentle. man will call and hand you cash at your house if desired. Distance no object. Jj.) not expose your requirements locally.— Write Manager, VICTOR HAMILTON, DON CHAMBERS, WINE-STREET. BRISTOL MONEY TO LEND. Cash Advanced from £5 upwards to Respect- able Householders. Easy Repayments. Apply— DISTRICT LOAN COMPANY, ST. MARY CHAMBERS, CHURCH STREET. SWANSEA. FU AN nu R E. lEFT-OFF OLOTHTNG, etc.. WANTED AND FOR SALE. ]V/f"BS. KERSLAKE, Wardrobe Dealer, 25a, XTJL Wass«il-»quare, gives Best, Prices for ail kinds of Second-hand Furniture, Pianos, Clothing of every description. Old Boots, etc. Postcards receive personal attention. NEW Clothing for Old.-Now is time for economy. We have decided to give higher prices. Ready Cash for Left-oif Clothing; Ladies', Gent.'s, or Children's. Post-cards receive prompt attention.—Mrs. G. Turetryky, 140, High-street, Swansea. 161A10-2 QECOND-HAND Furniture.—Best Prices given by me. Drop a postcard and will call. W. James, 8, Fabian-street, St. Thomas, Swansea. TO Hill's Announcements. I^URNI'l'URE! Furniture! Furniture!—Buy before the rise, which is bound to come. Just for a few weeks, Hill's, Central Buildings, Gower-stro-L, Swansea, are offer- ing the whole of their Stock at their old well-known prices, which are far below the usual trade prices. We wiii store any good at the usual prices until required free of charge. All goods delivered free. The fol- lowing are a few of our special lines. Strong Kitchen Couches at 16s. 6d.; Full-size Kitchen Dressers from 35s.; Full-size Bed- steads from 14s. 6d.; Dining-room Suited from 3i guineas; Bedroom Suites from 4s guineas; Sideboards, Fenders, File Brasses. Saddle Bag Suites in endlees variety at your own prices. We have a few Special Lines in Solid Oak Bookcases, 4ft., at 43 15a., which we cannot repeat. Intending pur- chasere should not delay, but call at once to the Cheapest House in the Trade.-Hill'e., Complete House Furnishers, Central Build. inge, Gower-street. Swansea; also at Cardiff, Aberdare, and Barry Dock. 167A10-2 J, PALMISTRY. MADAME Edith Dalma. the celebrated -? Welsh Palmist. Phrenologist, Clair- voyant, etc. Advice given on marriage, changes, speculation, baths, and dieta. In attendance daiYÿ from 11 a.m. till 9.30 p.m. Note address:—19, Park-street, off Union- street, Swansea. 167A10-J iq ADA)EE DRUSILliA, F.B.I.M.S., Palmist l: L Clairvoyant, American Mystic React ings. Advice daily. Hours 11 to 9.-Addr, Carroarthen Cafe, 49. St. Helen's-road, Swa31 sea. (late Royal Spa, Harrogate). Last fev weeks. POLJN HY~ DOGS, L1 VE hi UGK. &c. TXriTH Eggs at present prices would yon not like twice as idiny as you are gotting Then use Karewood (harmlessi Spice containing ground insects. Yon will be delighted with Teemlts. 2d., 6d.. Is.—Owen, Grocer, etc., Cawdor Stores, Llandebie. 1 A-POULTRY Keeper with ojafaary birav -?- made £ 14 68. extra profit last winter by uting Karewood (non-injurious) Poultry Spice, which enabled his birds to lay double the eggs; 2d., 6d., is. packets.-Davies Bros., Chemistd, Uebron-road, Clydach. 1 £ 8A1(W