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r I H—N Y uJu CM SM I]  t HERE I Call at H. Samuel's to-day! ??\'??—when money buys 1??? ??, than it has B ever bought before! g NOIAvi -W hen opportunities H are offered you which |g no other firm in the kingdcn can even approach I w| ^OW"when a Watch, Pen- S' l?H? 11 ???,t Ring or other §H exquisite iwe liery, handsOm4 j ■ plate or a host of articles of M\ ■ utility, can be obtains? at a R, m price which brings you a bigger K n saving than ewer! ?,' Bj Th,r*aref \\Ut\\j\\t\1S {}f ?r?iS??? ——' like th   **? following in the ?? t windows! Cad earlyl I5- STONE DIAMOND RINGS. Richly carved hall-marked Gold H |3 octting, mounted wi'h 5 exquis- 21 /•» M ?e Diamonds. Sensational value. /g??); "LUCKY" |cASE OF TEA- 1 WEDDING RINGS. Latest Court StylM ] SPOONS. ? a! in 22ct. Solid Gold. Srt of six StrllDg ?Id by weight, Silver-plated Tea- up-»snoons and Tongs, wards witii handsome in case fi Wedding F R E E complete. 3/6 Si Cift Often 5/6. A Special Wedding st) Gift presented to jHANDSOME PHOT MEN JOINING OR PENDANTS. M WITH New design, in ball- THE COLOURS. marked Gold beauti-a Offer: tully finished, with :peClal Offer: bevelled glass and s Wedding Ring and screw faBtcning. a  two ■ SeTJo. 10/6 SSL, "0 10/-  tb" two. photos. BB I 6 SAFETY RAZOR SET. B t y? Nickel-plated Safety Razor and Sg .3i,? blades, with plated sbeah8 A ■ for b?-Kit?. in handsome nickel 3/16 5 plated (ase. Amazing offer. ?' I GOLD KEEPER RINGS. Q Bi Bea?tIf?Hy chafed. 9et. eolid mm A |aJ; gold, many new and exclusive71/!6 S^ lji desIgns, t /jM' ? )jBgduetsdi. gns, Gold. 17'^$\  '-TrtTS?,? ? B,Llto,n. T?,fronto lir purc hased a it cO- ti  ??  ? ?.t??? ?? 'Li? \'W \O u 0 u i "1: t I 1'U'eÇt tit1\" -—-?'?  i SILVER <y VESTA BOXES. Jf' i'Full size, handsomely engraved, tf//«■ b ?- 1rked Silver. Startling y/e??' g value. Usually sold at 4/9. ?'  fcEMT.S —————————————J SIGNET RINCS. LUMtMOUS I ide,,igns, bean- WRIST WATCHES. | tifully fashioned in „ .1 M Gold. Covernment ?,hew the time i. hall-marked. atantly by ni. gVn'tJj A, often aold 15/ Vr ?y- ??s iie3l"l BA<= often sold -e !0E// Je6 mov?mp7it.? B?t32.-6. splendid time- 111 splendid 11 m c- < B B?Ra B 3 .siive- cases, with CALL strong strap. I E Bt t?L?STB'aB.SB-at.?t Invaluable Q1 j B Ra^K<9?a at the k run J B lgyllfl PlM f Many oth2rs 25/ I Ii 30/- upwards, j! SEfZE THiS SENSATIONAL | OPPORTUNITY TO-DAY! jf § Full Month's Trial and Rail Fares 3 Paid, as usual. S ? WATCH & JEWELLERY REPAIRS 1 )a executed by Skilled Craftsmen S| M at Money sawtn? Prices. 9 iiuwoj H H atchmaker to the AdmiraltyJ II 265, OXFORD ST. 9 (Under the Big Clock)@ iS H SWANSEA.  B Also at CARDIFF, NEWPORT, 1] JH MERTHYR, "°. B ? ?t/Ha&? <o ca?. M'7-?/or ?'? C'a??<7t/<' tn § j H. Samuel, 110, Market St. Manchester. a} f The Welshman's Favourite MABON Sauce I DW As good as its Name. s DON'T FAIL TO GET IT. f ff-U/actUTn-S-BLANCH'S. St. Peter St., Cardiff I SAILINGS. ————— EMIGRATION. I Bor Olieapent Rates and Earliest Steamers for Canada, Australia. South and Kast Africa, United States of America. Arget- tine, etc., apply at once to HOULDER BROTHERS & Co., 41, WHSD-STREhT, SWAxNSEA. PASSAGE LJOOKEI) BY ALL LIKES T'J i ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD. Telegrams—" Moulders." Telephone—Central 1215 (2 lines). ABSOLUTELY FREE. BERTIE PJIRKI^S AND CO., Paa-enger fiteamtilup Department, 11, Somerset-place (oppostt/e tho Town Hall), Swansea, BOOK I'ASSKNGERS to America, Australia, India, Canada, Africa, Kew Zealand, and to all parts of the World. Handbooks of information and all par- ticulars absolutely free. No booking cr any f&er, charged. Cables are received daily of the arrival of various Faosenger aieameis tM. rvu Abroad. Bertie Perkins and Co. are Oflicial Agents for the Beat and Largest Passenger Steaxl- ship Lines in the World. j A MESICA, Ganada, Soufh Africa, Ans- trali-I.-Intending passengers can have > berths reserved at lowest rate^. A ination fi-ee.-Ai)ply Roberts, titeaui daeeejuieii- Afreut. 1