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AMUSEMENTS. WARNING^ WARNING If Laughter Hurts You, KEEP AWAY from the EMPIRE THIS WEEK. It's the Funniest Show Ever Seen. GRAND THEATRE SWANSEA. MONDAY. FEB 8 CARY 15tb. 191-5, for Six Night, at 7.30. ami MATINEE on SATURDAY at 2.30. Mr. Robert Courlodidge's Production of the Sucee&sful Musica l Com.;dy- THE PEARL GIRL. From the Siiaftec-b-jry Theatre^ London. NEXT WEEK— Return Visit of the Gaiety Theatre Saccess, 'THE GIRL FROM UTAH." fHTAlirTOYAL SWANSEA. The Old" Star." The Drama House.! TO-NIGHT at 7.30. I And throughout the week, Percy Williams and G.N. Bullinger pre- j sent the Great American Comedy Drama Succ^-— j FOR HER CHILDRENIS SAKE. By Thoodore Kremr. The Companion Piav to "THE FATAL WEDDING." THE PICTURE HOUSE, I H!GH STREET. SWANSEA. NON-STOP RUN from 2.30 till 10.33. j WON-3TOP RUN frorn 2.30 till IO.SO. TO-DAY'S PROGRAMME- THE SOUL'S AWAKENING. An Exclusira by Nordi-sk. The Story of a Man's Regeneration. BRONCHO BILLY, VAGABOND '.Esean^y/. A WARM RECEPTION (Clarendon). THE HAND OF IRON (Edi&ca' A Fine Milit??ry Dr?ma. ISi KDlem) THE MAN )N THE VAULT ?Eolem? SECRET SERVICE SNITZ (Sterling |I! Comedy). THE SKY P!RATE. I Keystone C?mfdy. I | Path*3* Animated War Gazette. |!   CASTLE CINEMA Adjciciiig "Leader" Office. < WORCESTER PLACE, SWANSEA. I —————————-——————————— *y Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I £ Continuous Performance 2.38 to 10.38. THE CORSAIR. e) Â l"onr Part tlomautic D ania. 0 founded on Byron's Groat Pot-to. "5* A Film that tires the imagination J and grips throughout. 'An unusual picture both in its set. + tisgs and emotional qualities. SON? ? ? A Powertu! Story of a Young Man's t Downfall and Final Reciamxtion. ? CAUGHT !N A FLU E. £ A "Keystone" Comedy, in which the laughs thick and faet. HIS DOMINANT PASSION,. '? A Vit?.?r?ph" Drama \h:it wiU Cl'e$te I,' ? profound impne'toc. "d Oher Interesting Picture& Orchestral Music. Pop: ular Prices. 1 ? j MONDAY MEXT— I + IN PEACE AND IN WAR. A Powrful Topical Drama in 5 Parts. CARLTON 1 Cinema de Luxe, Oxford St., Swansea. 2.30. CONTINUOUSLY. 10.30. I Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. 8 MARY PICKFORD -The World's Sweetheart!. Supported by the Famous Players Co. in the i ascznaiiug Koznantic Comedy, Such a Little Queen. "Â little of the tenderns?^ and sweetness I of life put into dramatic expression." Approximate TimM of Showing: 2.30, I 5,23 and 1.11) p.m. THE HOUSE OF SILENCE. I THE STRENGTH OF TEN. THE WALL BETWEEN. PATHE'S ANIMATED GAZETTE. I Josie's Legacy. I I Troops Leavmg Swansea. } I -PRICES:—3d,, 9d6d,, and 15. I rhi?drcn. ?d. and 6d. i p I C T U R E- A a ■ Pi?o?idcd Every Afternoon (?a,turdsya i j I Meepted', a.t an Inclusive Chaj? of ? i' X"AELTON CAFE í :R. E..TONES. LTD.). ¡ r GXFOBD SO-EIST, SWAXST y Open Daily U &m. to 11 p.m. OSOHBS^-KAL & Musioo,! Director: VOGAXi itUtolC. Sisnor E. PeWIa, Vocalists— Miae MAY PSIC3 i&cxtreuao). Mr. DA VXD JOXBS v Baritone). T142 COSY. COMFORTABLE 1 OXFORD Electric Theatre, l UNION-STREET. TREMENDOUS ATTRACTION: THE POISON TREE. A Maeterpioce in Thrills. Sensations, Pathos and Fniruw Interest, featuring some of the Greatest Star Performers in the Picture ■ World. WAITING. Fine Thrilling Drama. I CAUGHT. I' One of tie Finest Comediee Screened. ¡ MEN WILL DECEIVE. A Fine Photo Flay by Big Ben. And &th«r Star Pieties. i &ontnKious from 6.3ft. Saturday from 2.39 AMUSEMENTS. THE SHAFTESBURY CINEMA, ST. HELEN'S ROAD, SWANSEA. IVeek- Commencing Monday, Feb. 15th. FRIDAY and SATURDAY— AN ORPHAN'S FATE Exc l usive) DETECTIVE AND MATCHMAKER. THE GREEN ROOM. HiS DOGGY. A FATAL FLIRTATION. BELLE OF THE BREWERY VILLE.  ELYSIUM 6.15. High Sir3et> Swansea. 3.30. THURSDAY, FRIOAY & SATURDAY, February 13, 19 and 20, His Majety Kmn George V.'s Favourite Drama— HARBOUR LIGHTS. By George R. Sims and 1-1. Pettitt CHESTER & DOTTRI DGE, Comedy Duo. In addition to an All-Star Programme. COMING SHORTLY- Another Elysium Masterpiece to equal The Patriot of France," Mr. Barnes of New York," The cast is an ideal one, headed by the Famous Screen Artiste, Mr. MAURICE COSTELLO. Further part inular-a will be duly announced PUBLIC NOTICES. OF ^W^^SSA! ST. JOHN AM 3U LANCE BRIGADE. FOR MAT ION OF A DIVISION AT SWANSEA. You are cordially invited to attend a PUBLIC GATHERING at the GUILD- HALL, SWANSEA, on MONDAY NEXT, the 22nd February, at S o'clock pan., for the purpose of Inaugurating the above Movement. A LANTERN LECTURE will be givec. by HERBERT LEWIS. ESQ. lEeputy CommitJioner, No. XI. Districts, illustrating' tae work of the Order of the Hospital of 3t. John. OANI EL JONES, Mayor. GOWER LYD OYSrIETi.MOUTH HOSPITAL COMMITTEE. POSHES AND COOK-GEN"&&AL. WANTED. MAN* AND WIFE. the former j to ac-, as Porter, ajici tho latijec- as Cook- General, at the Ciunniiuee'e Hospital, eitiiftte at Fairwcod Common. KiiT^.v, nestr Swantsea. Salary for combined oSioet, L60 per annuir.. witii boaiyl and residence. Appli-'aticnft. storing agee, prerioue ex- pej-knoe. a/-corn panied by tT7o nefeiienfe^ as to cha.raoter. to b? gent to mo. 'Lh? under- Ei?n??. not later then the Urd February, ISla. JNO. H. ROBINSON. Clerk to the O:I1llliitt I Council Offleceu <)>"csermc-utb, neaj* Swaxieea,. Iftth Februfixj", 1?15. I ^WANSEA RA-RDOUR TBUST. NOTICE IS HllK-EKY GIVBX that the ANNUAL GEyLHAL MEETING of the Swarraea Harbour Trut-t £ *t!s will be held at! the HARBOUR OFl'iCEfe. in the Oounty 1 Borou'h of S^raj;saa- on. M.ONDAX, the 8th iia.T of iLABCfl, 19i5. ax Twelve o'clock, j noon, when a Statement of tht) Receipts j and Dxpenditirre of the Trus<:eos for the 19'4, a..nfi cf year endut? the 31s- December, ?91?. ann üf all d?bta <?in? by them. and of all (bu- j tracts enteral ir.t,í) by tiiem, "Till be pro- d acrrl l'cr osamiriation and isettlemcsnt. NOTICE Ul; HEREBY ALiO <1.1 VEN t,h.t primed copies of such StAtement are TMw ready, rind IIL>-Y be had ai i,ll(: Offi. of the { Trustee^, F.itua.te in tho County Borough of Swansea; and thai, such Statement and the several Acoooat Books and l>"jcnments re- ferred to lie therein at the eaid Offices for tJio inspect iou of the Creditors o-f the eadti Trufitcee. Harborir luitepacvej-s and cot.ber parties intA,re,tel at all rr-,a,Bona-bi-B hoars. Dated this wth day of February. 1915. TALFOURD STBJO.K. Cierk. Harbour Officee, %wamme,. THE PUBMO HEALTH ACT 1875. SWANSEA. WHEREAS the Council of the Borough of Swansea have applied to the Local Govern- j ment Board for t-innclion to borrow the sum of £ j,li30 for the p1,-rf i:J¡¡,¡e of C"v»m U-nydd I Farm and certain adjoining land in -,he ParisJi of Oockett a a a site for an Isolation Hospital; and the Local Government Boatd ( have directed Inquiry into tho subject-mat- ter of iuch Application: NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Morgan J. Bees, fisquire, ID., tho Inspector ap- poir,t £ il to hold tho said Inquiry, will at. tend for that purpose it tho Onildhall, Swansea, on Wednesday, the Third day off March, 1915. at Ten o'clock in the Forenoon, I and will then and there bf prepared to re- ceive the evidence of ac.v persons interested I in the matter of tHe said Inquiry. H C. MONRO. Secretary. Local Government Board, 18th sWA-NEEA, AEr gOCLETY ROYAL INSTITUTION OF SOUTH WAIVES. WAR En EXHIBITION I (Ln aid of Belgian Relief Fund). AN EXHIBITION of PAINTINGS AND I Sl-CEm^lTS^ by StEiTBERS of the SWANSEA -o.T SOCIETY, will be held at The ROYAl. I INSTITUTION OF SOUTH WALES, iivom SATURDAY. Xth FEBRUARY, to SATUR-. 1 DAY, 2LAECH, 1315 unciiisiTe!, from 9 a.m. till 9 p.m. ADMISSION FREE. I IF YOU WANT A PRIVATE CASH ADVANCE apply to- ALBERT E. GASH, 6, UPLANDS CRESCENT, SWANSEA, Where any respectahla person may obtain a Loan from £10 to any amount without fuso or loan office formalities. No Fees or Sureties are required, and the I Amount is Adrajiced,41 J. j SALES BY AUCTION. SWANSEA AUCTION ROOMS, 46, WATERLOO-STREET. MESS liS. j John M. Leeder and Son J "DEG to announce that their uext. Sale of Miscellaneous Furniture and Effects will Ltf; held at the SWAIv'SfiA Al'CTTON ROOMS ou WEDNESDAY NEXT, FEBRU. AKY 2th, 1915, comrucaf^nc at 11.30 o'clock t in tho forenoon, when thev- will offer a j Larr-j As-x/rtment of Useful Household Furniture AND EFFECTS. Roughly comprising:— Oak Sideboards. o Carved Oak High-back Ohaira, Dining Table, Mahogany-framed Suite in Amcriciu Leather, Oak iiall Stand. Dnchdss Dressing' Table a-n-d Marblc-top Washstind, Painted Bedroom Suite, vario.ii Dressing Tables and Wa^h- 5tands. Cheste of Drawers. Maliogany Swing } Mirrors. Bedroom Wa.1?. Towel Airer?. C:nnmod, B)-3?? Rail, Oak-fmmed ??d Combination Bed?l?a/if. amI Beddinr;. Ormolu mounted W ilrmt and Maro.net.ery China Cabinet. blaid i hogany Bureau, fitted with nests and drop front and three drawers mider; W-al- nut Davenport, Loo and Occasional Taoles, | Piush-framcri aud other Mirrors, Overraau- {telfi. Mahogany-framed Couches, and Floor Cash ion O-Ike, Furniture.—Oali-framed B'X>kshelves,! very fine Mahoprany Show utted with plate-glasa back and Fl:) ar-f old Screen. Plated Revolving Breakfast Dish, Handsome Ornameutrf and Vases, Pair Plated Candlesticks, Large Qtiantity of Boote, Phoa!Ogra,ph Records, Cut G126s Wine Dei-enteri?, Wciv-esfe-r 'leo. a.ud Breakfast Service, Sundry Dinner Ware, Engravangs. Waiter Colour?, otc, Brasi-xnonnted ilceal, Vases, All-Brass and other Fenders, and Fire Suite?. Gas Fire, Fire Soneens, Plant and Unibrella Stands. Stained Medi- cine Cheft, Karriwvn's Cireular Knitter, Treadle Sewing Mnchine, Electric Light Fit. tines. Lawn Mower. Oat-don Roller. Ziac > CircuHr Water Tank with tap, Bicycler. Men'c. and s lIoc>e. ,amti Em- broiuered Half Hose; Eitohen !)Te-zeor. and the Ullel Kiichen Furniture, etc. | 11 on View Morning of Sale from J 9.Z.o a.m. DATE OF NEXT SALE—WEDNESDAY, MARCH 10th, 1915. 62. WALTEB-ROAD. SWANSEA. A Large a.ad Attractive Sale of Unique and Valuable Effects. Removed from Messrs. PowlefcLand and Macon'e aud Mr. Edder- sha; St.crc8 to the Above Address. Mr. Astley W. Samuel (F-A.L). HAS received itstructionq to SEIJ, by PUBLIC ACCTTON, at the above ad- dress:, on TUESDAY, 2,3rd FEBBUARY, 1915, j the Hout-eiiold Appointments. Some cf the items consist of: KASTNER'S AUiO-TiAisO, latent model. ROSEWOOD CASE, playing full-scale music, together with quantity cf Remarkably fluai SOLID OAK TELESCOPE DINING TABLE. with massive centre pedestal, all exquisitely j carved; a very ri.?.h!y-car*ed dark Oak I Sideboard; very handsome choicely-carved DARK OAK DINING-ROOM SUITE, hi MOROCCO; beautiful Solid Mahogany Cir- cular Table, with Cabriole Leg. exception- ally well-carved Dark Oak Sideboard; mas-1 sivo femi-circular Gilt Pier Glass IMPOS- j ik a satin walnut bedh^m suits very fine Old Oak Bureau, Antique Gra.nd- father's Cloak, artistia Ebony Overmantel, very choicd Drawing-room W riting Tables, Moorish Pedestal Tables, heavy all-Brass i Bedsteads, VALUABLE OIL PAINTINGS by j Fielding and others, very handsome Oraa- uientdl CHINA, several choice Pieces of SILVER. Gent.'s Bicycle, ]ron Safe, beauti- fut Antique Rosewood Card Table, etc., etc Catalogues (2d. will be i?eued, and can he had of the Auctioneer. Goods on new Monday, 22nd February, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sale to commence at 11 a.m. Terms—Cash. Auctioneer's Offices. King's Chamber-?, Swansea. Docks Tel. 266. Highly Important Sale of Leasehold Pro- peities and Freehold Ground Rente in the Parish of Oysteimouth. PAr. Arthur S. T. Lucas HAS been instructed by tire Executors of the late Mrs. Laura Burgees to offer for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the HOTEL METROPOLIS. SWANSEA, on TUES- DAY. the 2ad day of MARCH, 1215. the tol- lowing most Valuable Properties: fnll detailed particulars of which appear ou the conditions of sale, auction posters, and slips: LOT 7, Alexandra-terrace, West Orofen; term. 96 years, from September. lõ6i; ground rent. £ 3 3s.; present rent, £ 25 net. LOT 2.—The Rest Cafe, Promenade; term. 60 years, from March. 1862; ground 1C.; rent, £23 net. LOT 3.NL a. H', Newton- road, corner of WaJteis-crescent; term, 99 years, from March* Laol; ground i ( «t, -6; grc«5 rent. £45 10; LOT1 4.—No. lB. cwWn. road, adjoining, let 'o Mr. E. G. Vtwl-jj. (Jaemist. at £.40 net; term. 99 years, from March, 1901; ground rent, i.6; posseesion of this lot can be given in June n\t. LOTS — The GOSPEL HAldU Nevrtcn-road; rent. £50 net; term. 99 years, from Mcivh. IvOl-; grouiid rent, £ 9. LOT i.-i.ro 13. k-te •- race; term, 99 yeavs.-troui September, JSaJ (less two day&); ground rent, £ 2 So.; wilt, I' iUs. 6d- a week finclu-i.cl. LOT 7. No 15. 1k-terr3,ce; cerm. ? vl.n. f- m Sti-li m- h:c, 136? Oe?s two d3T?): let kr .brce '<?ra from June. 1914, a,t. ?a in?usi-v? ren of .:2 15s. per month; groand rent, E.1 5- LOT 3.— A Freehold Ground Rent of £ 7 6$. M. peT annum, secur.ed by No. 19, Promenatio, now let. at .CT& per annum. TOY 9.—A Freehold Ground Kent of £ 7 6s- 8d.. secured by No. 20, the Promenade, now let at £ 26 per an- num. LOT 10.—A Freehold Ground Rent of £ 7 6s. ad.. scoured by No. 21, the Promen- ade, now let at f,24 per annum. The leases of Lots 8. 9, and 10 arc for 99 years, from las?. The Mines and Minerals are excepted as to Lots 2. 3. 4, and 5. The Sale 10 oommeuce at 3.30 in the., after- noon precisely. For Particulars and Conditions of Sate apply to Arthur S. T. Luca-s. Auctiono»-r, Valuer, and Estate A?nt. 6. But land-street, Swansea, and at the Mum bias. Tel.. Cea- tral ;},j; ,>a,hlisÍ!NI Ft.s; or for permission to inspect the propenies, apply to the ten- "Its. and as to the Gospel Hali. apply to Mrs. Morgaat, the caretaker, No. 14, Castie- ton, Mumbles; or as to the whole of the lots to D, Stauley Ow. Fzq., Solicitor. I-ondon and Provincial Bank Buildings, Wind-street, Swansea. Tel.: Docks 363. No. 156 j. AUC'iTON_MART, 3, 4S, GOAT STPFM, SWANSEA. To Baakans. Ma« ufawurere.. County Oonnoils, Cl.errks to District and I Parish OouxKhJe. lYcdeCTen. others. Messrs. J. F. Harvey & Sons I XtriLL OdTFiiR for PUBLIC COMPETITION on WEtDNE-SDAY, FEBRUARY 24tiit j 1315, et the above axLdress, a Valufihle eignment of 15 High Class Cold Bent Stesi Safes, VerioiM sizes, iroul 20 inchet to 4 feet high, with all the latest and mc.et appro-red modem nttincrs and improvem'snts, mazzl- facturod by the well-known firm of Measre-. Thornae ^ithoi-s -ai-Ni Sone-, Phcemx Safe Work6, Weet Bromwwh On View Morning of Sale. I Sale to commence 12 Noon. -"U_ SPECIAL ARRIVAL OF MARMALADE ORANGES PER en. DOZEN. MACK L T ?., WATERLOO AN? SEP.-Cr4"'ST'REE-TIl."I J. Sun Rises 7.8, Sun Sets 5.21. Lighting-up Time, 6.13. I High Water To-day, 9.51 p.m. To-morrow, 10,11 a.m., 10.25 p.m.




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