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THE DISASTER. Ilho iraaginivfcion is srbtuniod by such a I disaster as that which we had to announce yos.terday. It is easy to logical, and to say that the sorrow of I ono in Iwreavcmont is not ItM-s than the sorrows of hundreds smitten by afflic- tion, and that the gum of pain is not iticreaerd by numbers; but the mind, when faced by such calamxtk^s as the sinking of tho Titanic, tho explosion at Songheuydd, and the loss of the Em- press of Ireland, rofusee to be com- forted by such thoughts. To-day we think of the Stately liner, pursuing her way homeward down tb.) majestic St. Lawrence, full of ca&3fengers eager to sso the Old Country again—struck down in a few minutes. Death is alhvays terrible, but the shadow of its wings cover tho whole land when it comes in this swift way. Not even at the time of writmg is it possible to state definitely the full ex- tent of the disaster. But we know enough, alas, to say with certainty that tho lass, of tho Emprees of Ireland will rank in history with the loss of too Titanic. Last night, a weAl-lcnowu Swansea schoolmaster, who bad travel- led in Canada, and knew the scemo on tho St. Lawrence trb<?re the liner sank, ex-praised sirrprLso that the disaster etould be M) complete. The detailed i accounts o?pr an ?dcqnat.) í'X-J planation. In a d?nse fog, when motionless in tho river, a (X'lEpr I crashed into the lir.cr amidships, and tore her way to the- stern, making a hug? rent and ?iK?rrn? ?hc trans- VG;-? bfdk??s nwk?. The water rushed into tho Tk-tit iii such volume that; in a quarter of an hour the great r?xfd Mmk. Hunèxed" of pa.s'?cng?rs Yrcro drowned in their beds and in thc? alley tvay.s.


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