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COUNTY BOROUGH OF SWANSEA. ] John M. Leeder and Son HAVE received instructions to offer for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the HOTEL METROPOLE, SWANSEA, on WED- NESDAY, JUNE 10th, 1914, at 3.30 p.m. ;re- cisely, the EXCELLENT SEMI-DETACHED LEASEHOLD Villa Residences, known as CEFNBRYN" and "THE CHESTNUTS," SKETTY-ROAD, SWANSEA, Situated in a popular Residential Quarter of the Town, and in a neighbourhood where there is a steady demand for houses of this cla,ss. The houses themselves are set well back from the road, and have excfTTent gardens in" front and rear. The accommodation in each house com- prises:- GROUND FLOOR.-Dining Room, Morning Room, Lavatory, Kitchen, Scullery, and the usual Domestic Offices FIRST FLOOR.—Drawing Room, 3 Bed- rooms, Bathroom and w.c. SECOND FLOOR-4 Bedrooms. The two Houses are held under a lease for 99 years from March 25th, 1893. at an apportioned ground rent of 120 per annum. The Property will first be offered as a whole, and if not so sold will then be put u:) in two lots, each house bearing an ap- I portioned ground rent of £ 10 per annum. Mines and Minerals are Reserved. Particulars and Conditions of Sale may be obtained f rom:-MYSSW- R. VOSS AND SON, Solicitors, Post Office Chambers, 173, Betbnal Green-road, london, E. or from t.ho AUCTIONEERS at their Offices, 46, Waterloo-street. Swansea. DON'T }" 0 R. GET FFORESTFACH WHIT-TUESDAY 1914 EISTEDDFOD. ADJUDICATORS music-Dr. T. R. MAYN, B.A.. Mus. Doc. (Llandrindod); Dr. T. D. EDWARDS, Mus. Doe. (Treharrisi; Mr. JOHN PHILLIPS (Aberavon). LITERATURE—GWTLI (Ammanford). RECITATIONS (Test)—Mr. J. AMOS JONES (LkuteUy). General Secretary, DAVID JENKINS, <Jeodros, Fforestfaoh.' COUNTY BOROUGH OF SWANSEA. MESSRS. dohn M. Leeder and Son HAVE received instructions to offer for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the HOTEL METBOPOLE, SWANSEA, on WEDNESDAY, JUNE 10th, 1914, at 3.30 pjm. precisely (unless dispoeed previously), the conveniently "Situated Freehold Residence Known a6 No." 3, CONSTITUTION lULL, SWANSEA, Occupying an excellent corner site, having frontages of 4aft. and 128ft. (all measure- ments more or less) to Brooklajids-terrace and Oonstitution Hill respectively. The accommodation coaiprisee:— GROUND FLOOR.-Entrinee Hall from Constitution Hill, Dining Room, Breakfast Room, Kitchen, and the usual Domestic Offices. FIRST FLOOR.—large Front Drawing Room, 2 Bedrooms, Bath Room and w.c. SECOND FLOOR.—Four Bedrooms, and Back Staircase to the Domestic Quarters. The Premises are in a central situation, I convenient to the most important Railway ¡ Stations and Tram B-ontes; have a southern aspect, and enjoy magnificent views of the full sweep of Sw.insea Bay and the Bristol Channel. There is a small Enclosed Lawn in the front, and there are weH-laid-out Flower Gardens in the rear. I'oseeeaion on completion. The Mines and Miner lis are re6erved. Solicitor: E. M. C. Dahne, Esq., Victoria Building, Swan?ea? Auctioneers' 0&c<*s: 46, Waterloo-street, I Swansea- PRELIMJN A RT ANNOUNCEMENT. Y..M.CA. SPORTS & CARNIVAL. SWANSEA CRICKET CROUND. AFTERNOON AND EVENING. THURSDAY, JULY 16TH. Fancy Dress Carnival and other Splendid Attractions. BOOK THE DATE. 1JNITED gERVICE JgBIGADE. MEMBERS ARE EARNESTLY RE- QUESTED TO ATTEND THE FUNERAL OF LATE OOMRADE W. CROSS, R.M.L.L PORTLAND-PLACE, MUMBLES. Meet at Rutland-street, 2.45 p.m. TUES- DAY, 2nd JUNE. Fares Paid. 1 i)a or. | THE tw j I'" -A I Record of the Great I f THE E'?'s'yi????&? ? gs   I Catastrophe. j is Two years ago it was the sad duty of 6     S |i to give its Million and a half readers an historic §6 J record of the appalling Titanic calamity, To- s El morrow it wiJl present the Fullest and Beb account R | of the latest awful tragedy of the Sea, in addition m ■ to the whole story of the Disaster as it is known to- 1 I day, exclusively writt en for 9 Lloyd's  ? !s j??&?U?y??? s uvvs II into a complete narrt ive of absorbing interest by a E | well- known -kuthor p 1 The correspondents of the paper on the spot will I I cable all the fresh new s available up to an early hour § 5 on Sunday morning. The account will be fully S illustrated by Special Photographs, Sketches, g Maps and Plans, and wUl be by far the Best a.nd 1 Most Authentic Record of this terrible event in the I 1 annals of the Sea. 1 I The demand will be en ormous, so make sure of Your S| | Copy of N ii- I I You should give your order now. M'U M B L ESP I ERA N D PAVILICN. WHIT-SUNDAY, MAY 31st, at 3^5 and 6.45 p.nfl.; WHIT-MONDAY, JUNE 1st, at 3 and 6 p.m., Expensive Engagement of CROSSFIELD'S FAMOUS BRASS BAND. Winners of Crystal Paiace Championship (1,000 Cumsas Trophy), 1911, and over 60 First Prizes. Conductor-Mr. W. HALLIWELL, Wigan. A ADMISSION, 3d. Children, 14. WHIT-MONDAY, JUNE 1st, at 3.30 and 8 p.m.; TUESDAY, JUNE 2nd, and during the week at 3.30 and 7. 30 p.m., the Popular Concert Party, THE NON ENTITIES.





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