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SUNDAY SERVICES, CUPEL JJENitlETTA. A BEitTAWE. CYFARFODYDD PREGETHU 6ABBATH a NOS LUN. IONAWR ileg alr 12fed, 1914. Dlir i Wesanaethu Parehedigion H. T. JACOB (Abergwaun), a W. CLASMANT JONES (Dunvant). Vr Oedfoon i dftohMU y Safobath am 11, 5, i a 6.30; Nots Lusl am 7.30. j Fe genir unawd gan Miss GRACE ALLEN THOMAS ynyr oedfa hwyrol. Oeøglir. Croosaw Calonog. QXFOaD-ST. UNITED jyjTETSODIST c HUROR. EICHT DAYS' SPECIAL EVANGELISTIC MISSIBN, OOMJitENOING TO-MOBEOW (SUNDAY), JANUARY lltà. con-ducted by Rev. F. SPARROW SUNDAY SEE VICES at 11 and 6.30. WEEK EVENINGS at 7.30. CHILDREN'S SERVICE on MONDAY and WEDNESDAY, at 6.30. WOMEN'S SPECIAL MEETING 011 WEDNESDAY at 3. BRIGHT. ATTBAOTIVE SERVICES. &HOBT AJDD&ESS! SOLOS! Everybody Heartily Welcome. J^OUiVT pLEASAWT 0HAFEL, SWANSEA. TOIXORRAW (SUNDAY), JANUARY 11th. Preacher: REV. W. Y. FULLERTON ^London). x Services: Iforniiag at 11, Evening at 6.3CL )t>ETHE&DA (BEDIDDWYB OYMKEIfl), :.0 AKEKTAWE. ■' YFORY (SUL), IONAWR 11, 1913. Pregethtwr: J>ARCH. E. ATKINS (OasUwohwr). Boreu 11, Hwy-r 6.50, Yagol 8111 2.30. 8ed4&u rhyadion a chrtteM-w i bawb. QAPEL GOMEB, SWANSiiA. tO-MOREOW (SUNDAY), JANUARY 11th. Pro"htr: ib R. Q.OMEE E W IS (Pastor). Sorvi&es: Homing at 11, Evening at 6.30, Sunday School at 2.30 p.m. Communion after Evening Service. J>UYDUiNGS PAEK C.M. CHAPEL, L RHYDDINtrS PARK-ROAD. T'()-MOB,ROW (SUNDAY), JANUARY 11th. Preachers: Morning at 11: Rev. EVAN JSNKINS (Waltc*r-ro«d). Evening at 6.30: Rev. E. P. HUGHES (Pastor) Prayer ileeting at 10.15 a.m. -=- ftl- .SUSJUEN'i BAPTIST CHAPEL (Jtadoo- atroeL). TO MORROW (SUNDAY), JANUARY IIA. Preocbar: pt 'ET. J 0AUSTON (Paator). gervio"; 3LOrninir at 11, Evening at 6.3ft. School and Bible COaeeee at 2.4.5. ~~jg~K~E T T Y B A PTIST. TOMOEBOW. lt SIDNEY E VANS, &A. (Goreeinon). ftT. HELRNS-&OAD CO?SeRBeAT?ONAL '? CRURCH. T0-MOR.aOW (SUNDAY), JANUARY lttto. Preacbere: horning et 11: BeT. T. SINCHjAIR EVANS. Yearns at 6.30: Rev. A. WYNNE THOMAS. Hearty Weioome Extended to All. JtEElUHi BOOM, S't. J:ltli6a. iifcd. St. Ji«l<m'«-roa«L you arc cordially invifcei to a Free Leoturc. oil SUNDAY at 6.3S pan. I "THE LeARGER HOPE: WILL ALL MEN BE SAVED?" By Mr. T. A. PALM-ER. ftetoe biilib Y"w' .t;}.i..¡;; Xcr reiereiioe. 411 Beata Piot. No OoiieotloB. MOVE",NT. j CENTRAL HALL. ^MORROW (SUNDAY), JANUARY lltb. Pro"boor, »t H ?nd 6.?0: ?E'f. ?? ?V ATKIN -?rnj?A.M?. W:. "V i t' At 6.30: The Story of tie Kechabdtaa." -P&-Yb"V Weimme.- OkArOUNT- ZION BAPTIST GHUKOJi. TO-MORROW (SUNDAY), JANUARY 11th. Preachero: MERAANG a*. II: Rev. T. MATTETEWS (Fa.bi.a.n' Bay). at 6.3ft: Rev. E. WORTHING (Pr) Sunday School and Bible Okies, 2.46. gT. j^NDREWS pRESBYTERlAN QHUROH, ST. HELEJPS-EOAD. TOMOB-BOW (SUNDAY), JANUARY lltk. preaober- I -1 0OBT. I E)LDS, N. A B. D REV. R. QTNMNMI* M.A., B.D. Surrioee—Morning at 11. Ewnbig at 6.30. A Hearty Welcome to All. I^KRRAdtROAD O.M TCMAPi^ SWANSEA ^MOREOW (SUNDAY), JANUARY 11th. PTe8I01Mt' n BV. W. W. LEws (PMtor). Morning at 11, ETening at 6.30. Ij School and Bible riflfltiiw a.t 2.45, ? M .lNSELToN KNÚL1B CO?NORFGA -m TMNAL CkuROH af&n"lton-road, Swaaaea. TO-MOREOW (SUNDAY), JANUARY ftth.  ?.- EY Q J. E ANS. B.A. (P?tor) BerTieea: Morning at 11, Keening at 6.30, Stmday School at 2.30. ORE PLAOB B-APTIOT CHAPBL. ^tK*ORROW (SUNDAY), JANUARY lfth. Pr?a?h&r: HTS (paotor) R?' ?.? (?-???DYN RHY"S'(Putot') Moruiag at 11, Evemiag at 6.30. SUNDAY SERVICES. Y.M.C.A. NEW YEAR'S SERVICES. Preacher REV. W. Y. FULLERTON, (London). TO-MORROW, SUNDAY (LLEWELYN B?LD) J 3 p.m.—MEN ONLY. Chairman-Mr. W. H. ASHMOLE. Soloist—Mis* May Harris. Selections—Gwent Glee Singers- I Pianist-Mr. A, Davies, F.R.O.O., AJE.CJ*. 8.15.-0PEN TO ALL. Chairman—Mr. S. SOLOMON. Selections by Mr. W. H. Hoare's Orchestral liaxid. NEXT MONDAY, LLEWELYN HALL. Afternoon at S.W- ChaiTnian-Dr. J. A. RAW-LOTOS, J.P. Evening at 7.30— i; ObQiToan-Mr. J. R. DAVIES. Mr. PuUerton will ttlso lyreach on Sunday at Mount Pleasant Cl at 11 am. and 6.30 p.m. Walter-road Congregational Church. 'PO-MORROW (SUNDAY), JANUARY 11th. Preachers.—Monti ne at U; Rev. E. P. HUGHES, Evening at-6.30: Rev. EVAN LTENKINS. Services: Morning at 11, Evening at 6.30. Pell-st. Primitive Rflettwdist Church. TO-MORROW (SUNDAY), JANUARY 11th. REV IV AlTSER VICES j will be held at follows:— il SUNDAY, JANUARY 11th, Morning at 11, Alternoon at 2.45, Evening 8.i.. conducted by Rev. A. JOHNSON. MONDAY, 12th, 7.30 p.m.-Rov. G. H. 80UTHALL. TUESDAY, 13th, 7.30 p.m.—Mr. A. PHILiUHBB (Van Missioner). WEDNy, 14th, 7.30 p.m.-Rev. G. H. SOUTHALL. THURSDAY. 15th, 7.30 p.m.-Uv. AL. JOHNSON. Duriqj ithe BuikLiue of New (^gian and Henova^ion of the Ohapel Sunday Services will be jeld in the Y.W.C.A. Hoill, St. Heien'« Road (ecitrauce from the Lane at book of preruiset); Week Night Servioee in the PeU- etreet Schoolroom. SKEtTY BROTHERHOOD (UNSEOTARXAN). The US^AL MEETING will be held at WESLEY CHAPEL, SKETTY, TO-MORlOW (SUNDAY) llrrEENOON. at J. Speaker MR. J. V. ESMOND, B.Sc. DiBG(ENEiBiATIO(N." Ohairm-Dr. J. A. RAWLINGS, J.P. Singing Mill be led by the Brotherhood String B-aodi. Mr. O. St. Ervan Johns, A.R.O.O., wfll pre- aide at the Organ. -LUMen Ooirdially We-lwm-ed.- 1 MXijfDBA (C.M.) HHCSOH èW ANSEA. TO-MORRtw (SUNDAY), JANUARY 11th. Preachers: Morni^.at 11: Rev. J. PHILLIPS (Oajma-rthen-road). Evening at .30: Rm-. EVAN EVANS (Paster). Sunday Scbool at 2.30. All Seats Free. EMORU, BAPTISr C2IAPEJU WALTER. I MX SO AD, SWANSEA. I TO-MORROW (SUNDAY), JANUARY 11th. I Pi" MR. J. ¡8 HU&IŒS. I B.A., B_D.(JtaafiJiekl Oolle. Oxford). I j.em:.M.l! nUl" aL 11, Bveuiilg at 6.M. l H?rty iNTtt??cm to AIL Fre. Seats. Wü!:wi-i;\r MM??AX ?<HAf.e?' In HELEN'S-ROAD. I TO-MORROW (SUNDAY), JANUAJTY Uth. Preachers: MOTTLinA at, 11: Ifr. AJLNOILD. Evening wtpo; Fev. T. WHKAffT.KY, R H Y D D I S CONG RKOATIONAL CKUROf (Tc-p of Fix»hury-t«rcuc«j. TYMMOEtROW UNDAY), JANUARY 11th. Preachers: Morning at 11 Bev. J. T. RHYS tPastor). Evening at 6.3. Rev. JOHN MATHMESWS ClJ,bia-n'e Bay). Sunday School hd Bibte Cilaes" at 3 o'clock. All Soaite Frea Hymn-booka provided. ST. PAIII;IS OQKJKEGATIONAL OHUROi SWANSEJ (oear the Hoepital). TO-MORKO** (%NDAY;, JANUARY lltk. 'reachera: I Morning at 11: aev. J. GdLBBRT REES Pamtor). Bveoing aLt 6.30: v. A. BJITNON PliILLIPB ^^tygwy<-ir;. AS&TL& OUltL, ST. HELEN S-ROAD, SfANSEA. TO-MORROW (S%DAY), JAJFUARX Uth. Peikchers: Morning at 11: A. WYNNE THOMlAS. BwHiiae at 6.30: R4r. T. SlNOLAIR. EVANS. JILEBT-fiT. CON?BGATIONAL CHU?OM. FLE-ET4rr' -?———— TO-MORROW (SV, Y). JANUARY 11th. ^Haoher: REV. R,. CON LEwljs (PaMor). Morninfiat 11, Evening at 6.30. Sunday at 2.45 p.m. CARMARTHEN R\.D CONGREGATIONAL CIIJi.OH. —— TOJIOBROW (SUN.M,y), JANUARY 11th. P>\oher: R BV. J. JHILLIPS (Paator). Services: Morni»«tt 11, Ereoi»g at 6,30, I SUNDAY SERVICES. WESLEY CHAPEL, OOLLECfcE^TREET, .SWANSEA. FOREIGN MISSIONARY ANNIVERSARY, TO-MORROW (SUNDAY), JANUARY 11th. Preacher-11 2,m. and 6.30 p.m.: REV, CHARLES FENELEY (Late of Sierra Leone). At » p.m., REV. C. FENELEY will addreee a, COMBINED MEETING OF THE BROTHER- HOOD AND SUNDAY SCHOOL. Soloist—iSiisa Kate Eaton. MONDAY, JANUARY 12th, MISSIONARY MEETING at 7.80 p.m. gpe&kerti- RIev. C. FENELEY, Rev. T. WHEATLEX. Rftv. S. M. BUTTERS, And Otheri- Ohair to bo taken by Mr. lit C. BEVAN (Misikuvary Treasurer). Pantygwydr Mens Meeting k uN utiti OAii N A'i i ON JLhl. TO-MORROW (SUNDAY) at 3, Speaker: Mr. J. WILLIAMS HUGHES, B.A., B.D. (itaarAWd College, Orford). Cholrman —fMr., OOPSON. Seioiet—Master AUBREY DOWNEE. pANTYGWYDi fgAPTIST CHAPEL. 11 a.m.-Rev.A. BEYNON PHILLIPS. 6.30 p.m.-Rev. GILBERT REES. A L.BNRTI ]a A -L L. T TOJtOSRCW (SUNDAY) EVENING at 1.15. UfMTED GATHERING for Praytr and Ppjjise, led by the Rev. OSCAR SN ELDING, and addressed by the VICA &R OF SWANSEA and tb-e PRESI- | DEMbT .f the FREE CHURCH COUN- CIL« "That T-hey All May Be One." jyyOUNT 0ALYARY jgifiOTHERHOOD, MASSELTO^, TO-MORROW (SUNDAY), JAN. 11th (3 to 4). Mr. H. ¥. HOOD will apeak on the Aims and Objects of the Sand-ay Suppression 1- 'Soloist—Miss Diaisy Greenwood ^BrjTihylryd). Accompanist—Miss G. llo-w-elw, C.R.A.M. Oh<airman—Mr. FRED PALMER (Mauselton). rj^VAR £ RN ACLlE jgNGIASil B"-rlbT CHAPEL, Stiiitter-ctreet, Waunwen. TO-MORROW (SUNDAY), JANUARY lltk. Preacher: Rev. R. J. WILLOUCHBY (Pastor). Services: Morning at 11, Evening at 6.50. School end Bible Classes at 2.45. PUBLIC NOTICES. N 0 T 1 0 FA 0 p It-T YSTRADGYNLA1S RURAL DISTRICT OOUNGIL. NOTICE IS HEREBY OIVEN that the Half-yearly Statements of Accounts of this Biiral Distrifct Council for the hali-year ended the 30th clay ci September, 1S13, to- gether with the Rate, Booke of ^.ccwmt, Vouchers, etc., will on the 22nd day t'f Jamiary, 1914, be deposited at the Crerk's Oiiice, Queen's Chambers, Neath, and kktc-ki Statements and Books of Account will be Open to be Inspected, Examined 2 nd C< pied by any Ratepayer in the District of the said Council, ftt any reasonable hour in the day time when the Council, until the 29th day of January, 1914, and that on the last-mentioned day at the hoar of 11 o'clock the Accounts of the eaid Rural District Council will be Audited by J. E. Pug-he Jones, Esq., the Auditor, at the Clerk's Office, Queen's Chambers, Neath, when and where every euch Ratepayer who Taay have any objection to any matter contained in the above-mentioned Accounts may attend ander his objection, and the Bame will be heard and determined by the Auditor. Dated this 9th da.y of January, 1914. A. JESTYN JEFFREYS, Clerk to tha RUnlil District Omar-ii. Qneen's Chambers, Neath. RE ROBERTNA (LATE Oil WOODBATCrf, EATON GROVE, (SWANSEA). AILL PERSONS SAVING ANY CLAIM against the above-named Deceased are re- quested to send Particulars thereof forth- with to the undersigned. Dated the 9th day of January, 1914. F. BEDDOES NASH, 20, Wind-street, Swansea. Solicitor for the Administratrix. POUMnSFCRPEMSY Returns received in Week ending Dec. Z3 Clients, 43; lines, 106; prizes, 31. Re- turns received in Week ending Jan. 3, fac as to hand, will be Published Nest Saturday. Terms: 2 "solutions," 6d.; monthly, at Reduced Rates. See Advt. under tNotioos" Heading, Page 2; or apply SECRETARY, MUTUAL HELP COMMITTEE, Astweed He use, Coerleen-rosd, New- port, Men. t -=- ANSWER TO CORRESPONDENT. T'affy. The Whip was laf4 played at the Grand Theatre, Swansea, during the week beginning February 24th, 1913. g@-Lovell'6 Devon Cream Toffee. The East Rand Oa^nbriaai Society, Boxbufgrh, Transvaa.1, have gtibscribea £ 237 l'is. Id. to tiiie Scii^ieiiydid and Crlvnea diesxster t'unds, the Brownlwlls Collieries, Wahsall, £ 25, and the Cardiff and District lixiepmdervfc Order of Oddfellows have made a final con- tribution of CI 3 9s. yyLovell'e, 27* College-street, for Presente. r = ÁJ









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