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TT7" 1 15 n T)AA AA AffilH GOOD Selection of Men's, Youths', Boys' and Kiddies' OVERCOATS, MACKINTOSHES and SUITS of our noted  Ol  TJuJl^Tl YKT/llln HOriU Peace Offer. superior PRE WAR QUALITY OLD PRICES-Ties, Scarves, Dress Shirts Odd Coats, Vests, &c rU?U 6? IjUi 1 I B UII 111 11 uilui These GOODS are Unobtainable Elsewhere at Our Prices. 0 Dale, Forty & Co. FAMOUS MODELS IN PIANOS. GURANTEED FOR- High Musical Quality. Perfection of Touch. Artistic Case Designs. Finish and Durability. Good Value for Money. Our Catalogue shows- Lowest Cash Prices, Low Scale of Gradual Payments. Dale, Forty & Co. LIMITED. High Street and Castle Arcade, CARDIFF. Telephone 1108. br858 I HOTEL GWALIA, I Upper Sobarn Place, London W.C. 130 Rooms luxuriously furnished, Fireproof Building, Electric Light to all Floors, Centrally situated, close to Eueton Station, Is. 6d. cab fare from Paddington to the Hotel. I Tariff Bed, Breakfast. Bath, and Attend- ance, 6s. each person. Telegraphic Address—" Gwaliatel," London. Telephone—5010 & 5011, City. JOHN M. JENKINS, Manager. QUE'RITE TUT VEXJRITIS, NEURALGIA, SCIATICA, LUMBAGO & RHEUMATISM. ULSbEfcD L. AND RECOMMENDED BY THE 1EDICAL PROFESSION. Sa1.cribed for by Members of Parliament and the Public to send our men at the Front. War Office, Feb. 2h, 1901. Late Field "Marshal LORD ROBERTS. -The tetimonia13 from South Africa point to the high value of Que'rit,e." -7;Wtlite Hart, O^Sgg; 1W„ Mr A. Barber. The 1ay 30th, 1916, Dear Sir. Will vou please forward me at your' early conyen- ience:-r Bottle Que'rite, 11/6; 2 Bottles, 3/ 1 Bottle, 1/3. B When1 Motoring through Hereford last    it am send- Ing for some more, the large bottle IS for my oWn  fhl other three 6mallor oU I am giving to M'W 6uf- ferer6. inking you in anticipation. Yours  W. J. FROST. P.S.—Please find Cheque enclosed. 18/9. 71. Victoria Avenue, Worcester, n y February 27th, 1918. Will you kindly -send me 6 Bottles "Qu?'rite," 18/   ?.?   decided never to be without it. Quite a number of MY S2&.S swr vs.* ssk&Z Yours faithfully, G. W. pogg? Dear Sit. A. P. O. S 2, France. i The efficaCY of your "Que'rite" ii great, as I and my srgaa.a cf it, MY wife having sen t me a few 3!- bottles out -he- If the people at home knew bow they could mitigate thhe » sufferings of their loved one». they would often cend them "Que'rite" in pl^e of many thin?s tbey do, as it would mean many more returning to Blighty-BUghty and Que'rite for me.-I remain, yours sincerely. Pte. p L. HALL, M.T.A.S.E. QUE-RITE, 1/3 and 3/ 31. Poet Paid. CLEARFOOT Positive Cure for Corns. Used by Staff 1st Red Cross Hospital in the Empire. Is. 3d. Barber's Que'rite Works, Hereford, & all Chemists. Ivy Bank, Leomi^ter, th> i0i8 Dear Sir, March tUb, 1918. pi»&se send me 3 Bottle* of "C1earfoot." UndouW- «i!v !t is a champion remedy for Con*; a»d in recom- mending 63me to MY friends, I 00 &0 with perfect con- fidence of their satisfaction for if used according to directions relief is certaw. We atill haTe your "Que'rite" at bmW which does aU you claim for it Ple3h6 let me ilave "Clearfoot" soon, as two of the bottle. "» to pass on to Inonds.-Vouior J^ThoW. lMS. Roy?I Hotel, ?? ?' 1918. Mr A. Barber. March 18th, 1918. Dear Sir, I have pleaure in that applying your "Clearfoot" about 10 days, my Corn almost magiC&1ly respon^ted to the treatment, and isnow absolutely di&&P- peared I have every reason to believe that it u per r man6n^ SS'tbS plea?d ?ith the in<?? and I am mQre than pleued with the inexpensive and £ M?A*r"Y0Ura t'UthfUlly, E. BBLIAMT. bU/100/269 E. BBLLAU. D oir J Lan?tone Mill, Ro-?-on-Wye. F ?t. w[fe and I h? found "Clearfoot A 1 for C?s; wife a?nd I have found ,-?and to be hd of them. and to ^Ikmcomfort.- )OUN truly, EDWI AMOS. Can be had from F. L. Stanton, Chemist, Brecon; J. Wtrd, Builth Wells; W. W. Johnson, Llandrindod Wells. NO PRELIMINARY FEES. I MOREY LENT pRIVATELY In large or small Sums (not lees than Z10), ON BORROWER'S OWN PROMISSORY NOTE. 3STABLISHED 48 YEARS, And now Lending UPWARDS OF iso,ooo ANNUALLY. Prospectuses, Terms for Advances, or any information desired, will be supplied, free of charge, on application either pe.-sonally or by letter to GEORGE pAYHE & SONS, 17 KING STREET, HEREFORD; or 5, TOWN WALLS, SHREWSBURY. Established 1870. Help-The Red Cross Funds, + BY SENDING OLD RUBBER TYRES, TUBES, OR ANY OLD RUBBER TO IVOR S. WILLIAMS, The Ironmonger, BUILTH WELLS. Ransome Plough Shares in. Stock 20 in. Cheese Press, JE5. Floating Dairy Thermometers, 2/11 each.