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FREE TICKETS TO LliANDRINDOD WELLS. Special Offer, for limited time until further notice, for those who travel by train to consult Mr. A. L. OSTROY. Extra Travelling Expenses, return:fees not"exceeding 6/ will be allowed to persons having teeth from six guineas upwards, or half ares from three guineas upwards. Four essential items to those who require dental aid :-Personal Attendance, Painless Extractions, Perfect Fitting Teeth, and last, but not least, Pre-War Prices. You are assured of getting them by consulting Mr. A. L. OSTROY, Teeth Specialist. Repairs at Shortest Notice. Bad fitting teeth of other Makera re-made at moderate prices, A. L. OSTROY, Russell House, MiddletOH Street, Llandrindod Wells; Riga House, High Street, Llandovery, and at Llanwrtyd Wells. PITWOQD HAULING. IMMEDIATE DELIVERY I 2-3 TON AUSTIN CHASSES. I ? ¡ IV-Efr k J £ 75 0« RI Cll 4, MOTOR ENGINEERS, Teh23 BRECON. BRECON. Te l e g rams, RICH, BRECON. Second-Hand Furniture. WANTED to buy privately for cash, any quantity of SEOOND. HAND FURNITURE. Best prices given. FOR SALE various lots. We are always adding to our stock. Don't miss just what you wanted." INSPECTION JNVITED AT THE ARCADE, BRECON MARKET. BOWN Sl Co,, BRECON. b699/57/26 f .1 .1 .1' .1 I' II'   _I Is it sick'headache, biliousness, disordered stomach, Matulencc? I B poor appetite? low spirits? lack of energy ? Have you reason to t 2 suspect that your digestive system is not performing its Import, 5 9 ant work with the efficiency which is essential to health ? If so, I B it is your duty to give the matter immediate attention. A lound I B digestion is absolutely necessary if you are to keep at the top of t 2 your condition. When the functions of nutrition become impaired = B the general health soon suffers unless steps be taken to procure B ? suitable treatment. In the great majority of cases a few doses of N t Beecham's Pills will put matters right. If you take this remedy B 0 at the first signs of indisposition you may look with confidence to 5 2 regain your old form and vigour. Disturbing symptoms will 2 B disappear; you will look well and feel well. Beecham's Pills B B B perform their good work quickly-the first dose will do you good. B You are on the right road to health as soon as you S ) TAKE I BEECHAM'S PILLS 5 Sold everywhere in boxes,. labelled Is,3d and 33,0d. < '0 "C .J rçr- =- .;z;¡r > r to; ) # ,). ( .I J:. Intensive Agriculture. There is a far better chance of intensive cultivation with mechanical power than with horse power. The Fordson Tractor supplies that mechanical power in its most efficient and most economical form. A Fordson Tractor will haul any thing on the farm —plough, reaper, binder, mower, drill, etc. It dis- places several horses and much labour; does the work quicker, better, much more efficiently, and much more economically. It is the highest expres- sion of mechanical power in agriculture. 22 H.P. Turning radius Ill ft.-short headlands. Handy and easy to operate. The simplest machine in the world to maintain. Price.. £250 Plus delivery charges () from British Works I Farmers are earnestly requested to place their orders with the Agents mentioned below in order to obtain the earliest possible deliveries. Harold Elston & Co., Brecon, Messrs J. E. Nott & Co., Limited, Brecon. Tom Norton, Ltd., Llandrindod Wells. H. C. Rich & Sons, Brecon. TN. 3 I XMAS, 1918. For C-iif ts of value, quality   ?? -A i and moderate prices com- bined with usefulness, the following are suggestive for 1 Xmas Presents. Space does not permit any particulars, but we shall be very k pleased to show a full selec- ] tion of any of the goods. LADIES.-GLOVES, HANDKERCHIEFS, BLOUSES, SCARVES, JL FANCY LINENS, TEA COSEYS, CUSHIONS. GENTLEMEN.—TIES, MUFFLERS, GLOVES, AND HANDKERCHIEFS.   ?y ? ??????4 David Jones k Co., | David Jones & Co. -00  TALGARTH. ,||||  J THE FIRM ftV VALUE BUILT. P** 0 i i I J. E. Nott & Co., Ltd., Brecon. We can give prompt delivery of the following, and can supply on very advantageous terms :— One 4ft. 6in. New Small Marshall's Threshing Machine. One 6h.p. Second-Hand Marshall's Portable Steam Engine. Knapp and Kells Corn Drills. Oil Engines from 2l to 16 h.p. Chaffcutters, Turnip Cutters, and Mills. Orders should be placed early to ensure prompt delivery. J. E. Nott & Co., Ltd., Brecon. I t. I Price & Williams, Builth, HOLD THE HEAVIEST STOCK OF British & Foreign (* £ £ *) Timber in the District. Special Quotations for Truck Loads of Deals, Battens, Boards, Bricks, Slates, Cement, Aberthaw Lime, Plaster of Paris, Crests, Finials, Sinks, Socket Pipes, Spades and Shovel Handles, Dry Oak and Ash Planking, Spokes, Felloes and Shafts. Solid Britisb OAK GATES, Always Good Stock .Solid British OAK GAE POSTS. Seasoned Timber AND Thoroughly Well-Made. Seasoned Timber for Builders and Wheelwrights kept in Drying Sheds. Agents for the Best Slate Quarries, Brick and Tile Works, and Agricultural Pipes. Buyers of Standing Timber, any Class or Size. Pitwood 011 Trucks and Timber Too Large for Pitwood, Suitable for Saw Mills. Firewood for sale by the truckload also chopped and bundles firewood, immediate delivery. PLEASE WRITE FOR PRICES- PRICE & WILLIAMS, ISTJIXjTH. Telegrams: WILLIAMS, BUILTH. THONX No. 2. br843/25i WASTE PAPER 5s ?H Per ?" for ??sd. Qc t? t?? per cwt. for ????C '???" Any colour or quantity. iU InPwi better qualities. THOS. OWEN & Co., Ltd., ELY PAPER WORKS, CARDIFF, WILL LEND BAGS AND PAY CARRIAGE. WRITE FOR FULL PARTICULARS. TEETH TEETH i PAINI"ESS'JRLJY of the best materials EXTRACTED made under per- by Patent Bonal supervision. Bad Teeth are not only very unsightly, but extremely unhealthy. J. WARD gives his personal attention to all Dental matters. Advice Free. Artificial Teeth, perfect in colour and shape; mounted on Gold, Platina, Vulcanite, etc. Fillings with any material. Old plates remodelled. Children's Teeth need careful watching. Let J. WARD offer you advice. Charges Moderate. Full particulars given on first visit. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. J. WARD, M.P.S., 8, High St., BUILTH WELLS. To preserve Teeth, use J. WARD'S Antiseptic Formaline and Mint Tooth Paste, large tubet, 7|dM by post, Sid. b7 m æ Why Wait for Months I œ œ æ and keep your valuable machine idle waiting for æ œ I m spare parts which have become broken. g I 1 H Send them to I' s § HAROLD ELSTON & Co., B æ § THE MODERN GARAGE, BRECON, to be welded by jg TIIE MODERN GARAGE, BRECON, to be welded by i ? our scientific Oxy-Acetylene and Electric Welding æ  I process. gI i f 3 m S m All work is guaranted to give entire satis- I a a faction.' s m THE MODERN GARAGE, S Telepbone-54 and 72. BRECON I; g Telephone—54 and 72. BRECON, 1| | Telegrams—ELSTON. m 1 m s B BEBBBBBBBBBBBBBESBBBBBBBBB3SSSEBBBBBBBEBBES5! ?