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MILITARY Rubber Soles and Heels GETTCES. EADIE'S, Builth, Llandrindod, Talgarth & Llanwrtyd. HOW TO USE YOUR VOTE! We have won the. war for national liberties and human rights. Let us take care we keep what we have won. Beware when you vote that you don't play into the hands of the Reactionaries. There are Reactionaries in all countries, England included. Do you want a Free Parliament or a "Tied" House ? If you want Freedom, take care that there are enough Liberals in the new House of Commons. LIBERALISM stands for (1) Justice for those who fought for us by land and sea and air. They were in the front of the fight. They must be in the front of our thoughts. Our gratitude must be shown in deeds. Pensions should be sufficient in amount to secure a satisfactory standard of comfort. No niggard hand should be employed in the administration of fi pensions. Every man who was Fit to Fight is Fit to Pension if he has been wounded and disabled. (2) Equality of Opportunity. Better wages, with a minimum Standard rate Better Hours of Work Better Houses Ea3y access to the Land; Restoration of Trade Union Conditions. National Control of Monopolies, such as Railways, Canals and Mines. National Public Health Service. Full Educational Facilities for every class. Removal of. artificial restrictions on Women's opportunities. (3) Freedom. A League of Free Nations which shall free the World from the menace of War and from Conscription in Peace time. Abolition of all Unnecessary Restrictions on liberty of person, of speech, and of the Press. Free Trade. A Free House of Commons and no Tied Members. Self Govern- ment for England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales to manage their own local affairs and leave the Imperial Parliament free to attend to the interests of the Empire. If we are to secure these things and if we want our Country to hold its rightful place in the new Liberal Order which is arising in every land, there must be a preponderating majority of-representa- tives of Liberalism in the new Parliament. A Liberal triumph would be the greatest security for the ordered development of reconstruction in these Isles. You cannot trust these reforms to a Party which has fought to the last ditch for property and privilege. You will never gather figs of thistles. I If you want LIBERAL Reforms VOTE FOR THE LIBERAL CANDIDATES

Death of Mr. L. M. Richards,I…

A Beloved Bishop. -I


An Unburied Carcase I

A Long Tramp. |



Llanbadarn-fawr Funeral.I

Glasbury Centenary.I