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flilEllllflBsi   s LSAM I CURES K COUGHS&COLDSl Invaluable in the Nursery BoW. 1/3 and 3/ BM Of all Chemists and Stores. NH I L;; ,J.i- .i:w. L_¡' 27 Kidney Stones. THE following testimony to the merits of Doan's Backache Kidney Pills is gratefully contributed by Mrs Alfred Gosling, 6, HillsiSe, Staple-ton, Bristol. Mrs Goshng and her husband feel thai ite publication as desirable in the inter- ests of every kidney sufferer. Mrs. Gosling's Statement. On January 30th. 1917. Mrs Gosling sa-ii :— "1 have escaped an operation and been relieved of kidney symptoms 'that endangered my life, and this is solely through taking Doan's Backache Kidney Pills. "Although I had had skilled attention during eleven years, I went from bad to worse—back- ache and urinary disorders leading at last to fctonc in \he kidneys. "An operation wias ordered, but, in dread of it, ^determined first to try Doan's Pills. "This well-known medicine had astonishing effect; THREE, then ELEVEX, then FIVE, and finally EIGHT kidney stones-27 in all—were painlessly dislodged. The other kidney symptoms soon dis- appeared, and I am better to-day than ever in my life. ^Signed) A. A. Gosling. On January 8th, 1918, Mrs Gosling adds :—"It is considerably over a twelvenionth since Doan's Pills effected my recovery, and I am pleased to say that: my health is wei. maintained." To ensure the same resulta (ts Mrs. Gosii><y, insist upon the same Kidney Medicine-IJ 0 A V BACKACHE KIDNEY FILLS. Sold by all Dealers, or 2/9 n bottk from Foster•McCkllau Co., 8 Wells St., Oxford St., London, W.I.