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Crickadarn Presentation.

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Painscastie Counci!. P aI…



(SB) .!FYOURCH!LB does his lessons in the position of the illustration above you should lose no time in having his sight tested. His eyes areTx-ing strained and his sight needs help. ? With the heavy strain put upon children during school-days there are few who would not be benented by the help of scienti- ScaUyntted glasses. Ifwcrndur? j ? ing schooI-Hfe they can often be discarded later. 7f not, the strain j sometimes becomes chronic and leaves permanent defect. The greatest care is necessary in testing children's sight. Our methods are so exact and based upon such recent discoveries m Optical Science that '<ve can ensure the best possible results. SIGHT TESTED DAM. It is the Imperative duty of ? parents not to neglect their children's sight.. < —————————— T. HAMMOND, Practical Optician and t HIGH ST.. BUILTH WELLS. Oculists' Preacript!OE8 accurately CI made up. 25 years' expericDce. L -=.;J ?;UttH!))')U!)n:?'Un)):)!UH'1MnR'?nHC?']:t)Mt:???:nMM'n'H!Ht??"? ?.t<nMMU?:tMHtC..?.(tm):M!HK:.???MM?L..2Nm<?????;:bnmt?:<tHM:'?;bKmt:?t?? < AN?IAC??E ja-? ?\ ?S? NICE ???? A T?TIT?<? W ?'?)'??? .J-[ J VHV ANDS \\? ?? ?\ HANDS! <$ THE hands, even more so ,I ?J/ f t U ?uLH Z. f!? ?' than the complexion, n j-/ f /? r iA convey that atmosphere of "Ii '??/ T<tt re6nement without which j? 7??\?%. fy?j? '? ? ?? ? ?? } beauty is incomplete.. Ù:i& t b" ) t-T-t f t- ? T) B ?' To ensure soft, whit- ? I hands, use Ven- Y usa Cream fl.???'??t ??'/ '? .????rs???' r? )Y'\SMw; ?4 /< regui! ani y. Ven-Yusa wards ¡ l) off the evil effects of cold ? ???Lt???. weather and rough work, and ? '—-? soothes and renovates the skin In a remarkable way. Ven- Y usa is safer than soap and better than ordinary toilet creams because of Its unique oxygen property. The daily use of Ven- Y usa, with 'Its softening, stimulating and protective action on the skin, Is a real necessity to every lady who gives a thought to her personal appearance. at all Clieriiists, C-c., or C. E. PlIl.rord. ¡.fd., Leeds. ? '?i'i?'' ;!)i:i'tit!t'r'?!?"'?'H<'?")'Ht'?"?tm? ?.:jh.HU?.t:)Uh?.tMn:??.i:H!??.?:<:i'?.?.<???:?.H

Waste of Offal. I