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Bronllys Concert.


Bronllys Concert. COHMENDABLE VILLAGE EFFORT. A very au-cceseful sale of work and concert, was Held at Bronllys on the 27th ult. There was a large attend- ance at the eale, and business was brisk. The affair was arranged for the benefit of men serving ift the forces, from Bronllys parish, and the organisers are to be congratulated on the excellent results. It is esti- mated that upwards of igO will be realised. The com- mittee included Mr D. Hopkins, J.P., Bronllys. Court (chairman), Mr A. J. Cole, schoolmaster (secretary), lit v. D. Rees (treasurer;, Mrs Cole, Mrs Owen Davies, Mrs Howel Powe), Mr* Gunter, Mrs Hopkins, Mrs Mills, Mrs Skyrme and Miss James, Trephilip. The stall-holders, were as follow:—Clothing stall, Mrs Jones (Lower Hour*?), 1fr" Milte. TJTA Higgins. 1Ir" Samuel, Airs Skyriii, ami ML-s A. Griffith*; farm pro- duce stall, Mrs Price (Trephiiip). Mrs Williams (Cole- brook), Mrs Davies. (Porthamel), Mrs Ree (Bradwys), Mrs Powell (Pontybat), Mrs James (Marrish) and Miss Turner (Pentreaollars); fancy ctall, Mrs Hopkins (Bron- 31vs, Court), Mrs Price (GlynheIig). lfri Phillips (Mint- field), 1-1is.s. Preiser (Trevithel) and Miss Jones (Ponty- wal); refreshment stall, 31rs Gnnt-er (New House), Mrs Weale, Mrs Cochrane, Mrs Vaughan (Cattle Cottage) i and Mrs Daviev (Slvveh); and bran-tub, Miæ Blanche Williams and Mis-s Ivy Mills. A concert was held in the schools in the evening, when the Rev. Thos.. Bevan (vica.r) officiated as chair- man. There was a very large audien-ce, the building proving too small for the occasion. The following Items -were rendered and highly appreciated:—Action song. "Don'ts." by the children; Dutch igong (action song), by the girls.; darkie's song, by the children; "Red Cross Xurses" (action eong), by the girls; action song, Welsh girls. Solos were also rendered by Miss Doris Ricketts, and Mr A. J. Cole, schoolmaster. A special feature was a dramatic sketch, the leading parts of which were taken by Miss Katie Phillips (Talgarth), Miss Lewis (Talgarth), Mr Howel Powel, junr. (Ponty- bat), and Mr A. J. Cole. On account of the popularity of the concert, it was repeated on the Friday evening, when a large number was present, and the Rev. D. Rees (Bronllys) acted as chairman.. Great credit is due to Mr A. J. Cole for the success cf the sale of work and concert, for he has proved a very capable organiser,, and has spared no trouble to ensure gocd results. He was supported by a willing j b<md of workers, and all the WIOrkem have shown, keen interest, SWial mention should be made of Mis& A. Watkins (Post Office), who trained the children and others. and was mainly responsible for arranging the concert programme.

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