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There is no SHORTAGE of Supplies at EVANS' STORES, The Quality Grocers, TALGARTH. -J. :}-_ ''51f"C 2>   FOR WOUNDS &  A SKIN DISEASEN §||\ ft j  r N URSES come into contact f A ? N with every description of ? skin injury and complaint. They ?_????tr \?? /? P are thus brought to fully Vf f realise the need for a reli- .???????? /j  able healing balm which can '-???  ??? j ?  ? be applied to diseased and \?????-? L .?   wounded skin with every  II l' .:iJ confidence that only good will result. 1'! L? The fact that hundreds of nurses daily use 'W? ? and recommend Zam-Buk in the course of 11 ? their professional duties is convincing proof that If ? in Zam-Buk the public is provided with a medicinal balm, the purity and healing power of | which cannot be denied. J i -4 Zam-Buk is not only a wonderful skin healer. M J* It is strongly antiseptic and germicidal, and so u forms the ideal protection for the skin against jjd y disease germs. Keep a box always handy. NURSE L. GREENWOOD, of Douglas Road, Horfield, Bristol, writes:— .J I tried Zam-Buk on a patient's badly burnt hand, and in a sliort time the hand was fc perfectly healed. A soldier'* wife suffered fearful agony for years from piles. Again I used Zam-Buk, and the poor woman's terrible irritation and pain were quickly relieved f t and completely cured. A carpenter sustained such a fearful gash across his thumb that he fainted twice whilst I was bathing it. I smeared Zam-Buk over the thumb and bound '< it up. This treatmeut quite healed the big cut. For over nine years I have used IE t Zam-Buk almost daily with every success. I always carry a box in my bag." f NURSE GA THERCOLE, of Alexandra Park Road, London, N.. writes as i- j<W follows The World's Greatest Healer' is a capital name for Zam-Buk. Zam-Buk # J is splendid for chapped hands and tired feet, and for the constant mishaps to which a «■ nurse is liable, I have found this balm excellent. I am sure Zam-Buk would be a great SS) friend to many more people if they would only give it a trial." NURSE ROOK, writing from Salisbury Street, Swindon, Wilts., states:— J I I have tried Zam-Buk in a very troublesome case of chronic eczema, and am pleased t t to say the result was very satisfactory. Zam-Buk is indeed excellent, and I shall } i recommend it whenever I can." v FOR COLD IN THE HEAD, rub some Zam-Buk between the bands and Jg i breathe in the medicinal odours from the evaporating balm. This loosens the stuffiness j? I in the nose, clears the head. and relieves the dull, heavy feeling. Rubbing Zam-Buk y 1 over the forehead and up the nosfrils is also very beneficial. 6fr Zam-Buk is a real medicinal balm, absolutely unequalled for Ulcers. Piles. Eczema, Bad Legs, Ringworm, Itchy Spots," Chaps," Chtlblatns, ». jrl Cuts, Bruises. Burns, Scalds, Rheumatism, Sc. Use onl this famous u I herbal healer which can be obtained at any Chemist's or Medicine > Jw r* Dealer* s at 1/3 a box.

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ICruelty to a Horse. "I



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IBrecon Csunty Police Court.