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Bronllys Concert.

Bredwardine Council. I




I Comrades of the Great War.


I -IMade In-Cermany. I



FARMERS' COLUMN. Frodtice was disposed of at the now well-known i trolled prices in Knighton market on Thursday. Prices at Pres-feign, on Wednesday, remained i changed. Talgarth market, on Friday, was well attended. Pri cipal prices were:—Eggs, 5d each; chickens, up to 10 per couple; and fowls, 8/6 to 10/ Prices at Erwood market, on Thursday, -were:—Eggi 5 for 2/ duck-eggs, 5d and 6d each; live-ducks, up t 10/- per couple; and live fowls, 9/6 to 10/ Rates at Hay produce market, on Thur.-da.v, were Butter, 2/2 per lb.; eggs, 5d each; chickens, 2/4 per lb.; ducks, 3^4; and rabbits, controlled price. Brecon produce rates, .on Friday, v.ere:—Butter, 2/4 per lb.; eggs, 6d each; chickens, 2/4 per lb.; ducks, 2/3; fowls, 2/3 to 2/5; geese, 1/7; and rabbits, con- trolled pirce. Although somewhat inclement weather, there was a good attcndance of farmers' wives at Rhayader market on Wednesday. Rates for fresh farm-produce were stationary. Fairs, &c., in Brecon and Radnor for December are: — 12tli, Hay; 16th, Llandovery; 17th, Tregaron and Brecon; 18th, Rhayader (poultry); 19th, Builth Well,; (Christmas live poultry market); 20th, Rhayader (poultry); and 23rd, Builth Wells (Christmas dead poul- try market). Over 100 fat cattle were in the market at Llandovery on the 26tli ult. Fifty-three were graded, and the re- mainder returned to the farms. Those taken for slaughter were all second and third grade beasts. Out of 700 sheep, brought in, 500 were taken for slaughter at the controlled rate. Exceptionally large numbers of store cattle were on offer at Builth "Dom" fair on Friday. Prices were maintained generally, but trade was very slack. Ruling figures were:—Three-year-old bullocks, 915 to £16; two- year-old ditto, £20 to £22; and cows with calves* (trade good), t37 to £O (one good pair realised £60). Very few lambs sold from HI/' to 22/ and store Kheep for feeding, 48/- apiece. No pigs were brought in. The Board of Agriculture report, in respect to Brecon and Radnor for- October, read:—"The_ corn harvest is towards the end of the month having been more favour- able for the work. A large proportion of the crops, es- pecially barley and oats, has been harvested in very poor condition, and was often .sprouted. With the corn harvest practically completed, the lifting of potatoes is now proceeding, and good progress was made with the work during the last few days of the month. Disease does not appear to he very serious. Very few man- golds and turnips and swedes have at yet been pulled. The quality of the roots is generally satisfactory. Au- tumn cultivation is backward, owing to the protracted harvest and wet weather, but farmers are now pushing on with the work. In mast districts some wheat has been sown. Seeds are usually healthy and look well, but some have suffered where the corn was badly laid or thefCtocks stood a long time in the fields. Live stock have, on the whole, done fairly well considering the wet weather. The supply of winter keep will be short in some districts, but in otheTiS the outlook is satisfactory. The deficiency in the supply of labour is rather keenly felt in some places, but, in others, with temporary assistance, there is about sufficient labour to meet the needs."


I Talybont Fox-Hounds.


ICruelty to a Horse. "I



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IBrecon Csunty Police Court.