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i FARMERS' COLUMN. Krwocxl market prices on Thursday, wereEggs. 4 for 1/ butter, 2/- lb.; chickens, 2/ fowls, 1/6; rab- bits, Ijn; and turkeys, 2/ Satisfactorv. prices were obtained for a limited supply of "tore stock at ewbridge-on- \ye March fair on Thursday. No fat 6tock wa.s on exhibition. Mr F. O. Price (Talgarth) conducted it successful "a]e of farm-stock at New House farm last week for Mr W. Parrv, who is leaving. Two horses realised £215. Satisfactory prices were obtained, under the hammers of Mr Francis G. Price (Talgarth) and Messrs. Miller, Powell and Co. (Brecon), for fat amlstere .stock at Tal- garth mart oil Tuesday of last week. Rate.s at Knighton market, on Thursday, were ter, 2/3 (official); duck-eggs, 4d each; hen-eggs, 5 for ]/ live fowls, 6/- to S/G per couple; chickens, 7/- to 9/6; rabbits, 1/9 each; and hares, 4/ Hay fair, on Thursday, was butt-matt, owing, no doubt, to good ploughing weather, and the fact that a successful mart took place the previous week. Prices for fat and store stock remained practically un- changed. Fairly good attendance, average suppJy and sale characterised the produce market at Talgarth on Friday. Prevailing rates were.: -Chickens (trussed), 2/3 to 2/6 per lb.; ducks, 2/6; rabbits, 1/9 to 2/- apiece; egjrs, 4 and 5 for 1/ and butter, 2/3 per lb. There wa.s but an average supply of produce at Rhavader's market on Wednesday. Prices were: — Chickens, :!j- per lb.; fowls, 1/9; butter (official rate); rabbits, 1/7 and 1/8 apiece; hares, 4, and eggs, 5 for 1J-. Hay produce market, on Thursday, was very well at- tended, and there was a fairly good supply of produce. Prices were Eggs, 4 and 5 for 1/ fowls, 2/- per ])' chickens, 2/3; hares, 4/- apiece; live fowls, 6/- to 7/6 per couple; live ducks, 7/6 to 9/ and rabbits, ]/8 and 1/9 each. Hrbk demand for an average .supply was the feature of Presteign's produce market on Wednesday. Prices:- Eggs, 5 for 1/ butter (official rate); rabbits, 1/8 and 1/9 apiece; lb.; ducks, 2/- to 2/3: duck-eggs, 4d and 5d each; live ducks, 7/- to 9/6 per couple; aoo fowl, 5/6 to i/o. An English record for pedigree Hereford cattle was made at, thl -,alu of the Hereford Herd Book Society, on Thursday, namely, 1.450 guineas for Lord RhonddaV February yearling bull, "Reformer," sired by "Con- way," and sold to Mr Robert Wright, the well-known exporter, of Lincoln. prevailing rates for an average supply of farm- produce at Brecon, on Friday, were :-Butter, 2/3 per lb. (official); egg.s 4 for 1/ chickens (dreused), 2/3 to 2/6 per lb.; fowls, 2/- to 2/3; rabbits, 1/8 and 1/9 apiece: apples. 1/10 to 2/- per quarter; cabbage plants, 1/6 per 100; rhubarb, 2..1 per bundle; cheese, lid to 1/2 per lb.; and duck-eggs, 5d each. Usually tlvere is a large supply of horses on offer at Talgarth March fair, but this year the supply, due to the prevailing restrictions, was very limited. Of "tore cattle there was a good supply, and prices ranged from kl5 to k24 for yearling cattle, whilst for barreners upyards of zf34 was obtained. There was quite a number of calves on sale. These sold from 1-5 to fs each. There was a good supply of fat cattle at Builth on Monday. Prices were:—Bulls (1st gradr), 75 to 761-; ditto (second grade), 70/- to 11/ cows (1st grade), 70/ and 2nd ditto, 63/ All sheep were graded at live-weight, and fetched id to 8d per lb.; heifers and bullocks (1st grade), 75/ and 2nd ditto, 70/ There was a large supply of cows with calves, and prices for first class quality were from £ 38 to L-43, and second, £213 to k34. There were but few --tore cattle, and de- mand was. keen, la-st week's prices being realised. No pigs were on offer. There was a good supply of pro- duce which sold at last week's rates. The Board cf Agriculture report, in respect to Brecon and Radnor, for February, reakls :February was an open month with little rain, and very good pregress was made with field work, which is well forward. Some wheat and Iveajus were sown during the month, but a start has not yet been made with other spring corn. About cne-flfth of the wheat area stin remains to be own, Seeds have improved during February. There is a strong and healthy plant, with every prospect- of a good crop. The area is than iviial in some dis- tricts. Ewes are strong and healthy, having improved during February, and a good lambing season is expected. Stock have done well during the mild weather, and. in me-st districts, there is a sufficient supply of keep. Hay is scarce, however, in ■some districts, and the straw is often of poor quality. The supply of labour is still short, especially as regards; skilled men."




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