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MOTORING. I Motoring after the War. I When the war is over I am pretty sure that we .shall find that the idea that motoring is chiefly the preroga- tive of the rich will very .speedily disappear. We shall find that the motor car will be much giore in evi- dence than it has ever been, and the demand will be amongst all classes of the community. We have only to look at what has been accomplished in America to realUe this. The population of the United States is al>out twice as great as that of our country: yet the number of motor cars in every day use is rather more than 5 times greater, this, in spite of the fact, that the good road mileage in Great Britain is considerably greater than is the case in America. There are some who would have u> to believe that the authorities" in this country are entirely to blame for this state of affairs. Unfair taxation, both as regards the car and petrol, and repressive measures are held responsible. These have undoubtedly had to (io with it, but a point of greater importance is the fact that our manufacturers have failed in a large measure to realise the needs* of the people, and have -concentritte(i upon the production of a few expensive car;, rather than Upon the production of a large number of low-priced ears. If manufacturers will bear this fact in mind and act accordingly the demand for reliable, low-priced cars will be enormous as .-oon as ever peace returns. The A.A. and the Motoring Council. I The secretary of the Automobile Association and rotor Union has written a long letter to the press giving the reasons for the Society's attitude towards the newly-formed United Council of Motor-Users, Producers, and Distributors. On the whole, the letter, I think, satisfactorily explains the reason for the re- fusal of the A.A. to join the new association. The chief reason is that "this association (the A.A.) was formed for the benefit of motorists and motoring gen- erally, and to this end the committee feel that they cannot, pledge themselves to support the policy of any trade body or bodies whose interests may conceivably clash with those of the private motorist in the pro- tection of those interests the committee prefer to re- main entirely free." The A.A. is at. pains to point out that it welcomes the co-operaticn of kindred bodies I wherever and whenever the interest:, of the motorist are concerned, but it is because the A.A. committee does not think that the proposed new Council can co-operate in the hesfc interests of motorists that they have de- clined to support the scheme. In the meantime the names of the newcollncil and its outline of policy are awaited with great interest. THE HUB.



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