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? -Franksbridge Concert. !


Uangorse Hero.


Uangorse Hero. PTE. CUTHBERT GORDON THOMAS. it is with profound regret we !e.arn that reentln- Mrs Thomas (Bank House). the med s6 of the receivoo the offidal cormmunication, both from the Red Cros& and the War OMce, that. her be loved &on, Pte. Cuthhert Cordon Thomas. mado the upreme riík", whilt" in at Pilkem Ridge, on July 31&t, 1917. It wiii be remembered he was reported wounded 41.00 and it "was hoped h was a prisoner of in Germany. Pte. Thomas iof; tti,, first and only one in neigllbourhood lot it ha., boxn to die for his country out of a large number who are. s,-rving in the rajjks. Prior to hJ-' departure for the Army. he d<Mt!ned a scroH of honour. with all na.m.. arti..tiea;ly printed theTeoD, of tt?.. who ,'oltwWered tJ¡,dr servi??,3 from this parish in the fa.riy day. of the war. and pre&fDtfd it framed to St. Paulinu Uangorc, where it now bangs. a memlJ<;T of a and mueh family, hi." n1Oher ha ving cceupied tl!e of a highly u(".ee5<'fu¡ headmhtre.o;s for over to years, whi!e nv- cf h<'r chiMren entered the <MU!)e pro- fession, three of whnm were coUe{:e tr<dned. Pte. C. G. Thomas waA himself a. mc.t pro!n.i-in)! <md suc<'e'Mfu) pchootma.ster. his. ta.chin abilitie-, being of a. very high order. He Wa-S an otd pupil of the !<f€con County School, where he and, gained admittan!-t) into €"arma.rtht-n Traininx C&Hege. Here he had a brilliant {a.rel'J'. securing ftrst-cla.<.<; honours, ae well as prcvi!]).: him:('lf extremely popular in the soeiat life of the He gan his a, head- master of VeJindre! Schoo). Taigarth. where hiA high Mea.ts. of duty and cportFman,Fhip made him be)oved by his charges, and won UM &in<'ere and a.<tectionate 6- ot all \\110 came in centact with him. He pre- sented with a. handsome marble ctock on his departure from hence to ta.ke up a oew appointment at Upper Rhymttcy Schoo). Gt&morKaA, -wh?re h? wa? doin? &er-I vice, when h-? volunteered to join the colours. He w?-, hetd in high ?teem by the ?tatf of the Jo<-a) fchoo! I and numerous ('xpre:\lon5 of their r ed and vympatby háV been by ThonMK. HM io&< will be <tecph f<K, in U&ngorse by & wide cireteoffhend' HMfamHiarBt;urevtnbemi&t-ed. t'.pe-c.htll)" ahout the on whieh he 8pent mucb ot hi-. !€isurc in(.T ebildhood, he bfing it.u &tt-r<jcnd <<port<s- man and an ardcn! "ddplc of "-ac Wait-on." Xo one it more and no one its l.e.autb, more thaj! he did. XatauritUy gtftfd with it fine Po.e.ing a deep he keenly of the numerous be.autk.. of its surroundings. He was one of Xa.t.u!t:'& tr)M nobtenxn. foF ha %,as al- vays. happiest. when reYciUue in the mids.t of thf Nrds. the trees and the SoweM. He had deep religiotii con- victions, and a.lway" maintajned that. contact 'with Mature waA the highest, educat4on. OtM' of the most prominent trait.. !n his c.hAra<;ter tc'as his great tore for home and devotion to Ms fanujy. Much and very deep sympathy ia felt for them iu to sad a b<-reave- meT)t. .tlr, Thomac. ha& alw another aon on active eervK'e in India, white thf remainjn)! wn. Mr T. C. TbollW. who compieted his training at St. John' CoUefe, BAttersea. )ast "dr, ;i!id is no?.- appointt-d to 8irhowy Schoo!. has at.) done ]8 month.s' ."ervice in the Arm'y. The family wi.he'.s to thank all the :)umeron<' kind friends for the ''ympitthtsing tetter-' eect th<TN. LetteM of condolerMe have befti rece.ived from the f..taX of I'pper Rhymjiey Schoo). the Tea.ehers' As.,ociati(>n, the Baptist Chorch at DaJtgOfse, ft-c.


I Hay Rural CouncH.I


Fox Hunting.11

Notes and Notions. I