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Notes and Notions. By"WYE.S)DER." I I Ta)garth'.s ramfai! for February %,as 1.35 inches on 15 ??. Sixpence a. quart is the new price for mUk at Aber- cra.ve. crave. ? ? ? ? Rrecoa Town Council supports the petitioB for open .¡ tI-sh in-go. >!< Sa.)mon netting may be allowed ui the r-.sk when the water gets tow. -:I< :¡: [' ? ? ? Spt. W. S. Davies (Llanwrtyd Wells) hM been award- ed the Mitttary Medal. ,)< ? ? ? ? Drivej- E. Jo., R.F.A. (Ua.tifrynach) been awarded the Military Meda). I ? :I< Mr H. Clifford (Bre<'on) ig the new deputy meat ageat for Brec'otMhire Mnd Radnorshire. ? Gurnos Dra-matic Soctety. Cvmtwreh. is giving per- formances of "Rhys Lewis" in aid of the chapet build- ing fund. 'J< Cwmda,uddwr and contributed (a.pa.rt from gift.- in kind) jE187 12s lid to the Belgian I Refugees' Fund. t. Captain F. H, 17igars has to t.h<! t.'S'tablk-bment of hió> unit. on ceasLDg to be em- } ployed A-jtb the RoTat Defeu<'e Corpo. A contingent, of 50 Portuguc,.w was brought to Brecon district for timber-Miing J¡¡,t week. The men arrived at ItTeccin, a11d were in to Ca,t1- Madoc, whore thev are now encamped tn hut's. The came of the Hon. D. Baiiey, Bretonshire Auxil- llenoy-re, ha& been brought to the {)f.t11e- of state for for valu- able nursing rende-red in connedion with the war. If Alfred allO manager of the Company) ret4res next month a JOfjg and stl-Cœ1Ssful career in the railway -BE" vice. Born in York in 1847, he was .secret3ry IInd manager of the Camtirian Railways from 181)1 to 1895. 'f. 'Í' Mr J. E. 'Moore-Gwyn. J.P.. at the Alderman Hopkin tBstimonial at Neath, the existence cf ttM old PhDharmoMo Society at Xeitth. Wht-n he 011' Moore-Gwyn) coined the society in 1M9, Mr Hcpkin Morsa.n was a brUtiajtt young tenor, equal in voice, he sajd, to the fa.mou: Sims. Rfeves. Brev.-Lieut.-Col. H. P. Ya.te&, D.S.O., who rep<-ct)y received distinction, hag been associa.tcd with the Muth Wates Borderers from the early 90's, fir,,t with the o!d Mititia. and Jater with the Regular. He was for a time .adjutant cf the Indian Volunteers. He fouRht with the South Watcs Borderer. in the South African War, and is at present in <'ommand of xn o tfk ers CaMet BattaHon. :j< _'supplement to the "London Gazette," issned on night, an Ih-t of m<'ntg to the Order of the British Empire for Mmcc-: in <onn.-ctioti with the war in France, Egypt aj)d Satcnika. Mra Helen Charlotte Isabella Gwynnc Nraughan, Chid Controller of the Women's Army Aux- iliary Corp.s, t.? appointed Commajtder of the Order. Gwynne is of and-Carrnartbeii- ;,hire familv conœction. In the Jaft dispatch received from the late General Sir Stanley Maude, from Mesopotamia, the foUowiug of Scmth WaJes men- tioned :—Major R. H. Crake (attacl1.ed from KlnR')s Own Scotti-h Borderers). Lieut. S. W. BM,t (kined), Second-Lieut. A. C. 0. MitchcU (kitltd). and 12712 Coy. Seryt.Major J. Trumper. Lieut. S. W. Be-st was one of three of Mr C. W. (Peiibryn, lire-con), who were kiUed in a<'tion, and Lieut. A. C. 0. Mitchet) wa-s the eider soti of Mr A. A. MitcheU (G)yncetyu, Bre- con). :!< stout German fort, consbting of three foncrete shelter- built on the foundation;T of farm buildings, wai ru<-hed by a party of very muddy bomb- ers just after dark one night iast week. following a .urpri barrage. They cut off the garrison of nine in the larger of the, and caJled 011 them to -uii,ender. The Gerrnaii6 and 111- tantly one of our men thrust a througb the I oo¡¡hcle. corrillet-ely wrecking the inkrior of the fod and all the occupants. The raiders then plougli- ed through on either side of the demoHshe.1 blew up some machine guns. killed eight morc Uerman.s, and came, back with a single prisoner." One of the.se raiders was Pte. Douglas Wea)e, Cloucester Regiment, t,on of Mrs E. Weale (Bridge Hii), Xewbridge- on-Wye), aDd who has been recommended for the Mi!i- tar3 )iedal. A Weti-h Society liai just nnMhed its nr&t year'f work at Llanwrtyd WeUs. It was inaugurated iast winter, and has proved an unquatined success. Ttte is IteN. Evans and the sretarÜl duties are carrit-d out. hy Rees ("choolma6ter). The jtr-t )ecture for the season wa.} Kiven by Rev. Penar Griffiths (Swan&ea), who d<-)ivered a. much apprecia- kd atldres, on the late Watcyn Wyn, teacher and bard. Under the auspices of the Nationa) mien of Welsh Societies, a :suimner &ehoo) is. to he held at and promincnt will in dlare of clas&es in Welsh literature, and urammar. There will be tcurs for the afternoon, and evening on Welsh hi&tory will be given by Prof. Ernest HughfiS. (lecturer in Welsh history at Card.tt College). It is also intendoo to hold a series of Weheh and one. night will be devoted to the The newly fonned Llanwrtyd Dramatic Society to be ready with a public performance of .r y (iroe,s- f)ordd." report of Jn EV2n.s. and Co., (Swansea) for the period from the 1st. March, 1S17, to 14th FtbrnaTy ia.st states a protit ha.- then made of L21,444 4s 4d, from which ha<< to be deducted intercut, and other nxed charges of JE6.646 4-. 5d. leaving JEI4.797 19" lId. Deducting Prderence and interim dividend paid on ordinary share" at the rate of 5 per cemt. per annum, the balance is .611,147 19s lid. The directors now recommend a dividend en the ordinary shares at the ra-te of 41 per cent., making, with the 2! per cent. o,ireatly paM, 7 per cent. for the period. This will ab- 1'4,500, leaving a of £6,647 19s 11d, appro- a" the ordinary account &2,991 15s., to founders' shares dividend ac- count £2,991 11;< lid, a.nd to reserve account f664 16s. The directors further recommend a dividend of 20/- per «h?rc on th6 founders' sha.r?'s, Absorbing ?'3,000. and leaving a halamce of kl,335 I&s 4d to be carried for- ward to the cre4it of founders' shams dividend ó!C4:ounL The retiring director io Ir James JQek£on. Inbabitiints of Whitney-on-Wye will read 'with interest the heroic of Capt. Stone, V.C., a grandson of the )a.to Mr& 3fie%ille (nee Misa Rmtiy Dew), of Whitney Court, and a great oephew of the !at.e Mr Tomk.yM Dew. Thia gallant young omcer wa.s boni on December 7th. I89L He was educated at Lon<1o.,farlJ(" Harrow, and Penihrcke College, He went to C-anada in 1912, but; returned to Engtand at the outbreak of the war. After training with the O.T.C.. he e&tered Sandhurst, and wa? gazetted to the Hrd Roya) Fn.si)ier.s in May, 1915, and )eft for Fritnce. He wa.< kilted on November SOth, 1917, near Moeuvre-a. Recently, hLs parents were summotxd to Hucking))am t*ab?ce to receive the V.C. which had been awarded to their brave oct) under- t4te foUowing circumsta "Capt. Stone commanded & company on an tsotated position. 1,000 yards in front of the main line. overtook- ing the enemy's position. He was ordered to with- draw hi.s company to the main tine. le.ayi'n¡¡: a rear K"ard to <*over the withdra.w&I. Owing to the enemv being concfated in eome dead ground, the attack de- veloped with unexpect-ed &p6ed. Capt. Stone tsent back thFe.e platoons and remained with the reargtiard. He stood on the pfrapet with the telephone, under a. trc- mpcdou-s hontba.rdment and hait of bu))ct.< ohsening the en<-my. and continued to 6end hack va)uab)e information. The rear guard was eventually surrounded and cat to died to a man with their fa.æs to the enemy. Capt. Stone was «eeo. nghttng to the last, un- til he was shot through the head. The extraordinary coolntCSs of this omcer. and the accuracy of hie infor- ma.tion. ena.bied ditpositions to be made just in t!me to Mve the tine and avert disaster. The rear guard piatoon by it.,s Mjfsacrince gained time for their com- rade to get into a position where they defeated the enemy' attack." Hi.<- Colonel writer:—"He wa.s a eterJing omcer and died gioriousty. His memory will ever remain in the Ha/tta.tion as one who died to save the line." Capt. Stone's four brother'! are serving his elde,st brother, having been severely wounded, has now a Staff Engj and.