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Uangorse Hero.


I Hay Rural CouncH.I


Fox Hunting.11


Fox Hunting. 11 TAIABOXT PACK'S SUCCESS. I: When the famous (retHK&er Foxhounds were dL-band- e<t, Mr IM. Jonei'. Pytindu. the .master of the. pack, prcntc'(l some of the doxs to the fitrineri of the Taly- bont and district. Having good reasons to fca.r !teavy Joshes from the dcpredatioDs of the foxes in the tocaJKy the gift wa. very readih accepted. a.nd local poultry breeders have j(Mt cail.,e to be thankful to Mr Jon< Hunting has taken place almost every wet-k fince the opening of the %ea-on with conspicuous su<-ce& Last week n run rutted in the capture of two very fine icxe.c. The hounds m<-t. at Pencet!v Court, and hunted the Cwmoergwn Valley. The hounds workf;'(t back to lila,nnant and Pantllefrith, a.nd i'tartec.I on the M-pn.t at Cefn Cc-'ty. A nne run en&ued.. &yna.rd led the way through Cwy Paj-c and on to <,i]t".tone T}M hounds WMc in elos.eatu>n<1ance all the tin)t After cro,,q,ing the <;ana) near Cross Oak the fox made ita way up hill to Coity Ba<-h. and thence on to the AlJt. Here he doubted onhi pursuer;). &nd aft-er a fine cross country run which ended &t PenccUy old barn, he wa<, ran to eArth. Mr Rkhard", Rrynhyfryd. j, the Mthu.'iiattM master of th< TaJybont and Dbthct Pack.

Notes and Notions. I