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? -Franksbridge Concert. !


Uangorse Hero.


I Hay Rural CouncH.I


I Hay Rural CouncH. I I FOOD CONTROL ELECTMNS. j Air Wm. rhombs presided over a meeting of Hav RT?"? ra!.C? ouncjionthe7thmst. Others present ?ere Rev W. ? T. ?o'-sajt and Me?r.s. J. R. (.rirnth, W. V. Puirh ? T. ?' ?V?' ?- ?' W?ver, John Jones. ChaDc. Bu;.tcher. J. ?. J. ones and ?Ir J. Gunt?r (t.)erk). Relative to the application from the roadmen for an increase in their wilge,, a communication wa.s read from .%Lr Williams (surveyor to Brecon Rura) Counei!) r.tatjn"' their men reeeh'ed 4/8 per day, but there was a con d.tion attaehed to it. viz., that jf the <.urAevor thought Ie-s wag4?-s oI'hould be pa.id, he shoufd pav then) lof' itr Hopkin-t: What do our men "et?' )Ir Pugh: They }fet M/- now Mr Hopkm. We ought to give them an inc-re4.,ie. ? ??f ??'- a ?"P'c ? ?-hiXin?s. -Ur (?nthth propose) that they give them 28/- in fu- ture. llr Weaver seconded, and the councH a,rreed, the in- creu-c to l>t3rt from the next pay dav. t Foc<< Ccntrot ResiSMtion. I W. L. Crichton <L'y.wen) æ"i/tn(d hi.. member- s?hh ip on the tood Contro! Committee. Arisin°? a out cf th..s .ignati<m, the c)<:rk said he revived a letter ??°? 'h Parry (Ph?omx House, Tatgarth) <,tatin? the grocers had ?' ?'???'? ?to an .tssot-iatioD and ??r?'p?onttJx?i t Mr Cw?ne a? ch?rmajt and Mm?!f a? ?ec- retary. Thty idso appointed Mr Parrv to J"e¡}N:¡;{'nt the groct>cr;; on the Food Contro) Commjt.tce ift accord- ance with the new reg-alatiori., of the Focd ControUer. fhe clerk stated that th<;re appeared to be a nds- apprehen.<;ion over the matter. TheT a.skftl the srocer.. to form them:>{'lves into an AMocJation the sam<- a'? the butchers M that they. M a Food Control Commit- tee, cou]d Ket into touch with one who reprt-senM the Kr&eers. They had no power to make an additiotial ap- pmntment on the committee, and he w.M not aware that there were My new regulations addin}; the number to the <'ommttt-ee. Kvt.ntua))y. 31rs H. C. Christy was .itppointe<! to re- P'-eseDt. LI)'lSwe-ü on the Food Control CommittM, and the ch-rk ? 'nst-raeted to <Bform the T&tga.rth grocers M??/t ? the.y h?d no power to elect ? repr&s?tatiYe of t?e!j Assoctanon on the committee.


Fox Hunting.11

Notes and Notions. I