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WELSH FREE CHURCHES. MEETING OF THE NATIONAL EXECUTIVE. RELIGIOUS TEACHING IX DAY SCHOOLS. A meeting of the Executive of the Xational Free Church Council of Wales was held at Shrewsbury on Friday, when Sir Beddoe Rees (president) presided over it large attendance, which included Dr. Black Jones (Builth Wells) ,Rev. Idris Davies (Hay), Prof. D. Miall Edwards and Prof. Joseph Jones (Brecon), Rev. Rees Evaivs (Llanwrtyd Wells), and Mr H. D. Phillips (Llan- drindod Wells). A resolution of sympathy was passed with Mrs Her- bert Lewis (a member of the executive) on the death of Mrs W. S. Caiue. Religious Teaching in Day Schools. Rev. J. Robert- (secretary) brought forward the let- ter (published in the "Manchester Guardian"), in which the BLshop of St. Asaph expressed HIS view that. it was, quite possible to draw up an inter-denominational syllabus for Biblical instruction in elementary schools which would be generally acceptable, and stating that -lie should esteem it a great privilege to sene on a body representative of the various religious bodies in Wales. A further letter from the Bishop stated that he was willing -to ,trve on "ueh a committee if it re- presented not only North Wales, as was first suggested, but South Wales as well. In his view, the eonferecne should at first be private and informal. A letter was also read from the Rev. Ellis Jones (Bangor), by whom the .suggestion of the conference wa.s first made. Dr. Cernyw Williams (Bangor) moved that-they ex- press approval of the proposal, with a. view t-o seeing what, could be done.—Rev. W J). Rowlands .seconded. Principal Edwards. D.D. (Cardiff) thought that before committing themselves they should ascertain the views of the Nonconformists of Wales. He was not, however, opposed to the suggested conference. Rev. David Davies (Penarth) supported the sending of a sympathetic reply, emphasising that the proposal WAS for giving Biblical teaching in the schools. Much discussion followed, most of the speeches being sympathetic. The SPEAKER* included Mrs Herbert Lewis, Aid. the Rev. D. H. Williams (Barry), who pointed out that in any action taken tihey must carry the Education Committees with them, Rev. Rees Evans (Llanwrtyd), who said that in parts of Breconshire such a syllabus was adopted hy common consent years ago and had al- ways worked, satisfactorily, Rev. T. Hughes (Port Jjinorwic), Rev. Gwynfryn Jones (Flint). Prof. Joseph Jones (Brecon), Mr J. E. Powell (Wrexham). Rev. H. M. Hughes (Cardiff), Itt V. O. L. Roberts (Liverpool), Rev. Idris Davies (Hay), Aid. Richard Jones (Caersws), Rev. Pennar Griffiths (Swansea) and others. Rev. Gwilym Davies (Abergavenny) reported that the Social Subjects' Committee had considered the matter, and were prepared with a report. Eventually it »a<< agreed to support the principle of a joint conference, and to suggest that it should consist of 10 representatives from the Executive and 10 from the Church of England, and that the Rev. Ellis Jones should aliio be invited to attend. The following were elected as representatives of the Free Churches:—The President and Secretary, Principal Edwards, Aid. Rev. D. H. Williams, Rev. H. M. Hughes, Rev. T. Hughes, -Rev. Gwynfryn Jones, Air J. E. Powell, Aid. R. Jones and Mr Wm. George. Pr.-pos,d Visit to Western Front. The secretary reported that it. was probable that- the executive would shortly BSIASKED to appoint a deputa- tion to pay a visit to the Western Front. It was un- animously agreed to accept the invitation should the War Oltice send it. The secretary also reported that there was a large number of Welsh women and men engaged at the munition works at Herdord, and that there was no Welsh Church in the city or in ib vicinity. There was need for spiritual and moral hdp to be given. Mrs Herbert Lewis offered to pay the salary for six months of a suitable woman if such could be found This offer was gratefully accepted, and the further suggestion was made that some Welsh Churches should liberate their ministers for short periods in order that they may give assistance. Temperance Policy. Rev. Ungced Thomas (Carmarthen) wovul that tin- executive should rescind the temperance resolutions passed la.st September, and this was seconded hy the Rev. 1). Davie- (Penarth), who maintained that the policy was adopted without an opportunity for discus- sion. Exception WAS particularly taken to the proposal' that compensation shall be paid for suppressed licences out of State funds. The motion was defeated by 16 votes to 8. Rev. I'ngocd Thomas then moved that the council should protest against. State Purchase. It was pointed out that a previous resolution gave expression to this view, but on the other side it was argued that the Llandrindod Wells resolution had disanulled the earlier one. To this the reply was given that .th-e Llandrindod Wells resolution only .supported State Purchase to close and not to carry on the trade. Prof. Joseph JONES (Brecon)- said the executive had never consider- ed the Premier's policy' of State. Purchase with local option. Eventually, the president advised that isome fresh notice should be given for the next meeting, and this cour., was agreed to. Soldiers' Temptations. Rev. Gwihm Davies, on In-half of the Social Subjects' Sub-Committee, moved a resolution expressing shame and indignation at the attitude of thp military in the matter brothels in France, and calling upon the Government to follow the example of America and to put all tolerated houses of debauchery out of hounds for British troop-. The resolution also expres<sed dis- approval cf the -attiteude of Mr Macpherson, M.F., and the thanks to Mr W. F. Roach, M.P.. for calling the attention of the House of Commons to this grave scandal. Rev. n. Davids (Penarth) seconded, and this WAS agreed to, and it was decided to forward copies of the i resolution to tlie Premier, the Earl of Derb, Mr Mac- pherson, M.P., and the Welsh M.P.s.




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