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I FARMERS' COLUMN. I' Erwood and district farmers have made good progress with their ploughing during the fine weather. A few lambs are also noticeable in the locality. Fairs in Brecon and Radnor for March are:—14th, Xewbridge-on-Wye and Hay: ]5th. Pt-nybont; 19th, Brecon; 20th, Rhayader; and 24th, Llandovery.- Messrs. J. P. Griffiths and O. W. Davies (Aberdu- honow) represented the Brecon and Radnor Branch of the National Farmers') L'nion in London on the 27th ult. Hay produce market, on Thursday, was wtell attended. Rates were;—EGGS, 3d each; chickens 2/3 to 2/6 per lb.; fowls, 1/10 to 2/ hare-, 4/- to bj- apiece; and rabbits, 1/9 to 2/ Erwood market, on Thursday, drew an average at- tendance. Prices were as follow:—Eggs, 4d each; but- ter, 2/- per lb.. chickens, 2/•; fowls, 1/6 to 1/9; and rabbits, 1/9 each. Prices at Talgarth poultry market, on Friday, were 2/6 per lb.; ducks, 2/6; rabbits, 2/- Supplies were again .scarce. Knighton market, on Thursday, wa" well attended. Rates were:—Butter, 2/3 per lb. (official): duck gg, 3d; fowls, 7/- to 9/- per couple; chickens, 7/- to 10/6; and rabbits, 3/6. There WAS but a small supply at Rhayader's produce market on Wednesday. PRICES were:—Chickens, 2/- per lb.; fowls. 1/9; 1/7 each; hares, 4/- to 4/6; butter, official rate: and eggs, 3d each. Very few horses were exhibited in Hrt'con horse fair on Tuesday week, Those offered fetched high figures. Sound cart liorses realised £ '75 to £ 90; ccbs, £ 30 to £ 40; and small ponies, £]0 to £ 15. Llandovery market, on the 5th inst., was well attend- ed. Only 22 cattle, of rather poor quality, were on offer. Sheep were also shown in .small numbers, but there was a fairly good entry of calves, making about S-id per lb., live weight. Farm-prcduce was in ttood demand at Presteign on Wednesday. Prices were :-Eggs, 3d each; butter, om- cial rate: rabbits, ]/8 apiece; chickens, 2/- per lb.; ducks, 1/10 to 2/ duck egg, 5d and 6d each; ducks, i j- to 9/(j per couple; and fowl; 5/6 to ï /6. Prevailing prices at Brecon poultry market, on Friday, were:—Butter, 2/3 (official); eggs, 3 and 4 for 1/ chickens, 2/6 per lb.; fowls, 2/3; apples, L/LO per quarter; cabbage plants, 1/6 per 100; rhubarb, 2Jd per bundle; cheese, lid to 1/2 per lb.; rabbits, 1/7 each; and duck-eggs, 6d. Messrs. Miller and Powell (Brecon) obtained very satisfactory prices at Garth Inn ,ale of implements, ITE. There was a large attendance of farmers, and the vendor was Mr Evan Jones, (Xvthfa, Llangammarch Wells). A great deal of ploughing of grass was done in Brecon and Radnor last. week. Wheat and winter oab are looking exceptionally well, and wheat plaiiting is being proceeded with. More than half of the area ordered is already turned up. Addresses on the Corn Production.Act were delivered (under the auspices of the local branch of the Farmers' Union) aot, Erwood Market Hall the other evening, the chief .speakers being Messrs. D. Thomas, (agricultural organiser) and J.R.Hache (Knighton) and Aid. Mer- vyn Davies (Talgarth). Lambs are now beginning to frolic about in the neigh- bourhood of Cwmdu. The majority cf farmer. purpose- ly delayed the advent of lambing this season, because of the severe loss sustained last year through severe weather, when 40 to 50 per cent, were destroyed. One ewe at Middle Gaer (anxious to do a bit to relieve the food shortage) brought four lambs the other day. There were no fat cattle at Builth on Monday with the exception of two bulls, which were graded at iG!- and 71/- per cwt., respectively. Supplies of sheep were limited, those on hand living graded at live weight, a.nd realising 7d to ild. per Ih. Cows with calves were more plentiful, prices being:—1st class, £ 37 to iE42, and 2nd class ditto, £ 22 to £ 32. There was a small supply of store eabtb', which sold at last week's Jirices. There were no pigs on offer. Supplies of produce were about average, and realised la.¡..t week's rates. <- ■







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