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I MOTORING. J No Risk in Coal-Cas. I A good many statements have appeared from time to time tG the effect that the use of coal-gas for driving a motor-car instead of petrol is attended by several dangers. A month or two ago the Chief Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police made the statement that there are several dangers in the use of coal-gas. and at the time it had undoubtedly a detrimental effect up- on many who were contemplating making the necessary alterations in their cars to enable them to run on gas. The Chief of Police was quite wrong, and I believe, though I am not sure, that he has since admitted that he was misinformed. The best and most conclusive proof that the use of coal-gas is in no way dangerous is that the insurance companies have decided to charge no additional premium for cars which are so fitted and driven^ One may be perfectly sure that the insurance companies have assured themselves very thoroughly upon the matter fwfore coming to so important a de- cision, and thus the public may be quite sati.-fied that there is no more danger in using gas than there is in using petrol. The only point that needs consideration in thb connection is where a trailer is being used, though there are very few cf these about. Any accident hap- pening through the trailer, such as the result of its .swerving, would not be covered by the ordinary policy. I -should advise any who have changed their cars from I ,hould ?t-n?? A-lic. h, I*trol to gas to notify their insurance company of the fact and if necessary obtain an endorsement on the back of the policy. This puts one entirely on the safe side. The U.C.M.U.P.D. This is not a puzzle nor is it even a new order of merit. It is merely the initials of the new organisation which has recently been formed to look after the inter- ests of motori-to. Its full name is the United Council of Motor User. Producers, and Distributors. Certain- ly, I cannot congratulate the new body upon its pedan- tic and cumbersome name. The purpose of the new .organisation, of which Mr H. Wyatt, 39, St. James' Street, S.W. I., is the secretary, are as follows:— 1. To ascertain to what degree it is possible for rector users, producers and distributors to arrive at complete, or substantial agreement as regards laws and legislative niea.-ures, advantageous cr disadvantageous to the interests represented upon the Council. 4 2. To use the united influence of the* interests re- prsented upon the Council with a vjew to (securing or checking legislation in iccordance with the decisions reached under Clause 1. 3. In respect of legislation, kindred matters and technical questions in relation thereto, to use its in- i fluency to di-ccurage any organisation from acting in a manner calculated to impede the policy, or to injure the interests of those concerned, and to encourage uni- ted action and mutual .support. It has been decided that the proportional voting paper of the three group;s of which the Council is formed shall be a, follows:- Users, 24; Producer?, 12; Distributors, 8. The Automo- bile Association and Motor Union has decided to remain outside the organisation, which cannot fail to have a very weakening influence; I think, though I am not quite sure, that the Royal Automobile Club ha.s likewise decided not to ;oin. the whole formation of the coc- iety is ju.-t a little confusing, and until some further meetings have been held and we have been told about tJl;> aims and objects of the association it is difficult to form a correct estimate of its value. Its formation seems to have been kept very secret until the last mo- ment, and even now one does not know who is behind the movement and what support it has already re- n'hed. Further particulars of the U.C.M.U.P.D. arc eagerlr awaited. THE HUB. I





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