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CYCLING. Ladies' Cycling 25 Years Ago. Looking at the universality of cycling to-day, it is dif- ficult to realise what the pioneers had to endure. A.b an illustration of what the feeling was towards cyclists in many quarters, the following extracts from the "Ladv'd Pictorial" of 1*92 will take a deal of beat- ing:—"I hope there is no truth in the report that the Queen is anxious to see a cycling race, and that one will, be arranged to take place at Windsor shortly. It is pro- bable that the report has arisen from her Majesty's too gracious permission for a number of cyclists to ride through the ground- of Osborne House. I think, on the whole, there have not loc-en quite so many cyclists about this 6-ummer. but I am quite sure that a-i a class they aje jilct as ill-mannered and inconsiderate a* ever, and I do hope the Queen will not help to encourage and perpetuate a nuisance which seemed a little like dying out." The nuisance" is stronger than ever to-day, and as become as mu-cli a part of the national life as anything one knows. A statistician has computed that there are over two million cyclists in Great Britain. What would the writer of 1S92 have csaid could she have foreseen this? The Cycling Chief of Staff. Net everyone knows that the Chief of the. Imperial General Stoff, Sir Harry Wilson, is one of the keenest cyclists in the country. He has always been fond of cycle touring, and, in the days before the, war, he and his wife cycled over every in-ch of the ground which is now the -cene of the fighting. There is not a high- way or by-way in Flanders with which he is not inti- mately acquainted. It was always a view of his that ithe great- war, whenever it did come, would take place on this ground, and, therefore, he spent holiday after holiday in exploring it awhed. And he has proved him- self that there is no way of getting to know a district equal to that from the -addle of a bicycle. Don'ts for Cyclists. I Under this heading the London "Safety First" Coun- cil has issued a number of regulations for cyclists which bear the stamp of common-sense. Broadly, the 6Ugge-tions are all that care should be taken at every point, and that there is need is shown by the fact that tiince the war ht'gan 110 cycli.-ts have been killed and 1,700 seriously injured in the streets of the Metropolis. Ais one who has done a very large amount of traffic- riding in the past 30 years, let me advise all cyclists to follow one golden rule-nt-ver try to hurry through traf- fic. It is the individual who tries to ".squeeze through" who usually get into trouble. Ride with the stream, take it easy, better to he a few minutes late for your appointment than never get- there at all, as the saying goeo. Hurrying tends against a cool head, ami in thick traffic a cool fiea4 is the greatest acquisition.







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