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I Penoyre Hospital.

3n Metnariam.0I


|Mr. Sidney Robinson, M P.

I Brecon Town Council.


I Brecon Town Council. I Fishing-Slauqhtering-cas. PROBABLE MOVEMENT BY RIVER CONSERVATORS. At a meeting of the Brecon Town Council, on Tuesday, there were present the Mayor (Councillor W. F. Parry deWinton), Aldermen David Powell and H. C. Rich, Councillors J. W. Hedger, E. M. Mere- dith, J. J. Williams, W. Williams, the Town Clerk (Mr G. Hyatt Williams) and other officials. The r sk Urban District Council asked support to the following resolution: "That in view of the scarcity of food this Council urge the Food Controller to autho- rise the Board of Agriculture and Fisheries to cancel the bye-laws restricting the netting of salmon in. the river Usk. That authoritye given to the Usk Board of Conservators to confluence netting the river as soon as possible, and that arrangements be made by the Board of Conservators to enable the inhabitants of the town and districts situated on the river to have an opportunity of purchasing fish at a reasonable price; also, to remove the present restriction of ground bait fishing so that ground bait fishing may commence at the same time as fly fishing as formerly." Mr David Powell said he was afraid the remarks he was going to offer would heap coals of fire on his head, but he would not mind that if it helped to broil the fish. (Laughter.) He was very pleased to see the action which the Wye Board of Conservators had taken in the matter. It was apparent to everybody that there were considerable quantities of fish lying in their rivers and lakes which should be used for food, and he told that the taking of coarse and other fish would not in any way damage the future supply. Nothing bad been done by tne Board of Conservators, but this resolution emanating from the Usk Council looked as though something was going to be brought forward by the Board at their next meeting. He was a member of the Board and if anything of the sort was brought forward he would give it his support- There was no doubt that all this food lying in the rivers should be utilised for food. Mr H. C. Rich, in seconding, said he believed it would be a good thing if the coarse fish were taken out of the river, but if they were going to net it for trout and salmon he was afraid he could not agree to it. The Clerk The suggestion is for salmon. Mr Rich Well, I have no objection to netting for salmon. Mr Hedger asked whether there would be any regu- lations as to the size of the fish, such as returning to the river the smaller fish. The Clerk There can be no regulation as to size in the case of salmon. Mr E. M. Meredith s:i id he was of opinion that it was time "Tom, Dick and Harry" had a chance of a little fishing. He remembered the time in Brecon when they could go down to the river and catch fish when they wanted to, and he believed there were more fish in the river then than now. He hoped the day would come when everybody would be able to go and catch fish and not the favoured few. Mr Wm. Williams said he remembered the time in Brecon when people could buy salmon in the autumn for about 6d. a pound, but now salmon was such a price that it was out of the reach of poor people.—Mr G. T. Jones and Mr J. J. Williams also supported the resolution. Mr Hedger said the only reason why he asked about the size of the mesh of the net was with regard to the question as to whether netting would not kill fishing for next year. Mr G. T. Jones: The business will be carried out by experts. Mr J. J. Willitinis: When the river used to be free and netted there were as many fish in the river as now. 1 he Mayor SiUdtne resolution of the C sk Council only dealt with the netting of salmon. He would IT-ei, coarse fish to be included. Mr D. Powell said he would add to the resolution, the netting of coarse fish in the river and lakes. Mr Hedger: Is there much coarse fish in thc, Usk r Mr Rich: The C sk is particularly free of coarse fish. There are daec, but there are no pike. Llangorse Lake is full of coarse fish, and plenty of pike there. The Mayor: Llangorse Lake is under the Wye Board. The Town Clerk said there were dace and eels in the river, and plenty of coarse fish in the canal. They did not appear to take the trouble of catching them there. There were a lot of roach in the canal. Mr J. J. Williams What is the value of dace r Mr Powell: What was the value of herrings a few years ago "r Ultimately the Council decided to support the Cllk Council's resolution! but with an addendum suggest- ing the netting of the river for coarse tish. [ The Slaughtering System. The Mayor said it appeared that under the new slaughtering system they were now in area No. 8, under the Commissioner who was stationed at Car- marthen and the slaughtering authorities were looking about for suitable slaughtering centres. He under- stood that if a petition were sent to the proper auth- orities at Carmarthen it was probable that one of the centres would be Brecon. He suggested that the Council should pass a resolution that a petition be sent to ColjjWilliams Drummond asking him to favour- ably consider the position of Brecon and offering all the facilities they had for slaughtering on equitable terms. Mr G. T. Jones proposed and Mr E. M. Meredith seconded that such a resolution should be sent forth- with, Mr David Powell suggesting that the Mayor should also see Col. Williams Drummond. and Mr Hedger remarked that it should be pointed out the number of cattle that could be slaughtered at Brecon and the facilities they had in the town. This was agreed to. The Lighting of the Town. I Mr E. M. Meredith again raised the question of the better lighting of the towti, and asked whether there were any hopes of getting burners for the lights. Mr Dd. Powell: The burners came, and they were the wrong ones, and we had to send them back. Mr Meredith That was a month ago. We should do something with regard to the lights we have already got. At Llanfaes bridge, and at several other places there were no mantles for two or three nights. As long as we are paving them for the gas we should certainly get the light for which we pay. At present it is a miserable light in the town. The Town Clerk said he saw the 1:1.t9 mmager, and he told him the new burners had come, but that he had to send them back, and as far as the present burners were concerned he had them put right. The storms had damaged a lot of them. Mr Hedger There are many broken mantles in the town at present. Mr Meredith: Well, it is useless to pay for gas if we don't get it. The Mayor: There seems to he a tremendous fatality in certain lamp posts. (Laughter). It is most difficult at present to get material for repairs. It is difficult to get anything which is not actually concerned with the killing of Germ tiis. Everything is concentrated on that, and the lighting of towns is a side show. Mr II. C. Rich: Is our gas killing German? now 'r (Laughter). The Slaughtering System. In the Works Committee's report it was stated that the lowest tender for the supply of team labour,. namely that of Mr Samuel Perry (the present eon- tractor) was accepted. The price was 12s. a day for three hoi*ses, two cam and a man. The Surveyor reported that the requisite attention had been devoted to the maintenance aud management of the town water undertaking. The railway com- panies were consuming an abnormally large quantity of water, which had tended to lower the hydraulic pressure.

I I Builth Wells Townsman.


IBrecon and Radnor Farmers.