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Family Notices

I Penoyre Hospital.


I Penoyre Hospital. I BOXTFAEN SUBSCRIPTIONS. The following subscriptions have been collected in aid of Penoyre Hospital as follows :—Mr and Mrs Morgan, Sunny Bank, 20/ Mr and Mrs Williams. Pent re Lloegr. 201-; Messrs. Williams, Mr and Mrs Williams, Bryn View, 5/ Rev. 0. J. Davies, 10/ Mrs Jones and family, Glandwr, 10/ Mr and Mrs Morgan, Yau- isaf, 5/ Mr and Mrs Jones, B'allt Gerrig, 20/ Mr and Mrs Williams, Coedgenau, 10/ Messrs. Williams, Nantygwreiddyn, 10/ Messrs. James, Esgir Fawr, 10/ Mr and Mrs Lewis, Cwm- wrach, 5/ Mrs Davies and family. B'allt Fochan, 20/ Mr and Mrs Thomas, Tir Bach, 2/6; Mr and Mrs Morgan, Ynysmynach, 20/ Messrs. Williams, Ynysgyfaroh, 151-, Mr and Mrs Dav- ies, Tir Bach, Lloegr, 51-: Mr and Mrs Davies, Blaengwy, 2/6; Mr and Mrs Morgan, Van fawr, 21/ MesSrs. Jones, Yanganol, E. M. Stephenson, 2/6: Messrs. Owen, Post Office, 5/ Messrs .Jones, Children, 2/6; Mrs Edwards, Ynysgyfarch, 5/ Mrs Emily Probert, Sydney Jones, Ivor Jones, B'a.llt Gerrig, 2/ 1/ 2/- respectively; Mr and Mrs Tom Evans, 2/6; a few .friends, 4/ Pte. P. Buseoe, 2/ Pte. W. Howick, 1/ Miss Mar- guerite E. Jones, 2/ Mr George Ha rri c s,. I, M.r Albert Price, 1/ Mr William Dav Ies, I Irand Mrs Joe Amos, 2/ Mr David Williams, 1/ Mr Walter Davies, 1/ Mrs Elizabeth Mor- gan. 1/ Mr and Mrs Smit.h. 1/ Mrs Lloyd, Cilcavenny, 2/6: Mr and Mrs John Jones, Llethr- gneuen, 2/6. Total, £ 15 18s. 6d. Actions speak louder than words These dona- tions express the sympathy of the district with this worthy cause, and the collector of these gifts wishes to thank aU. concerned for their very cordial reception and.heartfelt response to tiiis appeal. b991/63/143 We offer grateful thanks for the following kind gifts to the hospital :—1 sack of potatoes, from Mrs Jeffreys Powell; hampers of vegetables from Capt. Evans, Mrs Garnons "Wiilli-ams; 3 doz. eggs, bag of potatoes, Bev. T. Simon; hamper of apples, Mrs Jones, Gaer; sack of potatoes, 1 dozen t'ggs. Mrs I'lillllps, Tro,-dviiarii salmon, Lord Glamisk; 24 eggs, per Miss Best. Market Stall; 180 eggs, per Miss Davies, from Senny, Senny- bridge, Devynock, Llandi'o'rfan, Cray, Blaen- wysg; 6los. butter. 42 gallons of milk, Mrs McClintock; 1 bag of artichokes, Craig-y-Xos. Also we have to thank the Pontfaen C.M. Church and District, per Bev. A. J. Davies. for a most generous donation of t'lo 18s 6d to the Hospital Fund. ALICE M. DE WINTON, CornmandaJrt. j March

3n Metnariam.0I


|Mr. Sidney Robinson, M P.

I Brecon Town Council.

I I Builth Wells Townsman.


IBrecon and Radnor Farmers.