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o Some Prudential Figures. During the year 1917 the Prudential Paid on Endowments Policies Matured 23,404,833. PAID ON CLAIMS BY DEATH t5,799,605, of which amount £1,507,625 was in respect of Deaths directly arising out of the War. Invested in British Government Securities, 29,500,000. The Total Sum paid by the Company in Claims now amounts to -214490009000. Since the Outbreak of War, CLAIMS occurring through enemy action have been paid to date as follows:- £ ]1 (i) Navy. 272,000 (2) Army 3,107,640 (3) Civilian. 77,027 Total. 13,456,667 Invested Funds, -of which over £ 27,000,000 are in British Government Securities, now amount to over- £ 100,000,000. I I Copies of the Company's Annual Balance Sheet, Prospectuses, and full information may be obtained from II I MR. F. LAMBERT, Superintendent, 38, Free Street, Brecon; MR. D. MORGAN, Assistant Superintendent, 1, Oriel Terrace, Talgarth MJl. T. ARTHUR, Assistant Superintendent, Builth Wells. z,05 NATIONAL WAR BONDS I Endowment Assurance of Children by Monthly Premiums. b992,,63,143 • I J! ■■■' TENDERS & CONTRACTS. Brecknock Union. ,TENDERS FOR PROVISIONS, CLOTHING, NECESSARIES, Etc. PERSOXS desirous of CONTRACTING for the supply of any of the following Articles from 1st April to 30th September, 1918, are requested to send SEALED TENDERS on the authorised I Form to me at or orc 10 o'clock a.m. on I FRIDAY, 22nd day of Miarcb, 1918, namely ;— I Meat Fish Coal Garden Manure Bread Clothing Firewood Paints Flour Drapery Oil Groceries Boote Coffins Milk Drugs Ironmongery The above Articles must be delivered at the •Workhouse, Brecon (excepting such as shall be supplied to the Out-door Paupers upon orders from the Relieving Officers), free of expense, at such times and in such quantities as the Board directs. The Contractors to give security if required. Payments made at the end of each quarter. The Board do not pledge themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender. Patterns and samples (of such as can be sent) to be produced at tfle BOARD ROOM, LION STREET, BRECON, at the above-mentioned time. No Tender will be considered unless made on the authorised Form, and duly signed by the Persons tendering, and witnessed. Forms of Tender may be obtained at my office. Tenders are .also required (at a rate per mile, to include waiting time) for the conveyance by Motor Car, of Patients from all parts of the Union to the Workhouse and to the Talgarth Asylum. Sealed Tenders to be sent to me at or before 10 a.m. on the above-mentioned date. E. J. HILL, Deputy Clerk to the Guardians. 19, Castle Street, Brecon. 2nd March, 1918. b954/G2/143 Breeon and Radnor Csylum, TALGARTH, BRECONSHIRE. rpHE VISITING COMMITTEE of this Asylum arc prepared to receive TENDERS for the ,supply of any of the following articles during the period stated, viz. :— PROVISIONS, FLOUR, MARGARINE, BUT- MEAT, for three months from the 1st -day of April next. FISH, DRUGS & DRUGGIST'S SUNDRIES, EARTHENWARE, STATIONERY, AND AT- TENDANTS' UNIFORMS, WIN DIN CI AND REPAIRING CLOCKS, for 12 months from the 1st day of April next. Samples of flour must not be less than 31bs. Tenders, accompanied by samples of all articles thaio will admit thereof, to be sent to the Asylum not later than Ten o'clock on the morning of Monday, the 25tli Day of -March, and superscribed Tender for as the case may be. Forms of Tenders will be supplied upon applica- tion to the undersigned. The Visiting Committee do not pledge 'them- selves to accept the lowest or any Tender. A. J. ASTBURY, £ >980/63/143 Clerk to the Visiting Coromiftee. TENDERS & CONTRACTS. HAY UNION. CONTRACTS FOR PROVISIONS, CLOTHING, Etc. J>ER-SONS desirous of CONTRACTING with the Board of Guardians of this Union for the SUPPLY of all or any of the undermentioned Articles, to be delivered at the Workhouse at such time%and in such qua-ntities as the Guardians may order or direct for the respective period seated below, commencing the 1st day of April, 1918, arc requested to send in sealed Tenders marked "Tender for and addressed to the Chairman of the Board of Gua.rdians, at the BOARD ROOM, HAY, by ten o'clock a.m. on THURSDAY, the 28th day of MAKCH instant, accompanied by samples of articles admitting thereof, viz. :— FOR THREE MOXTHS. Bread, Flour, and Meat. FOR SIX MONTHS. Shaving and Hair Cutting. Grocery, New Milk. Coals—best Welsh and English Cobbles. # Oak Cord wood. A portion of the Mutton and Grocery must be supplied to the order of the Relieving Officer of the HLty District, in small quantities, for out-door poor. FOR TWELYB MONTHS. Clotbiug-Boot.s and Shoes. C offins for Workhouse and Hay District. The like for Glasbury' District. Tenders from Talgarth fur the supply of Mut- ton, Bread, Tea, Sugar, and Oatmeal in small quantities upon the order of the Relieving Officer of the Glasbury District for out-door poor. Also Tenders from Tradesmen in Hav and Tal- garth for Clothing and Boots for Boarded-Out Children upon the order of the Clerk. Any jnformakion as to the probable quantity of the several articles required may be obtained on application to the Master of the Workhouse. By Order of the Board, ROBERT T. GRIFFITHS, Hay Union Offices, CLERK. Ma-rcli 12th, 1918. N.B.—The lowest or any Tender will not ncces- sarily be accepted. No Tender will be received but on the printed form provided by the Guardians to be obtained on application at the Clerk's or the Master's Office. bl000/G3/143 MISS MAY CAMPBELL, R.A.M., Medalist, certificated and trained in the Royal Academy of Music, London, now receives pupils for Pianoforte, Violin, Counterpoint, Haxmony, Theory, Form, Sight Singing and Ear training. Pupils prepared for all examinations connected with the Royal Academy and Royal College of Music. Rath bone. Builth Wells. WOODLANDS, Day and Boarding School for Girls —Preparatory for Little Boys. CAMDEN ROAD, BRECON. Ulnal English Sublects; Nature Study; Needlework; French; Drawing; Painting; Health Exercllel; Dancing. MUSIC A SPECIALITY. SHORTHAND AND BOOK-KEEPINQ. Ontflide Student* may attend for any of the above Subleets. CHEESE is what we are all asking for, and it is up to every farmer to make more CHEESE than ever during the coming season, but you must have BENNETT, and the very finest to make the best CHEESE We have just received from Messrs Fulwood & Bland a large consignment, but take our advice- BUY AT ONCE! < MORRIS'S SUPPLY STORES, Builth Wells. We GODDARD, DElLER IN OLD HORSES, COWS, dead or alive. 30 YEARS' EXPERIENCE. All Animals removed promptly and cleanly within a radius of 20 miles of I' Brecon. Special care taken in disposing of old favourites. Killing by most humane process. Utmost value given and cash on removal. Send wires (which I will refund), and letters to ANGEL HOTEL, BRECON. 1762p/ll-4-18 Builth Wells Urban District Local Food Control Committee. NOTICE is hereby given that uiitil further notice the above Committee have fixed the maxi- mum price for rabbits bought or sold within their Disti-ict, :it Is. 9d. each if the pelt or skin be in- cluded in the sale, or Is. IJd. eacb if the pel., or skin be not ineltided-iii the sale. W. W. 'LENNARD, Builth "Wells, Executive Officer. 5th March, 1918. bl001/63/143

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