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T"> 7? y?Tk"r?r?T?> <-? Y-TTT? T<? ?T??\ Z? IT ?? r< ?<?r? IT ynnr? ii BEead OBice .irT????t?JL-J?JL?JL?L-J?JLr??!?:?jL:JLjLJElL?JL'? ?\J??LJL?, <S.L<?., ?<J?., JUTI?., K;ii. Our purchMes of Scotch.and other Seed Oats. Cook's Wonder, Bed Marvel, &c., Seed Wheats are now being delivered. Order early and ensure good Seed. Ask for Samples. We shall be pleased to submit same from Head Omce if the lots stocked at your Depot are not jusc what you want. Have YOU ordered your Manures ? Don't leave it too !ate there will probably be a serious shortage. DO IT NOW. tS* THE F!F!M T¡.(T IS ¡.(Eb¡C>II'tG Foor3 pODlJeTION. =fie I II II II II I COTTON ON THE BATTLEFIELD. A twelve Inch gun disposes of half a bale of cotton with every shot nred. A machine gun in action will use up a bale in = three minutes. In a naval battle like the one off Jutland, from five to six thousand Ibs. a minute are consumed by each active'War-Ship. It takes more than twenty thousand bales a Li ? year to provide absorbent cotton to staunch and bind the woundb of the inj ured. One change of apparel for all the troops now engaged in the War represents more than a million bales. One hundred thousand bales will be- required to u O equip the proposed aeroplane neet, if cotton, as may be neeessary supplants linen for wings. America is now turning nearly a million ? O bales a year into explosives alone. n The above facts contribute very U largely to the present great shortage and high price of cotton yams. Purchase your cotton shirts, overalls, etc., etc, from our Stock, which was de- u livered to us from the manufacturers long before the present high prices were reached. Please note Watts' Brecknock Collars u = are still sixpence, the pre-war price. ? o?xMitc .????BRECQM?? ? ItL?M??-? 7%?? ,r:!J the Monument ??? ???*??'? '?N? ?T—— T 'r ? I r e ",¡Ie LiO r jJ f I w ? I Will Go Right Away J ? a "to WATTS ??? ?'?\ "and buy my ?on's&uit. hear they ?? ?? ?give EXCELLENT VALUER and ? ?? ??y "daresay I shaH SAVE MONEY over ?? the deal." Yes! Great preparations have been made so S that sons of all ages may be provided ? with new Smartly Fitting Suits, Com- t fortable, Serviceable, Economical- t producing smiles of satisfaction. COME IN TO-DAY ????  B P.E-  w