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Roadmen's Demands. I

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Cregrina Funeral.

Knighton (Rural) Food Committee…


Brecon and Radnor Liberals.


^Brilley Concert. 0 .




WAR PENSIONS. RADNORSHIRE COMMITTEE. ENQUIRY OFFICER APPOINTED. A meeting of the Radnorshire War Penizions Commit- tee was held at the County Buildings Llandrindod Wells, when there were present: Mr W. M. liaylis (chairman). the H^n. ?iiM Gertrude Walsh, "Mr C. C. Rogers, O.B.E., M* C. Venable.< Uewetvn, Mr? Xi?otls. Mrs G. W. Moseley. Mrs W. A. Sims. Mes^r*. J. Hamtr. W. Thomas, and J. Hurst, Kith the clerk (Mr H. Vaughan-Vaushan). Discussion took place about the appointment of one or more enquiry officer*, the clerk pointing out that the committee lia4 power to make ,ueh appointments. .Members of the committee again expressed the view that no better appointment coulkl be made than that of Mr W. Thomas, of Presteign. Mr Thoma.s said he had previously been appointed, but the Ministry of Pen-ions considered that if he was appointed he should resign his membership of the committee. If lie resigned, he would still be able to attend the committee if his presence was desired. He could find time to do the work. but his travelling expenses must be .paid.—Mr Rogens,-Mrs Venables Llewelyn, Mr J. Hamer and others, strongly urged that Mr Thomas should be appointed so that all delays should be avoided.—It wa.s unanimously decided to appoint Mr W. Thomas, and the matter of salary was left over for consultation with the MinL-trv of Pensions. I The committee agreed t. pay 2/6 to local hospitals for* the first treatment of special massage cases and 1/- for subsequent treatments.

•Cwmygaist Concert.

I" Wrong Lsa of Wheat.