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Roadmen's Demands. I

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Cregrina Funeral.

Knighton (Rural) Food Committee…


Knighton (Rural) Food Committee I THE MEAT RATIONS.. A meeting of the Knighton Food Control Committee (Rllral) was- hed in the Hoard-Room ou Thursday, 1111- der the presidency of Mr E. Kinsey, when the clerk plr E. H. Deacon) reminded the committee that the price of butter had been-Axed at 2/6 per lb. till Febru- ary, and asked if the Order would be altered? Air ,1. C. Jones observed that butter would he scarce till April, and the committee decided to make no alter- ation for the present. The question of the price of rabbits was also allowed to stand over. The clerk read a notice to the effect that meat ration- ing would come into force on March 25th, and asked if new application fornix were to be Issued, or if the ,ugar basis would he sufficient? It was agreed that, as the area was rural, very little change would have taken place in the population, and the committee decided to use the eugar basis for meat rationing. Preliminary arrangements were also made for estimat- ing the quantity of margarine which would be needed in the district.


Brecon and Radnor Liberals.


^Brilley Concert. 0 .



•Cwmygaist Concert.

I" Wrong Lsa of Wheat.