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Roadmen's Demands. I

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FARMERS' COLUMN. I 1 Fairs in Brecon and Radnor for March are:—9th. Erwood; 12th, Sennybridge; 14th, X ewhride-on- Wye and Hay; liifch, Brecon; 20th, Rhayader; and 24th, Llan- dovery. Hay produce market, on Thursday, \va.s characterised by a rapid clearance. Prevailing rates were:—Eggs, 3d each; chickens, 2/3 per It).; fowls, 1/10 to 2/ hares, 4/- to 5/- apiece; and rabbits, 1/9 to 2/ At Erwood market, on Thursday, prices .were as fol- low :—Eggs, 3 and 4 for 1/ butter, 2/- per lb.; chic- kens, 2/ fowls, 1/6; geese, 2/3; turkeys, 2/3; and rabbits, 1/9 and 1/10 each. Prices at Talgarth poultry market, on Friday, were — Chickens, 2/6 per ))).: ducks, 2/6; rabbits, 2/- each; eggs, 3 for 1/ and huner, 2/3 per lb. s Supplies were very scarce: Knighton produce market, on Thursday, was fairly well attended. Rates were:—Butter, 2/3 per lb. (offi- cial); duck eggs, 4d and 5d each; lien eggs, 3d each: fowls, 7/6 to 9/- per couple; chickens, 7/6 to 12/6; and rabbits, 3/6. There wa.s but a very ,niall supply at RBayader' pro- duce market on Wednesday. Prices were:—Chickens. 1/9 to 2/- per 11). fowls, 1/6 to 1/9; rabbits, 1/7 each; lian's, < to 4/6; butter, official rate; and eggs, 3d each. February fair at New Radnor was conspicuous by its absence. Neither hoof nor man beyond every day's UMial .sight appeared. The only difference was the usual opening of branch banking premises—as on past fair days. Dairy and farm-produce was in keen demand at Pres- teign market on Wednesday. Prevai!ing prices wer« — Eggs,'3d each: butter, official rate; rabbits, 1/6 to 1/8 apiece; chickens, 1/10 to 2/- per Ih.; ducks, 1/9 to 2/ duck eggs, 5d each; ducks, 7/- to 9/- per couple; and fowls, 5/- to 7/ The farmers of Cwmdll haye been busy in t hi neigh- bourhood during the past few weeks ploughing up their dotted amount of ground. The weather has Iyer favourahk for the work, and the reen v;-ard i, rapidly being turned into rich brown soil. Prices were still high at Brecon produce market on Friday. Supplies were also limited. Butter was a scarce commodity, but eggs were more in Prices Butter, control price: hen eggs (aver- age), 3 a.nd 4 for 1/ duck eggs, fid each; fowl". 1/9 to 2/6 per lb.; geese, 2/8; cheese, lid to 1/2; and rabbits, 1/7 and 1/8 each. Supplies of fat stock at Builth, on Monday, were he- low the average. Prices were:—Cows (tirst grade). 70/ 2nd grade, 61/ bulls (first grade), 75/ All .sheep were graded at live weight, and fetched from 7ll! to 8d per Ih. There was good supply of cows with calves, which changed hand.s from f'28 to £ '38. There were no strong store hullocks, on offer. Good barreners realised £ 32, and smaller barreners from £ 20 to £24. Supplies of pigs were lacking. There was an average exhibition cf produce. Rates:—Eggs, 4 a 1/ young chickens (dead-weight), 1/9 per lb.: live-weight ditto, 1/3; old fowl* (dead-weight), 1/4 per ]I- and live-weight ditto. 1/ Rabbits sold at controlled rates, I as also did butter and potatoes. At a Council meeting of the Ryclands Sheep Society, held at Hereford last .week, there were present Mr C. H. Hobbs (in the chair), Mr Reginald Herbert, ?r L. T. (rough, Mr W. H. D. Davies, Mr C. H. Bray, Mr ,1. P. Pros-er, Mr W. ,1. Homes, Mr E. C. Maurice and Mr Edward Smith (secretary). The following new members were elect- t,tl:-Ilr Howell Powell, Pontybat, Brecon: Mr P. Rey- nolds, Trelemais, Letterstone, Pembrokeshire; Mr H. W. Luff the Mount, Shrewsbury: and Mr W. J. Pros- ser, Cefn Brynich, Brecon. A resolution wa.s passed in support of the National Sheep-Breeders' Association a- to the price of wool for 1918. The .society's- third annual show and sale was fixed to be held at Hereford on Wednesday, August. 28th, with entries elo-ing to the secretary on July 27th. The annual meeting of mem- has wa-s held at Brecon on J<ritlay.

Cregrina Funeral.

Knighton (Rural) Food Committee…


Brecon and Radnor Liberals.


^Brilley Concert. 0 .



•Cwmygaist Concert.

I" Wrong Lsa of Wheat.