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Roadmen's Demands. I


Roadmen's Demands. I KNIGHTON JU RAL COUNCILS DECISION. I Mr K. Kin.sev presided at the monthly meeting of the Knijditoii Rural Council, held in the Board Itoom on Thursday, when the .surveyor (Mr J. Williams) reported, in detail, what effort* he w milking to obtain sup- plier of road tone, and the council decided to lelYe the matter in his hands. He also .reported that two men in the parish of Ca.seob were unwilling to continue their work as roadmen, unless they received a, very sub- stantial increase of Mages; lie believed they wanted their wages doubled. On being if he recommended an increase in these ease,s, the surveyor replied in the negative, and added that a short time ago all application had been made for a general increase of wages for the men, and the council had then fixed the rate of pay, very carefully, and he thought, .satisfactorily. He had tol.1 these men that he could not see his way to recommend their claim. The application was dismissed, and the surveoyr was re- quested to make any arrangements that might become iiicessary for eontinuiug the work on the road.s in the parish of Cascob. An application for an increase of the surveyor's .salary, on the grounds of the extra cost of living and a lior.se- upkeep was t-iitereci 1lJ:, a notice of motion, for discus- .ion at the next, meeting. The sanitary inspector (Mr D. Davies), before giving his report, .said he wished to thank the members for the kind consideration they had given to his application for MM increase of salary, and for the increase they had granted at their last meeting. He then reported two or three houses in the district, needing repairs, etc., and in one oa.-e—to a cottage at Knucklas—the clerk was directed to send a copy of the report to the owner, with an order to see that the necessary defects were remed- ied. With reference to an application from the National Union of Railwaymen, asking that one of their number might repre.sent them on the Council'.s Food Control Committer, the clerk (Mr E. H. Daecon) stated that he had written, ae directed, to the Ministry of Food, and had received a-r,pi to the effect that the matt-er was under consideration.

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