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FREE TICKETS TO LLINDRINDOD WELLS. Special Offer, for limited time until further notice, for those who travel by train to consult Mr. A. L. OSTROY. Full Railway Fare (not exceeding 8/- single), will be returned to persons booking orders of 96 6s. Od. and upwards, and Half-fares for orders of C3 3s. Od. and upwards. Four essential items to those who require dental aid :—Personal Attendance, Painless Extractions, Perfect Fitting Teeth, and last, but not least, Pre-War Prices. You are assured of getting them by consulting Mr. A. L. OSTROY, Teeth Specialist. Repairs at Shortest Notice. Bad fitting teeth of other Makers re-made at moderate prices. A. L. OSTROY, Russell House, Middleton Street, Llandrindoi Wells; Riga House, High Street, Llandovery, and at Llanwrtyd Wells. PITWOOD HAULING. IMMEDIATE DELIVERY 2-3 TON AUSTIN CHASSES. £750.. RICH Sl SONS- MOTOR ENGINEERS, 4" Te).23 T?1RTr'??'\r Telegrams, RICH, BRECON. <t Second-Hand Furniture. WANTED to buy privately for cash, any quantity of (SECOND- HAND FURNITURC. Best prices given. pOR SALE various lots. 'We are always adding to our stock. Don't miss 1, just what you wanted." INSPECTION J NV ITED AT THE ARCADE, BRECON MARKET. I BO WIST Sl CO., I BRECON. bG99/57/'2G/2 I NO PRELIMINARY FEES. I MONEY LEftT pRIVATELY In large or small Sums (not less than £10), ON BORROWER'S OWN PROMISSORY NOTE. ESTABLISHED 48 YEARS, And now Lending UPWARDS OF £80,000 ANNUALLY. Prospectuses, Terms for Advances, or any information desired, will be supplied, free of charge, on application either personally or by letter to GEORGE pAYNE & S 0115. 7, KING STREET. HEREFORD; or I 5, TOWN WALLS, SHREWSBURY. Established 1870. Loans by Post. BE CAREFUL WHERE YOU BORROW. I lend money on the following terma:— £ 10 Loan repay 912 for 12 months; 950 Loan repay tM for 12 months. Other amounts In proportion. Special Terms to Farmers. Write in etrlct confidence to the actual lender— A. D. DENNY. 8 & 7, PALL MALL, MANCHESTER

Roadmen's Demands. I

- - - - - - FARMERS' COLUMN.…

Cregrina Funeral.

Knighton (Rural) Food Committee…


Brecon and Radnor Liberals.


^Brilley Concert. 0 .



•Cwmygaist Concert.

I" Wrong Lsa of Wheat.