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I WELSH SOCIETY'S EISTEDDFOD, t I INTERESTING COMPETITIONS. I The Brecon Welsh Society celebrated St. David's Day by holding an All Welsh Eisteddfod and concert, under the presidency of Madog Fychan. President of the fcoc- The Society's meeting place at, the Green Dragon Hotel was full to overflowing, and the celebration was worthy of the high standard celebrations of past years. X 0 imeet Lin, ( of the Society on any occasion gave greater satisfaction. The conductor of the eisteddfod and adjudicator of the poetry wa- the President, the adjudicator of the translation, e-ssay and Welsh reading and writing. Professor John Evan-, whlie Professor n. Miall Ed- wards adjudicated the recitations, and Mr Rhy. Jones the music. The winners in the competitions were: — Solo (under lO}-I, lvuan Evans, Llanfaes; r ecit-atioll (urxler IÜ}-I, Gwyneth Rohert-, Llanfaes: solo (under 15)—1. Nellie Roberts, Bridge Street. Llanfaes: 2, Gladys Davies, Llanfaes; recitation (under 15)-1, Nellie Robert-, Bridge Street; e-ssay—no one worthy of the prize; poeiii-I. Griffith Roberts. Bridge Street; writing Welsh—1, T. J. Peregrine; 2. Mis* Thomas and Ii. Benjamin: any Wrlo"h soug-I, Wm. Rt-,s Peii 'N ertig reading ""Welsh—1, Miss Benjamin translation Welsh hymn, "0 fryniau Caersalem"—1, Mr Evan E. IQr- gan: recit.ation-l, Griffith Roberts; cnglyn-l, Prof. D. Aii all Edwards. A musical programme followed, in which the following took part: Principal Thos. Lewi-. Me.-c-rs. Evans Evans. W. T. Jones, Rhys Jones, Miss Humphreys, yir- D. G. Owen. and Mr T. J. Peregrine. Bardic addresses were given by Madog Fydlan and Mr Griffith Roberts. The proceedings terminated by sing- ing "Hen Mlad fy Xhadau," Mr Evan L'.an, taking the solo. Schools' Celebration. LLANFAES COUNCIL SCHOOLS. TliL? year, each in t-he .school was re>pon>ible for its 0Wn programme, and the result was very grati- fying. Tht class-rooms were appropriately del-orated, and the Leek was worn by all. The programmes con- sisted of hi-torical plays, Welsh songs and recitations, and papers on such worthies a., Bowel Harris, Owen ..Glyndwr, John Piir i also on "How the Welsh (S.W.B.) saved the line at Gheluvelt," and old Welsh castles. Special mention .-hould be made of a Welsh plav. written by Miss C. Child, tntitled. "Welsh Heroe. and per- formed by the children of her class, the charades being dressed in the costumes of the periods they represent- t-J. A new Welsh flag (Red Dragon), the gift of some friends of the school, was thnvn on the flagstaff during the day. IXFAXTS DEPARTMENT. The little one- were gathered together in the large room, where they were addressed by Mrs C-orbett on St. David. They sang Welsh songs, and recited suit- able recitations: the lessons all through the week being co-related so as to have a bearing cn St. David and Walts. )WrXT STREET. St. David*- Day was celebrated in the usual manner. Patriotic songs were tung, and an address on patriot- ism was given by the headmaster. Mr Fisher emphas- ised two ways in which children can do "their bit" at the present time. First by saving a.s much as they possible can, not money only, but food, clothing, etc.. and next by lending their money through the School War SaYings Association to their country. In pas-ing we may remark that during the last 2 months, the child- ren and staft (mixed and infants' department.-), have sent. £ '2 to the Overseas Club, for comforts for our sold- iers, prisoners in Germany; £ 5 His for the children of blinded soldiers (Sir A. Pearson's fund), and 6,000 cig- arettes for wounded in Penoyre Red Cross Hospital. A very pleasant- afternoon wa." spent on St. David's Day at Mount Street Infants 'school. The children in their different classes crayoned the national emblems, daffodil, leeh. Dragon. After re- creation all assembled in the large room, and had short addresses on St. David and Mr Lloyd George. The following songs were -weetly sung: The Land of my Fathers, Spring Time. Miller's Daughter. All through the Night.. Strike the Harp, tied Bless the Prince of Wales, coneuding with God save the King, and "aluting the flag.


t- - — Builth Wells Concert