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HISTORIC CAPEL-Y-FFIN. RENOVATION fFFORTS. LECTURE AT GLASBL RY. Capcl-y-ftin. otherwi-e kjiown a= Olchon, Breconshire, ) is the second oldest Nonconformist place of worship in Wales. In this district John Penry, Yavasor Powell, j and others at the time of the reformation, preached the Gospel: even at aen earlier period Sir .lohn ()\d(''tIe, the followed of W.\ clif, found here a hiding place from per- J seeution. The pre-cnt structure was erected some- j time after the middle of the lith century on a freehold site, the donations of two devoted member-. It stands over 1.000 feet. above sea level near the boundary, whe I the counties of Brecon. Hereford, and Monmouth meet. There is a graveyard by the building, where tile mortal remains of numerous families are laid to re-t. The ser- vices are attended by upland farmers and their depend- ents, and are now entirely in Englhll. Wel",1I lias lost its hold on the population which, during the last SO! years, has greatly decreased. Of late it has become necessary to make much nctded repairs, involving a con- niderahie outlay. IJ The Rev. A. Da\ies, the faithful pastor of the Church, vi-ited Glasbury on Tuesday evening to de- liver his popular lecture in support o" the revovation ( fHnd-. A large congregation as-embled at the Baptist Church, where a handsome collection was made, one donor giving a generons sum besides. The chair was I taken by the Rev. D. C. Lloyd. The lecturer took for his .subject, Billy Bray, the Cornish miner, and Lccal Preacher. From this somewhat eccentric and unsophis- ticated character, many highly practical and invaluable les-ons were drawn and emphasised for people of the. present day. It was made abundantly clear that hap- i pines. or the highest attainment mostly sought after. was pos-essed in a full measure by the. Christian of simple faith in God. wlic.se life was depicted by the speaker. Hi- unselfishness ami -devoted life after his conversion from a drunkard and a wastrel, maintained for 40 'y*>ars, was irrefragable proof of sincerity, and also the means of making him universally popular in the districts which his living and example had ad- orned and made fragrant. After the collection, a hearty vote of thanks to the lecturer, proposed by the chairman. and seconded by I Pte. A. Thoma" FcHndr?. wa -arricd, and wa? euitably I replied to by Mr Da, who aJm proposed th.mks to the chairman which were carried, and to the numerous friends who had a..si..t.ed him that evening as well as on a former occasion.



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