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Farmers, Read This! 1918 Seed Season. MESSRS John Morris and Son strongly advise their Wide Circle of Customers to place their Seed Orders at once. We have secured some Excellent Samples of Clovers & Grass Seeds and, with each sample, we give a PURITY & GROWTH GUARANTEE in accordance with Government Legislation. Don't Leave Your Orders until you require the Seed. It may be Too Late, as, owing to our Large and Increasing Trade in this Department we must Execute All Orders Entrusted to Us in Strict Rotation. Send Your Name and Number of Acres. For the present-that's sufficient. MORRIS'S SUPPLY STORES, Builth Wells. GOOD, CHEAP, LASTING I XT7* ,JTL T>T7*<Ci F0R XLi K!> winter. TRY COKE. I BRECON GAS WORKS PRICE 25s. PER TON. SHOULD BE USED IN SMALL LUMPS. DURABLE, 'HOT, SMOKELESS, NO SOOT. bG4 92/8 7/314 JOHNSTON FOR New Vegetable and Flower Seeds, Floral Debigns, aDd Everything for the Garden. ALEXANDER JOHNSTON, 227, OXFORD ST., SWANSEA. Telephone: 567, Central. bS49/G0/31119 SHIPPING NOTICES. THE EMPIRE'S GREATEST RAILWAY. Passengers Booked and Freight forwarded to CANADA, UNITED STATES, ALASKA, JAPAN, MANILA, CHINA, NEW ZEALAND, AUSTRALIA, AND AROUND THE WORLD. Apply CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY, 18, ST. AUGUSTINE'S PARADE, BRISTOL, 1 or Local Agents everywhere. I CANADIAN PACIFIC & I ALLAN LINES. BRISTOL, LIVERPOOL, LONDON & GLASGOW TO CANADA & U.S.A. Regular Service from VANCOUVER TO JAPAN & CHINA. For'Sailings, Freights, or Passage Rpply:- CANADIAN PACIFIC OCEAN SERVICES, Ltd. Managers and Agents. 18, St. Augustine's Parade. BRISTOL; 14, Cockspur treet. S.W.I, and 103, LeadenhFal Street, E.C.8, H18t, reet. LONDON; or Local Agents Everywhere. Red Cross Hospital, Penoyre. S-ir,-Wt, ack-ii,)Wledge with very grateful tl flanks the following kind and generous gifts :—40 gallons milk, vegetables and 6 lbs. butter, Mrs McOIin- tock; vegetables and potatoes, Lord Glanuk; 1 Rack püttoes and 1 of swedes, Mrs Davies, pen-I wern; apples, Mr Jones, The Gaer; vegetables, Mrs Gamons Willidms, Captain Evans and Mr Morgan, Mounk Pleasant; 2 sacks of potatoes, Mr ¡ Davies, Tretower Court, and one given anony- mously; eggs 12G) from Brecon Market, per Miss Best and 170 from Devynock, Senny, Benny bridge, Liandilo'rfan, Blaenwysg and Cray, per Miss L. Davies. This week the patients and staff have luad the pleasure of listening to Mrs Wolfe Murra-y, who most kindly c-anie to the hospital one. very -eold afternoon and sang a goodly number of songs. We wish to thank iier very wa-rmly indeed, and ■also Mr Musk, who played many of the accompani- ments, taii(i gave iis soiiie instrumental music. LUCY MAYBERY, 1)73.: 56 73 C omm a n J a-n t. A Call to BreCODShire Women. The County House, Brecon, 5th March, 1918. Dear Sir, On the 11th inst., thanks to the -courtesy of Mr R. W. Phillips, there will be shown at die Whtafc Street Cinema, a film depicting Rome incidents in the life of a member of "The Women's Auxiliary Army Corps." Some thous- j unds of women are wanted to fil4 posts at present occupied by men fit and willing to fight, posts that range from domestic servants to motor drivers. My committee calls on girls in Breconshire, who clan be spared from home, and are not doing work of national importance, to enlist, and thereby re- lease a- man for the firing line. I shall be glad to give enlistment forms to any who ivill callitl, the above address. Yours truly, MABEL C. ASHBY, (Hon. Sec.), b97{>/62/73 r„ Brecon Roc-miring Committee. TENDERS & CONTRACTS. u- Builth Union. CONTRACTS FOR PROVISIONS, CLOTHING, Etc. PEliso-NS desirous of Contracting with the Bo-ird of Guardians of 'this Union for the supply of all or any of the undermentioned Articles, to be delivered at the Workhouse or else- where, at such times and in such quantities as tiie Guardians may order or direct, commencing 1st April next, are requested to send in Scaled Tenders, marked "Tender for -a.nd ad- dressed 1[0 ilne at No. 2, Broad Street-, Builth WeEs. by TEN a.m. on-MONDAY, the 11th inst., a-nd samples of all Articles admitting thereof to be delivered at the Workhouse at the same day and time, viz. For Six Months commencing 1s(; April. Clothing, &c., Men's and Boys' Clothing, Brushes and Oil, Boots and Shoes, Motor Cars for Conveyance, of Patients from any Place within the Area of the Builth Union to Talgarth Asylum, at per mile. For Three Months commencing 1st April. Grocery, Spirits, Meat, Bread and Flour, Meal. The Lowest or any Tender will not necessarily be accepted. No tender will be received by the Guardians but on the printed form provided by the. Guardians, to be obtained at the Clerk's Office. By order of the Board. W. W. LENNARD, Union Offices, Deputy Clerk.. Builth Wells, lrft Marcib, 1918. b952 62/73 Brecknock Union. TENDERS FOR PROVISIONS, CLOTHING, NECESSARIES, Etc. EH SONS desirous of CONTRACTING for the supply of any of the following Articles from 1st April to 30th September, 1918, arc requested to send SEALED TENDERS on the authorised Form to me at or before 10 o'clock a.m. on FRIDAY, 22nd day of March, 1918, namely Meat Fish Coal Garden Manure Bread Clothing Firewood Paints Flour Drapery Oil Groceries Boots Coffins Milk Drugs Ironmongery The above Articles must be delivered at the Workhouse, Brecon (excepting such as shall be supplied to the Out-door Paupers upon orders from the Relieving Officers), free of expense, at such times and in such- quantities as the Board directs. The Contractors to give security if required. Payments made at the end of each quarter. The Board do not pledge themselves to accept I the lowest or any Tender. Patterns and samples (of such as can be sent) to be produced at the BOARD ROOM, LION STREET, BRECON, ac the above-mentioned j time. I No Tender will be considered unless made on the authorised Form, and duly signed by the Persons tendering, and witnessed. I Forms of Tender may be obtained at my office. Tenders are lalso required (at a rate per mile, to include waiting time) for the conveyance by Motor Car, of Patients from all parts of the Union to the Workhouse and to the Talgarth Asylum. Sealed Tenders to be sent to me at or before 10 a.m. on the above-mentioned date. E. J. HILL, Deputy Clerk 'to the Guardians. 10. Castle Street, Brecon. I 2nd March, 1918. PUBLIC NOTICES. COUNTY OF BRECKNOCK. BOARD OF AGRICULTURE SCHEME FOR THE DISTRIBUTION OF SITTINGS OF EGGS OF PURE BREEDS OF POULTRY. • A RRANGEMENTS -have been made to supply a J limited number of sittings of 12 eggs to i cottagers and smail-holders who arc resident in the County of Brecon. The, scheme will be in operation until the 30th April, 1918. Applica-, tions for sittings should be made to the Station Holders named below. Orders will be executed in rotation and no applicant may apply for more than three dozen eggs during the reason under. this Scheme. The applicant must enclose a, re- mitance of 3/6 for each dozen of eggs ordered, together with 6d. to cover the cost of carriage. All eggs will he nnarked with a stamp provided with the Boa-rd. "Infertile eggs" wiil be re- placed if they are returned carriage paid within 28 days of the date of dispatch from the Station. STATION HOLDERS. BREED. Mr. D. LEWIS PRICE, Brynvgrinun, White Wyandotte. Ystradgynlais. Mr. W. H. LI. WEATHER LEY, Brynawel, White Leghorn. Builth Wells. N.B.—Eggs 'arc disiributed under this Scheme on the distinct understanding tha't they are to be used for-hatching. DAVID THOMAS, Agricultural Orgianiser. Builth Well*. HEARTS OF OAK BENEFIT SOCIETY. Election of Delegate for Carmarthen & Brecon District • No. 197. FLLLOW MEMBRRS, Don't forget your old and tried friend-, George Terrell, at the forthcoming Election, who will look after your future interest without fear or favour, and will aiways be at your command to undertake uny duties incumbent upon him, and whose integrity is above reproach. VOTE FOR GEORGE TERRELL should be your watchword. The Workingman's Friend. b955, 62/73 W. GODDARD, DEALER IN OLD HORSES, COWS, dead or alive. 30 YEARS' EXPERIENCE. All Animals removed promptly and cleanly within a radius of 20 miles of Brecon. Special care taken in disposing of old favourites. Killing by most humane process. Utmost value given and cash on removal. Send wires (which I will refund), and letters to ANGEL HOTEL, BRECON. 1762p/ll-4-18 NOTICE. I YOg having implements at Oaklands will .Á please remove them, as the Buildings are required by Mr Smith, 'the purchaser of the farm. 504p/73 W. R. JONES. Brecon and Radnor Lighting. Lighting Up. Subdue Light*. Thursday March 7th 6-31 p.m. 8-1 p.m. Friday ,,8th.. 6-34 8-11 Saturday" 9th.. 6-36 S-6 Sunday" 10th 6-3S 8-8 Monday 11th.. 6-40 s-o I Tuesday., 12th 6-41 8-11 Wednesday 13th 6-43 „ 8-13 Thursday, 14th 6-44 „ 8-14 Lamps on vehicles must be lighted half-an-hour after sunset, and the lights of factories, shops, lious- es, etc., shaded from two hours after sunset till two hours before sunrise. Times given include the allowance of 13 minutes later than Greenwich for February. j ALL KINDS OF INSURANCES EFFECTED. lw- CLAIMS PROMPTLY SETTLED. AGENT for several FIRST-CLASS COMPANIES. W. WILLIAM S, Accountant. Insurance, and General Agent, SENNYBRIDGE, and at 14, SHIP STREET, BRECON. b724 ■


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