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FARMERS' COLUMN, Two women gave ploughing displays at Builth ploughing match on Wednesday. Erwood market prices, on Thursday, were :-Egg, 3 and 4 for 1/ butter, 2/- per Ih.; chickens, 2/ geese, 2/3; turkeys, 2/3; and rabbits, 1/9. Supplies at New Radnor market, on Thursday, were scarcer, with the exception of rabbitc, which realised 1/9 each. Eggs sold at 7 for 2/ Brecon produce market, on Friday, was fairly well -at- tended. Prices were:—Eggs, 5 for 2/ duck-eggs, 6d each; chickens, 2/3 to 2/6 per lb.; and rabbits, 1/7 and 1/8 each. Knighton market prices, on Thursday, were as follow :— Butter, 2/3 per lb. (controlled); duck-eggs, 4d each; hen eggs, 7 for 2/ fowls, 8/- to 9/- per couple; chick- ens, 7/6 to 12/6; and rabbits, 3/6 to 3/9. Rhayader market, on Wednesday. was rather small. Prices were:—Trussed chickens. 1/9 per lb.; rabbits, 1/10 each; hares, 4/6; eggs, 4 for I/o; and butter, con- trolled price. Hay monthly -took fair, for February, was rather Lcmall, and supplies Limited—probably owing to the newly-introduced marts, which are responsible for the clearance of large quantities of stock from the district Rates at Talgareth produce market, on Friday, were unchanged, viz.:—Chickens, 2/3 per lb.; geese, 2/ eggs, 4d each; ducks, 2/6 per lb.: and rabbits, control- led price. The (supply was- comparatively small, and. demand brisk. Excellent demand for a limited supply characterised Hay produce market oil Thursday. Rates were:— Eggs, 4 for] chickens, 2/- to 2/3 per lb.; turkeys, 2/3; rabbits, 1/10 each; applet, 2d per lb.; and po- tatoes (scarcer), G/- per cwt. Presteign market prices for dairy and farm-produce on Wednesday, were:—Eggs, 3d each; rabbits, 1/9 each; chickens, 2/- per lb.; duck-, 2/ fowls, 5/0 to 7/- per couple; ducks, 7/6 to 9/ and duck-eggs, 4d each. Rhayader fair, on Wednesday .was- characterised by average attendance. Fat stoik was scarce. Satis- ¡ factory prices were obtained for store sheep and cattle. The few fat sheep sold realised 6Jd to id per lh. (live weight). Pigs were a. very limited supply. | I Llandovery fair, on Tuesday of last week. was well attended. About 30 fat cattle were on otter, but only two of these were placed in the first grade, the remain- der being useful beasts of second and third das-s. Fat c-lieep numbered 27, and were sold at the controlled rate of 1/21 per lb., plus lid per Ih. extra for the skin. Veal calves realised 8d per lb. (live weight). Brecon and Radnor fairs and marts of last week were characterised by limited supplies, especially of fat stock. Prices at Hay and Talgarth marts were ex- ceedingly good. Mr F. G. Price and Mr T..1. Phillips disposed of considerable .stock at Hay, and quite a satisfactory lot of ,heep and cattle were cleared oil' under the hammers of Mr F. G. Price and Messrs. Mil- ler, Powell and Co. (Rreeon) at Talgarth. The mart.- are fast becoming very popular. A branch of the Farmer.Union has been establish- ed at Myddfai, near Llandovery, in response to stirring addresses delivered by Mr Daniel Johns and Mr 11. Jones-Da vies (Carmarthen). Mr James Price (Glan- tow.v) presided over a good gathering of agriculturists. Mr Evaii Jones (Dyflryn) and Mr Price were deck'<i delegates on the central body. Mr Morgan I?ewis James (Yscuborfawr) was appointed secretary, ani Mr James Price (Glantowv), treasurer. The pigeon .-hoot, organised by Criekhowelt Branch of the Union, was a great success. The number of pigeons killed v.i, 77, 53 of which were shot at Llan- gattock Park, where the Duke of Beaufort, by his agent, Mr Ja.mes Edward-, allowed a certain number of guns to "stand." This thinning of wild pigeons his not only helped to save the crops, and provided food, but was t roca.n?? of adding ;C3 to tit-, re- venue by the addition of six new gun licence*. Supplies of fat cattle at Builth, on Monday, were limit- ed. Price., wre Cow 5 (1st grade), 70/- per cwt.; and bulls (2nd grade), 70/ wethers and ram*; (only isheep graded), 7Jd to 7ijd per 11).; best cows with calves, £ U5 and se-eond-clas-s cows with calves, £ 28 to £ '32. There was good trade in store cattle, young cows for feeding, ranging from £22 to barreners fetched £ 18 to £ 21. No pigs- were on offer. There was an average supply of produce, rates being the same as those of hl-t week. There were 9 fat bull-, 8 cows, C)S ??1141 'i pigs on otfa at Builth'- la"t fair, and all sold at controlled rates. Sheep were only of moderate quality, and the pig." were very poor .sorts. Store cattle numbered 168. or about the same as at the -corresponding fair last vear. Trade ruled keen for beasts in forward condition, whilst prices, ail round, were good. Two-year-old j j -steers made- up to £ 27; yearling- to £ 16; and barren- ers. to £ 30 per head, some of the cattle looking very Miiall for the. money. Cows with calves made up to .t4 Fifty-eight animals realised from 100 to 166 guineas. and two pairs made over 300 guineas, viz., 302 and 308 guineas, at the Hereford licr.-e show and sale con- ducted at Mesa's. Jackson and McCartney' well-known emporium, the largest in the West of England, on Saturday. This was a record in respect to the number making over WlJgs. It was a wonderful display, many being of exceptionally fine qua!ity, and a credit to one f the best- breeding parts of the country. The judges were Mr R. Davies, Ercal, Wellington, Salop, Mr J. Audyl. Preston, Brockhurst, Salop, and Mr W. H. I Davies, liuildwas Park, Cre-ssage. Salop. They jvere as- tounded at the general excellence, and the numbers on üffer, over 2.50. Buyers were present from all parts of the. British L-des, and many were bought for draught purposes in the big manufacturing centres. The win- ning heavy horse was bred near Leominster, and was bought, by Mr Jones, Treworgan, Ross, Herefordshire, as a tliree-year-old. He j. a particularly smart, well- propo;tionedv big boned five-year-old gelding. 17 hands high, and was now bought by a Warrington buyer. At. Hereford horse .show, on Saturday, the sum of £50 was offered in prize money, and the following were the winners:—Cart gelding or mare, suitable for town work, fonl" years old or over: 1st. champion -sil- ver cup, and £ 5 cash, .Mr J. E. Jones. Tre- worgan, Ross, fold for 166g«s.; 2nd., Air D. G. Price, CUS4"p. liii .1r,-], Mr K! Griffiths, Litley, sold for 160gs.: r., Mr J. P. Farr, leig], on Court, Ledbury, "oLl for 162gs.. Gelding or mare, suitable, for lurry I work, 16 hands or over: 1. Mr G. S. Price, Homme, for 162gs.; r, Mr J. E. Jones, sold for 140gs. Gelding or mare, suitable for a parcel vanner or gunner, tinder 16 hands; 1, Mr J. Kirich. Pre.-t-eign, sold for 115gs.: 2. Mr C. Vaughan. Upper Dvtiryn r, Mr J. S. Powell. Willox Birdge, sold for 120gs. Cash prize of £ 15 for pair realising 20Cgs. or over: Mr J. E. Jones, Trewor- gan, Ross, -sold for ,106g.s.: 2nd, prize £ 5, Mr J. P. Farr, Lüdbnry. ,o]{1 for S02g- The following were the local sales :—Heavy horses: Mr. 1>. S. Price, Cnsop, bav gddiug, 1:Jg! Mr ?.Taylor.Dorsto?e. brown geld- ing 153gs.: Mr J. Meredith, Civro, hlaà gelding, 140g. Mr T.Prosser. Talgarth, bay geling. 137gs.; Mr D. Wj)I!?ms. Talyliyn. hay mare. Hogs.; Mr Good- win, Kington, black giIding. 112 g. Mr Hammond, Kii,gton, brown mare. 103?* and Mr J. Edwards, Pres- teign, bay gelding, i5g. Light horses-: Mr J. Thomas, Clyro. chestnut gelding, 73gs.; and Mr Evans, Knigh- ton, chestnut gelding, 54gs.

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