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RADNORSHIRE COAL, Co., LTD., Head Office: KNIGhHTOISr, Our purchases of Scotch and other Seed Oats, Cook's Wonder, Red Marvel, &c., Seed Wheats are now being delivered. Order early and ensure good beed. Ask for Samples. We shall be pleased to submit same from Head Office if the lots stocked at your Depot are not just what you want. Have YOU ordered your. Manures? Don't leave it too late; there will probably be a serious shortage. DO IT NOW, THE FIRM THKT IS MElaPlNG FooiD PRODUCTION- =(ØI I II —— II II II II II I I THE COMFORT AND ECONOMY OF n GOOD RIDING BREECHES. n II READY=TO=WEAR. II o w o The cut of our Breeches gives comfort whilst walking or riding, They possess all the neces- sary qualities of a thoroughly satisfactory garment good knee grip, easy stride, per- fectly free from drag. Strongly sewn in the parts which take the strain. The materials are tough, and woven expressl y for these garments, thus ensuring durability and good service. 0 Your tastes can be fully 0 met and your exact size fitted n in five minutes. U Come and let us supply = you now. TT'iIT' Tin1111 Opposite ^Tra/n the Monument ??'?  ??——??"   —ii i« i» n ir~ ir>7 Tel.: P.O. 16. TAILOR-MADE COSTUMES. Smart Cut. Beautifully Finished. 1. I t I Moderate Prices. Fit Guaranteed. Only Expert Workmen Kept. WRITE OR CALL FOR PATTERNS & PRICES. MORGAN & lewis, Tailors, BRECON. Dale, Forty & Co. FAMOUS MODELS IN PIANOS, ^fiUflANTEED FOR- High Musical Quality. Perfection of Touch. Artistic Case Designs. Finish and Durability. Good Value for Money. Our Catalogue shows- Lowest Cash Prices, Low Scale of Gradual Payments. Dale, Forty & Co. LIMITED. High Street and Castle Arcade, CARDIFF. Telephone 1108. br858 I 10001 znnr Ifl !fL! OYS", I SUITS U jU SUITS 1 FOR SCHOOL ° OR HOME. § a a O WE have a first rate 0 t) selection of neat, ~1 well made and reliable r~| SUITS in stock for Early Spring Wear. They are made in many different Styles to suit ~"| oys of different ages- [~~| and they are priced in J every case at the lowest U j possible figure for goods of dependable character. Buy early from the extra- ordinary selection of Boys' J SUITS to be seen in the Li o Special department at 0 H?rTER??r—?? 1| ?osrE?S?S? u u FL-ii ID ODI I¿¡j ALL KINDS OF INSURANCES « EFFECTED. pr- CLAIMS PROMPTLY SETTLED. AOENT for several FIRST-CLASS COMPANIES. W. WILLIAMS, Accountant, Insurance, and General Agent, SENNYBRIDGE, and ai 14, SHIP STREET, BRECON. b724 SHIPPING NOTICES. fSi? fj fl yj Ml j Jfije THE EMPIRE'S GREATEST RAILWAY. Passengers Booked and Freight forwarded to CANADA, UNITED STATES, ALASKA, JAPAN, MANILA, CHINA, I NEW ZEALAND, AUSTRALIA, AND AROUND THE WORLD. Apply CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY, 18, ST. AUGUSTINE'S PARADE, BRISTOL, or Local Agents everywhere. CANADIAN PACIFIC & ALLAN LINES. BRISTOL, LIVERPOOL. LONDON & GLASGOW TO CANADA & U.S.A. I Regular Service from VANCOUVER I TO JAPAN & CHINA. For-Sailings, Freights, or Passage apply — I CANADIAN PACIFIC OCEAN SERVICES, Ltd. Maners and Af?ent? 18, St. Augustine's Parade. BRISTOL 14. Cockspur Street. S..1 and 10S. Leadenhall Street, E .8, S18t, reet. LONDON; or Local Agents Everywhere. "No More English Goal." Coal Distribution Order, 1917. I BARGOED IS THE BEST WELSH COAL. No Waste in Small-every ounce burns, no other Coal LASTS like BARCOED. Supplied only (in Brecon) by the Breconshire Goal & Lime Co., Ltd. Truck loads (4 tons and over) sent to any Station. m t!)? a Jones? Hotel a ?Established over 100 !,I ?* ADJOINING TRAFALGAR SQUARE, Suffolk St., Pall Mall, London Telephone No: 7314 Gerrard. j Tele,-mphic Addrem: "Pleasant, London." t II BED. BREAKFAST. BATH, and OK f/ ■— ■ BED. ATTENDANCE from 51- gj Proprietor: H. R. JONES. I !■ »J I HOTEL GWALIA, Upper Wobun Plate, London W.C. 130 Rooms luxuriously furnished, Fireproof Building, Electric Light to all Floors, Centrally situated, close to Euston Station, Is. 6d. cab fare from Paddington to the Hotel. Tariff Bed, Breakfast, Bath, and Attend- ance, 6s. each person. Telegraphic Address—" Gwaliatel," London. Telephone—5010 & 5011, City. JOHN M. JENKINS, Manager. General = Appreciation. THE general appreciation of the common-sense principles and methods of London House increases every week. This fact is remarkably emphasized by the ever growing support of an increasing number of satisfied customers. In our windows we are showing some of the most beautiful Garments ever produced, garments that are cut and fashioned and finished in a way that must excite admiration. Ladies fully trimmed Night-dresses in Long cloth, Nainsook and Maddapolans, also Knickers, Camisoles, in well favoured designs. I I HATS—New coarse Straw Sailors in all the leading Shades, from 1/lli to 14/11. Smart Lufa Straws, various tempting Tones and Styles, from 6/11 to 21/- Special Value-Several New and effective styles in Imitation Panama Hats, from 2/11 £ to 4/11 Up-to-date Colours in Sailor Georgettes, very Smart Styles, priced at 19/11. Also an exceptional assortment of Trimmed and Semi-trimmed Hats awaiting your choice# A Special unique white window I display, showing a rare selection of Prima Donna Corsets, all of the latest style and suitable for I all figures, 3/11 to 12/11. (Warner's) Corsets, White and Dove Colour, 4/11 to 12/11. Special Show of Children's and Women's "Two Steeple" Com- binations, Beautifully finished goods, 2/11 to 12/11. Vest and Bodices of the same make, fully recommended. Also New goods in great variety in all departments. 1, London I House, BUILTH. I < TO POULTRY KEEPERS Give your Hens SPICK GRIT THE NEW SHELL GRIT. Sold by all Corn Dealers. Write for Samples and name and address of nearest Agent. SOLE MANUFACTURERS: LIVERINE Ltd.. GRIMSBY. FEATHERS WANTED. WE are buyers of all kinds of FEATHERS for each. Send for price list or send your goods and rely on receiving top prices at all times. WITTON AND COMPANY, Exeter Street, Birmingham. DANIEL WEATHERLEY, Caeau Nurseries, Nr. Builth Wells, and OLD PENDRE FARM-HOUSE, GARTH ROAD, BUILTH, CAN SUPPLY YOU WITH Ornamental Shrubs, Jb^ruit Trees, Ramblers, AND OTHER Rose Trees. Excellent Varieties. Prompt and Personal Attention to all Orders. Madame Ella, Palmist, can be consulted by post. Send specimen of handwriting and 1/3 or 2.:6 Pt s'al Order to— Madame ELLA, 11, Queen St., Cardiff. br515p2S2 Farmers, Read This! 1918 Seed Season.  MESSRS John Morris and Son strongly advise J?jL their Wide Circle of Customers to place their Seed Orders at once. We have secured some Excellent Samples -of Clovers & Grass Seeds and, with each sample, we give a PURITY & GROWTH GUARANTEE in accordance with Government Legislation. Don't Leave Your Orders until you require the Seed. It may be Too Late, as, owing to our Large and Increasing Trade in this Department we must Execute All Orders Entrusted to Us in Strict Rotation. Send Your Name and Number of Acres. For the present—that's sufficient. MORRIS'S SUPPLY STORES, Builth Wells. W GODDARD, DEALER IN OLD HORSES, COWS, dead or alive. 30 YEARS' EXPERIENCE. All Animals removed promptly and cleanly within a radius of 20 miles of Brecon. Special care taken in disposing of old favourites. Killing by most humane process. Utmost value given and cash on removal. Send wires (which I will refund), and letters to ANGEL HOTEL, BRECON. J762p/U-4-18 EGGS FOR HATCHING from my well-known laying strains, b?st procurable, white Leghorn o/6 dozen, carriage paid. Under Board of Agriculture Scheme, to Cottagers and Smallholders, 3/6 car. paid. Limited nnmber of Light Sussex, 7/6 doz., carriage paid. W. H. Llewelyn-Weatherly, Bryn Awel, Builth Wells b941/62/34 Board of Agriculture. Food Production Department Important to Farmers, Gardeners, Cottagers and Allotment Holders. POTATO DISEASE. AND SPRAYING. POTATO CULTIVATION. A. LECTUEB (illustrated with Lantern Slides) on the above sub- ject, will be delivered by Mr S. G. JONES, M.S(,. (University College, Aberystwyth), in the Y.M.C.A. Hall, Brecon, on Monday, March 4th, 1918, at 7-30 p.m. Chair to be taken by the Mayor (W. F. Parry deWinton, Esq.) All interested are invited and also to ask questions. For further information applv to R. E. Pettifor, F.R H.S., Horticultural Represent- ative for Brecon and District. COUNTY OF BRECKNOCK. BOARD OF AGRICULTURE SCHEME FOR THE DISTRIBUTION OF SITTINGS OF EQGS OF PURE BREEDS OF POULTRY. 4 lii\ANGEMENTS have been made to supply a limited number of sittings cf 12 eggs to cottagers and sll¡a;l.holders who are resident in the County of Brecon. The scheme will be in operation until* the 30th April, HUS. Applica- tion? -for sittings should be made to the Station Holdeis named below. Orders will be executed in .rotation -and no applicant Jtiav apply for more than three dozen eggs during the season under this Scheme. The applicant must enclose a re- mi ta nee of 3/6 for each dozen of eggs ordered, together with 6d. to cover the ccst of carriage. All eggs will be marked with a stamp provided with the Board. "Infertile eggs" wiil be re- placed if they arc returned carriage paid within 28 duys of the date of dispatch from the Station. STATION HOLDERS. BREED. MR. D. LEWIS PRICE, Brynvgrinun, White Wyandotte. j stradynl.ais, Mr. W. H. LJ. WEATHERLEY, Bryn awel, White Leghorn. Builth Wells. 0 X.B.—Eggs arc distributed under this Scheme on the distinct understanding tha'¡ they are to be used for hatching. DAVID THOMAS, Agricultural Orglaniser. Builth COUNTY WAR FUND CLOTHING DEPOT. Miss de Winton wishes to thank all the knitters who have knitted caps and socks. Most of them have gone out to France, so there are empty places on new shelves. She has received the following message of thanks. A very generous gift of comforts has just been received from your Association. On behalf of the men of tlik, division under his command, Major- General Sir H. Fanshawe, K.C.B., D.S.O., wishes to take. this opportunity of thanking all those who huve so kindly shown by their handiwork, that the men who are fighting the Empirs's battles oversea are 'though absent not forgotten. f Signed) HENRY CRAWSHAY, Major, A.A.A. 2 2 M9.. 48th Division. VISITING CARDS, 60 for 2/ 100 for 8/ postage extra.—"Express" Office, Brecon.