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Welsh Lady Doctor.


Welsh Lady Doctor. DR. MARY PillLLIPt'S SPLENDID WAR WORK. Dr. Mary Phillips, who is relating her experiences in Fraw.c, Malta, Serbia, and Corsica, in an appeal for the funds of the Scottish Women's Hospital, is one of the foremost women doctor.' in her record of war work, of which Wales generally, and Merthyr Cynog, Breconshire (her native place), in particular, n IV, iiiderjii, be proud. She was the first woman medical student at Cardiff University College, beginning her course there in 1X96, and completing and taking her degrees at the Royal Free Hospital, London. Every year, though practis- ing in various parts of England, more especially in Yorkshire, she visited Wales for holidays. In November, 1914, Dr. Alice Hutchison and Dr. PhiLips were the first two doctors to go out with the Scottish Women's Hospital section to Calais in o- vellllJtT 1914, and they worked at the typhoid hospital among the Belgians until April, 1915. At the end of that month they set sail for Serbia, aid on theit way there they were commandeered by Lieutenant-general Lord Methuen to attend to the first convoy of wouaded from the Dardanelles, which included some of the South Wales Borderers. Their experiences between Salonika and Nish, where a broken railway held them up for eight days, were most interesting, and included the sight of a slava held in honour of King George. Later her work took Dr. Phillips to Corsica, among the Serbian refugees, conveyed thither by the French Government. Oftentimes professional visits necessi- tated long drives, which in summer were lovely, but in winter were very much (he reverse. Details of the excellent relief organisation at Corsica, including a sanatorium for students who became tubercular in France, read like au absorbing, sympathy-evoking romance. Thi" sanatorium was un old lazarette. Dr. Mary Phillips lectured at Builth in the earlier part pf last week.

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