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I I Talgarth and Food-Supply, j INSTRUCTIVE AGRICULTURAL MEETING. On Friday evening a meeting of farmers and others --organised by the Breconshire War Agricultural Com- niitt,-e-was held in the Talgarth Town Hall. Hon. H. C. Devereux presided. Amongst those present were Aid. Mervyn Davies, Messrs. J. P. Prosser (Trevithel), ,f. Wilson (Rhos), D. Evans (Porthamel), Jenkin Evans (Great House), W. Gunter, Jones (Brechfa), Stephens (Tredurn), Prosser (Genffordd), D. P. Hopkins (Iironllys Court), Ed. Ricketts (Trebarri,?d), T. Price (Trex,)hillip) Court), Ed. Ricketts (Trebarried), T. Price (Trephillip), Addresses: were delivered by Mr R. Prosser, R.Sc., and Mr W. Williams (Organiser for the district), show- ing that under the existing conditions, owing to the submarine war, the. ships bringing imports to this coun- try were being sunk, causing a serious depletion of ton- nage, which, unless we were able to produce very much more corn and potatoes, would cause a most serious shortage of our food supply. Farmers were urged to plough up grass land, so that a very much larger quantity may be under cultivation. This, said the ———————— -pt uker. was the best way they in these districts could counteract the submarine. The application of basic slag and a mmonia as a. fertiliser was explained. The difli. ulty in-obtaining sufficient labour was referred to, hut could he overcome for it was probable a Labour Battalion available for the land would shortly be located at Brecon. It therefore behoved farmers, to bestir themselves and make appliaation in good time. ft was pointed out by the chairman that the Govern- ment recognised that the farmers had a grievance, with the re.-ult that the Prime Minister had- promised help by a guarantee of prices for 5 years. He also pointed out that it wais vita! for every small holder and every" cottager to put every yard of land under cultivation. Aid. Mervyn Davies explained that the census of the food supply recently taken for the country was not yet scrutinised. He hoped that the county executive would encourage and help farmers when and where necessary. He believed that then farmers would re- spond by imtting much more land under cultivation. The meeting terminated with the usual votes of thanks. Mr Hopkins Bronlljs Court, has shown a most in- I spiring lead by ploughing up an additional 17 acres this spring.