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I Hay's Council,I


I Hay's Council, I Local Auctiqn Mart. I NATIONAL SERVICE ORGANISATION. At Hay Urban Council's meeting, on the 5th inst., a circular letter was received from the Local Govern- ment Board on the question of national service, and suggesting that the council should give every assistance possible from the national register. A letter from the County Council on the subject was also read. The letter stated that, at a conference held at Brecon re- cently, it was decided to ask all district councils to form national service committees for their areas, and the council were accordingly asked to form 6uch a com- mittee. The council resolved that a committee, consisting of the whole council (including the surveyor), should be appointed, with power to add to their number. Hay Auction Mart. I I lie committee, appointed by the council, gave their report with regard to the letting of a portion of the Coal Wharf to Air T. J. Phillips, aiict-ioneer, for the purpose of selling stock, etc. After discission, the council resolved that the chair- man and clerk should interview Mr Phillips and ex- plain certain matters to him with regard to the let-tins of the Coal Wharf. Application was made hy Mr F. G. Price, auctioneer' Talgarth, for permission to conduct sales of stock. &c in the Coal Wharf. J Mr Stokoe asked who cleared the ground down after a sale, and suggested that it be stipula.ted in the agree- ment that the ground should be cleaned down after 1 a sale, as the rent, t5, was very low. After some discussion, Mr J. Morgan suggested that they should let the matter stand for a year and see how things went. This was agreed to, and the application ef Mr P G. Price was granted. Exploiting by Dealers? Mr T. J. Stokoe said it seemed to him that the town was being exploited by dealers, who came to the town on market days and obstructed the street.s, by motor- cars in the narrowest parts and where the most traffic was. These dealers, he said, drew their cars up in Bridge Street and laid a net for the country people comjng to the market. There was a lot of complaint about it. Mr John Morgan agreed, and aked if it would not be possible to get them to go over to the other side of the street? Mr Stokoe said if a ratepayer advanced his goods a little beyond his shop he was dropped on. and vet these men could come and do as they liked. Mr Enoch George: We must declare it a sacred spot' (Laughkr.) Mr James Cater said it was the people- crowding" round and selling which increased the obstruction. Mr Stokoe remarked that they had a market, and that was where they should go. It was a serious danger to the public. Mr James Cater suggested that the surveyor should see these dealers and ask thein to go over to the other side of the street, and point out to them the danger to the public caused by the obstruction. This was agreed to. Messrs. J. M. Maddy and S. M. Jones were appointed overseers. The deputy-clerk submitted the estimate for the dis- trict rate, which, he said, amounted to 3/- which was a reduction of 6d on the previous year. In reply to a question, he said that the rateable value of the town had sunk about £80. The estimate of 3/- in the £ was adopted. Mr John Morgan submitted a report on behalf of the Works Committee on the repairs required to be done to Hay Mill. The council decided to have the recommended re- pairs carried out. The Water Supply. Mr Stokoe said the v,,at-er supply at the fire on Saturday night was not very good. There was a very poor pressure of water at that end of the town, and he asked the reason? The surveyor said it was owing to several burst pipes in the locality, and which had not been attended to. Mr James Cater said some recognition of the services of Mr A. Howard (deputy-clerk) should be made. His services, on numerous occasions, were invaluable, and at one time he had done a portion of the surveyor's work. He was also invaluable at their committee meetings, and he had done a large amount of extra work, extending over a few years. He proposed that they make a grant of five guineas to him for his useful services. Mr T. J. Stokoe seconded, and remarked that they had all been struck by the way Mr Howard had work- ed, and he was sure they could never ask too much of him. Mr J. Morgan supported and said that, as chairman of the Works Committee, he would like to testify to the deputy-clerk's services there. It was a great pleasure to work with him. The chairman stated that Mr Howard had done verv good work, especially in connection with the flag days, besides other invaluable assistance. Mr Enoch George also testified to Mr Howard's ser- vices and said they deserved recognition. The proposition to grant five guineas was carried unanimously. Mr A. Howard thanked the council, and said he ap- preciated their kind words very much. Mr Gilby (surveyor) aNo spoke.

Serious -Charge. I


I I Talgarth and Food-Supply,…